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One Wish...

Good morning guys!
I want to say a great big THANK YOU to God for the gift of a new week. I'm so excited and I feel so blessed. 

I hope you had a good weekend, mine was ok. Yesterday someone very close to me who's opening this new Pizza place interviewed or rather tested some guy who says he's in that line of business. So the guy came to the house to make pizza, shawarma, small chops etc. The guy made all these and after he left it was just my friend and I left to do the testing/tasting. My friend made some lemonade and cocktails and we had a party for two. Kai! My taste buds danced yesterday but of course I was tempted to hate myself afterwards, but I simply refused! LOL. 

What do you have planned for the week, and guys what's one thing you wish would happen this week?

Me? I wish a job I interviewed for a few months back would finally call short listed candidates and I would be short listed. That's my greatest wish for the week. 

Can I have a few others?
I wish someone would surprise me with a cheque and say "Nwando go spoil yourself, you deserve it". It's been long since anyone gave me anything....
I wish I could get a paying job as a writer.
I wish God can bless me so I can be a blessing to others. 
I wish I would get more Match Make Moments mails from men. 
I wish at the end of the week my readers would have more testimonies than rants. 
I wish that greater opportunities would locate me.
I wish that the bombings would 'magically' stop and all the girls be brought back and united with their families. 

I know wishes are not horses but hey, I believe in miracles. So for your wishes and mine I say a big Amen.

What do you wish would happen for you this week?


  1. I wish i wasn't born into a poor family,where d poor Manufacture kids without hope of takin care of dem,i wish someone will just come and kick me out of this damn suffering,i wish d guys i always fall for ain't stingy,i wish my uncles weren't heartless,i wish one of my parents was rich,i wish i never had to stay with other people and receive insults yet i endure,i wish manner will just fall from heaven,i wish u can meet a wealthy family and beg for help and they grant it,i wish i wish i wish.lord grant me my heart desire.i dont want to be poor.@times i wish i can help my mum with money .pay the school fees of my younger ones.poverty is a disease.

    1. E-seriousHugssss. From your mouth to God's ears!

  2. I just wish he can say he loves me again. We all makes mistakes, he said he has forgiven me but why can't he tell me he loves me again? It's been almost one year.
    Tee amen to your prayer, let our testimonies be more than our rants. Amen.

  3. I wish I get called for a job I didn't apply for.
    I wish I get called by numerous employers and get so confused and not know which company to work with/for.
    I wish things were so different in my family.
    I wish my sister's ex would just leave me the heck alone(he's asking me out) even after deleting him off bbm,warning him,not taking his calls and all.
    I wish I had all the money in the world so,I don't get to ask anyone for anything(hate asking),so I can help the needy and most importantly,so I can change so many things in my family.

    Best thing that can ever happen to me now/this week/month is having my first and second wish come true.

  4. I wish the job interview i went for would come through for me and like T, i also wish for a cheque .
    I also wish that all the mature young ladies on this blog be settled maritally and financial in Jesus name. Amen
    I wish for everyone including myself, a testimony that will sound like a fairy tale, this week and beyond. Amen. Pam

  5. May all your wishes come true Thelma
    I have so many things on my wish list, but now I will list these few.
    I pray my contract is renewed otherwise as of this week Wednesday I will be jobless.
    I wish there will be peace on the continent.
    I wish I could receive a new gift too.
    I wish I could get a new phone.
    I wish that by the end of this week I have a testimony

  6. I wish for a very sound health this week; not feeling my health lately
    I wish I would be paid a salary commensurate with my designation
    I wish for a clearer vision and path unto self employment
    I wish that this year, God will enable me complete a project I started some years back (dragging for too long already)
    I wish for peace in the world; too many bad news

  7. I have an event on Saturday but m short of cash right now... So my only wish now is that i will get cash or cheque for the amount i need b4 d end of today. Amen!

  8. I definitely have 1 million tanks full of wish. But just for ONE week, I could pretend ALL is well with Me...

    So My One wish is for EVERYONE's WISH TO COME TRUE, starting with T's...
    Jehovah please come through for everyone here... Amen

  9. All I wish for is just a sound MENTAL and physical health.
    Alpha Omega, I know you also read this blog so I pray you visit this site today and get to read the wishes here and get them granted(Amin)

  10. That's so cool ruthy...
    Amen to our ceo TOAWM wishes
    I wish I could get a job with a fat salary and less work and stress
    I wish I just get a bank alert from a friend starting from 100k
    I wish to have sound health more money and cute babies..
    I wish I don't get fat after having 2girls and 2boys
    I wish to many wishes jare
    BUT the top on the list is for God to let me love dis NBC job BORING

    1. Oh my Mariam, you made me giggle @ TOAWM. Awwww. *big squishy hug*

  11. I wish I never developed stuttering from my dad.. I used to control when I'm nervous.. but these days, job interviews makes me so stressed and my damn nerves start acting and I have numerous blocks. I know God has a plan..I used to be this bright girl growing up..I enter a room and it's either I'm singing or I wont shut up..but ever since my early teenage stuttering took over, became shy..scared to speak in public..this damn stuttering wants to over come my life!! It's confusing because I do talk a lot.. but when I get nervous...sighh..sorry for ranting... but I do wish I gain my confidence on how I view myself which will calm my nerves..

  12. my dear anon. I understand how u feel, cos my darling husband is a stammerer too. He feels so insecure dat i'll leave him for "normal" people, but i keep reassuring him by using every oppurtunity to tell him how much i adore him. Stuttering is only a speech impairment, it dosent in anyway make u inworthy or not to achieve wat u want to achieve. I even go ahead to tell him i married him cos of his stuttering just to boost his confidence. D only way u can help urself is try not to talk when u are angry, avoid arguments when they are heated and make ur points later, i knw God will help u....

    1. Thank you very much.. yea I do avoid moments when I'm angry..because I get too talking about stuttering not preventing one from achieving what they want, it's preventing me from getting a job. I get nervous and my throat just gets blocked...I'm looking into getting help with a speech therapist..i've noticed something though, when the interviewer and I just talk about basic things.. i can talk and do not stutter but when the job questions start.. its like I have no tongue and never learnt how to talk.. I can't do this I've decided to seek professional help.. thank you for you kind words anyway.

  13. I wish Candie Mucnchie to get the car we went hunting for last weekend this week else.....His birthday gift and also for 200k to hit my acc...Lord I need that dough!!!

  14. *Candie Munchie*

  15. I wish I never had to wish. Just have all the good things of life at my beck and call.

  16. Oh the things I wish for...... (sigh)
    I wish a great job or business idea comes my way. I wish hubby's boss appreciate one little thing he and his colleagues do. I wish they're all paid their 4months arrears. I wish he gets another job that will give him joy and peace within. I wish he's back in Lagos with a better paying job. I wish I had a better relationship with God. I wish my prayer life is in a better state than it is now. I wish more and better cladding jobs come our way. I wish Nigeria was safe once more. I wish my car gets fixed soonest. I wish I start my sewing lessons soon. I wish my mum's back is healed totally. I wish my sister was still alive, I miss her soooo much and that's an understatement. I wish my account is in a better state. I wish my eyesight becomes better. I wish my worries will turn to testimonies and I pray the same for all IJN.

  17. I wish to be happy. I want happiness that has no source. I want to feel happy and not even know why I am happy. I want divine inspiration on something that has been bothering me for a while concerning my career. I also need a female friend: I don't seem to have any. A God sent female friend. I wish there was no traffic in Lagos. Kai! My life will be easier.

    1. Ifesinachi, who knows, God could use me to answer your wish.

      Pls email T ur contacts to get across to Me.
      Great friends starts with a "Hi"

  18. I wish I could have my hubby's kids...I wish I could get an 8-4 job....i totally hate this bank job. I wish my brothers would get jobs. I wish my mom's prayers would be answered. I wish God would do something to show me that he cares. I wish! I wish!! I wish!!!

  19. I wish this veil of depression could/would be lifted off my soul.

    1. amen to your prayers. Mental clarity was initially giving me a tough time, hence it was my focus. I never knew depression was lurking behind until i started regainig my clarity. Depression sucks.

    2. Clinical depression?

  20. I wish God blesses me and my family with sound health and unlimited favours....
    I wish God blesses nd favour me in all the competitions I registered for this year....
    I wish God uplifts,favours and blesses my football career awesomely.....

  21. I wish for God to help me be closer to him.
    For wisdom to keep and build my home.
    For a discerning spirit.
    For a safe delivery and healthy baby.
    For plenty money and profitable businesses.

  22. I pray and wish that God will give all singles who long for marriage their life partners.
    I pray and wish that peace will return to this country.
    I pray and wish my younger ones get better jobs than me.
    I pray and wish for happy homes for all married couples.
    I pray and wish that I and every other person never have near death ailments.
    I pray and wish that my mum lives long.
    I pray and wish for God's infinite blessings on all that comment on dis blog, especially Thelma for the opportunity u've given a lot of people to share their story, which has served as a lesson or learning point to others.
    God bless u all.

  23. I wish I get a magical job this week. I wish God would show me a clear sign that He hasn't forsaken me and is with me through this trying period of my life. I wish for a total turnaround in my life. I wish I had a close friend I could share my fears and worries with. I wish I escape this depression I can smell coming very close to me. I I wish!

  24. I wish that my life, that of my parents, siblings and friends, be truly beautiful. Even amidst challenges.
    I wish Nigeria would be a better place; devoid of sickening corruption and wickedness.

  25. I wish that God would give me the divine persevere...........

  26. I wish my younger will walk.
    I wish to to be happy.

  27. I wish sum1 wud just get me a new fone 4 my bday on d 27th,my fone is so old it wud soon leave me.i wish 4 a job immediately afta service.i wish 4 God to show me his will 4 my life.i wish to i had more female frnds in lagos.nd i also wish all ur wishes come thru...

  28. I wish Oct was Nxt month... (nysc eyaff tire me)....
    I wish I could stumble upon a politicians hidden loot
    I wish I had a contact in the fed min. Of foreign affairs (ds IM job requirement is frustrating)
    I wish my bestie wud meet prince charming and have d 'romance' we can only wish for.
    I wish my sister would find a job that would bring d financial security she badly needs now as a single mom.
    I wish we had less poverty in d world and more laughter
    I wish people could just b honest wt each other in a relationship
    I wish long life and prosperity for everyone good and kindhearted (no matter their humanly flaws)
    I wish we all find joy and salvation
    I wish every good wish is granted
    I wish.... I wish... I wish....

    1. As in @buby Oct should do and come mbok. This nysc have tire me.
      I wish that I can fulfil God's purpose for creating me.
      I wish to make my mum proud,her efforts can't be in vain
      I wish the chibok girls are released asap
      I wish to get a job immediately after service
      I wish everyone's wishes will come to be a reality on here :)

    2. Lol.... U actually wonder wat d whole fuss was all about bck den.

    3. Lol.... U actually wonder wat d whole fuss was all about bck den.

  29. I wish dad could always assist my mom,i wish sum1 i could always support mom financially,i wish we can jst move out 4rm our current place,i wish i can b happy wit my dad,i wish sum1 ws dere 2 pay 4 my school fees,i wish 4 a better job,i wish i hve moni 2 established my beadings business nd more nd more wishes

  30. i jusr wish i cn py my school fees b4 dis month runs out...... Its so frustrqting

  31. i jusr wish i cn py my school fees b4 dis month runs out...... Its so frustrqting

  32. I wish I get called for that test I wrote some weeks ago................actually, I am quite positive I will get the job, I already have my resignation script ready, and I already miss my present, I am faith-filled like that.
    So many wishes, take 'em all to God in prayers n keep "calling forth those things that be not as though they were".

    Have an Ah-May-Zeen day guys.

  33. i am Stella and i want to thank Dr.ukpoyan for bringing back my ex boyfriend, we broke up for more than 10 month and he told me that he will never want to see me in his life again. i love him so much to the extend that i could not think of dating any man again, i was confused and depress due to the love i had for him.i did everything i could do to have him come back to me but all went in vain. so i decided to contact a spell caster, i did not believe in spell casting i just want to try it may be it would work out for me. i contacted Dr ukpoyan olu for help,and he told me that he have to cast a love spell on him, i told him to do it. after 45 hours my boyfriend called me and started to apologize for leaving me and also he told me that he still love me. i was very happy and i thank Dr ukpoyan for helping get back my ex back to my hands. his spell is the greatest of all over the world, it was the love spell he cast on my ex that make him come back to me. all you ladies who want back their ex back i want you to contact Dr.ukpoyan for the return of your ex boyfriend and also your ex girlfriend he can also cast any kind of spell you want him to cast for you. his contact email is

  34. I wish my Dad will live and let live( biko am I the only girl that has a strong headed father).
    I wish I am financially buoyant not to depend on suckers!!!
    I wish God doesn't seem so far away.
    I wish my prayer live can better than it is.
    I wish i could love again
    ps. Ifesinachi I would love to be your girlfriend, Thelma please hook us up.

  35. I wish my Mama would always be blessed and would always know what a blessing it is to have her as a friend and a mom.
    I wish my siblings successes would always surpass mine; which would make them unbelievable cos i am blessed.
    I wish i could have my dad for 144hours to be used at anytime in my life; I wld wish him back for 24hours for mine and my siblings' weddings and for his 40th anniversary with my mama.
    I wish that knowledge was downloadable like on the Matrix; my boundaries would be limitless.
    I wish for friends that are as precious as family and family that are priceless; already have parts of one,
    I wish i would rise to pinnacles that would be an inspiration; working on that so it may probably come true
    And I wish, o how i wish, to find an apartment in this crazy town where i don't have to flatshare or deal with crazy neighbors; guess i have to move soon *wink*
    And is too mush to wish for a man who i know may not be perfect but who will love me perfectly? I will anyways

  36. Dear thelma...
    Am so happy I could do a moonwalk! which would b a miracle as I happen to be really clumsy at dancing of any kind. Anyways, days back we all made wishes, I for one included money in my wish though I really didn't see how it would happen. I was down to my min balance of 1k in my back acct, debtors were no show and frankly, toasters that totally didn't appeal were starting to come up in rating.
    Then last night, I got d news!!! I'd become a millionaire! Just a million really, but gosh it feels like life itself from the edge i'd been standing! I can breathe a lil easier, I can invest in d clothing line am interested in, bt had no financial back up for, I can dream bigger too, and all thanks to some unexpected family venture that paid off!
    I wanted to send ds to ur mailbox but it felt right to post it here. Prayers do get answered whatever our shortcomings... miracles still happen and yes! wishes no matter how unrealistic, can come true! My testimony... and I hope it's just d first, of the rest to be told by every wonderful person here, that dared to wish!

  37. Wow!dats so great.yh miracles do happen!hoping 4 mine too :D

  38. I wish boko haram is a nightmare.I wish to wake up to hear they are no more.
    I wish my in law to get up from his wheelchair and walk.I wish peace and happiness will find it's way back to my family again.


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