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Open Keypad. (No Judgement Zone)

Hey guys! I'm so happy it's Friday. Shout out to you guys for all the love in the Shout Out post. You guys remember how great it was in our first Open Keypad post, right? Today I was reading the comments in the Shout Out post and then I also thought about comments in every Rant post. It seems we're always going on about who hurt us, who did us wrong, who did us bad, who betrayed us, who broke our hearts etc, no one ever talks about their own f*#k ups. And no matter how good someone is, we've all at one point or the other been bad or done someone wrong.

So yeah this post is still open Keypad, but this time I'm thinking it could also be a confessional. I called it No-Judgement Zone because while I cannot control or dictate what anyone thinks or says in the comment section I'm hoping if someone drops something really terrible that they've done or they're even doing presently, they won't get stoned for it. 

There are a few things I would like to say in the No Judgement Zone but unfortunately I cannot hide behind anonymity, so maybe one day when I'm brave enough I'll make a post out of it. I guess my confessional would revolve around things I did in my carefree days in the University, when I attached no importance to anything at all and did whatever I pleased and paid no mind to consequences or what was right or wrong. I may make a post about it someday, but for now you have the floor. 

This is Open Keypad guys, it could be your confessional, it could you your apology, it could be that opportunity you've wanted for a while to spit out all those things you've been bottling up inside that's  been eating away at you, it's actually whatever you want it to be.

Let's talk. 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lol. Subomi I saw your comment and it got me laughing. You shouldnt have removed it jor. It's funny that aunty thelma is trying to lose weight and ur trying to add. Dia is god oooo

    2. Which one is *aunty Thelma' again?? *rolling eyes. The 'aunty' is highly unnecessary unless you are still a teenager.

    3. Aunty thelma *tongue out* I don't think the things we do in uni applies o! I did a lot of things I don't even want to remember. Right now i'm married and trying to stay true to myself, my hubby and God. But sometimes its not, especially when dh behaves like he did me a favour by marrying me and a nice guy outside is giving me attention. Everyday I try harder. I have promised myself never to cheat on dh.

    4. *its not easy

  2. Tee ur so ryt, everybody is quick to point fingers, nobody ever says the ones they've done. my confession: I told my friend's ex that she was cheating on him. they broke up and she dsnt know till 2day dat I was d one who told him.

  3. I'm jealous of single mothers. I wish I never had abortions. I'm afriad that when I marry god will not give me more children. But I didnt hav any choice. I pray god will forgive me.

    1. My dear God does not work that way. Just repent sincerely.

  4. I wish I was confident and had high self esteem not to fall into the hands of a manipulate lesbian.

  5. I have no regrets but God knows that its condition that makes so many girls sleep wit married men. I have a job now but before things were not easy, with younger ones to take care of. Pls don't judge, I have to do what I can to survive biko.

  6. Well, Before my confessional, I'll Love to tell those Anons that carry my past or present relationship status like hawkers selling gala to please STOP!!! Am begging, if I have wronged u mabinu, cos no matter how u try, I'll always keep talking about my experiences & keep typing in CAPS! It's my life, biko face ya own if u have nothing nice to say.

    *i have NEVER bashed anyone on social media, try this attitude & u'll be happy like me. #TwerkingNow

    To the matter at hand,
    I agreed to date a guy in school back then even when his girlfriend was sortta close to me but not a friend sha. It lasted for 2months. Then one day I got tired & walked up to his gf to confess. Begged for her forgiveness & kept chasing him away from me. My brain had a reboot. LOL. That was my one & only evil.

    1. Ruthy, I once commented on the caps issue and didn't intend for you to see it as bashing at all. I don't have any problems with you typing some words in capitals if you want to place emphasis on them. What I have also noticed is that you unnecessarily begin some words in the middle of sentences with capital letters and that doesn't make for good writing, not that i'm an English guru or anything. Sorry if u found it offensive. Much love

    2. Ruth, why is it that some people just want just to die on top ur matter? Na wa o.

    3. My dear Ejoec I no know oh. That's why I dey beg them. Cos I can't be blood guilty.
      Am still pleading oh...

  7. Hmmmn..I've done some things I do regret but there's one particular thing I wish I had done then in school and that's sleeping with my Course Adviser for a 2.1 result. I graduated with a 2.2 and God knows life hasn't been easy and that's why I just feel life would have been better in terms of getting a job and all if I had slept with him(yes,he asked me out and gave me the option of making a 2.1 but I refused)..please,don't judge me #in Chris Brown's voice

    1. Anon a 2.1 does not guarantee that you would have had a better life than the one you're living, likewise having a 2.2 should in no way limit you, I think you're the one limiting yourself.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I was dating this guy and I didn't know that he was into fraud until one day he was wasn't a serious relationship but I kept going to visit him in jail, he then got to trust me with the location of some of his cash which he said I should help him send to nija...I did but í always used to remove my own too that how I bought my first car....but when he started getting too serious and talking about love I just completely ignored him and stopped visiting...I took some money and returned his cards to his brothers. He called day and night and day and night for months.....threatened, cried, even wrote letter but I never looked can I take home a convict. I told him if he was sure I took his money he should report me to the police. Please God forgive me....he still hasn't given up looking for me even though he is now married and moved to a different country and I'm married with someone else. Anyways I did him bad sha...Cus before he went to jail then he could spend anything on me and bought me loads of designer gears and holidays. Oh well shit happens as they say! I never loved him

    1. Oh yea and I was dating his sworn enemy too at the same time.... Funny thing when he was settled in jail his room mate ended up being one guy I once had a one night stand crazy is this life! But Mehn even me sha. When my hubby asked how many ppl I had been with I told him two and it's going to be that two for ever and ever and ever amen. Cus I'm sure it's up to 7. Father forgive me

    2. lol..i like you haha..

    3. just 7?, you're a saint girl, i would need an extra hand to count the number of men i have had. Not that i'm promiscous or anything like that, i'm just plain stupid. I like a guy, i give him all of me and zoom! he's gone like thin air. And on again it happens everytime, i've given up on love, right now i just have a beneficial friend, and i'm cool with it. i wish things had worked out with my first boyfriend and baby daddy, i just wish

  10. I once told my boyfriend of 3 months that I was SS because I wanted him to end the relationship. He was a perfect gentleman but the first time I went visiting him, I found out he was a Muslim and that was a no-go area for me as I wasn't sure he could be converted. He was the only son of an Alhaja and I wasn't going to compromise.

    I will never forget that day. I got there asking for *Wale and nobody knew who that was until I started describing. Then I heard "That should be Nurudeen.", I said " No ooo. " But that was the case. We only lasted one month more.

  11. Enjay oh, lemme sing T's song for U.
    "NJ is a badt gurl e i e i o"... LOL

    Biko enjoy ur present happiness...

  12. Ever since I got to this ibadan,I have become a chronic wine drinker.I drink 1 bottle every nite jus so I can sleep and drink away loneliness.I know its bad..

  13. Well, I av ds older step cuz dt came 2 liv wt us bck den in sec sch. Cnt rembr wt exactly it was she did dt got me vexed, jst dt it had 2 do wit high service and snitching.
    Anyways, wt d help of another cuz, I dosed her bath water wit dt itchy leaf (I tnk d yorubas cal it "were pe") in its powdered form and gleefully watched her dance naked round d sitting and bed rooms b4 finally smearing her body all over wt palm oil (our 'innocent' advice) like an "ebora". Never got to confess or apologize as I wasn't sorry. Not one bit!
    Another time, ds way older male cuz hit me. Was no match physically so I jejely plugged in d pressing iron n gave it bck to him hot! (He didn't see it comin). Needless to say.. I ran and stayed out till it was safe. Ds one I was sorry for, bt still cudnt go humble enough to apologize.
    Yea..yea...#Evulz...#Teenagefoolishness. Asides from d above which are mainly physical, Cnt tnk of any great emotional hurt av done to anybody

    1. wow b! I hope you aren't evil anymore! hmm that was crazy!


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