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Random Acts Of Kindness.

Kindness is boring and unsexy, still I like it. It doesn't get people talking, won't sell papers, won't drive traffic to a blog, still I adore it. 

I was reading a story random acts of kindness and I tried to remember if anyone had ever shown me a random act of kindness but I didn't have to think long. After Law School I spent sometime in Abuja waiting for something to happen. One day I was strolling along Wuse 2 with my friend Chinwe when this man slowed down to talk to me. He was quite elderly and I wanted to ignore him but my friend wouldn't move, so there I was greeting someone I had no desire to chat to. He asked for my number and as he was insistent on dialing the number I gave him before driving away I had to give him my real number and hurriedly shoved Chinwe so we could keep walking. 

He called me later that week and the conversation was quite weird, we were from very different generations, he's very intellectual and was talking about a lot of philosophy and I just couldn't keep up.  I thought that since I didn't do much to hold my own end of the conversation I wouldn't hear from him again, he kept calling. A few months later he called and I told him I was waiting for NYSC. He questioned me; did I know where I was going to serve? Where did I want to serve? etc. I told him I'd like to serve in Lagos. He called me back and told me that the 3rd in command in NYSC Abuja was very angry with me (Hia!); that service is in a two weeks and Lagos is already filled to capacity, my mates started working their posting months ago, what had I been doing? Yeah my mates did but I didn't have 75k to give anybody. So he told me that the best they could do was put me in a state closest to Lagos, that's Ogun state. I said Ok o! I didn't take anything the man said seriously. God forgive me but I wondered if he was just a senile old man. The day postings came out he coincidentally called and I told him I was going to the east, he asked for my account details and in the morning he sent me money for return tickets, and I didn't even ask. I thanked him and went to Enugu, everyone before was getting posted to some far away place or to the north. My legs were shaking, but it got to my turn and just as he had assured me, I got posted to Ogun state, 45 minutes away from Lagos! 

       I called him to thank him and he quickly brushed me off and asked what my plans were for after service. He asked which company I would like to work in and promised that he would put me in any company I wanted in Lagos state provided I made a 2.1 at least. Seeing as I didn't, I stalled and he noticed. That was when he told me about 'baby dolls'. Baby dolls were basically very pretty bubble-heads that were placed in companies and were paid just as well as others but had no real value to the company except to be eye-candy. So when the company had a meeting, or was trying to lure a client or get an account, they always took the baby dolls along. There they would wear very provocative yet corporate attire, smile pretty at the (prospective clients) and make them feel so good about themselves that they will eventually do the company's bidding, either that or for Marketing purposes. He asked if I wanted to be a baby doll for some multinational company. First off I didn't picture myself as baby-doll material (I imagine someone who looks like Uru Eke, Toolz or Yvonne Nelson), but besides that the fact that I didn't make a 2.1 didn't mean I was a bubble head jor!
         Time for service came and he sent me money to ensure I was comfortable and also to help with my accomodation after camp. He asked me to call him towards the end of my service year so that we could start working towards getting me a good job in Lagos. 

Mind you the day I met this man on the road was the first and last time I saw him. No joke. He never tried to see me or get anything from me in return, he was just kind to me. 

Unfortunately we didn't stay in touch and when I called after Service like he asked me to his numbers didn't connect. And they still don't. (I hope he's ok). 

Other random acts of kindness I can easily recall were those by *Matty whom I told you guys about Here 

And most recently I was shown a beautiful act of kindness by blogger Myne Whitman (of Romancemeetslife )

Has anyone ever shown you a random act of kindness? Please share. 
but more importantly, what random act of kindness have you shown someone, expecting and knowing you'll get nothing in return...


  1. Hmmmm...still thinking and recollectn

    1. you are indebted to come back here after recollecting

    2. i have received plenty acts of kindness like a lot. one time i missed my flight and as it was the 1st of January, i couldn't get any other flight to the east. so there i was at the airport crying my eyes out bcos i had no idea what to do, i couldn't go back to ajah as it had cost me 5k to get from there to the airport plus if i used the money on me to go back and come back to the airport the next day it would be of no use cos i wouldn't have enough money to pay for my air fare. while i was crying, i noticed a girl looking at me and another man looking at me too, the man walked up to me first and asked why i was crying and after narrating my story, the best he could do was offer me a place for the night which for some reason, i refused the offer. then the babe walks up to me after a while and asked why i was crying i told her so she gives me a suggestion.................she said to me, the only and last flight leaving lagos was going to ph and since i was going to Enugu, i could go to ph and from there get to Enugu. i was still crying because if i did get to ph with the money i had, i wouldn't have anything to get me to Enugu and while i was still crying, the girl walks to the counter and buys me a ticket with her own money and when we landed in ph she assisted me to town...........................second act of kindness in this story......... now we got to ph really late and there was no way i could make Enugu in good time so i was gonna be stranded. i called everyone i knew that lived in ph but none was in town as it was the festive period............ then i remembered this girl from my hostel for some reason i had her number and it was not like we were friends but i called and she answered and was luckily for me in ph so she met me at were i was dropped off my an angel of a girl and gave me one of the best treats of my life. when igot home and told my brother-in-law about the airport angel, he said the girl must be a lesbian and so he called her and asked to pay back the money she spent but she declined and said she just saw someone who she felt need help and helped her out i tried to keep in touch but at some point she would take my calls and mysteriously i lost her number,
      i just have lots of acts of kindness stories. i believe in showing kindness and in the littlest ways i can i show it

  2. Please is there any other person with issues posting comments on this blog via bb or na only me waka come?

    1. I think this only happens with the first comment and replies.

    2. Dis happens to me too. Sumtimes repliess nd sumtyms comments.

  3. Sometime ago, somewhere close to my office I met two young guys (cannot be more than 20) who approached me and claimed they came all the way from Ado-Ekiti to Lagos in search of jobs so they could help their indigent parents and siblings back home. Of course I had no job to give them, I however gave them the little cash I could to help them start off something. I also gave them my number in case there was something else I could do. Unfortunately, I cut them off when their demands were becoming unreasonably excessive.

    I have done little things for few people (both cash and kind) but the one that still touches me till date was for a Church member. It still touches me because the amount involved was so small (from the way I considered it) yet the woman's reaction was massive. I had forgotten that the woman asked me for some money to start off a little buying & selling business. On this particular Sunday when she reminded me, I didn't want to 'post' her but gave her the little I had and practically ran out of the Church 'in shame'. Next Sunday, woman saw me and knelt down! I was shocked and ashamed and happy at the same time wondering that the little money I gave her must have done something huge for her.

    I have also paid house rent for another woman in full and partly for yet another (small amounts though)

    I can put those up because I am anonymous as I do not believe in telling these kind of tales. Meanwhile, I am 'reviewing' my acts of kindness for these days, there are a lot of people who take you for granted and turn you into cash machines. There is this 'big brother' I really liked and respected. People even thought he was my real (blood) brother. Lately, I have started showing him the other side of me as dude don turn me into ATM; only calls when he needs cash.

  4. Me dont have a random one...but all Kindness goes to dh..hiz been the best despite my short comings..that naughty house wife

  5. A woman missed the last flight to PH some weeks ago and came to us to reschedule her to travel the following morning. My colleague started working on it and told her she is to pay an additional 15 or 18k to travel the next day. The woman started crying that she won't have additional money to get an hotel to sleep in that night and she doesn't know anyone in Lagos. She paid for the rescheduling and looked so sad and lost. The banker with us started telling my colleague to accommodate the woman for the night then my colleague started bringing excuses that the woman won't like her house, her house is far etc... all the while I was busy with something else and didn't even join the discussion till I started hearing those excuses. then I called the woman from her seat and asked why she is in Lagos and when she got to lag. She replied she got in that morning to buy goods at balogun but traffic made her miss her return flight and she has withdrew her limit for the day. So i just said I won't be off duty for a couple of hours more but if she doesn't mind I can give her a room to sleep that night. I called my husband and told him, he said it was ok. She showed me her. Identity cards, her family pictures and all before we went home. When we got home, I made her dinner, gave her the guest room and all she needed.
    The next morning I woke her up early and drove her to the airport in time to meet her 6:45 am flight. The prayers she prayed that morning for me ehn, she has not stopped calling since that day to say thank you. Everyone in her family has called. It felt good to show kindness even though I know we might never meet again.

  6. After my Bad heartbreak i was chatting with an Uncle's friend and he said i need a vacation to clear my head, but all my visas had expired and I was in no mood for that then, besides no money to even go on any form of vacation even to go to Lagos. the next year he called me during festive period and asked what I'll be spending my holiday. I said sit down at home and rest. He asked if i've renewed any of my Visas I said Yes I have US and UK. He said Ok. He asked again if I'll like to travel, I said Yes but is it not when you have money???. He asked for my itinerary which i reluctantly gave him, next thing i got before evening was flight ticket business Class to Uk and also he called that I should pass by his office. I was still shocked from that because this is what ladies hustle to get from men and I'm getting it on a platter of gold. I went to his office and guess what he gave me an envelope containing Foreign currency for both my accommodation in UK for one week and feeding. #Crying#I never expected such act of kindness. I kept crying, I was just saying Thank you sir! Thank you sir!. He said it's a gift for been strong after my terrible heartbreak and that even when he proposed the offer to me, i declined and gave my reasons that it made him say that he must make sure i go on vacation. My dear friends I flew business class for the first time, went to UK, Had fun, shopped, saved the rest and came back to Nigeria and i Bought gift for him to say thank you. Story of of Life #Act of Kindness# God is still faithful. Sorry for the long epistle.

  7. Sorry for the Typos* Typing so fast to get back to work. Sorry peeps

  8. Lol @ baby dolls. Yes oooo many companies in Nigeria have them, beautiful figure heads that don't know anything only how to wear tight pencil skirts and be collecting salary.

  9. Your writing......check it and improve. E.g "theirselves"?? No such thing.

  10. Oh lawd, and my epistle just varnished

    1. Oh My! And I was going to say that if the comment you typed is really long, copy it first before publishing in case it disappears. So sorry Blink. This one is beyond my control.

    2. Thnks for your concern Tee, lesson learnt, copy nd publish. @wale I share same thoughts too, I wouldn't write about my *Coporal works of Mercy*, but would joyfully Write about acts of unmerited given kindness on me. Btw, I also have bd experience on lending hands to people (Ogom ebgbunam)....smh!

    3. Please what is coporal work of mercy?

  11. After been posted 2 a terible farm settlement of famine nd snake Island in ebonyi, i broke down in tears 2 a foreign graduate i met in camp. He promised 2 take me out of dat place! He askd me were i wanted nd i choose edo state since am used 2 dat environ nd d cost of living is low. Within 2wks afta camp i got a text dat i hv been relocated. That boy helped me without asking for nothing. Was completely broke after camp having relocated from ebonyi 2 edo state. My parents said deyy had nothing for me nd enjoined me 2 manage. A friend whom was my junior in school offered me acomodation nd was practically feeding me wit all joy. Bt den i needed 2 give her half of d rent. I barely has 500naira, so were will 30k come from for half rent. Still she didnt complain, she jst waited patiently. Since i relocated nysc had 2 owe me 3months allowee am sure you all dat hv served knws abt it. Called my bestie serving in abuja jst 2 share my pains at least 2 ease my self emotionally only for her 2 ask for my act numb. I was glad, since i cudnt feed, i was certain she wud send me at least 3k so i can give 2 my kind friend who acomodated me 2 add for provisions.Behold!! My bestie sent me 35k. 30k for rent, 5k for feeding.I was stunned, she's a corper like me. She was raised by her mum who is only managing 2 pull her tru. Bt she cudnt stand my pain nd gave me her widows mite. In short my service year was a complete show of kindness. I remain indepted 2 all dose who saved me from pain.

  12. Wont it be be immodest to talk about these things if you are the doer?

    1. But we all are unknown to each other here, u may simply go anon if you ain't comfortable to write on this with a profile

    2. Actually I was more particular about acts of kindness that have been shown to you, and not those that you've shown to others. When I asked what you've done for others it was meant as a rhetorical question but still it's uplifting to see that most of us have kindness in us.
      There are people that cannot speak of one good act they've done freely for someone, so I find it encouraging to hear people speak of their good deeds.

    3. Ok Thelma, I feel you..have had many experiences but will just share two.

      I was preparing for postgraduates studies in Germany and had to go through this tough route to qualify for two scholarships. Then came this job opportunity that this person felt I should give a shot, it was a struggle getting me to agree to file an application because I wanted to leave Nigeria real bad but she persisted. It was on the closing date that I finally agreed and put up an application that she hand carried and submitted on that last day. I went through the selection process and I am still holding the same job as I write this.
      I would not have applied at all and dropping off the application on that last day, at some far location, was the ultimate, it has been a dream job..

      On my last stop in Nigeria about 2 months ago, I just put a young girl (maybe about 17/18 yo) I ran into at my barber's shop back in school to prepare for JAMB. She already abandoned further education because the mother could not afford it and father already strayed away. She ended up trying to learn to be a barber.
      Hopefully, she will go through to the university..her case is the 3rd I got on this year.

      All in all, I have come to realize that life is meaningless until it makes an impact on other lives.

  13. Wow!!!
    U all have been doing good oh...
    Me am still trying small small.

  14. Kindness is one of the reasons why every man has a 'neighbour'. We can't always do everything just by ourselves.
    For me, being kind is always gratifying no matter what it takes from me or how little it seems.
    I've been treated with kindness a lot of times can't even write them all.

  15. I was trying to sell luxury apartment to someone and he brushed me off(at the airport) saying he only invests in the lives of people, then it crossed mind to mention my challenges paying my tuition as I wasn't sure of securing a scholarship yet. The mam told me to send him evidence ofy admission via email and that was all our direct correspondence. I sent all the necessary doc and his PA transferred 200 thousand naira on my behalf to the school... Even though I eventually got the scholarship to do my MBA; everything I bought in my room- AC, mattress were given to unknown people.

  16. Coporal works of mercy are: feeding the hungry, givin drinks to the thirsty, clothin the naked, sheltering the homeless, comforting the prisoners, visting the sick and burying the de*d.

  17. I left NYSC camp with a friend from the Uni, and we went to Ota, where we were both posted to. She had a cousin who lived in the town and so we went there to pass the night before heading to Lagos the next day. eventually, the cousin n his wife convinced both of us to stay with them and not get an apartment of ours for the NYSC period. I was so happy and grateful.........sadly this happy tempo didn't last throughout. I eventually got to learn that the cousin and his wife were prophet n prophetess n would host prayer sessions in their home, NB: these people including my friend were all Catholics originally o. long story short......during their many prayer sessions (some of which I deliberately missed), they concluded that I was an ogbanje(aka mermaid, mamywater) had spirit husband n even took it a notch higher by coercing me into visiting another prophetess friend who concluded that I was responsible for their misfortunes. That very day, I left that (so-called) prayer meeting, got back home, packed my load and left their house. I went straight to my cell pastors home who asked me to move in with them instead. Eventually, after much talks I moved in to stay with another lady, whom I used to go to church (Canaanland, Ota) with and who lived on the same street with my friend's cousin, she was married as well, with children and Yoruba (i'm Igbo), yet treated me like I was her child, even better than she treated her siblings, as in she related with me like I was her lil sis. Her husband too treated me well. Till I finally rounded up my service, I literally never spoke to or communicated with my friend or her cousin n family again. It hurts me till today, that such a wonderful r/ship that was blossoming between, my friend n I n her cousin had to die.
    The saddest part of it all was that, my friend seemed to agree with them, because she herself was agreeing to some of their revelations (all doom!) about her n her family.
    But then, it had to end, because clearly, the devil had creeped in and was using them, and I was definitely not ready to be a victim of spiritual abuse.

  18. On our trip home from camp (Taraba State). I was coming to Ilorin. We got to Makurdi at 1:30pm or so and the other male corper coming to Ilorin insisted on continuing to Ilorin that afternoon knowing fully well that our trip from Ilorin to Makurdi when we were going to camp lasted 10hours 30mins. I declined and was asking around at the park for any corpers lodge around when the guy came to persuade me that we should be going to Ilorin instead. For some reason I still cant explain, I obliged. We got to Kogi State around 10:30pm due to the fact that the car wouldn't stop developing mechanical faults after every 10-20mins drive. So we were stuck for the night. The driver suggested sleeping in the car or taking us to a cheap hotel if we had money. I was already crying, feeling raped, robbed, abused and all sorts of negativity just possessed me from no where. They were still trying to persuade me when a woman who was alighting from another vehicle in the park saw me and offered to take me home. The driver drove us to her house, so that he could pick me up the following morning to continue our journey. I got a very warm welcome, food, good bath and extra money to continue my trip the following morning. My parents got her number and called to thank her for accommodating me.
    Once I saw the three daughters of a single mum in my office whose husband divorced because she couldn't bear male children at the reception carrying torn and old school bags. I got all three of them new school bags and I always oblige her whenever she needs financial assistance.
    Sometime last year too, I was crossing the road to go to the Bank in front of my office and I saw this tiny, dirty, looking boy who had torn over-sized bathroom slippers on, trying to cross with me. I took him to the small store on the other side of the road, bought him new slippers and gave him money for lunch. I was surprised when he saw me weeks after and prostrated for me by the road side and said ''thanks for the other day ma''. Cos I didn't even look at his face when I did what I did.

  19. Its amazing how this post resonates with me, you know I tried thinking of random acts of kindness shown me over the years and I couldn't think of any,I have been highly favored but always from God himself not necessarily by man.

    The though of it is depressing as it will be very awesome, if any of these RAK happened to me, I understand that it is more blessed to give than receive and that given the fact that it may seem like I have always been at a vantage point in my life but it sucks that I RARELY received a RAK from no one.

    Its even worse as a natural giver, where I go all out for people,even giving out scholarships to kids, paying for widows etc etc but on my birthday,I get the "what do you give someone who has it all again?" I feel that is so wrong, cause its the thoughts that count.

    On the positive side, I chose to see these giving as my purpose in life, learning to give without expecting anything in return.SIGH


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