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Thelma Asks (Weird Fetishes, Anyone?).

Some of us have those fetishes, shoe fetishes, bag fetishes etc. but those are not the fetishes we're talking about now. We're talking about those naughty fetishes, sexual fetishes. 

Fetishes can be mild and harmless, like my friend Wunmi's, she would do anyone for a bald-headed man. She cannot explain her attraction to bald-headed men. She almost salivates when she tries to explain how she feels when rubbing the shiny bald head of a man especially if he's hot and clean shaven. 

My friend *Dean who I've written about on a number of occasions, the one I went to see Think Like a Man Too with last weekend has a thing for hair which he warned me about when we went on our first date. He said "just so I don't freak you out, I have a thing for hair. I might not be able to stop running my hand through your hair, just warning you..." And all through the evening his hand was in and out of my hair. At first it was cute, then it was ok, then it got irritating. I had to ask him to stop. It was made weirder by the fact that it was the first date. (I also heard today that Ebuka Obi Uchendu has a similar fetish). 

But these ones are ok and quite normal. When it gets weird is when people have some unusual sexual fetishes like the ones below. 

*When I was in the Uni I had this friend who let her armpit hair grow out, it got really really long and very gross. After prodding seriously she finally admitted that her boyfriend asked her to grow it out because long armpit hair turns him on. 

*Some people have foot fetishes, where they would rather use foot for pleasuring (I would rather not explain in detail...)

*Some people want to spank or be spanked really hard during or before sex 

*Some one told me of how they had to separate a fight between his neighbour and his wife and in the course of their attempt at separation the man let out that he had been warning his wife not to wash off before sex, especially if they're going to have oral sex. He only liked to eat her out when down there was .... dirty (?). Basically some men don't like their women to clean up before sex, they say the natural odour is a turn on and the thicker the odour the better. I hear it's called Bush Meat. (Eeeeeeeewwww)

*Some people want to be watched during sex, some want to be treated like little children, some want to be treated like dogs; they want to be punished, spanked flogged etc"

*Some fetishes are extreme and involve urine and scat. (But hey we won't discuss those in details...)

My questions is this, what do you do when your spouse or significant other whom you love dearly has a weird sexual fetish? Would you Indulge them and make/keep them happy or Ignore them and risk them going to seek satisfaction elsewhere?

Have you ever dated someone with a weird sexual fetish?

Do you have a weird sexual fetish???



  1. well my ex- bf loved to suck my toes and eat (yes eat) my ass.. at first I found both weird..especially when he offered to eat my butt. Thank God he never asked me to return the favour.. he sure was a pleaser..(sighhhh).. as longs as the woman is happy and you are being expressive during sex.. you have made his day.. good times mehn..

    1. Why is he ur Ex? Sounds like u miss him.

    2. Different priorities in life.

    3. So we both moved on.. I miss the sex though, it well lol

    4.'s as if I know this commenter.....hmmmm!!!!!

    5. hmmmmmmm.. you dooo ? ok lets play a game.. what is the first and last letter of her name ?

    6. Sure.....I can also guess who she is

  2. Lol at bush meat..le boo likes going down south oh...I think am crushing on that ebuka guy...#rolls eyelashes#that naughty house wife

  3. Hmmmmm, Screaming *the blood of........*
    Oh well, I have met only one guy with a fetish (Too embarrassed to share) cool thing oh. Then again, Yuck!

    But mine will be CHEST hairs!!! OMG!!!
    I get the same orgasmic feeling ur friend who rubs bald heads get when am running my fingers through it...
    The only thing I may or may not miss in my 1st BF. *long hiss*

    1. Dear Ruth, I love u so much. God knows I do, pls could u stop this public service announcement about your first and only boyfriend? U do it on almost every post. I wanted to comment about it on the banker post but I thought u won't do it again, alas u disappointed me. Sometimes I just pass your comment quickly so I don't get to see it. Pls pls get over that first boyfriend of yours, or at least stop putting him in my face. Thanks and God bless u in advance. #no pun intended though#

    2. Funny enough, we share d same fetish. D hairy chest tingy. I used to beg my SO to keep his....

    3. I think Ruth has not gotten over him. When she does she will completely forget about him. Maybe this is all part of the healin process.

    4. U people can over analyze sometimes biko!!! Na wa!!!
      Miss Effizy, My 1st boyfriend is DIFFERENT from my 2nd & 3rd!!! They are all my Ex, if u don't understand U freaking ask questions rather than coming to wrong conclusions.
      I mention either of the 3 in posts that it's necessary bcos it's MY own life experiences!!! Can I borrow someone else's.
      Oh, I Love U too.

    5. @ruthylicious....u dont need to go rude...@la effizy just dont u how she felt in the nicest way possible.

    6. @ruthylicious....u dont need to go rude...@la effizy just told** u how she felt in the nicest way possible.

    7. LOL... Have a fun filled day Hon.

    8. It's true Ruthy what u said was really rude

    9. La effizy is right, i've also notice what she pointed out. Ruthy please, can u also arrange the capital letters while typing? They make ur comments painful to read.

    10. Una too worry.

    11. Nonsense. Pain what? Get out abeg.
      Ruthylicious pay no mind to them. Not everyone will like you but I do plenty. Comment however

  4. If u read 50 shades of Grey,our perception of sex wld change ( for the better)

    1. Funny thing is, I have read 50 shades and i actually found it a tad plebeian. On the scale of fetish romances it ranks a bit soso for me. Have found and read lots of books that would make ur toes curl (for the better).

    2. Now u have my curiosity...their titles pls?!?!?

    3. I can't get over the over-use of adverbs and the stupidity of the main character. #Fifty Shades of Grey.
      Ziggy titles please.

    4. Lol I have refused to read 50 shades I just refuse to get my mind polluted. :)

    5. hmm...seems im the only one who's pro-50Shades. anyhoo,whats the title of the toe-curling books? still curious...

    6. Books by Lora Leigh, Heather Rainer, R. G Alexander r great 4 starters. Heather may b a available bit muchc for a beginner tho. Shayla Black n Lexi Blake r cool too. Try looking for them on

    7. ziggy the titles please saw a lot books there. joy

  5. Please how do some people have scat fetish? How can you be turned on by someone shitting on you? Some people are animals.

    1. Different strokes for different folks. Lol.

  6. Fetish! I don't think I have a Fetish for sniffing people. Its rather an obsession. Weird enuf, I always alert my dates on how much I love a girl who has a good smell. If u smell right, u would catch me sniffing ur hair, pulling u close and burying my face in ur neck, underarm to catch d smell of u n go wit it. Often time, I sniff my pillows wen my date is long gone.
    Another Fetish of mine is my attraction to boobs. Back in sch, I was referred to as d guy who never looks back wen a girl walks past him. Reason being that, I fixate on d mastia, so once u pass, I don't ogle at u. I don't curr about d size of ur butt weda u r padded like Toolz or curvy like MJ. Just lemme have boobs in any size. Am sorry if this posture could pass for objectifying women but if u meet me in person, am very respectful to ladies. But as far as fetishes go, u can't do 'wrong' in my books if u have boobs. Crazy? Its d definition of Fetish.

    1. Yes. There is this dude who likes me plenty. He does that sniffing thing and I call him a dog. Worst still his nose is always cold #good Lord# some people sha

  7. Ohh so dats wot scat is really about...........I reject it

  8. Le boo loves to stick his thumb in my ass hole during doggy n I kinda enjoy it plus the spanking. Doggy isn't complete without spanking. Lol

    1. Doesn't it tickle you to wanna poop?

    2. Doesn't it tickle you to wanna poop?

    3. They say the anus has more nerve endings than the vjayjay so I'm sure it's a turn on and not poop-inducing. Am not d anon btw. Just guessing.

    4. Weird weird weird things in the world. How can a woman not wash before Sex...yuck.

  9. I'll love to try squirting but boo won't hear of it

    1. Use a vibrator. You don't need boo to squirt.

    2. I don't think I can ever reach orgasm with a vibrator. If I can't feel a man on top of me touching, squeezing and kissing me then it's a no no.

  10. Lord God! Chei, pple dey this world o! Team V abeg! For now I have none, maybe later.

  11. Hmmm intrestn.dnt fnk i rily av any o! And as per d ruth tin its rily tiring hearing bout ur bf dear bt trust me if dats wt it takes 4 U to get ova him pls do!

    1. It's NOT a getting over mechanism Ma'am. There's nothing to get over.
      These are things that are part of me. I talk about them all...

      Plus this blog is for everyone to let out what's in their heads. Kindly do what Effizy does. Scroll past cos No one can halt it. LOL

  12. I'll go anon for now. I like peeing during sex or if le boo pees on me.

    1. Lol are you male or female ?

    2. Y most u go anon, its not embarrasn since its ur choice

      Please visit my blog

  13. My fetish is anal. I can't cum any other way. DH understands it and loves it.

    Ruthy, please I love your comments about your ex boyfriends. Don't stop talking about it, I look forward to reading them because it makes me reflect on my past relationships and a constant reminder of the bullets I missed like Thelma's previous posts said. People should quit complaining and move on to other comments.

  14. my guy has a fetish...well, I don't know if it is a fetish but he likes me removing my underwear while giving him head....

  15. Le boo lyks me urinating into his mouth wen he z giving me head. #i av told him its unhealthy bn on d medi line# NB: he spits it out sha

  16. My fetish is wen I do the whole sex tin I can only reach orgasm wen I fantasize that I'm f**king a girl.

  17. My fetish is wen I do the whole sex tin I can only reach orgasm wen I fantasize that I'm f**king a girl.

  18. My fetish is wen I do the whole sex tin I can only reach orgasm wen I fantasize that I'm f**king a girl.

  19. My ex bf back then liked licking my pussy n arse clean. The tin makes him high. He practically eats it.

  20. I think I am very adventurous when it comes to sex.. haven't found that special person yet but I would like to try anal.. I hear and I've also read that it's quite enjoyable and women are able to have an orgasm that way. I want to try it with someone who has experience and someone I love.
    yea its not a fetish but yea.. just putting it out there..
    y'all are nastyyyyyyy! peeing and shitting on yourselves and partners ? lol well if you love who gives a f@#K right ?

  21. My fetish....hmmmm I have one unfulfilled one. Having a threesome with identical twins. And coming in their butt holes. Call it a tipping point. We'll get there some day.

  22. This is just an innocent question please but I kinda need answers, isn't anal sex unhealthy and painful? It seems so many people are warming up to the idea, I'm just wondering though... anyone kind enough to provide answers?
    Thelma can you please make it a blog post or is it too " raunchy" (for lack of a better word) to talk about?

  23. I kept smiling, shaking my head and covering my mouth as I read through comments. I beg to differ here biko.

  24. I've got no fetish....or may be I am not looking deeply enough? Pee, scat, spanking? Hell NO!

  25. like seriously!!! whaaaaaat!!!! peeing pooping eeeeeeewwww...just give me a head down dere and ill be fine..

  26. My Ex BF loved cunnilingus, as in he could orgasm from it sef! He would go on and on till I had to threaten to kick him in the face if he didn't stop. He was a PHD Professor Master! I never knew one could orgasm from GIVING cunnilingus sha. Best sex I ever had, one of those people who get the most pleasure from giving.
    My Husband tries, but he no reach that levels.

  27. Every once in a while i climax from giving cunnilingus... it's a little strange...i do love going down and, if i get lost in it, sometimes i suddenly realize I'm REALLY turned on & about to climax and then boom. It all happens so suddenly...but only after a long lovely session of camping out between my goddess's legs :)


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