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Think Like A Man Too.

I think I'm literally beginning to think like a man too... 
Today is Wunmi's birthday and Wunmi doesn't joke with her birthdays. I'd been waiting on her to keep me updated on the plans. In 2012 it was an all black affair at the club and then an early breakfast at about 5am at Prime Chinese when we were done partying. 2013 Wunmi was upset that daddy gave her a hundred and fifty grand for her birthday and she almost had a panick attack; daddy had to be playing a prank. Two days before her birthday she called me excitedly and said yes, daddy was indeed playing a prank! He had more than tripled the money and we could have a real Wunmi-birthday. I remember suggesting to her that we just have a little barbecue and drinks at home for a few friends, very lowkey and soooo very economical. I remember her words clearly "God forbid Nwando, if it was left to you there will be no parties in this world. Please my birthday comes only once a year. Barbecue ni bonfire ko". I held my peace (a person who is born into money and a person who isn't would never see eye to eye on money matters). It was another huge fanfare with the usual club hopping on the island which was preceded by a buffet at The Oriental. So this year I was waiting to hear what we were doing. Some days back though she called to inform me that nothing might happen as this is Ramadan, and as she can neither drink nor party she'll maybe just have an intimate dinner at home. 
      Yet, this morning she called me to cancel. Why? "Nwando I've been in dark days for a while" she said, and when I called her this evening and asked what was wrong her exact words were "I don't know babe, I've just been having these feelings like... I'm just not where I ought to be". And she doesn't even read this blog either so it's not like she was borrowing a sentence from me. But then she's the third or fourth person that has said that to me this week. Sad.

I called her when I was heading back home from the movies.Since there were no birthday plans I decided to go out still instead of moping at home, I checked and Think Like A Man Too was showing. It wasn't the kind of movie I wanted to attend alone so I called *Dean to know if he would come and he immediately got on the road and came to pick me up. I was so glad that I didn't go alone because it was packed and everybody was with somebody, and I saw a few people I know and they were all with 'somebody' and sitting right in front of me was a former fling with his girlfriend. I would have cringed if I'd been alone, coupled with the fact that I'd have to watch them all night, right in front of me. I would have gotten so paranoid that I'd have thought every contact their bodies made was done deliberately to spite me or make me jealous. 

The movie was rather disappointing though. First off it should have been named something else and shouldn't have been made a sequel to Think Like a Man, it should have been an entirely different movie. The whole thing revolved around a bachelor-party-gone-wrong in Las Vegas (isn't that overly played out already?) and Kevin Hart has had much better efforts. It was funny in some places, romantic towards the end and had girls and a few guys alike going "awwww.....aaawwww....aawwwwwwww" every few seconds. I on the other hand couldn't wait to leave the movies, the romance had Dean trying to stroke my hands or hold me or something and each time I stiffened. There was a mushy scene about someone having a baby that tugged at people's hearts and my usually unromantic and practical Dean impulsively turned to me and said "let's have a baby" I turned and looked him dead in the eye and asked "do you know where to buy one?" He was taken aback and shrank into his seat. In fact the only time I had or showed any emotion was when one of the characters stood up to his mother and asked her to apologize to his fiancé for her cruel and disrespectful words, and I didn't know when I blurted out; "Perfect. Correct! That's a real man, that IS a real man. This is how a real man behaves!". People turned back to look at me and Dean shrank further into his seat embarrassed, I was a bit embarrassed too. LOL. I was just impassioned because I'm tired to seeing men look the other way when their mothers and sisters treat and talk to their women anyhow, in any way they please. My close friend's marriage ended less than a year after the wedding for this same issue (mum and sisters ganging up on her and making her life a living hell and hubby never once stood up for her, in fact he would ask her to go and beg them even though he knew she did nothing wrong. Till one of the sisters decided that she didn't want him to be married to my friend anymore and he watched as they threw her things out of the house).  

Anyways long story short, if you haven't seen Think Like a Man Too then maybe you should, it makes for a good date movie and you'll have a few laughs. But don't expect too much from it, and don't expect something similar to or as interesting as the prequel which was a much better movie in my opinion. 

Good Morning Guys!


  1. Good morning nwando. Guess u're doing great. Couldn't comment for a while cus I travelled and fell Sick. It wasn't funny sha. Thut my brain was gonna come out my nose (na fear cause am). Anyway, I'm back home now and doing great. Thanks for remembering me in one of ur post. Do have a blessed day

    1. Welcome back. Thank God for healing.

    2. Welcome back dear Ejoec...
      T, how can I watch this movie after all this review?
      Mbok i'll still to the book.

    3. Oh wow! Thank God you're better. I scored through all my mail boxes for your email address 'cause I know we exchanged mails once, couldn't find it so I decided to wait till you show up. I'm glad you're back.

  2. Great, would wanna check out for that movie.

    Thelma, I agree with you on the issue o I real man should be able to stand for us wife. Yea, he should love his mum and sisters but that doesn't mean they can treat his wife just the way they like. I remember one of my aunts who got married and just after the wedding her hubby's mum told her straight "you don't know what you entered abi, don't think cos we did church marriage, you can't be treated how we like". (Wonder what she did wrong that warranted such statement) It's really so funny o, how could people be that mean! She suffered all through untill she left that marriage. Wash the mama's clothes, sisters and bros, do all the house chores at her in laws place and Na insult all the time like she was a slave. Infact she was not different from a slave and the saddest thing is the hubby saw all that but just couldn't say a word. Now she is married to someone else and he is begging back. Isn't it so funny and stupid of him? Lol

    1. Temidayo this is so similar to my friend's story. To add to her frustration every Saturday his 5 sisters would pack their clothes along with their mother's and bring it for my tiny friend to wash, and hubby would never say anything about it, only to tell her not to disobey them. After the separation the families tried to do a reconciliation but my friend refused to go back, today the divorce is final.

    2. Wash mother n sisters' clothes kwa! Muwa?! Ok o! Na em b say we would all sit home with a pile of dirty laundry. The things one hear sometimes make u shudder at the thought of marriage. And people wonder why people like me are scared shitless of the thought of marrying...i intend to spend a lifetime in my marriage if i do and God knows i certainly cannot live with a lifetime of this kinda crap. Mbanu! Some1 would die...and u can bet it won't b me. I guess all i can do is what i have been doing anyways...pray for the best and work on being the best.

  3. I was excited about this movie but now not so much, i'd still go see it next weekend though, knew cinema would be rowdy so i didnt bother this weekend, i hate crowd!! Thelma i hope you are not one of those people that also clap in the cinema lol sooooooo annnoying really, why do people clap though?Also generally i think most people just dont think they are where they ought to be. Everyone seems to think i have it all but thats just on the outside, if only they knew and if only they knew the demons i deal with daily on the thats just life i think, we just have to keep striving and improving on ourselves.

  4. And I was eager to see the movie o. Now I'm not so interested anymore.

  5. "Barbecue ni bonfire ko" ROTFL. Please can Wunmi's daddy adopt me? People are enjoying in this life o! Chai. Jesus remember me.

  6. So true, the movie didn't have anything to do with part 1. Just the same characters.

  7. Pls I need ur advice, my bday is comn up in 13 days tym, I'm makn a dress for myself bt dats all abt d preparation. Thought d bday wld fall in sch so I cld do a mini party bt it didn't nw I dnt knw what to do. I want to v a funfilled day, I'm thinkn of goin to d cinemas to watch dis movie. Bt I really dnt want to feel d need to v a bf. So advice pls. Hibek

  8. I saw the movie alone, I no send those loving up, May oppression be far from me. The movie was just ok could have been better.

  9. As for your friend not being where she wants to be, i think that is everyone of us. If we understood it all, we wouldnt strive for better. I wouldnt be too worried about that provided the person is striving to understand themselves better. For the movie, i will just doenload it. I need to start buying popcorn for the house. Aint no point in paying to see some stuff that sounds mediocre.
    For abused women, its generally not worth it. Any man that allows his family to run all over his wife doesnt deserve thatwoman. Just mypoint of view. And if he comes back begging hedeserves to be maltreated in the process.

  10. On speaking up for your spouse. It shouldn't be one sided. Once I saw a loving boo who unlike the average Nigerian guy didn't mind opening the door for his girl and lovingly carries her bag in the mall. His girl didn't correct her friend who expected the same gesture of bag carrying when his own babe decided she would leave her own bag in the car at the mall. She nudged him to oblige her friend who playfully requested that he carried hers since his babe wasn't with hers. I mean, kilo fa iranu? ki ore kore ma bami dan iru e wo! - one stupid friend should not try such with me. I don't know the kind of relationship they have though.
    I remember my boo coming to my base during my birthday last year and a friend who also wanted to come was complaining about not being very boxed up at the time. I told my bf to please bring her with him as they were in the same state. After the party and it was time to go back, I had another friend who came independently from some where else but was going back to Lagos too. So it was only normal for all three of them to ride together in my bf's car. Girl one that came with him suddenly started feeling funny, said sitting in the front was tiring so she insisted on sitting at the back, so my other friend went to sit in front. I was mad when my friend called to tell me she didn't come down to sit in front when she alighted at her stop. I nicely called her to ask about their trip to Lagos and next thing she said was '' ah babe, I even wan tell u something sef,'' I said ''wetin be that?'' '' see that your new bf ehn, e get as e be wetin dey make I just siddon for back as Naomi drop when we don already reach Lagos? e con park for me say make I come front, na wa for ham o, I wonder weda hin respect u, cos if he fit do ur friend like dat wetin e go dey do. I won't lie to u, I didn't even greet him when I wanted to drop'' I gave her a good piece of my mind and made her call him casually if not to apologize but help him to see her in a different light.

    1. Lmao! Ur friend has issues (that word being used cos the rest that came to mind would make my poor mother cringe). Btw please what's with girls and backseats abeg? Dey get smthing wey dey dia wey i no sabi?


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