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To The Mothers That Empty Our Purses With Their Unending OutrageousDemands...

Yesterday I saw this comment on Stella Dimoko Korkus' blog:

"I'm happy
Life is good
Marriage is perfect
DS is fast growing
DH is working harder to make us happy
But why does my mum love money so much
She loves money that she never gives
Always collects
And always claims sick so as to claim Medical bills
Why is she so annoying 
What can I do to such a mum
She's almost ripping my home apart...
Awwww,I'm ashamed I'm saying this about my mum but shld I rather claim it's well and die in silence?
Her wants/needs are unending 
She's so unappreciative when you buy her gifts 
She'd be like; you should have counted the money n given me instead of spending so much to buy this cos I need the money
Does she gamble or what?
And she isn't jobless o
And she doesn't pay bills cos everything is down for her
What does she do with money?????"

I've got a few friends with this problem; overly demanding mothers! 

One in particular got so frustrated with her mother's demands because she doesn't earn so much and neither does her hubby who has his own parents and siblings to provide for. She does what she can but it's never good enough for her mum. Like the above commenter she buys her mum gifts but it's either she complains that she should have been given the money instead or the gift isn't good enough. Another major issue is the fact that the daughter of her mum's good friend is married to a very popular Lagos big boy who's a part owner of one of the big hotels in Victoria Island and a major contractor. From the day she married that guy in 2006 till date he has completely transformed the lives of her family members, but he can afford to, he's freaking rich! And these are the people her mum uses to compare herself with everytime; "Why are you giving me this, if you see the bag *Kate bought for her mum..." "Kate's husband just flew Kate and her mum out for her birthday. They went to Dubai, from Dubai to England, from England to Paris, From Paris to New York. They stayed at the Dorchester, they stayed at The Hiltons, they did this and that, you and your husband can't even send me to Ghana". One day my friend got frustrated and said "Your mates are leaving things for their children; land, houses, properties, shares, gold. You have not even left ordinary pencil for any of your children, all you do is take take take and continue to complain!"  

Naturally this issue has lead to discord among mother and daughter. 

But please what's with some mothers? When I was in the University I had a few friends that spent each night with a different aristo to be able to send money home to their mothers to take care of things at home. I always wondered; you know your daughter is a student and isn't working, don't you ever wonder where this money is coming from?

Of course most of them knew but they would rather pretend that their daughters are doing business. What kind of business is a daughter doing in school that she sends you 50k every other week? Nawa for some mothers o!

The one that upset me the most was the mother of a friend who had turned herself into the town whore in order to take care of her mother and four younger siblings. She was taking care of her own education, accommodation and everything at home, from feeding, to her siblings school fees, to NEPA and water bills, to clothing, to hospital bills, EVERYTHING! Monthly she would pay huge sums into her mother's account and whenever her mother demanded for more she would double her runs, sometimes sleeping with two different guys in one day. Then one day her mum came to town and we were all gisting and then the woman said to her "I hope you are keeping yourself for your husband. I hope you don't sleep with married men o! Yesterday in my church all the wives gathered after fasting and poured curses on the heads of any girl sleeping with their husband. They said 'for any woman sleeping with my husband, ten more will sleep with her own' and they must fall down and die!" I wanted to scream where Dafuq do you think your daughter gets all that money from?!!!

How does one cope with mothers like this?


  1. waiting to read people's comment on this

  2. Thelma but ure fond of doing this, using ppls pictures without consent. u shud know better cuz ure a lawyer.

    1. Yes I am a lawyer and that's why I know there was nothing defamatory about using the picture of an actress while acting a role. On that same picture Iroko TV was boldly written. But seeing as we are not all lawyers and we don't all know the ingredients of defamation like the commenter before you who asked for 1500 recharge card and 7,500 to be paid into his account today, I have chosen to change the picture.
      Yes, I did call the number and he said it was all a "joke". Please I do not have time for such jokes, or silly scams whereby you put your personal contacts and account details on my blog, asking for a sum of money. Yes Jamil when I called the number in the comment you left you said it was a joke, but if I had paid a sum of money into your account I doubt I would have ever gotten it back even though that was a "joke".

    2. Haba thelma! now you are making me feel bad. I wasn't in anyway trying to scam anyone here. The commenter above probably failed to see the comic side to the post I made likewise you. I maintain that there was no ulterior motive whatsoever and I was merely joking by the comment I made.
      Firstly I find the allegation by the anon of you being fond of using people's picture without their consent baseless and untrue, although its all my fault. I know you mostly use random internet picture like every other blogger does. I sure know this because I do visit your blog so also do I comment on most of your topics, so I feel our dear anon took things over the top because he/she probably doesn't know that the person in the said picture is a popular thespian in the Nigerian movie industry, hence took my post serious.
      Secondly, knowing fully well that you as a learned silk will not in anyway fall for such scam(a compensation of N7500 or recharge card equivalent of the said amount, where I particularly mentioned mtn)that you really believed I was trying to scam seems funny to me because you know no lawyer will make such a ridiculous demand not even at the first bargain so also is the threat to sue your readers(am also one your readers) like anybody knows where anybody lives except you and the few that knows each other. And you know real scammers make findings and would not come up with ridiculous threat and demands.
      Thirdly, I want you to know that the account details is no way in existent you may do your findings at any gtbank branch and also my name is far from being Jamal, though a lovely name and about the phone number, I used my real number in error as I had actually changed it to 0806 instead of the 0803 that I eventually typed so neither was i expecting your call nor a recharge credit .
      Fourthly, honestly speaking, claiming to be jamal when you called wasn't a follow up. You called with an hidden number which I was hesitant to pick because I rarely do and If you noticed, i never said a thing until you voiced out hello and asked if I was jamal. This was because I thought someone was trying to be smart having used a private number, I claimed to be jamal in order to play along because myself had totally forgotten the comment I made although the name sounded familiar, not until you made statements related to the post and asking if I was a lawyer, was I able to reconcile events.
      Lastly, I kow fully well that this blog of yours is not a profit making making but was created as an outlet to share your joy,sorrows and catch fun while we your readers also share ours and likewise catch the fun, HABA! Why would I want to scam you?
      But since you have a different point of view on my comments and so also did it force you to bring down the pix, I tender my unreserved apology to you. I AM DEEPLY SORRY. I hope you accept my plea and also believe all I have said as the truth? Blog visitors, abeg help me join hand beg make she forgive me o... Btw maybe I should just create an account with the name jamal, only if thelma will grant my comments a space, lol.

    3. Pardon my so many errors but its necessary I do the needful to clear what's in the air. *existence*

    4. Regardless of what I have to do in my personal life, job or business, everyday I come here and try to post as regularly as possible to keep the readers entertained or occupied, it is not easy at all to say the least, and like you rightly said I get no profit from it, not even a thank you, still I try because I know people are reading and I know some people have come to depend on the posts, So when I make efforts and constantly wrack my brain and task my fingers only to get comments like yours and the one above, or insulting and derogatory comments, do you have any idea how hurtful, disheartening, discouraging and infuriating it is? If I was writing just for myself then Jamil I will post once in two weeks or a month.
      So that's why I had to call the 'lawyer' and set him or her straight.
      Readers' response and the fact that it's a place that people can come and unburden and unwind does bring me immense joy and if that's all I get in return then that's more than fine by me. I just don't want to be insulted for having good intentions and trying to create something positive.
      Thanks for taking the time to explain and of course your apology is accepted.

    5. Thelma you are absolutely clueless even about your own profession. Nobody talked defamation, what was mentioned was using other peoples' pictures without their permission. Do you even know anything about copyright laws? The fact that other bloggers do something does not make it right. Please be smart. You should have left the picture then since you are sooooooo right why remove it?! Nonsense. Get a 2nd opinion from someone in your firm and see whether its right or wrong to take pictures off google for use on your site. The fact that you 'wrack' your brain to post stuff on your blog for others does not mean you should be stupid about it, nobody gives a damn, shut the bloody blog down then!! I just hate it when people argue blindly and think they are right when clearly they are wrong. PLEASE do your homework well. Celeb or no celeb, it is WRONG to use images without permission and worse still, without referencing them madam Lawyer. Better get off 'owning' a blog and go focus on polishing your career! Enough with the selfrighteous bull already.

    6. Wetin that one dey yan? Osho free lover! Thelma u can even use Ramsey Noah's biggie .. Nobody can sue u for that..long as the story isn't related to the person. I'm disappointed that u even called the number, wat a waste of credit!

    7. T, I would have gladly replied this ill trained anon above, but I know nothing about the above discussed law.
      But please Thelma, biko, try to regulate comments.
      If U don't want to approve them, then delete them asap...

      Some people do hide behind anon to spill the bile making their brains/life shrink! Smh

    8. And if the "Bloody Blog" was shut down, how would a miserable U have had d chance to show us how "Stupid", bitter, and totally mannerless some people can b in the pathetic existence they've come to know as their life? Law professor! U need to seek clinical help 4 all dat hate Uv got bottled up...and if dat fails , go skydive off a cliff wt no parachute! Ezi!

    9. And if the "Bloody Blog" was shut down, how would a miserable U have had d chance to show us how "Stupid", bitter, and totally mannerless some people can b in the pathetic existence they've come to know as their life? Law professor! U need to seek clinical help 4 all dat hate Uv got bottled up...and if dat fails , go skydive off a cliff wt no parachute! Ezi!

    10. Anon 10:15pm, you obviously did not see the comment I deleted, that's the comment I replied to and the writer himself has replied to clear the air (above). That said, please do calm down. This isn't me being sarcastic, merely concerned. Nothing is enough to make you this upset, especially someone you do not know personally and someone you hold in such low regards.

    11. Reading that anon's comment gave me a headache. After all you've said you're still on Thelma's blog. Do you have any idea how overwhelmingly stupid that makes you look?

  3. I had this friend bk in skul, every december her peeps send her a list of what she would get them for xmas (including father and grandmother) it amazed me to no end and I remember always asking her where her peeps tot she got money from being a student. It was utterly annoying and unbelievable. Some mothers and fathers are something else really

  4. Typical of Ibo mothers.

    1. Stop it!! just stop, i hate it when people go tribal on issues, that's why Nigeria is in the shit hole that it is in now

  5. Thank God for the kind of mother I have.
    May God not make me a mother who depends on hand-outs from her children.

  6. Anon I guess every blogger gets consent for pictures that anybody can get from google yeah? Some people just be starting shit for no reason.
    Some mothers also did runs in the past to feed their parents, such mother would expect her daughters to do the same for her. As for those ones that will not let their daughters and their husbands to rest my advice is just to ignore them before you destroy your marriage. Thelma there was another story like this on Stella's blog yesterday too. God forbid.

  7. Na wa!! The things we read.

    This means I need to Thank God for my kind of mom. Someone who never asks for things & get super appreciative when I buy her ordinary hair net...

    These over demanding moms/parents should please CHANGE!!! Taaaaaa

  8. Oh dear Thelma I know the person ur talking about that married a lagos big boy... people say her family jazzed him *lip sealed*. All her brothers are abroad, dh paid for their masters and everything. And ur right, mama is in a different country every month, I can see why her friends envy her. That kind of husband is what I pray for o!

  9. Tee I neva really thot abt it but now I know it isnt easy. So thank you very much for thelma thinks and may God continue to bless you. By God's grace very soon you will see d profit. amen.

    1. I second that, thank you Thelma, you have no idea what this blog has done for me and a lot of other readers i'm sure.

  10. Anon 10:15pm so have you exploded like this on other blogs? what attracted you to this clueless blog? FOOL. Please visit and reply Ok? ewu Somalia.

  11. All this dumb anons that r following for Ruthylicious,still as stupid as ever, and what or who is Oma anyway?smart bloggers know u can't jus use pics without permission.

    1. LOL... Oh well, U now have an I.D yeah?
      The thing u don't know about this blog is this, We Drive out Hate like Jesus drives out demons. Only Happiness & Love is infectious on here.
      So if U know what's best for U, kindly leave this beautiful haven of ours to those "bloody blogs" u are coming from else, we won't hesitate to cut off 99% of ur Dumb daft useless brain & feed it to a dead rat.
      *Spits on U* Agbaya

  12. And dumb ass King came to check the progress of this clueless blog? FOOL. Please take a hike up your stupid ass.

  13. wow!!! Haters come, lovers stay and T's blog just became the new Fuji's house of commotion. *loved the peace and quite before it became so rowdy and please enough of the name calling. Enough said!
    I bless God for my Mother who you can impress with GALA. Joy

  14. Sometimes i wonder if we take time to read the things we post, this Anon and King, please have a little respect for yourselves, even if you cant have for others, it will go a long way in improving your reasoning ability. Na wa o

  15. hmmm here is getting very interesting. Nwando this anon is on your case o. He/she reads every post and never fails to dish out venom. Like I usually say, this anon is bitter. I kinda pity him/her cos it's not easy to store such bitterness day in day out.

    I'm working with a good pay but If I buy something very expensive for my mom I'm afraid to tell her the price or I will get a lesson on home management and how I should save for my family for rainy days. I remember far back when my sister's boyfriend travelled abroad and bought lots of expensive perfume for my sister and she decided to give one to my mom. My mom's friend saw the perfume and went on and on about the price.12 midnight my mom woke up my sister from sleep to ask her how she got the money knowing fully well how much my father sends her as pocket money. She had to spill the source of the perfume and then got another lecture on why she should keep the relationship platonic before


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