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Trading a Bag of Sugar For a Tray Of Leaves. (The Pursuit Of Happiness)

Some days ago while wondering what to do I had an epiphany.
I knew I wanted to watch some series of Modern Family but I needed some incentive because I'm not the biggest fan of MF so I stalled wondering what I could do to add some oomph. I already knew it had to do with food (junk to be precise) and I knew it would be TV food; popcorn, and I knew it would be Ebeano popcorn. But I wanted something different and then it occurred to me, I have cartons of microwaveable popcorn that someone sent me for reasons beyond even my own comprehension, it's quite nice; salty and buttery, but somehow I always forget it's in the house... And then it occurred to me, one bag of Ebeano's super sugary popcorn and a bag of my super buttery salted popcorn mixed together would be a fantastic idea! Up I went to go make my dream a reality. 

Just when I was about to begin my feast someone walked in on me and asked; "you know popcorn is fattening right?" I said I did, then I was looked at incredulously and asked "so why are you eating so much of it?" My inquisitor asked because every other day I go to work out to try to shed some pounds (knowing fully well that it's my diet I need to work on) but then I keep shoving sugar into my mouth. "I makes me happy. Life is already hard enough as it is. My pleasures are very few, I need to take pleasure where I can find it, this makes me happy". That explanation seemed to be enough and I was left alone. 

In truth that popcorn did make me happy, in fact just thinking about it now brings me joy. But then the next day I went on YouTube to watch some Insanity Workout videos (I'm trying to begin the insanity workout) and I knew that errr... it might be easier for me to just cut out the sugary stuff completely and stick to more healthy (very boring) alternatives. So I decided that today I would begin to invest more time in healthy eating. Thus I made ukwa, steamed vegetables, fried plantain... And while it didn't make me as happy as sugar does I actually feel guilt-free and light, so that compensates for the lack of happiness, I guess. 
       Yeah I know fried plantain is very calorific but this whole meal is much healthier than what I would have otherwise had for dinner, which was by 6pm by the way. *big grin*

Truth is, sugar is my sole source of dopamine and life is too short to live without dopamine! But I'll try, God knows I try already. 

Please while we're on the topic who here has tried doing the Insanity Workout? I'm starting tonight. *covers face*. 

Hey, have a good night ahead. Right now I want to give the workout my first attempt. Wish me luck, it looks super hard mehn....

*btw for the none-Igbos ukwa is called breadfruit in English. It's high in protein and very healthy. You can either eat it fried (like groundnuts) or cooked like in the pictures above. 


  1. You can get dopamine from sex but you refuse to have sex. Thelma you cooked that food? Im surprized.

  2. Just read somethings about Dopamine (never heard of it before) and learnt it can only produce meaningful results if the mind is in *mutual agreement*. So it definitely won't work for someone who is comfortable with celibacy. BTW Thelma, hope you included a 10 liter gallon of water to that sumptuous dish? :D

  3. Teeeee, you should host some of us ur faithful readers one weekend, that ukwa looks real good. And b4 I forget insanity workout is not for the faint hearted, I hope ur prepared. Good luck dear.

  4. Nwando, you have very beautiful nails.

    1. You look at Nwando finish, na her nails u cud admire...lolz! Na Wa oo

  5. I have been doing the insanity work out in the gym with an instructor...if done properly it KILLS but it also works. I was so scared to go to the class the first time but I'm glad I did. Only been doing it for two weeks, mixed with other classes and I'm noticing the difference. My let down is carbs un like u i dont like sugary things but I can eat an incredible amount of rice and pasta....I'm working on it though and sometimes when I think of how I suffered in the gym I just forget about the food lol.... Good luck with it though

  6. hmm insanity is crazy.. tried it once and that was it.. search for fitness blender on youtube.. that's what I use.. they have various routines and it varies from 12 mins to 1 hr plus.

  7. Yea I do it regularly....its cool

  8. RUTHY missed you so much and the blog too. congratulations on winning the competition (I know ttrwt wasn't a cpmpetition but I had no other word to replace it) so you owe me 5k hehehehehehe.

    I have tried the insanity workout before but for now I watch it like i'm watching xmen origins...... maybe I'll try doing it again but that sh.. cray sha. I love sugar it's just not fair to cut it off.

    1. Oh My Baby Uju is back!!! *Moon walks* missed u more... yes I owe U *covers face*

      As for this Insanity workout. I did it for 3weeks at Excellence hotel in Ogba when I worked in lagos.
      Oh, I loved it seen as am an exercise freak!
      Try Honey T, but i'll be happier if U work on ur diet to an extent 1st cos these exercises make even ur soul hungry & if u ain't careful, u'll keep taking in more calories than u burn!
      Losing weight is 80% diet, 20% exercise. But I know U know this T.

  9. Thelma I need that popcorn and the vegetables + 10 gallons of water for lunch

  10. morning to all Blog Visitors here. Am new here been three days old and am lapping up to the stories so far published. I must admit that its a ton heavy but who will get bored when they r so well knitted in d fabric of words?

    Am not surprised thisBlogger is a Lawyer given the way she delivers her offerings as a Wordsmith. It sets her aPart. U just get carried away wit the sequence of thoT nd d informal way she weaves her narratives.

    Before I tempted to review her literary prowESs, I just wanna say urge her to continue.
    Big shout outs to all Blog Visitors for their contributions in d comments. The experiences u share n how u relate to d stories. It feels like a family already.

    You all have a fab day.

    1. Good morning Kevwe. May God bless you. The blog isn't perfect and I've still got work to do but to read a comment like yours is so encouraging and inspiring. From the depth of my heart I thank you. Have a blessed day ahead.

    2. Y do I haave a feeling I know who kevwe is? Alter ego things. Btw d first day I commented (after reading d blog for months) Thelma didn't welcome me. Its not fair o

    3. La Effizy please forgive me, you're very very very welcome! I hope it's not too late? Lol

    4. Oh yes it is. I can only accept d apology if I get 3 of those ebeano pop corn with a coke. Your forgiveness will b guaranteed..kikikiki. U r too sweet not to be forgiven jare, I'm addicted to your blog, straight after SDK. Started visiting after she advertised ur blog some months back. Wish d posts could be increased sha...

    5. SDK advertised my blog? That's surprising.

  11. Insanity workouts! Did those when I was still weight-loss crazy.
    Thelma, please permit me offer this advice: once you start these sets of workouts and the fats are falling off fast, please do not stop. At some point, some people might start complaining that the weights are coming off too fast or too much (because there is this initial 'sick-look' you get when you shed weight fast); please do not listen because once you allow people's complaints get to you, it's pretty hard to get your groove back.
    Goodluck with the workouts.

  12. Yes Thelma, those nails are lovely. I like it when people have clean, beautiful nails, actually find it attractive.
    Now, babe, I cannot believe u had the nerves to say anything other-than-nice about Think Like a Man Too, saw the movie yesterday and it was an awesome movie joor. Everyone in the cinema (which was filled by the way) was laughing hysterically like from beginning to end, and Kevin Hart's performance was off the hook, as usual. When I got out, all I kept thinking was how did Thelma find this movie "rather disappointing"?
    If you haven't seen the movie, you should, even if you don't find it very romantic, the comedy will keep you not noticing that. Thank me later

  13. I tried insanity....not for the faint haeretd. I could barely make it through the warm up session and I gave up but good luck to you. Maybe you will further than I did

  14. Insanity is for lack of a better word INSANE! Did the 30day initial programme and boy did i tone up like crazy! The circuit training works like a charm...and hurts like hell too but its soooo totally worth it when u slip into jeans u love without having to jump up and down. Twisted my ankle in the middle of the programme (fell of high heels *hides face) and had to stop and of course gained weight while being a couch potato. Have been thinking of going back to it 2 get my body back in shape in time for Christmas tho (need to pull an 'Uju' by then *winks) esp since my fitness levels are almost back to what it used to be. Figured if i can handle Tony H for the past 2 weeks i can handle ShaunT for 8 weeks. Fingers crossed.


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