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Hey Guys, I gave things some more thought and the first post flashed through my mind. I did say the post with the most comments would win. Although I did not contemplate the turn of events, still I said the post with the most comments would win. Also one of the writers commented today and pointed out that he/she wasn't even aware that there was a prize or anything like that. This was a light-bulb moment and helped me arrive at this decision. 

Ruth went the extra mile to increase the comments on her story and this act in itself is admirable, as is the effort she put into it. So I've decided we wouldn't vote anymore and give the prize to the winner. And that winner is RUTHYLICIOUS. 

*Ruth please send me your account details in the morning.*
*If you had promised anything to Ruthylicious this does not stop you from fulfilling it so please mail me if you need her email address.*
*To all the writers I sincerely applaud you guys, some of your stories either had us thinking deeply or laughing heartily, ultimately they brought us joy and gave us something to look forward to. Thanks a lot and I hope you had fun writing too.*

Thelma Thinks readers please don't stop writing. I guess it's pretty clear that although reading is becoming a dying culture (most of) the people on this blog do like to read. Besides fictions and short stories, if there's stuff you'd like to get off your chest and have no one else to talk to, put it in writing and air it all out. It can be very freeing and exhilarating. Give it a try. 


My apologies for the previous confusion, it was done with the best intentions in mind. 

Hey guys, this is good night from me. I'm about sinking into my sheets with my lover (le ipad; I have some reading to do) two bags of popcorn and a big bottle of water. I don't intend to get off my feet till morning. 


  1. ruth na you dey reign o. 10k from thelma; 10k from blog reader; glo card 2k hmmhmm, na only you waka come? Congrats all the same.

  2. Congrats my special Ruthy, u deserve to win. Thank you Thelma for doing the right thing. I have so many things to write but no time jor *sad face* ll find time to write about my ex hubby and his mum, we lived together for about a year with me n his mum sharing a room..... seriously i was a very good gal then o, i can imagine how the Me of today would ve showed them pepper. All the same experience n time changes alot.

    1. Nawah o! U will find d time to write and post sharply IJN! Already my adrenaline went up at the "Sharing a room wt his Mum" part. U really must av been a veryyyy good girl.

    2. Nawah o! U will find d time to write and post sharply IJN! Already my adrenaline went up at the "Sharing a room wt his Mum" part. U really must av been a veryyyy good girl.

    3. Lol....Anon likes gossip, i will find the time o, even me sef, when i think about it, i cant believe i went through all that and still stayed loyal. Thank Heavens for bringing me out of that place sane n whole.

    4. Ifunanya, I'm actually eager to read about your experience. When I read your first comment, I just envisioned you and your mother inlaw sharing the same room......that could not have been easy. Please hurry up and share.

  3. Congrats Ruthy. Please write some more. You're really good.

    Thelma drinking water. Good one(hope you know what I mean).

    Stay blessed everyone.

    1. If it's about weight loss then don't get too excited, the sugar in my popcorn is enough to bake a 12" cake. LOL.
      If it isn't then you have to tell me 'what you mean'.

  4. Just WOW!!! 2 Excellent News in ONE day after all the sadness last month. July is going to be "Awemazing" indeed...

    (Warning : This will be a lengthy read cos am way Past Happy, I feel drowned in LOVE!) *Just a lil tears*

    HSF: THANKS A LOT for your massive contribution, it made the game more fun.

    Ifunanya: U are just one eccentric doll. See how Ur comments just make me swirl. Thanks a bunch too for your 10k gift. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    To the Anon who promised me the Glo card, I do use Glo, LOL. Email T & i'll mail U my number for the transfer. BIS tinz! Swirls.
    I burnt my "forming hat last" LOL

    To Uju Biebi wherever U are, am sending 5k cash or airtime to U cos your post had the 3rd highest comments & It made me CRY... It was really emotional.

    To other TTRWT post owners: Happiness, Angela, Mariam, Chioma, Funmilayo, Veevian, B.L, BBB, Osieme, Folashade, Chimezie, Oyinlola, Momoh & My OWN Ifesinachi:
    THANK U ALL 4 Sharing... I learnt ALOT.

    To ALL Blog readers: Enjay, Memphis, Steele, Favourite, Cccc, Miss Ndi, Oma, Chocolate, B, F, Fina, Tolulope, Phransea, Ify, Sharon, Funmi, Hibek, Subomi, Koko, Keke,
    U ALL are 1 million gazillion shades of a beautiful family.
    Thanks for reading. *Cant wait to literally hug U'all soon*

    To U T: U are beyond words. I know U know. When am done checking ALL the dictionaries in the world, i'll be back to Thank U...
    Just manage this *I Love U* for now...

    This cash na for my ticket to lasgidi for our end of year parrrrrrrrry!!! Woooooooooohooooooooo!

    1. Congrats Ruthy!!!!!!
      You deserve the win dear! Hugs.

    2. God saved you that mentioned my name.... hehehehehe. congrats love

    3. Ifesinachi Okonkwo10:42 pm, July 01, 2014

      Congrats Ruthie. July is your month! More blessing and positive surprises. Am excited you mentioned my name though.
      Plus I didn't even know there was a prize attached to the TTWRT.

    4. Congratulations mi love u deserve it

    5. Congrats bae, i said i ll give u the 10k if u dont get d price, but since i already raised ur hopes ll give u something but not the 10k

    6. Yayyyyyyy!!! Ifunanya just keeps making me backflip. My spine will break oh!!!
      Oh dear, I think I prefer the sound of that more than the cash ma'am... Thanks.

      Spencer, U better ping me asap. Am vexing oh.

    7. @ Ruthy, youre in serious trouble for not thanking me!

    8. Ruthy! Congrats, your energy is infectious chaiee. And thank you for thanking me too

  5. C.b.n lemme define it central bank of so happy for u congratulations.kisses and a big hugs.

  6. You did the right thing Thelma..congrats Ruthy dear. Fina

  7. congrats ruth. I already mailed thelma but i am yet to get a response, will definitely get back to you once she responds. I was actually going to make it 3k which was the initial prize but because i wasn't sure whether you use the glo network or not(dunno if you will be able to make use of it or you will have to give it out) , hence the download review. Having confirmed using the glo network, i go back to the real plan of 3k.

    1. I replied immediately, please check your spam messages.

    2. Exactly!!!
      Am just waking up to My Airtime...
      Oh, now my BIS can please renew itself! *flipping hair*

    3. Thelma thanks, I got your response. My device probably failed as i didn't get the notification.

  8. Awww congrats to you Rutthy so obvious I have missed a lot, gonna make sure I soar through all the old post, been off 4 long. *kisses

    Well done Thelma, God bless you for your intelligent nature and how much you make this blog fun!. *kisses

  9. *YaaaaY* Congratulations Ruthy, very well deserved win. Go dazzle.

  10. Congratulations, Ruth! Thelma, thank you! Welcome back, Temidayo. Did you go to London to see the Queen? :)

    1. I travelled to visit the queen of England.heehehe

      Kk don't mind me sha, had some p with my fone

  11. With ALL this Love coming from People I have NEVER seen before in my life, *though I hope to really soon*

    I pledge to be Super duper HAPPY for the rest of 2014!!! Am Elated.
    *swooning around the world.

  12. Congrats *Ruthylicious. It was obvious you were going to win, vote or not. You soo deserve it.

  13. This excitement is contagious, now I'm happy for no reason at all. Congrats doll u deserved it njoy!

    1. LOL. Im amazed at the contagiousness of the excitement myself, Im smitten, I love it.
      @Thelma, you made the right decision

    2. Party to the contagiousness too. Am all smiles for u Rutthy, Felicitation!

  14. U did the right thing Thelma! Congrats Ruthylicious!

  15. Firstly, congrats Ruthy.
    Secondly, a big bottle of water at night? Didn't that keep interfering with your sleep?
    Lastly, I think we should have 'open-keypad days' (or whatever name is more appropriate) where we can write anything we want, not as a post but in the comments section.

  16. Congrats ruthy :D so happy for u. Thelma this was a wise decision

  17. Haaa, The Love keeps pouring!!! *wipes tears*
    @HSF our oga at the top, I mentioned U first ni *prostrates*
    @Ruby & Temidayo uv been MIA & Thank U too.

    As for U Tolulope Alabi: I just adore u mega.

    It is NOT just social media people, BONDS are forged here that lasts for a century & more...

  18. Dis one that you are crying and backsliping,I hope u won't break your waist o...congrats bae

  19. You have a way of wrapping everyone around your Lil finger @Ruthy, an innate skill you should finetune.Congrats once again, ehugs!

  20. Congratulations Ruthylicious!!!

  21. congrat, Ruthylicious, Thelma u did well. freda

  22. Awwww, congrats Ruthy. I'm so happy for you but calm down on the acrobatics so you won't use the money for hospital bill.

  23. LOL. *straight face, U are right Steele*

  24. Congrats ruthy durling! Been MIA cuz of d movie site thelma sent me.


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