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What's In a Name?

Hey guys. 
People say what we're named has a lot with how things turn out in out lives, some say our names affect and influence our destinies. It's apparent in the amount of time and thought that's put into naming a child that most people belong to this school of thought. 

However these days people are more concerned with cool sounding names that have little or no meanings. In the Western world celebrities name their children after inanimate objects like Blanket (Micheal Jackson) and Apple (Gwyneth Palthrow). Kimye named theirs North, Diddy's got a daughter he named Delilah. Recently a Nollywood actor named his twin children Hollywood and Nollywood

But recently I met someone whose friend used to be named Nkilika, meaning to look or admire is better in Igbo. Nkilika is a very pretty lady, almost too pretty. She's also got an amazing character to go with the pretty face. She's very hot cake and has men throwing themselves under buses just to have her. However Nkilika has noticed that those among these men who are successful and end up dating her in no time lose interest and dump her. Some date but never commit. Some just want to sleep with her and move right on. This happened for several years; men terminating their relationships with her shortly after they began for no just cause. It was then Nkilika decided to change her name, (New name withheld). She believed that the implication of being named Nkilika is that people will not appreciate her beyond the physical; as it is better to look or/and admire, that's all she's good for and no more. So, she's a lady a man may want as a trophy but not one he will invest time or emotions in, nor commit to. 

I've heard of several people changing their names but I've never really quite believed that one's name plays a part in one's destiny. However some people seem to differ.

What's your take?
Do you think your name has played a part in how things have turned out in your life?
Do you think your name has brought you favour and fortune or mishaps and misfortune. 
Or do you think a name is barely a name, no more no less. 
What's in a name?


  1. I dunno of other tribes but I knw 80% of yorubas believe there's more to a name and it plays a part on how things turn out..
    Now ,my take is I believe all thing work together for my good whether na my name or na just luck I dunno...abiola means we born wealth,goodness.

  2. Thelma, a name is very critical to a persons success in life. take a look at the story of Jabez, Its a spiritual thing,
    I have several people whom I know that reflect the meaning of their names, well

    a popular one is your President, Good Luck Jonathan (LOL),

    also a friend of mine that talks to much has an Edo name that portrays her character,

    I also have a friend called Patience, she is always the last among us to get goodies/favors others usually get theirs without stress, and the sad part is that her's isnt usually the "fattest bone".

    My kid sister used to be called Linda, (which means serpent), walahi, i can almost swear that she used to behave like one. until she personally changed it to a different name.
    he serpent like display just stopped.

    I do know that giving your child a good name is very key, don't mind all these Oyinbo people jare.

    1. All things happen to those who believe in it, for d fact dat a Patience u knw is like dat doesn't mean all patience. Are like dat, for example ur 1st lady. My friend called Patience gets things easily like as if her name Is EasyMoney. Your belief defines you. Simple! Anonymous T

  3. My sister's name means goodluck she's d luckiest person I know I swear she lives a charmed life. I don't know if mine affects my life tho, my name was based on d circumstance surrounding my birth and that's that (I was a preterm baby 7months) I do believe that our names affects our life to an extent tho.

  4. Names to me are like covenant prayers. People give names for various reasons; to remind of a significant event in their lives, to wish lasting favors on the bearer and family, for fame, etc. I believe to an extent that a person's name affects his character/destiny. I've marveled at people like Michael, Uchechukwu(heart like God's), Chisom(God beside me), Akabuogu(arm of war), Okeke(son of Eke, the most popular igbo market day), Joshua(savior), Linda(snake), and so on. For instance Akabuogu has a very short temper and people hardly argue with him, while Okeke is blessed with business ideas. Other things are likely to suppress these traits/blessings but there's no denying what's obvious.

  5. Like Abiola said, yorubas especially believe very much in names and hence select names carefully. I am Eniola(a person of wealth), Oluwabusola(God adds to my wealth) True to my yoruba names, I hardly go broke. My sister is Oluwaseun(Thank God) and so far, she's always had reasons to be thankful, very significantly is birthing triplets at the first year of her marriage- two boys and a girl. My brother is Oluwatosin Akinola (God is enough to be served and a champion of wealth), this also reflects in his life and my younger brother, Oluwafemi Ayotola (The Lord loves/wants me and Joy is enough wealth) also lives a live that's reflective of his name.

  6. Going by the stories in the Bible, I'm sometimes inclined to agree names have effect on the bearer. But sometimes, we read of names(not Nigerian), having different meanings, each by different author. The thing dey tire me!
    I, personally have seen my name and a sibling's with different meanings. Which am I to accept?
    Then again, I know a very pretty, smart lady who bears a name people give a common unsavoury meaning, yet she's about the most successful of her siblings &peers, and at a young age. All's going well for her.

  7. Yes,Names shapes destinies.i mean our Words builds our whatever you call a child, every time that name is being called, you are practically breathing the reality to life

  8. I don't have much of an opinion on this cos I have a bible name & so does my siblings & so will my kids!!!
    My name Ruth means an excellent woman & so far, by God's grace, I have lived such a life. But just like the Ruth in the Bible, I had to work an extra muscle for all I have... I Thank Jehovah.

  9. i know of a man who changed his name and surname completely. i even know a family name that was changed even after marriage and kids.
    One thing i do know is that i wouldnt name my kids some names eg: Charity,Patience,Endurance,Rosemary,Emeka (they are very stubborn and love food),Sylvester (very sly and cunning)...etc

    1. LMAO. I have a cousin named Emeka. This guy deals with santana(fufu) morning, afternoon, and night :D

    2. Charity na love ooo

    3. exactly charity is indeed love...

    4. exactly charity is indeed love...

  10. Yes, the meaning of names are important.
    GOD changed Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah when HE was making HIS covenant with him.{Gen 17;5}
    Names either reflect the circumstances of birth or speaking prophetically into the child's life.
    Names should not be picked because one likes it, study, the person that bears such name.

  11. Nope. Names are just names. Be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people and you will get the right things. I don't think something as little as a name can shape a person's destiny. Your actions, environment etc are a much more better bet.

  12. Diddy's daughters name is D'lila

  13. I think it's when things aren't going well for someone that they start thinking their name has something to do with it, of you've lived a charmed life without suffering evening if your name means poorest person on earth you'll never give it a second thought. Now I can't categorically state the effect a name has on one's destiny but I can state that your destiny is what first God, then you want it to be. As for the names God changed in the bible he did that because I think the names they had didn't fit with the plans he had for their lives, I think that's significant.


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