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8 Random Facts You Didn't Know About Me.

Ok, so 8 random facts about me that you didn't know are: 

1. Cerelac is one of my favourite meals. 

2. I'm a disciplinarian by nature and when they want to get the little ones to do something they threaten them by saying "Aunty Nwando is coming" and they immediately gobble down their meals, do their homework or go to bed. 

3. In secondary school I used to reply the love letters of one of my closest friends. Her boyfriend was an amazing poet and she liked to reply him with poetry as well, problem was; she had no idea how to pen a verse. So I wrote over 30 letters to this guy (on her behalf)...... I started falling for him at some point (it was all becoming too real). Also I started getting a tad jealous; when I'd write a poem or a poetic letter and he'd reply, praising her for being such a 'beautiful poet' and watching her actually take all the glory sort of made me want to give her a knock on the head. 

4. When I'm feeling down I love to buy, buy, buy things for other people. Giving makes me feel much better about everything, making someone else smile is very therapeutic for me. 

5. I'm very impatient so I'm the worst person to go shopping with, chances are that I will leave you in the market or at the mall, so my friends know not to take me along to those places. 

6. My feelings are never far from the surface. When I don't like a person they always know it, no matter how hard I try to conceal it. And when I like a person everyone knows I do. 

7. I have a weakness for sugary food, romantic comedies, parrots/puppies/dogs and skinny guys with broad shoulders.

8. I'm bad at holding grudges. When things aren't right with a person; close friend, colleague, acquaintance, I'm willing to apologise and put things behind me, whether or not I'm at fault. But I make exceptions for a few people...

Disclaimer: #2. I don't go around beating people's children (LOL). In fact I subscribe to lectures as opposed to lashes, and using the rod only if extremely necessary. I just know how to get it across to the children around me that I mean business and when I say SIT I mean SIT. No arguments, no questions asked, no whining. 

Enough about me. The whole idea was to get you guys to share at least 5 random things about you that we don't know about. So let's get started!


  1. Here goes...
    I love sugary things ehn
    I love to dance
    Love to travel and meet new people
    I can be a chameloen depending on the environment am in,if am comfortable I can talk and vice versa
    I don't joke with sleep :D

  2. 1.I love to eat noodles .2 I FIND it hard to control my mood swings a disciplinarian to d core,same with ur number two ThelMA,maybe becos I once tot. 4.I LOVE tall n huge guys maybe becos m an average height person n lastly I love to read inspirational books,reading dem makes me feel better. Ellasexy

  3. hmm lets goo:
    1) I love pineapples a lot!! even though it makes my tongue sore.. I still eat it regardless! tongue must adapt!
    2) I'm not a boring person but I live a boring life :(

    3) I stutter.. and it depends on my mood.. i may be happy, too excited..or nervous (damn nerves!) I try to remember to breathe or pause when I feel it coming though / throat getting blocked ( thanks to a self therapy book i started reading).

    4) I love to cook! and I think about what i can make or should try.. but as I'm trying to be team fit fam.. I try to explore different ways to make healthy food look pretty and taste good too!

    5) I have never slept on a hospital bed.. never had an operation..never been severely ill and that is one thing I always thank God for.. good healthy.

    1. haha.. ** good health**

    2. I LOVE pineapple too,though I rily don't lyk cutting it. :D

    3. Am sure u slept on an hospital bed after being given birth to except u where born???

    4. chioma I know what you mean.. sometime I just use a spoon to scoop out the insides :D.. lazy man must chop!

      haha adeola! you know what I mean.. thankful for good health..

  4. 1. I always think of myself as Ibo in my head even though I'm not
    2. I love food but don't eat a lot
    3. I love old music especially big band music
    4. I'm team PC. In your face, Apple!
    5. I can keep a secret better than anyone else I know. I mean, I'm KGB, CIA, MI6 all rolled into 1

    1. I can totally relate to 1 im obsessed with igbos .

  5. 1. I can make you believe anything I say but I don't take advantage and make people look stupid.
    2. Eba with okra is my favourite; I can eat 3-day old eba.
    3. I like guys alright but because I am sweetly intoxicating I avoid them(I mean I practically run).
    4. I can dance but I never dance. The one time I did in my secondary school(Lit day dancing to thong song)my teachers were shocked. Some praised and gave me money, others felt I was turning bad...away from the efiko.
    5. I can keep others secrets, would never ever divulge but I can't keep mine...weird!

  6. Lol. Thelma your #6 is so my immediate younger sister. My facts:

    1) I'm igbo but cannot speak and I understand a little.
    2) I hate dancing but love watching others dance
    3) I'm always disoriented whenever I'm with a girl I like and she doesn't know or care, or with a girl taller than me.
    4) I'm usually uncomfortable watching romantic movies, and so disinterested when the topic of such films are raised.
    5) I'm a sucker for barbecue.
    6) I don't really fancy food being swallowed unless it's pounded yam.
    7) I'm a chronic introvert.
    8) I hate oppression, so when I come across people who do things they're comfortable with getting away with, I hardly will ever again associate with them.
    8) I have less than 20 songs in my phone and just 10 in my laptop. I marvel at anyone who has more than 50.
    9) I hate people reminding me of my past, especially then when I used to be short tempered.
    10) Some ladies think I'm handsome, my sisters call me "cocoanut head". Some ladies love my beards, my sisters and mum hate seeing it. *confused face*.

  7. 1. I don't have any favourite food
    2. I hate pawpaw so much 'cos it smells like shit
    3. I hardly fall in love with a guy unless he impresses me..yeah,I'm moved by what I see ooo,don't come and be telling me you love me without bringing something along..#gifts is my love language,doesn't matter what you bring,It's the thoughtfulness#
    4. I have this burning desire to do a whole lot for people that it keeps me awake till 4/5am daily
    5. I'm the keeper of all secrets; just tell me anything and you'd never hear of it even if/when we quarrel..guess that's why I'm trusted by friends and family.


    1. Hahaha. Fina it doesn't really smell like shit though. Lol.

    2. I really really hate pawpaw ewwwwwww

  8. Nice one..

    1) I have this deceptive appearance that makes people want to take advantage of me, I love the reaction I get when I shock them!
    2) Have got extremely short fuse! The person that coined "don't mess with Texas" must have had me in mind.
    3) I am unable to keep malice because of no 2 above, I was told you live long when you do away with malice.
    4) I love kids, wish I could have like 8 or 10; that's what is called family!
    5) Don't know what they call it but my fear of poverty is huge! I dread the thoughts that there is no money to meet the basic needs.

  9. I looooove Chicken
    I love indoors so much if i had my way i wont go to work.
    Am so disciplined abt a lot of things and i always expect same from people, once i notice indiscipline in u, i cut u off.
    I dont visit friends and i hardly keep in touch.
    I dont tell lies and i always try to do the right thing.
    I dont like going to church so i hardly go to church but i pray always.

    1. I Really admire u Ifunaya.

    2. Ifunanya, you and I are EXACTLY THESAME. It's awesome

  10. 1. Am a nice person but most people conclude am snobbish from afar off maybe because I don't know what else to say to people after the pleasantries plus people.bore me easily.

    2. I am a private person so I don't like people barging into my personal space until I invite them over.

    3. I don't know how to hold grudges.i can totally sit down and plan how I will do someone.strong thing for offending me and then am letting go of all that next minute.I just feel its way way easier to live in peace.

    4. I am keeping my body for the one I will call my husband.No,its not because my church or pastor.said so. I do.this because I have the conviction it's the right thing to do,cus the good book says so. And NO,i don't believe that makes me better than other women who are unable to.wait till.marriage,am sure they would have made same decision if they had the knowledge I had as at when I had it.

  11. LOL. This is super cool..... My turn, *adjusts halo*

    #1, My Intuition is 100% accurate. It's always right. I think this is my talent ni.

    #2, My hobbies are cooking, reading, travelling. In this order.

    #3, am that irritating girl who's always a leader everywhere. Some I get picked for, others am voted for.

    #4, My favourite meal is Jollof rice, fried fish & Cole slaw.

    #5, I am a sucker for tall Yoruba guys. I need breakthrough cos deliverance no work oh.

    #6, Sincerity is my weakness!!!

    #7, Being a Teacher is My DREAM career path, working towards it's realization.

    #8, I have 4 Beauty pageant crowns which I won. Lol. At first it was to pay the bills but later, I loved the whole idea of being a Beauty queen a lil too much. *knocks self*

    #Bonus: I think I Like one guy on this blog a lil bit too much! #wink

    1. Ruthylicious. Which guy? Give us a hint please? Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. LOL. Please.

    2. T biko don't throw me into the ocean. I can't swim. #RunningAway
      I'll text U his name ni.

  12. @no4, I will come visit you, just tell me whenever you are feeling down.

    1) I'm a very romantic person

    2) i love imagining things in my head

    3) i read a lot. Anything I lay my hands on.

    4) I'm secretly jealous of my sister because she is more beautiful than I am. I don't like taking her out.

    5) i love my husband to a fault.

    6) i get angry over the smallest issues and I mis-yarn when I'm angry. I find it hard to control my temper..

    7) i love cooking

    8) i can be generous to a fault.

    9) i miss my mom all the time and think about her everyday.

    10) i hate my step mum. I wish my dad can open his eyes to the fact that she is evil and just get her out of his life.

  13. 1- I'm left handed
    2- I cry when I'm really angry and someone makes the mistake to ask me why I'm angry mehn floodgates.
    3- I trust easily but once u do something that makes me loose it its gone forever.
    4- I hate to cook
    5- I'm a neat freak if someone messes my space up I could have a nervous breakdown.
    6- I'm really shy hence I always carry a straight face, this makes strangers conclude I'm a snob till they get to know me.
    7- I'm the last of my siblings.
    8- I looooove to dance to the extent I majored in dance ( my waist is my selling point )
    9- I hate talking it gives me a headache, but I love to listen if I got payed for listening I'll be a millionaire now.

    1. For me,talking much or for long gives me sore throat. Fina

  14. Hmmmm...
    1. I loveeee indomie even though its giving me "ndi nne mama" arms, lol
    2. I have a "thing" for tall n lightskinned guys n i'm just 5'5 ooo (like 6ft +oooo.
    3. I don't like childrdn n my name means good mother 😳😳 *sad*
    4. I have a very sexually active and adventurous mind but i'm too shy to "do d do" with the lights on😋 .
    5. My smile is amazinnnnng.
    6. I love my twin sister to bits but i get jealous of her sometimes cos she's hotter and always tries to steal my shine...hehehe (so i think).
    7. I can eat rice 3 times a day , 7 days a week.
    8. People say i'm nice but i know i'm a meanie😜😜
    9. I wish my mummy would remarry so she'll stop being lonely n all up in my business😜😜

  15. 1) I love kids (from 0-6/7yrs)
    2) I enjoy cooking (if the environment is right)
    3) I love black american movies (and Boris Kodjoe)
    4) I love comedy shows and people who make me laugh
    5) I love gist/gossip
    6) I love soul music (some are panty

  16. Ok here it goes
    1) I get depressed when i'm broke...gut-knotting, head-pounding, can't breathe, i- want-to-die depressed.
    2) I am an extroverted-introvert. I can be the life of the party but i have no problems with not leaving my house for weeks except for work (or class now) and i do.
    3) I know a lot of people but i can count my friends on my fingers (used to all fit on one hand but it grew) and I love em more than some members of my family and would rock the world for them.
    4) I read a in A LOT! U can always find me with a book (or books now thanks to E-readers) Used to carry books to the club n dissappear at sm point to sneak a few chapters (still do).
    5) I love being cuddled.
    6) I think it's ok to be a lil crazy and i still have imaginary friends.
    7) I love long and hard. I would forgive a lot and forgive a lot and give the one i love a lot of rope...I hate long and hard too and would never come back if i turn away and usually i let you hang urself with the long rope i gave you.
    8) I smile a in all the time. I smile when i'm happy, when i'm sad, when i'm in love and when i despise. A lot of people remember the smiles, only a few can tell the difference.

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  18. 1. I hardly sleep throughout the night.

    2. I love and practise sincerity and integrity.

    3. Sometimes my smile is a mask I wear.

    4. Sometimes I have the Deja vu experience.

    5. I used to play the bass guitar.

    6. I can eat rice everyday as long as ayamase stew is available.

    7. I love bread.

    8. I love being indoors. There's this freedom and comfort it brings.

    9. I wish I had a bestie apart from my hubby.

    10. I don't have the patience for time consuming hair-dos.

  19. Thelma I can't do without ur number 1......then 6
    #I do 500 push ups per day
    #I can walk kilometers nd I do dance alot
    #I am far too nice, most especially when I like u,,,,i ll definitely do anything for u
    #I am a footballer....practically there is no sporting activity I don't partake in
    #I am always scared of travelling by road alone; in fact I can count how many times I did that.
    #I love stew like Madt, so far it's very good I can take it with anything
    #I am a sucker of plantain
    #I love Nigerian movies, the only American movie I see are series except when I go 2 d movies
    #in love with banana and pineapple
    #i love shoes
    #love girls that hardly makes up
    # I am far way too shy
    #hate d sight of rats nd snakes
    #i have done it just twice

    1. you've done what just twice ? sex ?

    2. Figure what out? Talk jor.

    3. HAaanhaan....y r u so interested

    4. Just twice? Wow...come lets get married...I av a lot of cool things to show n teach you

  20. #I am the sweetest person ever, and d most annoying person ever as well.
    #I'm a very emotional/ helplessly romantic person, and when I cry I just want to be held and hugged
    When I'm really angry or pissed, it's better I'm left alone, else...
    #I'm a fantastic cook, and I love to cook especially for those I love #lol#
    #Those horrible mood swings. How in God's name can I control them. I once switched off both phones, and left the house for a whole day and caused my family and friends so much heart ache. (I went to chat with God sha, I stayed in church) .Some people think I'm bipolar #lol#
    #I forgive easily, but when u r a friend I hold really dear, I can't forgive u easily, cos I don't joke with my friends, and I expect same; I'm mostly disappointed though.
    #If u like u, u will know. If I don't, no matter how I mask it u will know.
    #I hate to stay on the phone for long periods of time, except it's family(my younger sister who is my bestie) or a love interest. I hardly return calls as well.
    #I love children, but I can't stand all the noise, and unnecessary crying. I also hate to change diapers or clean their noses #yuck# all my sisters wonder how il cope with my kids. Lol
    #when I'm hurt, angry, heartbroken, I hate to say mean words il regret later. I'd rather #SHOP#
    #I am disorganized much...

  21. I honestly dnt know much about myself...wanted to write some stuff but I don't know if they are actually true about me or they are just things I want to believe

    1. Anon how is this possible? I think you should have written them out anyways then thought long and hard about which is true and which ones you just want to believe. This exercise will particularly help you. You can't not know much about yourself. You can know one thing about a person barely ten minutes after meeting them, how much more yourself whom you've known for years?
      And if you read this pls reply, I'm really curious about you.

    2. When pple say I shuld tell dem abt myself...I jst blank...apart 4rm d name,age n oda common things...wen it comes to things I like and stuff like that I just don't know..and sometimes wwhen I tell someone am this..the person disagrees with I jst dunno again...will try out your exercise T...I really hope it helps

    3. This is soo me.. I am finding it hard to write mine in my diary as well.

      Hi Thelma , this is my first time commenting even though I visit your blog everyday, I absolutely love your honesty, you are like the big sister I never had. I am in my early twenties and learning so much from your blog.

    4. Hey Shy girl, I'm glad you like the blog. Well you've still got time to know more about yourself. In truth I remember feeling this way in my early 20s, I didn't really know myself too well and it kind of bothered me that I didn't have a very defined personality and character. But over time, without much, if any, input from me, those were built and I now know me too well, so I guess I kind of understand what you and the Anon mean.
      I'm here if you need to talk, you can always mail me.

  22. 1. I love long and hard
    2. I like to make noise once in a while and just have fun but that depends strongly on who am with.
    3. I stay indoors a lot cos am mostly too lazy to get up and dress up
    4. I loooove dressing up in jeans.
    5. Am a sucker for love and handsome guys
    6. I have never been in a serious rlship @28
    7. Most people thing am a snob
    8. I am a vry vry private person

  23. Ifunanya going to church helps u spiritually,so I advise u try d Sunday Sunday church tin common to most of us. Ellasexy

    1. Ok Ella, i ll try and improve. Its another sunday and i didnt go to church again *covers face*

  24. 1) I love God, although I am not the best christian but I Love him. 2) I have a very good memory and I am intuitive. 3) I get afraid easily. easily. 4)I don't have any favourites stuff like fav food, colour. 5) I treasure my family and friends. 6) I am not organised @all. 7) I am generally wary of people and get misjudged a lot. 8) I hate pampering Children. Jara ( I am intrigued by Thelma, Memphis, Steele, Wale, Chocolate and Ifunaya)

  25. #i love talking.#i read alot#best meal is beans n dodo#i smile alot n hardly quarrel with people except it has become a case of oppression#I don't Ve friends just acquaintance cos all d friends I used to have had disappointed me#I hate my job but always go to be away from a nagging partner#I have a secret dat I shouldn't be happy about and I am so happy and if it ever comes out,I won't give a damn or have any regrets#married to someone I don't love

    1. Like seriously......married 2 som1 u don't love

    2. Since ur anonymous,just spill. It'll be a load off ur chest! This blog is very therapeutic...

    3. I know the secret *tongue out*

  26. 8 Random facts about me...

    1. I love to cook and watch others eat. It makes me happy.

    2. I can get lost in a room filled with books; and hope no one finds me.

    3. I don't really care about marrying a woman who's older than I am; provided her age doesn't go beyond the benchmark and she meets some other parameters.

    4. I can eat beans and plantian everyday. And Golden Morn is amongst my favourite meals.

    5. No days passes without me thinking of who my wife would be and what she'd look like.

    6. I speak with my mum at least one in 3 days. Now, don't mistake me for a 'mummy's boy'. My mum can tell better.

    7. I can't bear grudges. I have never been good at it.

    8. I'm a very fair person, but I can be tough.


    1. why do guys love beans! whats with you guys and that food ?

    2. meme itzzz so yummy u ll love it when cooked by specialist like us....with plantain added

    3. Anon kindly send ur details to Thelma for match making biko.

  27. Love this.

    1. I'm a very sweet and nice person.
    2. I have a naturally stern look and sadly, people judge me wrongly as unfriendly, a snob and one who never smiles.
    3. I've been told I will be a very amazing wife and that my husband is "very lucky" but at almost 30, I'm single with no man in sight. I'm hopeful in God's time, He will send my mate to me.
    4. I love tall guys.
    5. I'm still hurting from and trying to get over my friend not telling me she was in a serious relationship before she married. She was my closest friend and it's hit me soooo hard that I fight everyday to let it go. I've forgiven but the pain is so fresh, it's made me withdraw from her as I don't tell her things in my life. I often wonder if she didn't consider me trustworthy. I brought it up with her and she dismissed it like it was nothing. Any suggestions on how to move beyond this? I hate feeling this way!

    1. that stern look I got from my dad.. my friends say I look unapproachable, snobby, no nonsense type of girl! I blame my dad for this lol.. In my head, I think i'm smiling when in public.. but my friends say otherwise..

      As for your friend..maybe she didn't want you to feel bad (but that's not good enough if you guys were close).. or she's one of those people who think you will pour "sand sand" inside her garri ..diabolically.. (thanks to nigerian movies and their tales). I would be pissed too..or maybe your valued the friendship more than she did.. humans...

    2. Aww, thanks so much meme baby. I make a conscious effort to not look like I'm frowning haha. And thanks, for the bit about my friend. Your reply just surprisingly made me feel better. Thanks again. Yeah, I'm starting to feel like I put way too much into a friendship. It's all good. Moving on...

  28. 1. I love dancing just too much.

    2. I don't trust anyone hence I tell my secrets to NO one not even my husband or as anonymous on TTB. I keep it to me, myself and me.

    3. I'm a very diplomatic person. I'm that person that tells you to go to hell and you look forward to it.

    4. I get bored of food easily and think chocolate is overrated.

    5. I can't get enough of Abacha.

    6.i can't stand spoilt kids.

    7.i'm nice to a fault but don't take bullshit from people.

    8. I can talk my way out of any situation.

  29. 1. I love dancing just too much.

    2. I don't trust anyone hence I tell my secrets to NO one not even my husband or as anonymous on TTB. I keep it to me, myself and me.

    3. I'm a very diplomatic person. I'm that person that tells you to go to hell and you look forward to it.

    4. I get bored of food easily and think chocolate is overrated.

    5. I can't get enough of Abacha.

    6.i can't stand spoilt kids.

    7.i'm nice to a fault but don't take bullshit from people.

    8. I can talk my way out of any situation.

  30. 1. Am a dance freak
    2. Love listening to good music (R n B) especially.
    3. I love to stroll a lot....keeps me in sync with nature, fresh air and sightings.
    4. looking good is a good business
    5. I've got crazy obsession for high heels (despite being tall)
    6. I love my Eba and Afang soup
    7. Drool like puppy for ice cream a lot
    8. A novel freak (Romance, thrillers, actions and adventures)
    9. I'm nice to a fault
    10. Can smile for close-up tooth paste advert
    11. Freak out at pretenders
    12. Don't have patience to hair-dos that exceeds 2-3hrs..
    13. And Lord knows I love my independency
    14. I cherish my "Me Time" so don't try fixing or coming around that time which usually falls in weekends
    15. Can pamper myself to a fault
    16. The only way to get happy after a break up is SPEND THAT MONEY ON A GOOD SHOES
    17. Very quick to blank out unwanted persons in my life.

  31. "freaked out by" and "Patience for hair-dos"

  32. 1. Frnds nd family say I talk too much but dats only when dey r dere. I'm super reserved bt in a gathering expect me to talk if books r been discussed.
    2. I don't know if I'm boring but I spend my leisure time either reading or writing articles.
    3. Sumhow I dnt know how to communicate with friends, I dnt ask them personal stuffs yet dey know me in out.
    4. I treasure my family and friends, though on d outsyd its like I'm at a distance.
    5. I always like to make sure that pple around me are ok, some say iact lyk a mum, yet odas say I'm too nyc dat dey hope I find my own husband.

  33. 1. I used to such a shy boy; so shy it bordered on the psychotic. But now, I can drag anyone into an animated conversation withing 15mins.
    2. I dont remember anyone teaching me to drive. Intro Tech teacher's description of how a car engine works was all i needed.
    3. I love to cook
    4. Gimme a novel and a bottle McClelland's Single Malt Whisky and oh lala.....
    5. I love my music and the choices vary with my mood
    6. I loooove to laugh and make people laugh....biko this life is too short and too sweet to dey carry face like person wey dey shit hard shit.
    7. First time, I was 11......(aproko people, oya o!)
    8. My mumu button is permanently on for my wife and kids.

  34. I love kids
    I'm a disciplinarian that doesn't have to beat to send the message across like you Thelma
    I love being home alone
    I've always hated being a part of discussions that will lead to, ''i heard you said, they say you were there when they said''
    I leave offenders to their conscience
    I go mute when I'm disappointed
    I dance like a guy
    I am not into make up as such, I don't wear any on Saturdays except there's an event
    I am quick to apologize when people point my faults out

  35. *I love like an idiot but once I switch off, it will take the heavens for me to switch on
    *I have 3 kids but only because their dad wanted that many. I'd have prefered only one (i.e. I hate many kids and I am not so patient with them)
    * How I love being indoors!
    * I have only 3 female friends whom I hardly call or visit first. Bad!
    * I am happy when I'm able to meet people at the points of their needs
    * I don't like parties
    * I can be very tough especially where work is concerned
    * I do know how to take tough decisions and damn the consequence(s)


  36. *I Love my dad soo much..he was there for every one of us 7 kids..even though he didnt always have a lot, some how he always made it happen..i learnt from him what responsibility means..I Love him

    * i Used to help my mum sell stuffs at the evening market in Okokomaiko by the roadside once i get back from school..(used shoes)..the days i made N500 at the end of the day..i will be so excited because i know we will have food the next day and it will save my mum some worrying(i was 10yrs and in jss 1)..My mum worked tirelessly cos my dad couldn't provide at that time(Things got better when dad finished school) Nobody will ever believe that story about us

    *My Life has been a testimony because i have a good house, a Job, a good car, and i travel twice out of the country,every year..all these achieved before 27 yrs(No am not rich and i dont have money stuck in the bank somewere) God has just been faithful.

    * I Value good relationships because everything i am today was from meeting people that am not related to in anyway which gave room for opportunities like jobs etc.

    *I Masturbate(My Uncle used to do that to me wen i was 10 and made me not mention to anybody or else am finished..i didnt) i didn't know what it was called until much later after he was gone and i continued..still do

    * i had an abortion. My fiance called of our wedding after date had been fixed and payment for some things have been made and preparation in top gear..i couldn't bear to face the shame of that incident together and still caryy the child of the man that hurt me soo family didn't know about the pregnancy..his family knew..i dont regret that decision but i miss my child every day..that was 3 yrs ago

    *I loved my Ex terribly that i almost took him back when he realized he made the greatest mistake of his life..i have moved on now

    *i love seasonal movies soo much that i must watch at least an episode before i sleep

    *Am very lively

    * i Love sex and love giving my partner blow satisfies me to know that i satisfy him and it also turns me on

    * My greatest fear is being so poor that i will not be able to provide for my kids and take care of my parents

    * i have four best friends and we always have each others back..we've come a long way

    * I am in love and will hopefully tie the knots next year..He's crazy about me as well.. i haven't experienced love in that magnitude before aside from family and i thank God everyday

    * I love my Family

    *Whew!(Na 8 them talk ooo)

    This is therapy indeed! i haven't said some of these things to anybody..Pls forgive any typos as i am in a hurry to go to the gym but needed to say these things

  37. OOPS! I am late to this 'meet-up o. #teething and school resuming tinz#
    A pleasure knowing some things about you Thelma. #6 is sooo me!
    OK! 5 random things about me;

    1}I am an open book; wear my heart on my sleeve.
    2}I am quick tempered and quick in forgiving also.
    3}I like comedies and novels.
    4}I am not a good cook, hence,not choosy about food.
    5}I seldom visit people and don't like people visiting me too much either!

    What a coincidence, Ediyemade asked me 11 questions about moi yesterday, so you can know more about me from the answers I gave her;

  38. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love cards, scribbled notes, stolen kisses and lazy cuddles. Most of my friends don't understand this.

    I haven't been to Church since October 2012. It's feels funny that I don't miss it.

    I'm obsessed with listening to music and reading. I currently have 1,589 songs on my phone.

    My best friend is getting married next month, I'll be his best man. However, I have this unshakeable feeling that he's getting married to the wrong woman and that his life will be miserable with her. I've told him but he has ignored my warnings. I just have to be his best friend as always and support him regardless.

    I have a gnawing desire to teach or lecture Physics (a subjects I love very very much) but I'm currently working in a bank. I got admission to do my Masters in Physics from an American University but I'm having funding issues. Not giving up on that dream.

    One of my worst fears is the thought of been in a bad marriage. I grew up in one and see many everyday. They scare the hell out of me.

    I have a weakness for women who smile. I can go the extra mile for them strings or no strings attached.

    I wanna have a dragon tattoo on my left arm, a dove tattoo on my right arm and my father's name tattooed on my left shoulder.

  39. I love reading word-plays even when they don't make sense.

    I hate listening to preachers on tape...although I do exceptionally.

    I hate it when women call me "fine-boy"..(every guy would love to be called handsome...but fine-boy at my 20ss...nah mehn)

    Am a cool guy but love it when tough...because am even cooler when things are tough...and I have a strong foundation of strategically pull myself out of every mess.

    I don't like reading textbooks...actually I just read to pass.

    Am a real time checker...infact I think I time everything...even my stay on this blog.

    I luv rap songs and I love to rap...especially when I want to avoid being emotional on stuff.

    I still don't understand why people like Kim. K and Nicki Minaj.

    I don't have anything called favourite. I like things when I feel compatible and safe around them. I react to taste and go for the best at a time.

    I love exploring new things. I love taking risks aswell as people that take risks.

    I love honesty. Am the most honest guy I've ever seen. My friends say the same thing but am still over perceptive...i can sense dishonesty from I don't keep dishonest people around me. AND I don't know malice!

    I don't have patience for weak guys, I mean lazy-**s guys.

    I believe in miracle, not magic. I believe in hardwork, not luck.

    My best Hero is my Dad. This man is amazingly selfless!

  40. I so hate cooking and that may very well explain my love and preference for junks and fastfood
    My greatest fear is going to hell... it's a constant though in my head that just won't go away
    I wish my lil nephew was mine biological, am starting to get a tad obsessed in my love for that child
    I dread marriage and d thot of waking up next to one particular man till death do us path
    Av got a really cool smile or so av been told often enough that av come to believe it *shines teeth*
    Am constantly hunting up hip enlargement pills or portions, (with no luck so far)as I really got cheated in that dept
    People generally take me to b an extrovert or a snob at first meeting. Truth is, am neither of d two. Am wary of people outside my familiar and just can't b bothered enough about d popular community.
    Finally, I just had something called a bartholin abscess drained out of my veejayjay... never had such degree of pain 'EVER' in my life! And for someone that prides herself on having a high pain threshold, this completely humbled me. I could av sworn I died and came back to during d minor surgery that was required.
    Am sure there's more to tell about me, but I can't remember atm.


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