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Craziest Thing I've Done For Money.

On Friday I pinged a couple of my friends to tell them that my Aso Ebi is out. This included my friend *Bunmi. Just like the people I pinged Bunmi couldn't believe it. I started out by sending her a message saying that my Aso Ebi is ready and she should come to my crib and pick it up during the weekend. The chica immediately called me and was in a frenzy. She said I had to be joking but I assured her I wasn't. Of course it was difficult for her to believe and she had tons of questions:

Who is he?
We went to Uni together, we had something back then but he graduated and left for the US so we had to break up but we never really lost touch. 

So how come... Were you guys dating? How come no one heard about him?
We were dating but like I said we never lost touch. When he came back late last year we reconnected and we've been "having something". We kept it on the down low though, I didn't want to talk about it till I was sure. 

And now you're engaged?
Hmmmm, my sister! I'm still in shock. As in... It feels like it's happening to someone else not me. 

When did he propose?
It's been about three weeks now. 

How come nobody knows, have you told your readers?
No ooooooo! Babes it's still hush hush for now abeg. I'm not really talking about it until everything is in place. We want to speed up the process that's why I'm trying to sort out logistics from my end, and that's why I want you guys to come and pick you're Aso Ebi so that I can know that one is sorted and move on to something else. 

Hmmmmm (obviously trying to digest everything she was hearing)
Anyways when you come we'll talk more. There's not much I can tell you now. 

I still don't believe you Nwando (insert nervous laugh)
I understand. Me sef I'm still in shock. 

I need to see something, some form of evidence. Let me see a picture of both of you. How did he propose? He just used his mouth or what?
Please don't insult me. He proposed with a ring (sounding irritated and impatient). 

Ok.... Send me a picture on bbm, send me a picture of you guys, send a picture of the ring. I'm still trying to believe you. 

So off I went to my gallery and I sent her a picture *David (from two posts back) and I took one evening at Ember Creek months ago. Then I sent her a picture of my friend's hand wearing her engagement ring just after her boo proposed. This seemed to satisfy my shocked friend and she promised to come over on Sunday, after I made her promise not to discuss my engagement with anyone for now.  

Today I picked out some fabrics and gele that I haven't used and are still brand new, although I've had them for two years at least. The minute Bunmi got here she wanted details. She wanted to know everything but I wanted to discuss business first. I told Bunmi that the Aso Ebi for my traditional marriage is 18k and the one for my Church wedding is 22k, that's 40k in all. Bunmi tried not to flinch as she looked at the fabrics I'd placed on her laps. I could watch the internal struggle as she tried to decide whether to tell this bride-to-be that these fabrics should not cost so much or if she should just be polite, give me the money and smile. Guess what, she did the latter. Bunmi opened her Chanel purse and counted out 40k from a 50k bundle and handed it to me. 

Now, know that I deliberately didn't pull this stunt with just any of my friends. I picked Bunmi because I know she's very financially buoyant, and in addition to that too 'Upper Class' to talk or argue about money, and is too polite to argue generally. You know how those people are; they do not talk about money. Ever. They're the type that when the six of you go for dinner they would sooner have the floor swallow them than have the waiter divide the bill in six different places, or have you guys calculate who had what and pay accordingly. They'll whisper to the waiter to bring the bill to them and they'll settle it discreetly. That was my target prey. Hehe. 

Bunmi left my house and I was 40k richer. Yay! 

I will give anything to be a fly on the wall when "Bunmi" reads this post. Hahaha. You've been punked binch!!! 

Don't worry your money is safe, I look forward to seeing you next weekend, I'll try not to go to Cold Stone with it before then. LOL

Haha! So maybe this isn't the craziest thing I've done for money but hey, this was fun. Technically the money isn't mine as I'll return it next weekend but something good came out of it; I got to see a friend I don't see often enough, and I'll see her again soon. 

So tell me, what's the craziest thing you've done for money?
Better yet, what's the craziest prank you've played on someone?
I'm so eager to hear from you guys. 


  1. hahaa..bunmi should flog you!!! well during freshman year, I called mom and told her I was pregnant.. after I sent her an email. she was screaming, crying "meme you have gone to school to disgrace my enemies! meme how will I tell you father and grandparents ?" I later told her I was joking. She didn't find it funny oo.. I think that has been my best prank..
    I also convinced my brother who looks nothing like us (his siblings) that he was adopted because we needed a male child. he was sad for days till we got back from boarding school and had a meeting with my folks. lol I think my parents are tired of me.

    1. LMAO. Memebaby you really sound like fun.

    2. You are crazieee! Carry go joor, life is for the living. I love the stunt you pulled on your brother. I need to upgrade my life

    3. Haha.. He didn't forgive me for a long time :( .

    4. No kidding... Meme! It was fun bt ur brodas own wasnt cool abeg

  2. Your friend might not find it funny at all and might never even talk to you again. You just played her for a fool and thats a big no no in friendships. You could have just told her after collecting the money that you wanted to see her and needed a bit of cash. My o my , you are NAUGHTY!!!!!!!

    1. T I don't need the cash. Secondly I THANK GOD MY FRIENDS are not that uptight. Pheeew! That would really suck. Thirdly she's seen the post and she's been laughing her arse off. Plus she's already told a few friends that my Aso Ebi is out. Tsk tsk. But at the end of the day it's all in good fun.

    2. I so knew you were joking. You've been dating a guy and you never used his DP even once, that's not the Nwando I know, lol. "Bunmi" and Onyi fell for it but Onyi won't have paid for asoebi till your fiancé asks us for our blessings first, then we will now negotiate on that amount. 40k kwa? Gi na onye? Neways like you said B won't argue about money. Lol.

  3. Nice prank, but be ready she will get back somehow with a bigger prank.J

    1. Lol, what if I told you that this prank was actually pay back for one she'd already played? But just like you said she's likely to play a bigger prank. I'm now officially worried...

  4. Hahahahaha. Creative Scamming! The Bunmi though. I want to be like her when I grow.
    So I was very touchy about my age while I was in school. I was 15 in 100level, and graduated 19. All my friends were way older. My smallness was a big source of embarrassment so I hid my age with my life. This particular busy body of a girl kept asking how old I was. To shut her up. I told her a story of how I was adopted from Mozambique by my parents. And they couldn't find out my age. So am not really sure how old I am. She went all "Heya, sorry, when you grow we would go to Mozambique and find your REAL parents". Two days after I heard the story somewhere else. The amebo had broad-casted the news. But I had a good laugh.

    1. Am just curious about you, asides from the fact that you once said you're almost 6ft tall how come you're saying you were small. And out of curiousity pls how old are you now?

    2. 5ft'11. Didn't mean small physically, meant small age wise. M still touchy about my age. Out of curiosity, why do you want to know?

    3. Uhmmm. Hope you are an eligible bachelor sha. We can work out a situation where I can satisfy ALL your curiosity. Lol

  5.,that's some major prank there. One needs a good dose of humor for that one.

  6.! That is an expensive prank!....ahahaha.

    1. Expensive indeed! The truth is you know which friend you can play this kind of prank on and which ones you can't. If you do this to me Thelma I must do my own back ooo.
      Craziest thing I've done for money is when I was in university I told my boyfriend I was pregnant and I needed to remove it. I told him it's thirty thousand naira. It was a lie but I was so broke.

  7. I actually didn't do anything crazy for money.. But in my final year I asked my dad for money for my project. My dad has always been a very stingy person. It took him some days to decide to send the money and when I saw the alert, he sent 3 times the amount I asked for from the balance I had. I called my friend who works in the bank to confirm how come my balance is that high, he said my dad did a transfer but didn't go through the first and second time from his end till the third. Apparently it did go through after all. I never mentioned the money till date and he never noticed.

  8. I'm still shocked here...kept asking myself how you could keep the engagement under wraps like you did and even when I realized it was a prank, I'm still saying Thelma can do this if she sets her mind on it sha.....*slowly pulls out whip*

  9. Thelma sure is naughty! Funny I can't recall doing any crazy thing for money or pulling any prank even at fool's day... I need a life ooo... B!

  10. Tiwa I support U ni... very true something...
    *Helping u hold T's big bum bum so u'll flog it*

    Well, I did get 50k for lying I was preggy... it really felt good. it was during my I.T so I wrote a preggy test result myself & handed it to Le Nigger... See begging, "Babe don't remove it, i'll tell my parents, once ur done with school, we could get married, infact We can arrange the marriage right now if u want"... my prank was going south.

    Told him I couldn't, seen as I took Postinor & it could be an ectopic since I ended up preggy anyway.... Thank U Biochemistry, see explanation!
    He coughed out the cash!

    1. You sounded like a lesbian @ur first paragraph.... big bumbum. smh

    2. Hahahahahahahaha....Ruthy, u r wicked! I nukwa postinor and ectopic...chai!

    3. Chei, na wa oh. I honestly have mopol patrolling regularly on my behalf in TT...
      I feel blessed.
      Lovely observation Anon...

      @Eazee... money dey make person creative.

  11. Nice to read all your prank stories. I hail Bunmi, I need her in my circle of friends.


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