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Let's Do This: Blog Readers Ruthylicious & Phransea Hook Up!

A week ago I tried to get blog readers to be more Social with each other and meet up if possible. A few people mailed me to get some blog readers contacts, some were open to it and a few were 'shy'. This is the first feedback I'm getting and I was very excited after reading Ruthy's mail last night.

Narrated by Ruthy!

So, after exchanging contacts via your blog. I & Phransea chatted for a week & I had to go visit her today, Wednesday. 
Getting to her part of town was easy, Thanks to her direction. 
As I got close to her house, she was already waiting for me in front of her house!
Mehn, she's freaking Beautiful. You know those babes that have bright yellow skin? Hers was spotless.

 It glittered, as in sparkling #SlapsSelf, Ok,  I drooled a lil sha. LOL
Then we hugged & she took me to her marital sanctuary. 
It was a blend of colours, very clean, homey & simple.
I greeted her MIL & immediately caught a glimpse of HIM. He's TOOOOOOO adorable, her almost 3months old bouncing baby boy. T, he's 100 shades of cute, chubby & cheerful. Those kindda kids that makes a woman's ovaries bubble. #ChecksMine.
I think U know I spent the most part of my visit holding & "gisting" with him. LOL. Btw, her son proposed to me ni & I said Yes. #SideEye

Well, I & Phransea talked about alot, "friends, pregnancy, delivery, religion, men, marriage, child upbringing, wedding, etc"
Then we gossiped about TTB BVs "Momoh, Ruby, Memphis, Sasha etc" but esp Thelma & our beloved Anons. LMSAO!
Oh, she offered me Jollof Rice, Chicken & Juice #LickingLipsAgain
 Phransea is super Intelligent too, a total conversationalist! I learnt alot.

We later had a Joint Convo with her MIL about the state of the country & our fallen heroes esp Mrs Akunyili & Mrs Adedevoh. Smart MIL rocks!

I then gave her Son, my DFH a story book I got him.
At almost 6pm, her DH got back from work. One Handsome Tall Drop of chocolate. A perfect blend for her complexion.#EnjoyHon

As she gave him a "welcome home & thanks for being Awemazing Kiss", I closed my eyes cos they can't spoil me joor *RME* taaaaaa!

30mins later, I thought about my mom's catfish native soup & ran back home!
12noon till 6pm with Phransea. #HappyDance #WorthIt 

Thanks a bunch to Thelma for an Avenue to meet this lovely soul & Thanks a gazillion  for inviting Me into your home & life Phransea Dearie...
God Bless Your Home some more!

#NP,      TTB BVs, Kindly avail Yourselves to hang out with Yourselves so I'll read your story please! It's FUN.


  1. Yay meeting up with Thelma next weekend can't wait to see her and I seriously refuse to believe a year has gone by since we last saw each other (how time flies).

    Been away too long, I'm sorry and I missed Ruthie a lot.

    1. Awwww, Uju I missed U more jooor, plus I still owe U ni.
      Have loads of fun with T, hug her for 2 & Hit her bum bum hard for me! #ThatsForAllTheSugarSheConsumed

    2. hian me toooo wanna hook up na...nwando how

  2. Ruth's description shaaaa, so vivid...ahn ahn! Glad you guys had a swell time together. This reminded me of some twitter hook ups I did in the past, got me some of the most amazing friends ever! I would love to but I don't know if I'm getting more introverted with age. I would like someone else's description of me to be as exciting & warm. Anyhoos, will see y'all at our blog parry in a few months, "lemme not go and spoil the surprise of the great Tiwa away".

  3. Pictures pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. Clare

    1. Hmmm, sounds like d season of meeting awesome personalities

      Me likey...

      *lips sealed and watching*

  4. Lols. Nice read but pls what's MIL?
    And to Phransesca (spell chk) any secrets to ur skin u might wanna share? (And pls dont say water therapy

    1. Hahahaha. Sasha #yimu to you ooo. LOL. MIL for Mother In law.

    2. Oh yh,Mother in law...

    3. Clare I would have sent pictures but I don't think Phransea is up for it. Maybe after our next hookup.
      *Sasha don't rub caro white & whitenicous oh. Biko. We love u just the way u are.

    4. Lol,my dear I don't wanna be lupita either...

  5. Awwwwww Ruthy is adorable, great personality, a total darling and super fun I almost asked her to spend the night but I didn't want to come off as greedy I don't think iv had this much fun since I moved to PH I mean we had lotsa laughs. Ruth why do you have to live so far away. :(

    As for her description of me biko I have spots oh my sitting room was dark ni she didn't see well. Imagine a natural no makeup beauty calling me makeup help me beautiful, that's the height of humility or humbility as my friend would say. I loved loved looooooved our plenty talks we must do this often. To be honest tho I was nervous at first I almost wanted to cancel, I was like what if she comes and we just sit down and stare at ourselves that would be all kinds of awkward but when she finally arrived it was like reuniting with an old friend not a moment of awkwardness!

    P.s did you say Sean proposed to you? Hmmm we shall discuss in camera. He misses you tho he's been blabbing all day lols.

    Pps- ruth you have to show me the way oh all these things ya winning on twitter even here sef on TT diaris god Oº°˚˚°ºooh.

    Ppps- the image T used is on point. The natural hair chic would def be Ruth she's team natural while d other chic could pass for moi team relaxed hair and weaves I'm actually wearing a similar hairdo.

  6. Ruth now I'm jealous. Pls whr are the abj bvs. I have a baby and my home is nice too and ill mk jollof rice and chicken 4 u. Plus my mum is around o and I and boo are fine too. Anyways anyone who's interested Holla at Thelma. Mrs m.

    1. Awwww I left Abj but I will be back soon . Any TTB readers in Ireland?

    2. Hello Mrs M. Please mail me. Thanks.

    3. I live in ABJ and would love to eat some jollof rice ohhh Mrs M.

  7. Mrs M you just cracked me up! Ruthy can describe sha!

  8. L̳̿Ö̤̣̇☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺Ö̤̣̇L̳̿ @ mrs M. Ruth can indeed describe she's quite talented in that area. @sasha my mama gave me the skin oh and iv been on omugwo hence no harsh sun on my skin for almost 3months now and yes water biliv it or not I drink one ragolis first thing in the morning u should try It :)

    1. I just started my omugwo some days ago pls wats the recipe? Big or small ragolis? I must look fresh.

    2. Big ragolis, u don't hv to take it at once if u can't but make sure u consume at least 2big ragolis bfor d day ends, if ur breastfeeding it helps cos breastfeeding dehydrates. Also if u can lay ur hands on shea butter it helps prevent/clear stretchmarks on tummy and other areas its also gud for the skin its what I use as a daily cream.

  9. Nice. Who is in Ilorin? Let's meet up!

  10. Ruth you narrated your experience so well, you just never know where you will meet a new friend.

  11. Anyone from ghana want to hang out? ?

  12. What a wonderful blog you have here. Got to know about this blog from another blog last week and I tell you, I sleep and wake up on this blog since then. Am really addicted. God bless u Thelma.

  13. Sharon U are right. She made me so relaxed. My bff sure has a competition now.
    Yes Phransea, Sean proposed. U are my DFMIL #TongueOut
    *Mrs M don't worry, one Abj BV will holler!

  14. The funniest thing here is that anytime I come on this blog, I am always eager to read Ruths' comment...she is the most popular peep I have noticed here

  15. Now am drooling>>> thanks to Ruths' narration.

  16. Make I no go carry last o,abeg who is in ibadan

  17. Sweet read,it's my turn to see you and phransea,hope you two would have such sweet things to say about me? Lol

  18. I honestly won't mind Fina. I'm ever ready to make new friends in PH.
    Repentance speech of a chronic introvert!!!

    1. When ur ready Fina just give us the green light

  19. Abeg who's on d mainland in lagos? Miss B

  20. Abeg who's on d mainland in lagos? Miss B

  21. @MISS b am on d main land@ThelMA plss hook me up with anyone on d main land cos my social life is dyeing n I nid to meet anyone who can make my day,@MISS b if u wnt us to hook up,alert Thelma cos I cnt wait.

  22. @MISS b am on d main land ohh@ThelMA plss hook me up with smone on d main land cos my social life is dying,dnt mind hooking up with MISS b or any other person. Cheers

  23. @MISS b am on d main land ohh@ThelMA plss hook me up with smone on d main land cos my social life is dying,dnt mind hooking up with MISS b or any other person. Cheers

  24. awww!so 9ce.I luv d idea,bt am av been posted to plateau state 4 service,aldo I wud be flying in2 lag 2day.missed dis blig cuz no ntwrk in camp.feels good to be back,missed y'alll.nd yes I wanna hook up too o,is nt only ruth dat wud enjoy

  25. btw @miss b I stay at d mainland also.

  26. Oya oh. Miss B, Mabel & Steffi, U three should have a girls night out or Sleep overs!
    Just enjoy each others company & laugh hard...

  27. Lol@steffi n MISS b,hope Thelma permits us,wudnt mind d idea.

  28. YES ohh ruthy,u know wats on my mind,I wanna av fun like u did

  29. lol.@ruthy yes o! I stay at apapa tho

  30. I stay around Isolo... Miss B


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