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Let's 'Ride'

Notice: this post is rated 18(SL). It contains adult content and language, so you might want to skip this...

So I'm basically putting this up for the Anon that's currently facing "riding" challenges in bed. Almost every sexually active female has encountered that problem. Therefore some generally avoid it. Some don't but feel quite stupid while at it, it doesn't help that when you're on top some men are just mute so you have no idea if you're doing a good job or if he's looking up at you wondering how to politely tell you your game is whack!

I came across this article several months ago Here and after reading that comment from last night I remembered it. So for every lady who's not sure how to ride and wants to improve her ridin' game this is for you:

Some women have sex and pray that the guy never asks them to ride. Or others get on top and make complete and utter fools of themselves. They say things like, “I’ve never really ridden before” or “I don’t want to embarrass myself, I’m not that good at riding.” Women are out here claiming to be bad b*tches in the bedroom or claim to be intimidating, but don’t even know how to ride dick; that’s just baffling to me. So this post is for the women that were so scared of disappointing their significant other that they’ve been avoiding riding dick altogether… We want you to be the best, that’s why today we will lay down the foundation for good dick riding skills for the inner equestrian every woman harbors. Here’s “Don’t Ride Dick Good…Ride Dick Well”…

*Don’t Give a F*ck, Try and Practice
Do not fear the d*ck or the man attached to the d*ck. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself. You can’t get better at something if you’re scared to fail. When you tell someone you haven’t done something before, that statement should then be accompanied by you trying. You don’t say you haven’t done something and continue not to do it; without trying you’ll never learn. Find a reasonable and understanding partner. If you say “I want to practice riding your dick?”, surely he’ll be over there in no time to assist you.

*Please Yourself First, Please Him Second
Men don’t have a problem with you hopping on the d*ck and doing what you do. If your objective is to make yourself cum hard, do it. Do all that nasty sh!t you do in your room when nobody’s watching. Don’t think of your partner when you first get on top, think of him as inanimate object that was sent directly to you from God as solely for your pleasure and that his is secondary up until that point.However once you get to that point learn what pleases him. Who knows you might actually like what he likes and can start killing two birds(freaks) with one stone(move). Some men complain about women that get on top only to please themselves and that’s just selfish; if you want to be a skilled rider you have to learn how to do both. To help out with that here is a few basic techniques below:
Riding Techniques: 
a. Grind
-For the most part women like to grind, stimulating their clit and p*ssy at the same time until they achieve orgasm. Grinding consists of rubbing your body against his with minimal range of motion, but usually a lot of force. Some men never bus from grinding because men usually need friction in order to bus for the most part. Men need to be stroked to achieve orgasm, which grinding can limit.
b. Bounce
-Bouncing on the d!ck makes you the maneater that you claim to be. When you take a man and f^ck the nut out of him. Women that bounce on the d!ck usually know exactly what they’re doing and they ride with purpose. There not afraid to damage there insides. Bouncing on the d*ck gives a man that medium to fast pace friction that he needs to cum.
 c. Juice(Squeeze and Pull)
-Some women don’t know about juicing, but just think about grinding for a second. Grinding is the rubbing of two surfaces to cause friction. However, juicing is when you squeeze and pull away from him to cause the friction. It’s basically like you’re trying to squeeze and ring him out. When you juice mentally picture you trying to take his d*ck from him. Squeeze his girth and watch the facial expressions he has; also juicing usually is done better in the reverse cowgirl position.
Most Men Love When You Face the Other Way and Ride- You Should Too
When you face the other way, it’s like giving him and yourself privacy even though you’re having sex. You can make all the goofy, nasty facial expression you want. You can play with your clit, while he massages your ass. Or you can fantasize about someone else. It’s just better suited for two people to please one another, yet have the privacy they want while having sex as weird as that may sound.
Disclaimer:  Breast-men usually like you to face them, but that’s up to your discretion.

*F*ck Him Back
Women say, “When I get on top, he manhandles me and just likes to take over.” Well next time don’t let him manhandle you and f*ck him back. Make it a competition to make him bus before you do. Have fun and don’t be intimated by the man underneath you. But if it’s that much of an issue tell him to let you lead or put his hands behind his head and make him keep them there.

*Thou Shall Not Let the D*ck Slip Out
Does size matter? Yes it does. With that being said, once you see his package it’s up to you to never let the d*ck slip out. The most talented riders can keep the d*ck still inside no matter how big or small and it’s because they have complete control over their bodies/abilities.

Is riding your Achilles heel? Have you ever felt embarrassed when you got on top? Did you get better? What advice could you offer other women about riding better? Did this post miss anything? Did you take a look at the videos below? 

Article Source:

I hope this helped. 


  1. I think it'll help.

  2. I don't quite get the juicing part. Does it mean doing Kegels while his dick is inside you?

  3. Wooooow thelma wanna kill somebody . Am a rough rider.

  4. Wooooow thelma wanna kill somebody . Am a rough rider.

  5. Y are you making pple horny dis night?ehn madam

  6. My bobo always says he luvs d way I squeeze his d**k sha. Am gud.infact he plds for my ride

  7. Wen i ride he usually cums from d

  8. I only cum wen i ride. Hv neva cum wen he's on top. How normal is dat?yet he pounds me lyk hell wit his max size D

  9. First time twas weird bt as time goes on expert tins,now if I arrange you, you go sleep lyk Hope my bobo is reading this

  10. Have u seen how 90% of the comments here are anonymous Hahahaha. Why are we so scared to show our freakiness..... Me I have learnt from ur article, I'm sure going to put it into practice tonight ;). I'll give u the result of the hypothesis tomorrow lol.

    1. I agree with you on the anonymous comments. Lol.

    2. Lol. I have come to expect anonymous comments on blog posts about sex.

  11. Btw T, i just go hooked on thesunk from this article! Went to check it out nne na dre i still dey o! Thank God it Friday... Now its to groom dark chocolate to the point where all these tips wld be put to good use (i think he's d cure to the madness ard here i told u abt*wink).

  12. Lol. Them deyy shame

  13. Wow! we learn everyday. While I think am actually a good rider (it being my most favoured position), I'v never tried to make an art of it.
    Thanks for the info o... my bae's in for one hell of a ride, nxt time we go on d road trip. B!

  14. Thelma you jst made me wish boo was here wit me. Am proud 2b an expert in juicing. I make him scream and cum from the buttom ni. He always wants me up there nd d expert that he is makes him give it 2me from d buttom even wen am ontop. *winks* enjoyment tins 882.

  15. Now u're making us,the single ones, fantasize too much... My head is turning, honestly I really need a Ride.

    1. Ahn ahn. Riding made Uyi comment? Wonders shall never end.

    2. Lmao! I do comment, just didn't want to be another 'anonymous' on this one. *tongue out*

  16. I try small oh...le boo likes the juicing part wella...when I hop it makes him wanna cum...but am big so I get hip pains after I finish....lolz....that naughty house wife

  17. Ok. I have got to try out this juiceing. Someone is going to be happy tonight. Lol

  18. As a guy, lemme drop a tip for the ladies... if your man is taller than you or you are flexible, this is easier to do. While you are juicing, bend down and take one of his nipples in your mouth. May take a couple of practices to get the coordination of sucking while juicing (lol @ this sentence), but trust me, he will thank you over and over for it. Only do this when you want him to nut sha o, cos this usually guarantees he loses control.
    The first lady that did this and well.. happens to be my wife now #nuffsaid. PS: not the only criteria o, but who am I kidding.. it was important. And word on the street from some guys I know is that this is killer for them as well.

    1. this sounds like Mr Wale. Yes? No? Maybe??? lol...

    2. I vote Yes.

    3. I thought so too!! You've been caught wale lol

    4. LOL, this is not Wale. I hardly ever comment, but just thought to drop this here, and I had to be anonymous... wifey occasionally visits this blog.

  19. Diaris ebola o. fluids are secreted massively while u ride. be careful y'all.

  20. Posts like this make it hard for a girl to go and 'stay' celibate. Biko! Am trying to revirginize (English word yeah?) my self ooo.
    But am thinking...won't trying to put so much effort and practice during the act, cool d passion? We'v been told that great sex involves more feelings and less thinking, and I for one won't be able to stop my head from analyzing whether or not am actually grinding right and getting all d above moves correctly. So wouldn't sex be kinda mechanical and less prone to orgasm for me in this situation? Nw am wishing for a trial and confirmation. Lemme ride out of here before I fall to temptation

    1. My dear just read it like you're reading nursery rhymes. Lol. As in, don't think about it, don't try to visualize it, don't imagine. I read it long ago but I didn't even read it yesterday before posting; no need for unnecessary temptations abeg.

  21. Yh sucking while juicing is a money maker. Lols @ the inner equestrian every woman harbours. #bringbackourruthy

    1. Her phone is bad and she took it for repairs. She'll be back soon.

  22. Best position for both of us. Works all the time. Think simultaneous o's, yeah. Don't know about sucking nipples, my guy's does nothing for him, so know the person you're with and don't do forcing things.

    For the person talking about over thinking, believe me, there'll be too much feeling, you go with the flow, I mean ride, and won;t even think about thinking.

  23. Them say make una ride o! no be to break the joystick!

  24. Well watching porn helped me before practicals lol.. Ex is way taller so reverse cow girl was best for the both of us.. Good freaking times

  25. Have noted that the sucking while juicing depends on the individual u are with. For some guys it makes no difference, but for those it does, it really does. Alternatively u cld try the lick-suck-blow on the his neck (another off d record ero-zone for some guys). Chances are either one wld b ur man's secondary trigger to busing d nut of all nuts! Or if ur inner freak was unleashed along with ur equestrienne, u cld lean back a lil bit and while looking at ur man as u ride(n juice), rub ur clit (i'm assuming u know wia dat one dey). U get the advantage of extra stimulation for urself and providing ur man with a visual that wld blow his mind.

  26. Ziggy

  27. Ziggy

    1. Just voicing my thoughts on something we all do (even if sm no wan admit they do *winks), Anything worth doing is worth doing well i'll say.


    1. You guys deserve some gist so here is what happend. After work on Friday I got home and was forming I had a bad day to avoid riding. So we were watching a movie then he gave me some henessy to drink and said this is the best time for me to ride. As I heard I started forming tipsy and sleepy, as he was pulling me on top I De do like ogbono. He vex leave me and I slept off from my drama. Only to wake up and see him ramming me from behind.
      Saturday Saturday Saturday. What are we doing today. He said nothing we would just relax and i should take mt time but when I'm ready to ride I should let him know.

    2. I thought you wanted to give us gist of the riding. We need riding feedback.

    3. Ladies and Genruumen I thought it was a joke. He was very serious. Naso I begin read the post thelma dedicated to me. Then I began work. Kai the pain no be here. I was shouting like a local dog. He said I'm getting it I shouldn't get up. Na anointing oil I come begin De use lubricate. Every time I run. He will drag me back. He helped sha. But I didn't enjoy it and I could sense his frustration because he didn't cum. I tried to make it up but he said no his dick is tired* sad face* Well he said we would try again

    4. Oh well@ anon. I didn't get it facing him maybe because I hate missionary, the d*** just won't get in. So from the rear it was better. The tool went all the way with the help of the lube. When I sat and wasn't moving. He was bouncing and that hurt. I tried to grind and bounce. The juice I didn't get.

  29. @Anons...hmmmmmm, hiding faces just so we don't know get to see you *winks. @ Anon Rider, if practicing the *ride position* seems difficulty, why not try the *side position*'s more juicy, tighter and gives room for you to thrust too especially grinding. But dang! nothing like straddling the horse and giving it the best ride ever *winks

    1. Anonymous Rider.4:08 pm, August 11, 2014

      hahaha, Love love Love that side.Infact i think ive done missionary just once but the General says his back is hurting with this my side style, I'm sure hes lying and just wants me to ride. Seems i have to learn it before all this small girls help me.

  30. I find it difficult riding even though am flexible maybe it's becos of d size of my a** cos I av a big a**,a taperule measurement of 44,my guy says he is tired of oda styles n wnts me on top,I hope reading dis article helps,Weldon Thelma,always read ur blog but never commented till now


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