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My Top 5 Best and Worst Nollywood Actors.

I watched a movie last night; Lagos Cougars and not for the first time I was practically scalded by Alex  Ekubo's poor acting abilities. New Nollywood seems to be more concerned with looks than talent. Everytime I watch a movie or a scene acted by Alex Ekubo I want to go on a full blown rant and ask producers why they won't give roles to people that actually deserve them. We have talented actors in this country, no?

Anyway I guess it bothered me so much that I woke up thinking about it. Therefore I chose to compile a list of MY top 5 Best and Worst Nigerian actors. 

Here Goes!

5. Mike Ezuruonye

4. Desmond Elliot

3. Yul Edochie

2. Francis Duru

1. Ramsey Nouah

The above are my five best Nollywood actors because they have proven their ability to interprete a diverse range of roles over and over again. They cannot be confined to playing a particular role and rightfully, they haven't. Ramsey Nouah tops my list because he has proven himself over time to be truly worth his salt. I know some might wonder if I forgot to include O.C Ukeje to my list. I didn't, he just didn't make it into my Top 5.   
       I also deliberately did not include the veterans to this list. They are in a class of their own; Pete Edochie, Richard Mofe Damijo, Olu Jacobs and a few others. 

My Top 5 Worst Nollywood Actors. 

5. Uti Nwachukwu: I won't exactly say Uti is a terrible actor but acting is not one of Uti's strengths, not even remotely. I think Uti should focus on strengthening his strengths and not waste time on his weaknesses. 

4. Hanks Anuku: Frankly speaking I don't know if Hanks is still an actor, at least not since he said T.B Joshua delivered him from his drug addiction. Yet something about watching Hanks even years later still leaves me with a pain so real it's almost physical. 

3. Bryan Okwarra: Some are models. Some are actors. Some can be both. Most can't.

2. Alex Ekubo: Our producers need to understand that when we want eye candy we look to models and not actors. Not to blame him for it but I find his near-feminine good looks too distracting, this is not helped by the fact that he's seemingly bent on sticking out his lower lip like a petulant child, pouting his lips and rolling his eyes when he can actually work harder to achieve other, more believable facial expressions. Also his frequent pretty-boy roles makes it difficult for me to take him serious as an actor; no versatility whatsoever. 

1. Benson Okonkwo: Where do I even begin? Whether he's playing the role of a palace slave or something less peripheral Benson leaves me wondering if Nigerian actors ever try to polish their craft, or/and their diction. The young man seems to be determined to make it in the industry, he should therefore invest in himself a little. 

Let's talk about YOUR best and worst Nigerian Actors. 
We'll get to our actresses soon, I promise. 


  1. Thank God. I'm not the only one who doesn't buy into the OC Ukeje hype. He is a very average actor.

  2. LOL. Benson Okonkwo... Ifesinachi brother! very useless actor! Still ROTFL... Kai.

    I Love Ramsey! He's too good. He's like old wine... Francis they try well too. But I Love Chidi Mokeme & Pat Attah...where are they ni?

    T please do a list of your top 5 Black American actors... That's where U'll see Talent & LOOKS! as in Hawt looks!!!

    1. Chidi Mokeme and Pat Attah? Are you sure you know the meaning of good talk less of best?

    2. That's why it's called "Opinions"...
      It's Personal...

      "Talk less of " is Wrong hon. It's "let alone"... UW

    3. lolz.. I jus luv ur comebks ruthy

    4. This local Ruth ! Hollywood isn't just " American " actors ... Be sounding like one local champ.

    5. Anon 2:59, in ur mind now Uv corrected ruthy sha... babe said "black American"...did she mention Hollywood, or U just have comprehension problem. Bingo! See ur refined olodo self. Anumpama!!!
      Some people just b making a fool of themselves out of spite! Biko grow up or get off d Internet.

    6. Ruth u went anonymous to defend yourself... Looser! Ur still a local champ...

    7. I will NEVER go anonymous for any reason. If I can't say it as ME, I bounce...

      But hey, I won't insult u. #Hugs

    8. Lmao @ Ruth, u try but I dunno how you can add Chiding Mokeme and Pat Attah, T was just complaining of confusing looks with talent.
      I think you should add Ik Ogonna to the list of worst actors o, the best 5 is good as it is.
      I read somewhere that the reason Leonardo di Caprio has never won an Oscar is because he's never really been able to detach himself from the pretty boy image, no matter how good a performance he gives. I think I see some sense in that, if you look at some Oscar winners you'll see that they managed that, see Matthew McConaughey in Dallas buyers, Charlize Theron in monster or Halle Berry in Monster's Ball. The successfully she'd the pretty image and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

    9. What's ur excuse for Lupita winning the Oscars?

    10. Using Matthew's performance in Dallas buyersclub as an example against Leo is quite Ridiculous(no offence), based on the fact dat Mr. Leo himself played something similar or even greater with 'J. Edgar'. Please watch dat movie. Honestly, I feel he's just unlucky. Anonymous T.

  3. Oh, btw, Thelma you've got mail. Check ur spam too...

  4. Am not so big on movies by new nollywood, so I haven't seen most of d above top worst in action. I have seen hank doe, and I cringe every time I do. Ur best 5 I almost agree with, cept for Francis duru. Mayb am biased about him, but a Francis duru movie for me, usually is a turn off.
    Don't know if Ghanaian actors qualify but just in case they do, i'll list van vicker for top worst. Dude is too sluggish if U ask me. Then Odunade Adekola (i hope I got dat right) of the yoruba movies industry is one of my favourites.
    The rest are veterans. B!

  5. I've loved Francis Duru from his Rattle snake days. The guy can act it's just that it's igbotic films he usually acts in. I completely agree with you on Alex Ekubo and Bryan okwara. As for Benson, no comment.

  6. Your top 5 are good and I agree with you concerning OC he's just average. As for terrible actors in nollywood my God I don't know how u managed to pick ur top 5 must hv been a real task cos I think there's a competition on who will be d most terrible.

  7. I agree with you on OC I think he's best at live performances though. Uti and Alex are not that bad in my opinion.

  8. Am combining nollywood and ghollwood together..
    .Ramsey nouah..I fell in love with is acting in my love,and recently,a private storm..talent @ its peak.
    2.Majid michel..he's actually my crush,I can use my last kobo to buy is movie or see it in the cinema,I so much love the dude acting prowess.try and see somewhere in africa,the game,chasing hope,pool party..majid is the bomb.
    3 Desmond elliot..he's so good in acting,producing and directing,I love his talent too,holding hope is my favourite of is works..
    4.Mike ezuronye..he's good,most recently in dayo amusa's unforgiveable,he killed the movie.
    5.Yul edochie..he's the true son of his father,that is voice die

    Worst actors
    I cnt remember their names cos am nt interested about them.but uti definately not among.he's tryn @least.

    1. 100likes for ur comment. Exactly my top5 pick. Thelma, is d list strictly for men only?cos I hv a list of lots of bad actresses. Lol. Abeg do another post on that.
      And Oh..pardon me, jst saw d word "actors". Hehehe

  9. Yh,there is/was something bout Francis' acting.
    Now isn't it a weird coincidence that ur worst 5 happen to all be gay or rumoured to be...? No?

  10. Alex Ekubo was really good in the movie "In the cupboard" Thelms. He's not that baaad! He's eye candy for sure tho. KIMORA

  11. Errrm, thelma? All due respect to ur opinion but Francis Duru? Seriously? Maybe becos he has a Pitiable appeal. Other than that, he's pretty much an obscure veteran to me. Hell, I'll even prefer A Saint Obi(nigerian Rambo) lol. Anonymous T.

    1. Lol @ Saint Obi. I understand what you mean though, I think the problem is that the movies Francis acts in obscures his talents.

  12. thelma spot on. I just couldnt stop laughing when i saw the wort list. Iam laughing uncontrollably.


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