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Pet Peeves & Sweet Spots *In Zainab Balogun's Voice* (Part 1).

You guys know I have a thing for Ebony Life and the people on that channel, my favourite (well not necessarily favourite, let's say, the ones that tickle me the most) are the ones on The Spot. Now if you watch The Spot you'd notice that towards the end of every show Zainab Balogun would ask the guest for the day what their Pet Peeve or Sweet Spot is. And sometimes if there's no guest she and the other hosts will always share theirs. Some people's answers are blehhh, some really tickle me. 

So, we don't have to wait to be on The Spot to talk about our Pet Peeves and Sweet Spots. 

These are Mine:

Pet Peeves [pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find it. *Wikipedia*. Basically it's something that might generally be a bit annoying, but you particularly find it extremely annoying and/or irritating, and is usually caused by someone else].  

1). People who text and drive. Aaaaaaargh! These ones are all over Lagos. They hold up traffic and make you want to ram your car into them. Last weekend, Sasha Bone and I were on a street in VI waiting for the street lights to change and this chic driving beside us was actually making duck faces/pouty lips and taking Selfies. The nerves! The light turned green and cars started moving but she couldn't be bothered much. 

2). People who go about asking EVERYBODY for their advice on one matter or the other but still do what they want to do at the end of the day. I'm like; why waste my time you friggin irritant!!!!

3). People who like to make too much body contact, speak into your mouth and breathe on your skin. Eeeeeww.  

4). People who come and sit right next to you when there are many other empty seats eg inside a BRT bus, the movies, a lecture hall etc. 

5). Skinny people that won't stop complaining about how terribly they need to lose weight. (Especially in the presence of not-so-skinny people). 

6). When you call a friend on the phone and they put their toddler on the line to talk to you. Now this is particularly annoying because you just CANNOT complain and you HAVE to act all amused and fascinated by the tot's ability to say "he-yo", when you actually called to have a serious conversation. 

7). People that always blame everyone else for their misfortune but never once take responsibility. 

8). People who tell you the same story 20 times over because they always forget they've told you before. (And when you tell them "yeah, you told me that before", they have this look of hurt and disappointment on their face like a wounded puppy. So knowing this you just shut up and listen again, and pretend to be interested again, and fake that laughter again. Aaarrghhhhh!


I think we should do Sweet Spots tomorrow. For now, "What are your pet peeves *in Zainab Balogun's voice*?" LOL. 


  1. People who touching my things without my permission, I find it extremely annoying as I am slightly Ocd so everything needs to be where and how I left it or else I would lose the plot.
    People who ask how much I purchase things and making it their business broadcasting it to others.
    People asking about my relationship and trying to give advice when I didn't ask for it.
    I can go on all day , but that is all for now.

  2. Putting your hand around my waist and being too touchy feely on the first date.
    That baby on the phone is also very annoying but proud mums don't know this. Lol

  3. People who remind you of something you did yeeeeaaaaarrrsss ago (especially things that you remember in a flash and brush off very quickly from your mind because they were just evil or embarrassing) and act all normal as if to say, "well what the heck, it's the past. It shouldn't hurt to remind you". Really????

  4. I hate when people dont keep to time or arrive late for meetings.
    I dont like people that buy stuff on credit, i mean if u cant afford it at that time, just forget it.
    I dont like it when i meet a guy and he has a password on his phone, i just feel he has skeletons in his cupboard.
    I hate females that gossip, i stay away from such people, i ve this colleague that is always looking for gossip and d annoying part is she expects u to contribute in d conversation...hian
    I dont like people dat are too spiritual or prayerful, i feel they r hypocrites n trying to cover up something and most of the time they seek people to blame for thr woes....cant deal.
    Thelma please lets talk about what we love jor, i prefer that topic.

  5. People that talk too much or are too loud ughhhhh, guys that change their dps every freeging hour or so

    1. Yeah I forgot to add that. Maybe because I've not been on bbm in months. People that change their DP/PM every ten minutes, worse yet if it's a guy, a grown man. *RME*.

    2. Grown men that do this are the worst

    3. Grown men that do this are the worst

  6. 1. Don't touch my stuff without my permission & freaking drop my stuffs exactly where u got them from! Thanks.

    2. People who don't keep to time, irritating!

    3. People with BO, gracious baby jesus! If U have BO, stay away please. Please!!!

    4. Arrogant men. Disgusting!

    5. Girls with inverted wings & Nike endorsed eyebrows. I can't stand it.

    1. Your description of No.5 is EPIC, trust me, dis is d first time I'm Laughing Out Loud on TT and it had to be You sha! Nice!

  7. When pple belch around me, super irritating.
    Please be on time and if ur running late do tell me instead of lying about bin on ur way wen ur not even done dressing up.
    Girls with dirty undies. Mrs m

  8. I hate friends who comes to ur house just to take ur little property. I dislike it when u go out with friends that are well to do more than yet they always want u to pay their bills always. I hate hypocrite.

  9. Hahaha...ur #4 pisses me off! Happens a lot in the 4th tier at HOTR church and that male dp changing thing? Can't deal...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I hate it when one comes to my house,destroys my things and go "how much is it sef?,I'd replace it jo" instead of being sorry you broke/destroyed/spoilt my stuff...
    I so hate it when one handles my things without care especially when I handle yours/people's so well..
    Don't just barge into my room,open my fridge,open my pot aaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!
    Don't just show up at my door without letting me know/calling me up and think I'd be so nice a host(ess) cos I won't be
    I dislike people who pray too loud..seems hypocritical to me

  12. lool.. everything on your list are my pet peeves. I use to think I was weird, I dislike people wasting my air time on babies.
    People who dont close doors..urghh
    people who go through my stuff

  13. yeah another one..people who must read that mag, or look at those pictures at the same time with you

  14. when people sit down on chairs, get up and leave a sweat mark...eeshhh! leaving drawers, closet, doors opened! why can't you open and CLOSE! my siblings all do these things and I try my best not to talk because I know things won't go why do I think they do this to piss me off because they know I hate it!

  15. Lazy,Snail-like people,it just doesn't occur to them that Speed and accuracy can be a package. It's mega-annoying when I have to work with such people.

    Selfish people, those who thinks they are the Kings &Queens of this World and as such all the good things of life are their sole rights even other people's entitlements.

    People who perpetually do more wrongs to cover up an earlier misdeed.As in,i already know you F-up, must u add to it + are you like what? 15? Take responsibility jor....

  16. 1. People who leave the toilet or bathroom dirty.
    2. People who read over your shoulder.
    3. People who touch or use my stuff without my permission.
    4. People who write texts you can't decipher, I know this guy who types "owk" instead of okay.
    5. People who go through my phone.
    6. When you are in business and then someone orders for stuff, and they never collect or pay for what they ordered for.
    7. People who call you late in the night and then they go like " did I wake you?" so annoying.

  17. - I'm also quite finicky when it comes to my things so I want them handled with utmost care as I'll handle yours.
    - I hate people that are loud & talk too much then boasting come join am...arrrrgh! That irks me senseless.
    - Selfish people who would want to get from others. Who does that? You wan collect and you aren't a natural giver? Please rethink am
    - I don't know if this is just me but I hate that loud sucking sound I hear when people drink and eat. Must they slurp?
    - Another pet peeve for me is people who don't appreciate. No matter how lil the gift is, please appreciate. Whoever said it was your birthright? shuo

    1. This gift thing is so annoying,recently gave a friend a pair of earrings which I needed sef and she goes "oh fashion jewellery" thanks in this disdainful voice. At least if she didn't lyk it she shud have sed thanks with a smile and thrown it away afterwards sef I wudnt mind.

  18. Lol, all the comments got me ROTFL

    1. I HATE HATE HATE it when people cannot pay back their debts. It's a different case if you asked me to give (dash) u the money, but if you ask to borrow (and promise to payback) can u be civil and responsible enough to pay back, rather than come up with that, "ah ah, r u not bigger than Xnaira?, or "Is it because of Xnaira ur embarrassing me?" story. Like it freaks me out, and I can completely cut people off (regardless of who you are) for that dubious attitude. Cant be dealing with wicked people.

    2. Traders (and people in general) who always want u to forfeit your change with them because "U r bigger than this change (money) na?" Oh really? and you are what? Smaller than it? My friend, give me my change!

    3. Sales girls (n boys sometimes), who squeeze their face when you try to bargain for stuff (that they obviously can not afford), acting like you are wasting their time being in their store. You find them everywhere, boutiques, salons, grocery stores, markets etc. As for those ones, na their madams n ogas I dey pity pass, cos the thing wey dey spoil business for them dey their domot gaan gaan.

    4. Store owners who curse at you because you did not end up buying their goods after taking a look at them??? Like, for real???

    1. Who are you? For one second I thought I wrote your comment. I kept saying yes, yes and yes to your comment above. The people that cannot pay back their debts jeezzzzzz , I hate them especially as I dislike reminding people to pay me back.
      -In addition i hate people that feel entitled to stuff.
      -people that cannot take what they dish out. rude friends that demand respect, coded friends that pry the daylight outta your life, stingy selfish friends that demand your generosity etc I CAN'T DEAL O .j

  19. People that leave their mouths open and make loud sound as they chew
    When people step on my shoes or flip flops with their shoes at entrances
    Dirty kitchens and bathrooms
    When people just assume that it's okay to scroll through my chats when they requested to view my pictures
    When people obviously lack courtesy. ie, Being your respectable self and people don't acknowledge what you have done as if it's their right to be respected. Eg, standing up for an elderly person to seat in a Banking hall when every other seated youth ignores them.
    When people assume that they can interrupt your reading when you're reading a novel.
    Guys changing DPs too with silly PMs. I;m sometimes guilty of changing my DP often, say 4-5 times a day. LOL

  20. - The fact that you can write and read in English but refuse to type a word completely and sensibly without useless abbreviations, makes me see RED.. And oh! if you're a "toaster", forget am, no chance.
    - I hate the forever question of "when are you getting married? from relatives. You're 29yrs now abi? Please hurry up, no time again o, you don de old" And this happens to be my mums immediate elder sisters past-time whenever she sees me. So bad I started avoiding family events until I put the matter to rest. My Aunt: (As soon as I greeted her, seeing first time in months) her reply was, ehen ka ki ime? Thats how are you in Igbo.. (Still responding oh) and she fires away with same question. Usually I smiled and said "soon auntie" but that day, I said: Auntie, two of your daughters are older than me and unmarried, I suggest you worry them (With a serene smile on my face) and as I was
    walking away, I said; and auntie, since I have no man in my life and none forthcoming, show me a shop where husbands are sold and I will gladly purchase. Matter ended with her casting and praying that it will never be so that no member of the family has ever bought a husband but since then, she has left me alone.
    - I will literally froth in the mouth if someone messes with my stuff without permission and or mess with permission and not arrange it back. I'm too organised to a point that it scares my family. Please don't blame me if I like to know where things are always.
    - I hate hate guys that can't see beyond my physical endowment
    - I can't stand girls that are air-headed.
    Abeg make I stop here.

  21. What more am I to type. Cant stop laughing at all the comments. You guys rock!

  22. People that chew noisily
    Coming to my room and placing ur shoe/slippers on my foot mat.
    Borrowing my stuff and never returning until I have to come get it my self or worse, finding out you'v loaned it out to someone else.
    Bunching up my curtains and squeezing them into the window bar *arrgghhh*!!!!
    Screaming my name from a distance while still coming to meet me at my location to get what you need
    When I say stop! but U choose that point to test my breaking point by adopting the "or else?" approach. Av been known to respond to that physically, but God help me sha.
    People can b so very annoying sometimes though!

  23. I hate it when people keep tapping my shoulder,touching or poking me when having a conversation. Please keep ur hands to yourself and talk with ur mouth.

  24. I can relate with many of the pet peeves here, even with yours Thelma. My pet peeves are;

    1) When objects are not kept back from where it was taken! If it was not put there, would the person have seen it to use in the first place?

    2) Strangers touching and talking to me! What right do they have!

    3) People that think they have a right to something I have or act certain way to me simply because we are friends or relatives?

    4)Guests or visitors that come unannounced! And all in the name of I just come greet you!

    5)People who always asking me for money or see me as a way to get what they want! Are my parents blessings same with mine?

  25. 1. i hate loud people. 2. i hate people rearranging my things 3. if u take any of my things pls put it back EXACTLY where u took it from. 4. don't think it is wrong for me to decide what I want or do not want simply because u handle ur stuff in a particular manner. 5. if I did not collect ur stuff or get paid to offer u service, I DO NOT frigging owe u anything. don't act like I'm a terrible person for not wanting to share. sharing is left to my discretion. byee.

  26. I forgot to add, I dislike neat freaks.


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