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Sex At The Gym

There's an article titled My Trainer Took Advantage Of Me And I Loved Every Minute If It on thought catalogue. I saw this and I was momentarily transported back to 2009. In 2009 I started working out in the Surulere stadium. A few days after I started working out there I joined one of these exercise groups where the members are predominantly women. And most of these woman are often bored housewives. I'm not suggesting that every house wife is bored, but these ones seemed to be. Gossip was their stock in trade and after the workout session most of them were in no way, form or shape ready to leave. They had cliques and would sit down and gist for a few more hours. 

One day our trainer, this 6ft4 buff guy with 6 packs and nice biceps asked me to stay behind. It was the week after I began. I wasn't doing anything at the time so I waited patiently. I observed how most of these housewives wanted private moments with him. Each of them vied for his attention, they'd wriggle their arses before him and giggle flirtatiously. Some wanted more private exercise, some wanted further instructions, others just wanted attention. I waited for over an hour till everyone left. He made sure everyone left before turning back his attention to me. 

He told me that because I'd just begun he had to give me a full body massage and took me to a changing room. No one had told me about this massage before but I didn't mind, it made sense. Up until he asked me to strip and cover myself with a shawl he handed me. I looked at him dubiously. He then assured me that this was routine procedure and told me that everyone else in the group did it. He reminded me that it was a full body massage and if I kept my clothes on they will get in the way. Besides we were to use a lot of oil so..... I thought, ok. But then he made no move to leave while I undressed, till I asked him to excuse me. Long story short, I wrapped myself with the shawl and laid on the massage mat. He proceed to rub a number of oils all over my body. This made me very squeamish, first off, I generally hate massages, secondly the way his palm kneaded my flesh made my skin crawl, but it was normal procedure so.... Next thing I know his hands began to slide to the wrong places. I didn't understand why my breasts needed to be massaged and why he kept trying to take off the shawl and leave me naked. I was going to get up and leave but he apologized and said it wasn't his fault, the oils made his hands very slippery and made them slide to those places. I tried to relax. 

Then he began to massage my legs and I tried to stay still. He started from my calves and worked his way up. He got to my upper thighs and kneaded in an upwards motion till his slippery fingers slid into a crevice that made me shove him and jump up. Of course if I tell this story in full, the way it happened some of you will scream TMI so lemme keep it moving. 

Long story short I felt violated after that massage. Not like a victim though,  I wasn't a victim of anything and no, he didn't assault me either so don't misunderstand me. I get the feeling that he had thought I would have enjoyed the experience and it would have lead to something more. I also get the feeling that he was rendering these sexual services to some of the ladies there, I think this massage is just the way he let's you know what's on the table; an Offer, so to speak. You relax and accept his massage even as his fingers titillate your breasts and slide into your privates and you say nothing; Acceptance. 

I later got to learn that he wasn't the only trainer rendering these services. My brother used to work out in the stadium as well but at the main gym. One morning after my workout I went to join him and wait for him to finish. Then I noticed this trainer about ten feet away. It was his watch that caught my eyes. In the dimly lit dreary gym that watch gleamed. Then I looked at the wearer. He was bulky with bulging biceps and triceps and a well sculpted handsome face. My first thought was nsogbu di kwa! Trouble!
      Over time I noticed that all his clients were female, most were rich and there was always an unusual physical closeness between them. Watching him with each woman he trained made me quite  uncomfortable, there was just always something; the discreet inappropriate touches, I think. 
      Upon further investigation I learnt that this man is/was a gigolo. He slept with a lot of his clients and he was well taken care of by most of these women. I heard his car was paid for by a client as was most of his watches and other accessories. 

I believe this to be true because four years later, in 2013 he became my trainer too. The day he became my trainer he called my phone and said "hello, baby, how are you?". I thought that was weird, he kept calling me at weird hours and calling me 'baby' and asking if we could meet outside the gym, at night most preferably. Twice he said he wanted to come visit me at home, he had a gift for me. He wanted to give me something, something that will make me very 'happy'. Something he couldn't give me at the gym? Long story short this affected the dynamics of our workout relationship and I got another trainer. 

A lot goes on at Surulere stadium and it's not only the trainers who render these services. Some trainers try to get (older) women to pay for their 'other' services. Many chics come to workout to attract some of the rich older men that also come there. A lot of the men there know so many of the chics are thirsty and desperate and they come to take advantage of it. Some just look for partners to engage in sexual activities with, as part of the recreation. There's so much sex going on over there! 

..... And the point of this post? I'm not really sure. 


  1. Na wa o . orishirishi.the hustle is Real..3451

  2. Kai Thelllllma ooooo, your are one helluva blogger and sweet too! Your openness exudes in all posts and I'll say I'm always captivated by the. Well done, love virtually all your posts and this got me chuckling "an Offer, so to speak. You relax and accept his massage even as his fingers titillate your breasts and slid into you privates and you say nothing; Acceptance". Massage indeed.

  3. *captivated by them*

  4. Lol. Thelma this is spot on. Surulere stadium is on another level. If u be jjc will not know what is happening there. Even old Nollywood actors come there to get some action. Paul Obazele, Keppy ekpeyong etc, you will see them jogging and cutting eye for chics.

  5. Ah Thelma! I believe you, too much yeye going on there.
    I have this close friend, who I've known to be a fitness enthusiast alright, but I raised eyebrows when he told me he drives all the way from his Apapa home to the stadium on weekends, and at hours when I know his wife likes him being at home. I mentioned my thoughts, he only said 'you know I like training and keeping fit and so does my wife'. I said 'ok, this training there must be on another level.'
    Fast forward 2 months later, he called me up and said he'd come pick me up so we'd hang out. He came with his friend who I was also friends with, and we went out.
    It was all gists, tease and fun, he received calls from someone who asked why they didn't see him at the gym and asking him to describe where we were and how to get there. He called his wife and I spoke with her, I could hear she was glad it was I and the other man her husband was with.
    Few minutes later, a lady came. And she was all over him, in fact they were dating.
    Turns out they met at the gym. From the gist that followed, she wasn't the only one who had eyes on him...but she won.
    I said 'ehen?! I said it, that stadium training must be on another level'. They all laughed. I wasn't happy though, because I know his wife and had spoken with her just before girlfriend came. They took me back to my place.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha! Another level training. Lol

  6. I am trully a JJC...O.o!!!!

  7. With my Size 8 all i do is jog on my own. General is my personal trainer. meanwhile i need to add some flesh, fastest way please?

  8. Drink milk+malt drink anytime between 11:30pm and 2am. Your thighs will start telling tales within a week.

    1. memphis i tried that thing for a while i didnt see so much changes and my stomach was always singing and i would end up visiting the loo.

  9. Same thing is going on here at Jabi lake in Abuja. U will see all sorts.

  10. Trainer giving an unsolicited massage? There is no decency in this sex thing anymore, is this the result of lack of real entertainment in Nigeria generally? Or signs of too many frustrated people? Or maybe I am the dry one!
    Or is the world truly ending soon? I think I am confused.

    1. Lol, Wale. you are right all the way. There is no longer decency in the sex thing; there is a serious lack of real entertainment in Nigeria; people are a lot more frustrated; the world is truly ending soon, and finally, yes! because you did not know the answer to all these questions, u r indeed the dry one!!!

    2. LOLs. Anno yi ti kolo

    3. Ok, I got it now. Let me remain dry jare, too many troubles going round.

  11. I knew there was a reason I don't subscribe to the idea of personal trainer. I jog from my house to front of stadium and jog back. E do me abeg.

  12. Interesting and entertaining. I said it before, I learn something new anytime I visit.


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