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Turning Tables.

Let's turn the table. 

So tonight I picked my ipad to share a story with your guys about a budding celebrity I've got some history with (personal details withheld of course) but somehow I just couldn't find the strength to tell that story so I wondered, why should I be the only one doing the telling? So I'm turning the table. 

Share your stories with me, tell me how your day went, tell me what you're up to, tell me what's going on with you, tell me about your boo/your crush/your ex, tell me about your fears, tell me why you love me, tell me why you hate me, tell me what makes you tick, tell me what you would like to see on the blog, tell me what could make the blog better, tell me why you're a single guy and you've not holla'd @ me for MATCHMAKE MOMENTS, tell me what you had for dinner. Tell me whatever!

I'm waiting guys. It's your turn tonight!

I'll share the other story soon, I kind of felt like if I'd written it tonight I would still have given away his identity somehow...


  1. Thelma I prefer to hear your own gist. I dont have gist.

  2. Me too, I want to hear that gist but I have gist too. My office crush just asked me out. I know people say office romance is a no no but i'm too excited and I promise to be careful.

    1. Gush! I envy you. When d guy u really want wants you back. Oh! Heaven.

    2. Why the envy? are you experiencing unrequited love at the moment?

    3. Stay away from office romance ! It never ends well o and things will now become awkward between u guys after .. Save yourself the stress and embarrassment

    4. I tell you! the awkwardness is just terrible, but in as much as some don't work out, some other people have met their partners at the work place, so Goodluck to you.

  3. Day so kinda boring, was home all day wt my baby, wondering if this is how my life will continue to be. Am fighting depression daily, hubby n I r growing apart, just a year in, I don't think I have the strength to even fight for d marriage anymore. Had Eba n egusi for dinner. So, back to u, who's d celebrity?

    1. Please just out of curiousity how long have you been married? Your life does not have to continue to be like this, when baby is older you can start doing something that will take your mind off things. Even if you want to be a stay at home mum there might be small businesses you can do from the home. Sorry dear.

    2. Go out,talk to your friends u need some time alone some me time,it happens to a lot of people,myself included. If u can get someone take care of baby for a day it really helps

  4. It's strange but I was sleepy all through today at work.I had to enter the file room and do some 1 hour power nap.J

    1. Lol. That was me during my second pregnancy. I was constantly missing from my desk for a while. Uncontrollable sleep.

    2. Lol,am back in school and preg with my second baby, believe me I spend more than half the time in class sleeping lol,got so bad that when my professor handed back our scripts from a test he was shocked when he saw mine I did well!

  5. Well,my day was just stressful because i kept running errands For My Senior colleagues i don't know what kind of invention they want to make sorta preventive measure for the new Virus thats on board(it'll probably yield dough)but i was the one doing 'behind the scene' jobs.
    I have a crush on this guy @ work,he's really cute n tall and all.We've never talked and then yesterday he came to our office for something important after which he just asked for my digits just like that,ok o.I just gave it and then i saw him this morning and i suddenly felt like the ground should open,i completely pretended like i didn't see him and he noticed it cos he told me later(i told myself i won't have anything to do with anybody @ work,just Hi's and Hello's) and then i met this one who looked really nice and decent but this guy is so proud and finds it hard being himself when am around.His tone of speaking changes and the most annoying of it all is trying to phonerize every word that comes out of his mouth all i keep hearing is;I wanna,i gonna,i gora he doesn't know how silly he looks doing that especially infront of other people.
    Thelma i love you because you are original and you like being yourself.
    I don't hate you,i only think you can be very blunt and straight.
    What i would like to see on the blog:I don't know about others but for me i like reading about how your day went and other general gists.I also like that blog readers are given opportunities to write stories n stuff,it will also be good if blog readers birthdays are being remembered and posted thats if they inform you about it and giving out of freebies once in a while is also a way of promoting the blog(there should be some blog readers who might be willing to be sponsors for that.I think that's that for now.

    1. Lool @ I wanna, I gonna, I shame lol

  6. Thelma i has a sumptious dinner of hot eba and banga okro soup nd tommy fish!!woooooow feel lyk dippin my hand in mamas pot 2 pick fish dis night.LoL

  7. I finished nysc febuary nd d tot of been jobless for 6months is killing. The moment i hear someone has a job dunno if am happy or jealous

  8. Only had one meal today at lunch time was just too busy... Sometimes u r just to tired to eat. Err what else?!?! Went to the gym after work the hubby then went to church this evening for prayer meeting. That's the sum of my day! Now I'm hungry and I'm trying to fight it Cus it's late lol

  9. Try and eat dear so you won't eat at dreamland

  10. Thelma tell us your own giSt

  11. @Anon 10.44,you don't have to be jealous,and don't be too anxious believe me i understand how you feel,what about people that stay for more than 1yr,yes you aren't them and just have faith,You'll get a job soon.155

    1. Hey Anon, mail me your phone number so I can send you the airtime.

  12. Spent my whole day in a friends house doing the gossip girl tin. And I regret my gist cos I let out stuffs dat were suposed to be someones secret. Too much aproko is bad.*winks*882

  13. Spent the day at home. Dropped my son off for summer coaching. Home again and that angel of mine refused to sleep till past noon, after lots of bribes - my phone, the tablet, a cup of tea..... the babe no gree.

    I won airtime here. Yipee! Went to the market. Picked my son from school. Made okra soup. Survived the evening till they slept. Got my airtime from Thelma. :). Thanks, again.

    1. @ Enjay I love okra soup cos I hv some wicked ways I cook it but I read dat it's not too good for guys so beware

    2. @ Enjay I love okra soup cos I hv some wicked ways I cook it but I read dat it's not too good for guys so beware

    3. Thanks, Anon. I tried a search on Google but the only info on it was dated four years ago. Nothing recent.

  14. My day was good. Was at home cleaning the house in preparation for a wedding tomorrow. Read 2 books - why men marry bitches and one other novel like that. Had rice and fish for dinner. Didn't really talk to my bf today. I want him to call me first or show that he misses me. And suprisingly I've not missed him so much. Maybe something is going wrong somewhere. I love your blog thelma. I think that's all. Goodnight people - simsi

    1. Please when you're done with the book write a thesis on why men love bitches and share with us. Lol.... Ok not a thesis, but I'm really curious about that book, I rarely ever have the time to read these days.

  15. Ha! Thelma, this was what happened to me today o. I was almost scammed!

  16. I went to a job I hate.. I am underemployed which hurts a lot! but it helps to pay the phone bill so no worries till I get a full 9 to 5 job. Went to the library to print out resumes and borrowed two books called little bee which happens to have a nigerian setting written by a british man and the second book is called redefining realness which i think is an autobiography on womanhood, love and identity. Meanwhile, my phone has been buzzing. As a single baby girl like myself.. every Thomas and Dickson wants to converse abi text.. Why can't these guys pick up the phone and TALK ? this indomie generation haff tire me.
    I had salad and baked chicken for dinner then yogurt and grapes for dessert. Tried putting teriyaki sauce in my salad for the first time and I loved it. I thought it was only used to marinade chicken and beef. I'm attending my first fashion show tomorrow so I need to rush to the mall to get something nice to wear. At least something interesting this week for me...dazz all guys.. night night.

  17. Meme baby, na wa o, all this your oyinbo delicacy, pls I am always at a loss about what to cook, I'm tired of the staus quo, rice, eba, bean, yam, eggs, and the regular Nigerian meals. Pls help a sister out with come nice recipes.

    Thelma, since I got pregnant with baby number too, I just haven't got myself, I'm so tired, cranky, sleepy, weak, sex is soooo not on my mind, I feel sad for hubby. I live on hot spicy indomie or any pepperish stuff I can lay my hands on.

    I think someday, Thelma thinks readers should hook up and have a beach thing or a dinner somewhr, let's groove a bit (my tots o)

    I love u Thelma, not many pple can bare their minds the way u do, I like to believe that you are a very honest person a quality very rare in friendship these days. Keep up the good work. Clare

  18. Well,my day was boring as usual,had to attend this boring meeting that took over 4 hours! Guess what!they were just deliberating on weather to or not to ban OLAMIDE'S story for the Gods,mhen,old people meeting can be so boring,I see no wrong in the song,and weather dey ban or not olamide is making is dough!mtchewww..everywhere is just boring jare.

  19. Please,anybody that is a music lover should pls send me a list of cool and inspirational music,xpecially old schools like lean on me,I need u to survive,I mean songs like that,I really need them.just the artiste name and d track title
    Thelma you know I love u gan and yoy do no wrong as far as I am concerned!
    BTW,where s our ruthy?

    1. Yes, I noticed too. Ruthy, wherever you are, it's time to come out.

    2. I noticed that she hasn't been commenting..Ruthylicious!!where are uuuuu???u hav been missed!

  20. I need to go anonymous on this. Please who can teach a sister how to ride. The general is complaining bitterly. I still find sex painful and hate missionary. Got to work late because he was trying to teach me to i sit the thing is always too painful. He has gotten tired of compensation with BJ.I can sense his frustration as he thinks im unwilling to learn.
    No insults im very hurt already and just want a solution before tonights show. Sigh!

    1. I know all about lubes relaxing and foreplay,thx.

    2. lol I am going anonymous too..sweetie, I had the same issue as well. I don't know if you are open to watching porn. No ? Yes ? If you are, then you should go on and just search for riding or whatever and see how it's done. True story, I was never comfortable riding my boo because I felt I didn't know how to and I thought I would squash him as he is lanky and I'm a size 10. I also wanted to learn how to either ways and also learn how to have sex on a couch ( lol, I'm a learner, he is my first). So yea, porn hub taught me well as I just searched for amateur videos with thick girls as I am not slim.. hahaha..that's all I can say boo.

    3. Thank you, Not sure about Porn though. He fit begin de suspect me sef. Thanks a bunch.

    4. you won't watch it with him

  21. Yeah riding my ex was always painful and he understood and just went missionary. I was disturbed and searched for porns etc just to perfect my skills, for where, all na same I still cudnt enjoy riding him. Then I met my new baby, he is big and not as long as my ex was, now I ride him like a power bike. Guess the problem then was with my ex's 'stuff' thin and too long. I miss his caring and kind part though, he is still the best in that aspect but sex; mba o.

    1. lol, enjoy your dick.

  22. I have had about the most boring week ever. Been on leave and decided to stay at home. Now I wish I did not take out the whole one-month leave. It's been so lonely especially with the kids not around and no intimate relationship.


    1. Sorry, dear. I hope it's not too late to spice it up. Make the most of it.

  23. What i've been up to. I lost my new phone on Saturday that I just got less than a month ago, oh lord I cried so hard, I never believed that I can cry over something like that before but when I remembered all the pages I had saved for my school work, I was just weak. Well guess what happened on Tuesday, a colleague of mine called and told me that someone is calling with my line and asking me to come and get my phone. I was warned by some concerned people not to go and some just said I should be careful, couldn't just forget my phone like that so went and when I got to the place it was a very busy place so was a little relieved, and the man gave me my phone back and told me I left it in the bus and he's been trying to get me to come and take the phone back. Wow good people are still in this world and May God bless him for it

    1. Lucky you. Those tears were not in vain. :)

  24. Yesterday ended my really loooong 'weekend'! Took off on Thursday for an amazing friend's wedding that i was so excited about, most people thought i was d one getting married. Had an amazing time with my cuz n his family and a great time at the wedding and met the most amazing tall dark chocolate drink of a man! Who says u can't meet good men at weddings?! *knock on wood*


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