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16 Thoughts I Had When I Saw Linda Ikeji's New 2014 Range Rover.

The first message I was woken up to got me feeling some kinda way. It was from a close friend frantically urging me to go to Linda's blog and see her last post. I was still a bit groggy but hey, what the heck? I was actually quite eager as I'd thought it would be something I could post on my blog (seeing as I wake up most mornings with no idea of what to post and would gladly copy&paste if need be *covers face*). Oh well, it wasn't something I could post per se, but it was pretty interesting. So I'm going to share with you guys the thoughts in my head when I saw Linda Ikeji's new 2014 Range Rover and her other cars. 

1) Buahahahahahahhaha. It must be frustrating for Linda's haters the way she keeps winning. 

2) Wait, why did this babe want me to see this? What am I supposed to do? Feel bad? Be jealous? Get
depressed? Kill myself? Whatever jor

3) Don't you just hate it when a friend messages you and says check that person's page, that person just got engaged, this person just bought a new car, that person just got married, that person's salary just trebled, that person's husband just flew her out of the country to go shopping, yadayadayada. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE JOR!

4) But babes, why you dey vex? Swear you've never been guilty of that same thing too. You have abi? Oya stop vexing. 

5) Dang! That dress. Linda keep your Range, just give me that dress. I'll do gastric bypass just to fit into that dress. (Wait. If I can afford gastric bypass why don't I just get the dress, and more dresses?)

6) Linda is one favoured woman. 

7) Is she just proud of her achievements and trying to encourage others, or is she trying to make people jealous? Hmmm *thinking*. 

8) Ok, why is she showing us her three cars side by side? Now she's just rubbing it in jor!

9) How many other gossip bloggers are asking at this very minute "God, when will it be my turn?

10) (my friend messages to say Linda is wearing a ring but on the wrong hand) *RME* Babe you dey see things sha *SMH*. (Sorry babe, I actually RME'd n SMH'd at you, but I still love you. LOL). So is Linda trying to tell us something? Is she going to pull a 'Toke Makinwa Ayida' on us soon?

11) Who's the lucky man? Hmmmm? Who might Linda be seeing? Will she marry someone less successful than she is? Otherwise he's got to be doing really well for himself... Hmmm. 

12) Wait. Are all these cars going to fit into that compound? Don't other people in the compound have cars too? Where will she park the cars? Where will the others park their cars?

13) When will Linda move out of her parent's home? She can certainly afford to live wherever she wants... Is there a particular reason she's still living at home? I would really really like to know... 

14) (When my friend messaged to say "Hmmm, all this just from blogging?") Well you have to remember that she's been blogging for quite sometime now. But then the truth is, she's not the only one who's been blogging for that long; the babe is simply favoured. She's not the only one who's been blogging for that long, but she's 'The Chosen One' #Matrix. LOL.
*but I'm beginning to wonder if my friend was insinuating that Linda's wealth isn't from blogging alone but from some other (secret/questionable/unknown?) means?*

15) That's why the importance of vision can never be overstated. Take everything and just give me vision. Dear Lord give me foresight and sharpen my instincts. Linda wouldn't be where she is today without vision, that's why in the first few years she started blogging even when she wasn't seeing a dime she knew to stay on course because the future for her as a blogger was much bigger than who she was or what she and others could see. That's what vision does. 

16) Nwando ngwa it haff do. Get off the bed. But this weather tho... Weather for two tinz. LOL. 


  1. Lord when would it be my turn oh, chai! And it came to my mind that her haters would just be tired, ehhh we are hating you and your not tripping, you keep winning Nawa and the ring* I noticed it too noticed* it was on the right finger too hmmm. Finally she must be trying to make some people die where they are lol

  2. Lolllllll, I asked my self that question too why is she showing us her 3 cars at once plus that ring? Well congrats to her,yours will com too T.

  3. I wonder about #7 too. Because everytime after Linda has finished showing off and rubbing it in your face she immediately turns into a motivational speaker. Shioor.

  4. And btw,she bought/built a home for her folks so technically its her home till otherwise...

    1. That was in the village. Is she going to move to her village? I'm sure she has properties in Lagos too but I'm also curious that she's still living in Surulere with mama and papa.

    2. She has said before, years ago that her dad said she must live at home till she moves to her husband's house.

  5. Lols...her hustle isn't only real but its paying off too!
    The favour of God shldnt be underestimated!

  6. I wish she was unapologetic about her wealth. She strikes me as someone who doesn't think she deserves her wealth. So she tries to show off in a "shy" way. I don't know how to put. But I wish she had more self confidence. The babe is a star. She has to walk and talk the walk and talk of stars.

    1. She strikes me as a naturally shy person. How many times have you seen her at events in Lagos?J

    2. Ifesinachi I know what you mean. But I think her shyness is because she's showing off and that's what she's ashamed of. What is the recent development of her posting everything she's wearing and tagging the designers on IG? To me that signifies poverty mentality. That na me be dis? mentality.

    3. She does the tagging thing for other people so why not for herself? It's her style of blogging, she knows what brings the comments so she does that. i'm surprised people act surprised when she does that.

  7. LOL! In fact I'm Rotflmsao!!!
    I learnt a new thing this morning, I Can Really be Jealous oh! But in a Good way. LOL.
    My bff from high school just called me this morning to tell me she got engaged & i'm the chairperson of her wedding planning committee, honestly I cringed & felt nauseous. Like, Babe for real? The single me? It is well.
    Anyway, the feeling will pass. I know.

    Then I went on LIB & saw that post. #Bows! I just can't hate on Linda, whatever she's doing to make her money, she should do more. She & Dencia are the real hustling MVPs!

  8. There is too much of poverty mentality with that lady, reason I lost interest in anything about her. And same reason I am a fan of 2Face.
    I look forward to the day people will do very big things and will see it as normal; the king of the jungle doesn't show off his game!

    1. Thank you Wale, I guess it's something true 2face fans have in common. They aren't moved by blatant shows of material wealth, it reeks of inferiority complex and poor mentality. Humility is the one quality they embrace.
      I'm not hating in anyway, it's the same way I feel when people broadcast the fact that they went to orphans or did some kind of charity. When you are giving don't let your right hand know what your left hand is giving and you Father in heaven will reward you. Have you ever noticed that when people are giving change as offering in church they squeeze it but when they are giving thousands they have a way of making everyone around notice, they bring it out of their wallets slowly and drop it into the offering box with a show of pride instead of gratitude. That's part of why Jesus said it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
      Theres an oppressor mentality we have and it's not good, that is why many people won't show you the way they make money cos they always want to be "above" you, in their minds money defines who you are so they'll rather give you water than lead you to the stream to fetch for yourself.
      Sad how we let material wealth cloud our senses.

    2. In Linda's defence, she does that for other people on her blog she's probably following the same pattern knowing the traffic it will generate. It's all about business for some people. Look at the comments that post has. She chose traffic (business) over being modest.

      Some time ago (when she bought the jeep)she said a lot of runs girls put up pictures of cars and houses bought by sugar daddies and the like, so putting up her own accomplishments is a way of showing young girls that you can achieve all that (cars, building a house for your parents, wearing designer cloths etc) through hard work as against runs. She has a point because every time I see a post on some big thing Linda accomplished it motivates me to work harder, it gives me hope that God can bless even the least expected hustle and to be steadfast.

      Her blog is an influential medium so..... J

  9. Is linda the only person making money from blogging? Bella naija is doing well but not showing off. Linda is setting herself for God knows what. Thelma unless you are reeady to blog about just anything to just any audience, you and linda arent in the same category. Also linda does a lot of giveaways - awoof is what people like.

    1. Miss Pynk I wasn't comparing myself to Linda. This post is in no way related to me in comparison to Linda. First off I'm not and will probably never be a gossip blogger, secondly I honestly don't imagine myself making that kind of money from just blogging alone. In truth I don't see myself in the same category with Linda or any other blogger for that matter. I generally appreciate anyone who's succeeding in their (legitimate) chosen fields.

      And while I appreciate everyone saying Thelma you will get there, my visions and dreams are quite different from this.

      Still on still, I pray to find success in whatever I put my hands into and I wish the same for you all.

    2. Amen, on behalf of all of us

    3. Amen o! Even though I won't mind the kind money Linda has. Lol

    4. Amen. Everyone has their own destined path to greatness. What modelling didn't get Linda, blogging did.

  10. Linda is highly favoured, her story is a constant reminder that no one knows tomorrow and that the future holds a lot so long as thr is life. We will all get thr God willing.

  11. I hail linda and her hustle... @T, soon we go pop our rang rover and Mercedes oh... Soon I say... Hope everyone is having a wonderful day...

  12. I went to same school (and same set) as Oluchi Onweagba - Surulere Girls' Secondary School.
    I also attended the same tutorial center as Linda in Surulere.
    Both ladies are super rich and I am just me.
    Am I jealous? Far from it.
    Do I wish for their kind of wealth? Only if God allows it.



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