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A Nutter Like Me... (Moment Of Truth)

It's the way I know those ones who really care
They don't want to be around only when my party's still jammin'
They're with me still when the music dies, and the floors are messy and the friends have gone
They love me through my dark sides
They're there when my mood swings
They're not threatened or frightened by what they see
They sit quietly in a corner and wait till it blows over
All the while smiling tenderly, waiting patiently 
And when it finally blows over and I become me again
Smily, and sparkly and ready to play
They smile back and say 'I love you Nwando'
And I can't help but think
You really must be crazy to love a nutter like me. 
You crazy crazy dear man; 
Crazy and brave; you love a nutter like me. 

Thank you. 


You see, we've all got flaws that push some people away at times. But some of us are fortunate to have crossed paths with people who really don't mind, they love us even in spite of that nasty thing that's a part of us, or are undeterred by it at least. 

What's that 'nasty' thing that's a part of you that lets you know; if he/she actually sees this part of me and still stays and their feelings don't change, then he/she must really love me?

Moment Of Truth! LOL


  1. Hmmm, you want everyone to comment as anonymous abi? I think one of mine is that I zone out sometimes, my gf always complains that my mind is too deep and from the look on my face it's obvious I'm not present. That I was the one who said no secrets but it's obvious that I'm going through some shit in my head and I refuse to let her in. Now the irony is that part of the shit going through my head is that I'm afraid that if she finds out the rest of the shit that's going through my mind she might not want to stay. Lol
    This is why I always argue that loving someone is way deeper and more difficult than being in love with someone.
    T you nor go sleep?

  2. A few but the main one is my weight. When someone loves me even with my weight problem then I believe them. Lol

  3. Hmmmmmm, mine is a Lil bit too private. #Clue: medical issues. Anyone who loves me despite that is the REAL MVP...

    But my Anger is Crazy as hell. As in I command fire & brimstone from heaven. Kai. Ruth.
    But I'm changing, cultivating self control is more difficult than cooking stone but i'll get there by God's grace!

  4. Is it possible to love a girl dts I am and it has made me lose my self esteem..and by hairy I mean everywhere..chin(I wax tho),chest(shave every week),hands(trim wit scissors) and legs...I feel rili insecure abt myself cz of 21...a graduate..done wit nysc and I've neva had a boyfrnd nt bad looking bt pple always point out dt am hairy n it makes me fil lyk crap..dunno wt 2 do

    1. Awwww, what to do is to love urself hun, smone dat loves u truly ll look beyond the hairs, no one is perfect my dear.

    2. I use to have a course mate in school. She was hairy to the last. I don't think you can even stand near her. She's your mother in the hairs. Guess what...She rolled with strictly people we the normal people could only roll with in our dreams. Big guys dear. The secret is she over-loved herself. She saw nothing wrong with being hairy. Everyone in school had a name for her sef cos she made it worse by wearing revealing clothes. The essence of my long story is....

      Just love yourself and every other person is good to love you.

    3. Hian! And u think u hav a problem whn I know lotsa biggest boys dt would kill 2 hv a hairy woman coz of d pleasure dy get 4rm feeling a hairy womans body. Abeggi

      And 2 think u said U R good looking!!

      *lips sealed and watching*

  5. I run from myself when my mood swing starts. Its terrrible for me. Its even reduced drastically but any guy that comes and loves me with the mood swings and my occasionally weird character, he must be perfect for me.

    1. @Rubby I wanna get this clear, do all women hv mood swings, coz I haven't come across a woman without one. Or is it d kinda women I meet?

      *lips sealed and watching*

    2. I wouldn't know if every woman has mood swings but every human has an iota of five minutes madness.

      Doh..unseal your lips one day u hear..

  6. I have a huge problem arranging my penis when I dress up. Either the stuff flays to the right or left or just bulges in front for all to see. Guys in the house a little help?

    1. Stop wearing skinny jeans, in the words of JayZ inthe song Encore he said "I don't wear skinny jeans cos' my nuts don't fit"

    2. Lmao, what kind of underwear do you put on? Try tighter briefs, they help keep the anaconda at bay

  7. well mine is my temper nd sumtyms my sharp mouf,if d physical package attracts him nd he can just look @ me nd smile or let me display my madness,den I believe him 4 real.

  8. Mine is my sharing my moodiness and my headiness. When am angry, I tend to snap @everyone&everything, just give me a wide berth in those times.

    Also,i can totally insist on my way seemingly unnecessarily. When the thing just enter my head,dont even push me cuz I tend to push you farther away.Better to let. Me be,in my own time.

  9. Am amazed with the amount of people who have anger issues because am guilty too....I get angry as if hell has been let loose but I can play for Africa....but if the thing enter me...sango no spit fire reach me......#irepseptember 9##that naughty house wife

  10. Anger!! I say it how I think it is when am angry not minding the power of words and who am hurting,and yet with a smile,he says,I know that feeling,am sorry but you are wrong..but am trying to control it sha.

  11. I sweat a lot and its soooo saddening, any little thhing I do....sweat, little walk...sweat....kai, I've tried all sorts of deodoant and anti persporants, still no difference. And this lagos weather is not helping. I've also never had a boyfriend (at 21) because of that, because i feel sooo insecure. Anyway I would welcome any suggestions

    1. @Anon 9:04 I use 2 have hyperhidrosis b4, sweating all around Lagos until a doctor fwend of mine helped me wid d following tips..

      There R some soaps that irritate's our skins, so u might wanna start using bland soaps dt doesn't or U can try mosturisers as well
      If possible, avoid triggers which can make things worse such as heat or spicy food.
      If you have armpit sweating:
      Try using normal antiperspirants regularly. There must be a very good antiperspirant in d market dt reduces the release of sweat.
      Avoid clothes that more easily show up sweat marks. As a rule, white and black coloured clothes are less noticeable when wet than other colours.
      Wear loose clothing under the armpits. Avoid clothes made with man-made fibres such as Lycra and nylon.
      Consider using dress shields (also known as armpit or sweat shields) to absorb excess sweat and protect delicate or expensive clothing.
      If you have excessive feet sweating, it can help to:
      Change your socks at least twice a day.
      Use an absorbent foot powder twice daily.
      Wear a different pair of shoes on alternate days. This allows them to dry fully.
      Avoid sport shoes or boots. These are often less breathable than normal shoes are, so are more likely to keep the sweat in.

      ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE - is a strong antiperspirant dt u shld try If u can't find a normal antiperspirants dt works 4 U. it is worth trying an antiperspirant that contains aluminium chloride. This is a strong antiperspirant. It is thought to work by blocking the openings of the sweat ducts. It tends to work best in the armpits. However, it may also work for sweating of the palms and soles and face.

      And also don't 4get 2 buy one of those thick handkerchiefs dt absorbs lots of sweat. I make sure I carry one of dm wid me wherever I go and it has been of gr8 help unlike those lickle ones dt does nada

      *lips sealed and watching*

  12. Mine is stubbornness, I can be stubborn for Africa and whenever that demon lands on my shoulder I'm the most irrational person around, funny thing is in my mind I know I'm being irrational but for where, I'll still stand on my fool hardy opinion like I'm testing how far I can stretch a person's sanity. Its crazy I know.

  13. For me,four things are involved here. My stubbornness,my terrible mood swings n my weight. Wen I see anyone who sticks around despite all dis,I so much appreciate dem.not like am fat though,but I weigh 77kg n as for my mood swings,I cud b happy in d morning,but by noon,m getting crazy n angry with everything n every one for no concrete reason.God help me

    1. Lol, madam weighs 85kg and I love her like that. If she goes down to 77.... Hmmm

  14. Mine is impatience. I have had dis issue for a very long time, all the guys i have dated always say the same thing. My short temper na for Africa mehn. God has been dealing with me tho.

  15. I don't know wat to call mine but I tend to go quiet at times and stay that way for a while, u talk I don't answer, Le boo knows so whenever he sees me like that he just avoids me till I snap back. Then I lack self confidence I need someone to always tell me I'm beautiful. Mrs m

    1. Nah, you don't need someone to tell you cos it won't matter much. You need to start telling yourself that you're beautiful. That's the only way it will sink in, God made us in his image so we all are beautiful.
      Anytime I lose guard and say someone is ugly I immediately before for forgiveness because all of us were created by the maker. None of us has seen Him so how are you sure that you don't look more like Him? When you start appreciating and loving yourself more others will sense it and start loving you for it. If not you'll be bitter and they will sense your bitterness and start to avoid you. Talk to yourself more

    2. Thanks guys. But I've tried to tell myself but it's not d same as when I hear it from someone else. Mrs m

  16. I have a terrible short temper and my boo loves me regardless. I know how to shout and I have an abusive mouth (It's used when necessary). people tell him that they are scared of me (after some girl thought she could step on me, showed her I am crazy then she started looking for a pity party and was telling stories on campus lol).and they think I bully him haha.. funny thing is that I have never ever raised my voice or even insulted him maybe because he's the quiet angelic type..
    I think our temperament works well..he's a nice person and loves to help but I think some people take advantage of that and that's where I come in to make him see that and to get him hyped and fired put his feet down.. When I'm angry or something he's there to calm me down and take that negative spirit away or avoids me till I come back to earth lol.. crazy but it works for us ..

  17. mine is acne spots, a few of my friends say its not bad. but i used to feel so insecure about it, i couldnt go anywhere without make up on. im getting my self esteem back a little tho, as i have come to realize its not soo bad. but i still cant have a guy i like see me without make up. plus my mood swings are crazy, i have to make conscious effort to control myself.

  18. Seems most of us have anger issues.I guess the difference with mine is: when I am angry, I lose control over my mouth and mind. Therefore, most often, I try to remain silent when angry and walk away from the spot/person who angers me. Also, I could be a little too much of 'Ms. Independence' and a little too assertive. It takes a man with guts and plenty love/patience to 'tame' me. Third is: I speak a little too loudly when I am excited. Presently, I am trying very hard to control all three 'deficiencies'.


  19. Lol, I love your poem Thelma, especially the last lines.

  20. I can be very impatient with the littlest thing on a very bad day, God save you if you cross my path at that point!!!!!!

  21. Mine is that am not a very expressive person and may come off as seeming uninterested in most things and people/relationship though I have my moments of craziness. Am working on it though. So if a guy can hang around despite my inadequancies, he loves me.

  22. Mine is stubbornness..Talk from now till tomorrow,that thing I wanna do is what I'd do. I used to have anger issues. It was so bad that once the demon lands,I'd throw things at you,insult the life out of you but I never ever insult your family and all and the honest truth is it was always for a good reason...what helped me get past anger back then in school was how I constantly told myself "I am more than anger" till it became a part of me. Now,when one does something terrible to me that really requires I get angry,I just look at the person and walk away. Also used to have "black mood"(bad mood swings) then in school but how I got over it still remains a mystery to me. If He loves me irrespective of my flaws,then,he's perfect for Fina

  23. This is a tough one for me, I plead the fifth!

  24. I kinda ask way too much questions...nothing more

  25. I love too much and I'm too open always being taken advantage of. I guess I have a low self esteem which is why I keep hooking up with the wrong people that don't appreciate my worth and keep getting pissed on. To think that I'm really beautiful and have 2 post graduate degrees. I don dey think say na pesin do me, abi ma me do myself? Nobody wants to be with me for too long because of my insecurity. Dawn

  26. I am blunt. I don't have filter at all. I say stuff as it is, as I feel. That's it. I have other faults, but I don't know of them. If I do. They wouldn't be faults anymore because I am always trying to be a better version of myself.


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