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Could Social Network Be The Worst Thing To Happen To Marriages?

Some months back I did a post asking Candy if she had met her's husband's wife. Some of you thought it was outrageous, some did not believe it, some thought it made no sense, some probably thought it was Thelma just telling a story. So I said ok o! Lemme keep my more risqué posts to myself. Yet yesterday when I saw an excerpt of a bbm group chat on SDK between a number of married men who occasionally get young girls from wherever and have nights of decadence where they drink, get drunk, shag the babes, swap the babes they've shagged and continue to shag ahead, I just smiled. 

A few weeks back *Candy's husband called me one morning I was just about to say my prayers. Needless to say, after our conversation I couldn't pray. I just couldn't face God. The shame and the guilt was too much that I slowly swept my Bible and daily devotional aside. And my only sin was listening and saying hmm hmmm hmmmm... Just so he'll know I was still on the line.

Last time I told you guys Candy's husband (my friend) is in this bbm group for only married people above the age of 35. Widow(er)s and divorcees are welcome too. In this group they have sex chats, monthly or quarterly meetings where they have weekend-long orgies, and inter-bbm group marriages (yes, they have actual celebrations to mark the marriages). He told me about their last meeting which held in Lagos. The description below may be a bit explicit. 

Apparently *Biodun and his bbm-group wife have managed to split after going through the procedures set by the bbm group. He visited Lagos for the last meeting which held somewhere on the Island; some apartments in a building were rented for the weekend. On that first night everyone crowded the big living room and undressed completely, save for one woman in her early 40s who's a new member, she kept her bra on. They picked out two people to have sex in front of everyone and no one was allowed to do anything till those two were done, but masturbation was allowed. Everyone watched and they eagerly awaited the guy's coming (LOL) but he was taking a bit too long. Then one of the guys out of frustration asked one of the women to give him 'head' and when she bent own to perform the oral, Biodun noticed her completely exposed behind was right in front of him. His already turgid penis was almost bursting so he grabbed one of the condoms that had been scattered all around the living room, quickly put it on, and slammed into the woman from behind. He said it was then everyone lost control and joined in on the action, dismissing the order to wait till the first couple was done. 

Ok, this is an abridged version but I don't want to go into too many details. This lasted for an entire weekend; where a number of spouses from different parts of Nigeria told their partners they were traveling for "business" or something. You may be surprised to know that the women in this group are just as many as the men; people's wives and mothers. Ok, now you know why I don't curse men out so much; some men are still learning where some women are. 

Speaking of women; my friend's neighbour is in a bbm group for lesbians. Just like in Biodun's group, the group members meet up monthly or quarterly in different parts of the country where they have lesbian parties and orgies. Also within this group members get to date as well. And yes, most of the members are married women. Besides the meetings, group members can meet up casually just to have sex or hang out, and this lady admitted to my friend that the money she gets from some of the older/married women in the group is sometimes a lot more than her monthly salary. 

What actually triggers my interest is this; why are these bbm sex groups and other social network sex groups predominantly filled with married people, while the single members are significantly less? 

PS; *Biodun used to be a good friend of mine who seems to call only when he wants to spill about 'The secret lives of Nigerian pervs', and I politely grant him audience. 

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  1. Can't help but lol at this stories...are they for real....mehn diz world is coming to an end....#irepseptember 9###that naughty house wife

  2. The world is really ending soon. I will like to watch these "meetings" sha.

  3. Did I just read this? I tried to shove the 1st post outta my head but this just triggered it.

    Once again, a Great marriage is truly difficult. It gets better only when God is really in it...

  4. This your women, men thing is becoming somehow. You just said women are as much as men. Why do you have to point that out? Wives and mothers? Are the men not husbands and fathers? Are you sexist? I so love you Thelma, but this? Mba I don't agree.

    1. Ifesinachi don't get me wrong; admittedly that statement is because I was still seething from the Sugabelly post when I wrote this, plus the fact that so many women I know curse men and cry foul and they're just as bad.
      I know someone who cheated on her boo with over 20 guys (no exaggeration) and when he left her to marry someone else, suddenly all men are dogs.
      My point is this; one is just as bad as the other. I've been unfaithful to lovers in the past, just as some have been unfaithful to men. I don't divest myself of the guilt because I'm a woman.
      We preach feminism. Feminism in my understanding is equality, not making one superior to the other.
      It would be awesome if some day you and I sit and talk, trying to marshal out my points and hash them out in the comment section makes it difficult to convey my thoughts adequately.
      I apologize if I come across as sexist. I just need to get it across that women need to stop playing the victim.
      Oh and as for the Wives and Mothers part; this is personal. I just find it terribly difficult to reconcile the image of a mother (warm, loving, matronly, tender, kind) with this kind of activity. It had nothing to do with sexism, gender differentiation or feminism.

    2. Yes Thelma, we should discuss this over two cups of cold stone Ice cream.

    3. Nope. We should discuss this over two plates of Ceasar salad. I cannot be eating ice cream with someone who's almost half my size. Lol.

    4. You seem to have some form of anger towards men. I don't know the reason, but you should have it checked out, if you don't have a good relationship with your father, you can start from there

    5. @Anonymous It's not about her hating men or having a bad relationship with her father. I also noticed the reference to just women "wives and mothers" and Thelma giving an excuse for not holding the men accountable to this sick actions too.
      It is about equality and both gender should be held accountable when they do something wrong not excusing the one and flogging the other.
      This is why women who have dated a certain number of men are viewed as whores while men are praised. But both genders should be criticised for sexual promiscuity if and when found wanting simple.

      We will only have a better society by this. No wonder Sugabelly went on a rant.

      Also being a mother doesn't make a woman automatically warm and loving as painted by Thelma, it is something to be inculcated. If it is absent it is not. Just like saying every father is protective and loving when we know it is not so.------UG

    6. Lol Thelma. As you wish.
      Anon 8.40, Thank You.

  5. But some people can make sex so disgusting! This is very sick and disgusting.

  6. It's not the institution (marriage)that is faulty, it's the people(humans). Morality has been washed down the drain. Each day people think of the next moral barrier to break. A lady posted her dog nibbling her nipples on instagram. What else can go wrong in this generation.Things previously done behind closed doors and hidden with shame is been celebrated. BTW a friend of mine once said that her mum gave her condoms when she was travelling to see her then boyfriend, I was shocked. Where should we draw the line on this modern parenting thing.J

  7. I shocked speechless.
    Are you sure Biodun isn't telling tales though?
    He may find it extremely amusing that he has a friend who believes his fibs......
    That or, mehn, the perversion is on another level.

  8. "Speechless" . Asides dat,somebody help ohhhh,am getting bigger by d day n I eat normal ohh,am tired of dieting but no result n no time to visit d gym. Any advice,weight loss group or even a site dat can deal with dis.I honestly want to return to my coke shaped body.forgot to add dat I do sit ups too dats yy av not grown Tommy but my hips,legs n arms are big

    1. @Mabel with age especially for the female gender comes a more rapid weight again as our metabolism rates drops. Most times when this happens we also have dropped our level and intensity of activities. If you want to stop it, you need to modify your diet and increase your body activity whether through exercise or chores. Even if you eat normal, you cannot eat the same kind of things you eat as a child or teenager or young adult now, because your metabolism is slowing down.
      No pain no gain. You either suffer to lose and maintain your weight or enjoy the new body changes.------UG

    2. Have ur thyroid gland checked cos that can be a source of problems especially with weight. U may need to reduce the amount of food and look into the food u eat,and methods of preparation. Fried foods should be avoided instead of blending tomatoes for stew,chop them and reduce the oil,bake ur meats instead of frying,avoid pastries believe me the amount of butter and sugar in them is interesting for lack of a betta word

  9. Proverbs 4:23 ESV
    Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

    Romans 12:2 ESV
    Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

    Psalm 51:10 ESV
    Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.

    Colossians 3:5 ESV
    Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.

    Proverbs 23:26 ESV
    My son, give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways.

    1 Samuel 2:9 ESV
    “He will guard the feet of his faithful ones, but the wicked shall be cut off in darkness, for not by might shall a man prevail.

  10. Thank you Wale for these bible verses, honestly I don dey tire for the level of perversion everywhere. Person never born pickin o! Na inside this kind world person go born put? Being a true Christian in this world is becoming more and more difficult....evil everywhere! God have mercy on us o. Honestly dis post don weaken me. Fathers, Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Brothers..everyone doing all sorts! Somtyms I wonder if the CHURCH has failed in impacting the world. It's sad.....#JoyDaNuGirl

  11. I think too many people were restricted in their early lives and have refused to discover purpose in the later lives. The displays sound like a lack of fulfillment in life. If you are busy accomplishing your purpose, the time and mindset to engage in such debauchery isnt available. People arr simply looking for the next high so to speak. I have not issues with single people, but when people have stood before God, then he will surely deliver his verdict.

  12. This sounds like people were restricted in their teenage years and early 20s and as adult havent found their purpose in life. Such live of debauchery is for folks who are seeking new highs because they arent fulfilled, its akin to drug use- ever wonder why someone you thought had it all went on to do drugs?
    As for the singles I have nothing to say, for the married, they took vows before God so thats between them and him.

  13. The perversion is indeed on another level. I can never understand the joy people derive from excesses of drinking, sex etc, Like, imagine what grown ass individuals (some of 'em parents) are deriving their joy from.......
    I agree with Miss Pynk, this is what happens when you refuse to discover purpose.

  14. Goodness me, the things my ears hear this days

  15. Thanks to both anon@weight loss issue,take note:I dnt eat heavily.I take normal portion but I av soft spot for fried plantain


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