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Not Much To Say..

Hey guys! Today has been a very long day. I had to accompany a client to look for landed properties around Lekki and afterwards we went for lunch at this really nice native restaurant in VI and afterwards came the interesting part; we went to explore the estate of my future home; Eko Atlantic! They don't let just anyone in but somehow the gates were wide open to us; I guess we must have really looked the part; (future) Eko Atlantic residents. LMAO. It was fun, the place is MASSIVE, and to think that all that used to to be the ocean; just WOW!

         We drove round, I took some pictures and fantasized about the exact location my home would be. But I have one concern sha; I remember years ago when the water at the bar beach kept on coming dangerously close to the road, NTA went to the site and questioned people and one of the white-garment preachers said it was because the Queen of the Coast was angry because of that IBM building opposite the bar beach. If you don't know the IBM building, it's this big blue colored glass building; apparently the "Queen of the Coast" wasn't happy that everytime she came out she had to see her reflection in the glass building, and that's why the ocean was angry and kept coming dangerously closer and closer to the road. 
         So isn't the Queen of The Coast angry that they have put sand sand on top her house? Ha! I don't want to spend 250M naira on a plot of land and finish building my house, only to come home one day and find it toppled over because somebori down below is angry...

Yeah, so I have a wedding to attend tomorrow so I may be MIA...

Haryourmeeday pls mail me for my number and we can talk. 

Still looking for Tokoni. 

Ruthylicious *big hugs*

TTB addict I SEE you!

Uyi Amen ooooo!!!

Memphis (my patience is running out!)



  1. Just so you know, a plot of land there is not N250M, that is how much to get a 2/3 bedroom apartment in one of the five Eko Pearl towers there (24 floors and 4 apartments per floor).

    God bless your efforts.

    1. 250 million for 2/3 bedroom flat? Unless it is from on top the tower than people get to heaven, or else complete nonsense.

    2. Hahaha I laff tire

  2. Lol @ "so,isn't the Queen of the Coast angry that they have put sand on top her house???" Make sure you have fun at the wedding T.

  3. T,I thought I was d only one dreaming to av s house there ohh,kia God bless my hustle co that must and will be my future home,same wish I av for T and every One else. enjoy tomorrow"s wedding T. Gudnite to u all.big hug and plenty plenty kisses......muaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Lolz....Thelma Thelma! You And this your D'banj's Glasses. Hehehe! Make sure the enjoyment reach us here oo tomorrow! You can't come and be going MIA on us anyhow oh!

  5. T you and all this your funny talks what's sand sand lol. Anyways wanted to show Oga something on his fone n noticed someone was using his fone to browse Thelma thinks( I say someone cos he had no clue what Thelma thinks is) so who among you bv is using ogas fone??? If it's a girl ill probably forgive cos even poko baby says she won't use acid. Abeg mk I try sleep b4 Bvs go use cane flog me 4 ranting. Mrs m

    1. Lmfao. Confession time. Who is using Mr M's phone to read TTB? Thelma so you have mistresses on your blog? Hia.

    2. Hahahahahahahahhahaahaaaaaaaaa! As iiiin hahhhhahhhahhhhhhhhhah! Kai dis blog readers will not kee me! So ontop all dis preachings, som1 here is still shagging anoda blog reader's oga? Fear God ppl Fear God! Hahaha!!!

    3. Mrs M I love that you're still jovial, I need to be more like you.

    4. But the person using the phone might not be a mistress na. Could be a harmless friend, colleague or acquaintance. Could be a guy or even Mrs m's husband, who just wants to be able to read a blog, maybe comment, without his partner knowing. *shrugs.

    5. My dear T I can't shout o, I used to be an fbi but I've since retired for my sanity sake. Ruthy u know I love u ba? Always look forward to ur comments. Cccc if I see hubby's comment on this blog ill know o besides wen I asked he acted like he didn't know wat I was talking about but there was a glint of guilt in his eyes n he didn't come to bed wen I did but watin concern me. Mrs m

  6. Mrs M, employ my FBI skills biko. I go find the person though the 1st suspect na U.
    Thelma more skies in ur horizon oh! Go & buy all the houses oh, all I need is to visit, vacay tinz. LOL
    I can't wait for my emotional food to done so I can give u correct amebo! #TightBearHugs

  7. mentioning the 'queen of the coast" made me laugh.. naija and tales. at first I thought that was benin city as all we have is sand..well red sand (as far as I can remember in 2008). enjoy your weekend.

  8. Ah! Aunty mi no vex. I've know...busy.. :D

    Anyhow I'm just peeping to see how you all are doing. The house is intact. Stay blessed everyone.

  9. Eko Atlantic. I've not read about the new place and methods they're applying to reclaim the land/ocean.
    First is no queen of the coat was disturbing lol.
    There are different causes of the ocean surge and overflow that was experienced.
    There's been sea level rise due to cumulative effects of global warming and greenhouse effect.
    Not only that, Nigeria and the whole Gulf of Guinea if I may add, has a big issue of high sedimentation. This is another reason for sea level rise, change in ocean dynamics pattern and as such overflow.
    I guess the idea there is reclamation of land and channelling the Atlantic away. And I'm kind of worried that 1st, the ocean, beach we had at that Ahmadu Bello way wasn't man made, so in my opinion might overtime revert to that position. Especially if there isn't proper channels for the water, maybe some dredging would never needed, and high sedimentation (rate )mostly due to disposal of non-degradable materials in our waters addressed.
    But I would believe they're employing the best brains,hands and practices in the construction.

  10. This made me remember a pamphlet a lady shared at Eko Hotel gate some years back. If my memory serves me right, she claimed she saw a vision of a really large cross descending into the ocean (bar beach) from the sky; thereafter, a great deal of flood ensued (tsunami, if you like) and took over the entire Victoria Island and its axis. She warned that people should prepare as the vision shall come to pass. It was painted in a vivid picture that could send chills up most people's spine. Well, that's yet to happen.

    However, if I had that kind of money, I wouldn't purchase a land or apartment at eko atlantic city. Burj al arab is built on an artificial island so it can be controlled unlike our eko atlantic.

    Moreso, considering our maintenance culture and fire brigade mentality in this part of the world, I nor fit take that kinda gamble.

    But for all I know, I may just be exhibiting a poverty-mentalilty.


    1. Nope you are not,just stating the obvious. This is Nigeria. J

    2. Nope you are not,just stating the obvious. This is Nigeria. J

    3. Poverty mentality? I don't think so. Someone saw this post and called around 2am to ask if I'm really serious about this Eko Atlantic issue, all I could do was laugh. If by some great fortune I'm able to afford a home of such an outrageous sum, I'd rather buy an estate, build several houses and put them on the market.

    4. I am laughing really hard, please buy an apartment there if you have the money. The whole of Lagos is below sea level; God forbid that there is a tsunami, it will consume the mainland and other places before EAC. The engineering and ongoing construction of the city is first class, maintenance will be a piece of cake. This is a private sector thing and not much of government hand in there, except to collect taxes.

      Risk is part of our daily lives, calculated risks takes us to an unbelievable level. NICON town was N6M when the plot was sold less than 10 years back, same plot sells for N90M+ as of today. Please find out the rent for luxury apartment in Manhattan, NY and tell me why your 250M or 320M will not yield great returns (aside capital gain) when the city is up and running.

    5. *Meant to say large expanse of large and own an estate. Wale you and risk sha... Anyway I hear because of high rental yield, buying a house there will in no time pay for itself, but I'm more fascinated by individuals who own estates like Northern Foreshore, Carlton Gate etc. The way I see it, I would rather own a 'northern foreshore' than own an apartment or two in Eko Atlantic.
      But, maybe if I could actually see something order than rubles, water and sand I would be more risk-inclined (towards EAC), for now from the look of things that place may not be habitable for another five years at least.

    6. @Wale, yes, first class technology and all, yet the issues that could arise in that city is no joke.
      There are too many things I really wish I could talk about as regards the Eko Atlantic; very valid concerns. Just a few:
      1. The modules used in the creation of the city haven't been tested in real life plans and even real life tested modules still face natural challenges.
      2. The plan's based on land claimed by the ocean since 1905. Did they forget about the east and west moles that were created later? Those 2 alone changed the ocean dynamics in these parts.
      3. There are examples of similar cities abroad but most so not face the environmental challenges we do. What is Lagos state, federal government and if I may add the other countries along the coast of Gulf of Guinea doing about man-made causes of sedimentation& flooding?
      See ehn, in these part, at least for now, one can't totally believe the foolproof nature of projects carried out. After all, there has been issues associated with creating the moles.
      4. Also, in 2011 didn't the areas surrounding the Eko Atlantic suffer from flooding and sand drift even though dredging & reclamation had already been done; to a large extent? What was the excuse? Global warming and unforseen patterns. Just a reminder that nature take it's course a lot of times.
      5. Like I said, one can't totally trust the activities here even with international companies in charge. We've seen this with oil spills in the upstream sector and the little done about it, construction companies failing, and even with this particular project! Why was the EIA for Eko Atlantic submitted and made open after the commencement of dredging& reclamation, when it should be done before, as required by our EIA legislation? Goes to show that sometimes these first class people compromise.
      I don't want to mention the biological effects this city has/ would cause. But there's 1thing I'm almost sure about; temperature in Lagos would increase.

    7. @cccc, you and I would need to take the discussion off here if we want to properly dissect it.
      Are you saying a strictly private sector driven project (Chagouri, French BNP Paribas and four Nigerian banks) of this magnitude will not succeed?
      This is a world class project, not sure how to explain it but the issues you listed are no indication of a problem with the city. No serious investor would go there is there is any likelihood of a problem, the first tower is sold out and some foreign companies have started putting up their head office there. You think they are doing that without due diligence?
      Your government should take the blame if there is any problem with the timing of the EIA; and is there any issue identified in the EIA that should have stopped the project?
      I thought that the Great Wall of Lagos sea revetment is very critical to the protection of the city and VI (and it already reached 3.5km as of last year going to 5km) and has proven useful in recent time! The public would rather be led to believe otherwise.

      I cannot tell how nature will behave but anything that will affect the EAC will probably wipe off the whole of Lagos. I already wrote that the whole of Lagos is below sea level.

      In any case, you had my attention until you wrote about oil spills in the upstream oil and gas sector. Not sure how much information you have but the truth about oil spills in Nigeria is far from what is mostly circulated. Let's not go into that..

    8. Really Wale, I understand where you're coming from yet there are still issues. And while I can't say when we'd probably see the effect of EAC, I know we will.
      Revertment is great, but there's a tweak here. Reverting to a time that's over a 100years old, and then activities- domestic and commercial on this space.
      This talk might need more than just typing, like you said.
      And no, it's not the whole of Lagos state that's below sea level.
      And about the oil and gas sector, I may not be privy to much information, but I think I know certain hints that would point in the direction I was driving at. That's not to say that locales in host communities, individual 'investors' and the government do not have great shares in the problem.

    9. I think the effect of EAC we are going to see would be positive, i.e. the redevelopment of the entire Lagos state. It is long overdue and would have happened way before now if previous governments were serious. I suffer from incurable optimism on the EAC, I live and breath technology and engineering, without which humans will still be killing animals with primitive weapons.

      I think writing that much of Lagos state is below sea level is more appropriate but it does not remove the fact that a tsunami will be too catastrophic for the whole of Lagos in case it happens.
      With over 20 years involvement in pollution control and management in the Nigerian oil industry, I can confidently tell you that the blame is 100% on government shoulder. You know this is kind of similar to gas flaring, the IOCs takes the blame! Blaming others is what we do rather than taking responsibility for having a dead system.

    10. Lol @ I suffer from incurable optimism about the EAC. You're even gaining me on the optimism but I'll dodge.
      Hmm...100% blame on the government.
      About gas flaring, I find it funny that the blame is out in the IOCs when even our NOC has been failing! See the billions of money being lost not to talk of environmental impact. Hopefully the talks about curbing that comes to fruition.
      Thanks Wale for your time.

  11. Thelma it's IMB building Nt IBM

  12. Is there anyone in Imo at the moment


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