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Suddenly I started getting texts and calls asking me if I'd heard about the rumored cracks in Tiwa and Teebillz' marriage and at first I wondered why people start malicious rumours for no reason at all. Then a close friend calls and squeals have you heard that Tiwa and Teebillz are getting a divorce?!! I used the word "squeal" because she sounded positively delighted, but in a few seconds she sobered up and empathized with the couple. 

I've always wondered if schadenfreude is something that everyone experiences. It's basically a sense of pleasure or delight you feel as a result of someone else's misfortune. It's usually involuntary and impulsive and it's not necessarily because you hate this person, or because you're jealous of them. Sometimes its that instant pleasure you feel on hearing that something bad happened to somebody. For instance when you hear that someone else lost their job too, or got evicted from their home, or got dumped, or lost all their money just the same way you did, or lost their wealth and had to move from Ikoyi to Ejigbo. It's impulsive, it kicks in before your good conscience or morals do. 

And that's what my friend experienced this evening, as I'm sure several other people did too. It's just this evil glimmer of excitement knowing that you're not the only one with issues, that her life is not so perfect after all, that she has her own fair share of problems just like you and every other normal person. 'Knowing that she's got a hot body, fame and money but 'the rich also cry'.  

I've experienced it a few times too, but not this evening. This evening I was somewhat gripped by sadness. Ironically I've never been a huge fan of Tiwa Savage, and I've always found a husband who willingly invites the world to feast on his wife's nakedness in the name of art, to be suspect. But lord I want this to be some kind of publicity stunt! It's barely been a few months that they wed and now this? I heard whispers of domestic abuse and fights over money. I also hear she's replaced him and gotten a new manager. I don't know how true any of this is, but if it is then I pray that God gives them the strength and the grace to do the right thing and forge ahead. 
      Oh... Another reason I felt sad is because Tiwa strikes me as a vulnerable person, it could just be because of her voice or femininity but for some reason she does, it's sad to have her go through this, and of course the media would feast wholeheartedly on this news. Tiwa you may never read this but I'm saying a prayer for you tonight. Stay strong Hun!


  1. May God help them. Celebrity marriage is never easy.

    1. No marriage is easy. Just dedication and the grace of God

    2. Yep, but celebrity marriage is still harder 2 maintain than d marriages of infamous pple coz their buisness bcomes d buisness of dr fans and d general public no matter how hard they try to keep it away 4rm them. More temptations and all. Can't even marry a celebrity mehn, esp a nigerians actress or musician.

      *lips sealed and watching*

  2. Thelma I love how you didn't make this post about them alone and the English lesson too. Lol

  3. T, if I say I saw this coming, i'll come across as a sadist. The Truth is these typpa marriages don't work. People who refuse to abide by Bible laws & principles on marriage will NOT succeed or be happy in it.
    Now the whole publicity for the wedding & finance is a complete waste!!!

    1. Lmao @ "Now the whole publicity for the wedding & finance is a complete waste!!!" sounds like you're really upset they wasted so much money.. and now what? A divorce? *rme* lol

    2. Ruthy, been trying to reply you since yesterday. . Its a miracle I can see my comments now.
      Im fine, baby is kicking.
      How far with nysc?

    3. Kabuoy YES! I'm pissed off! They have no right to take me to cloud 9 with that amazeballs destination wedding/honeymoon & now divorce in less that a freaking year!

      *Subomi Uniport students affairs do not want to release list oh. Nysc batch C deadline to schools closes today. There was a riot yesterday by students. We'll know our fate on Monday. If them no want us to go Nov, make then talk oh. Rme. I have plans.

  4. I'll stick with optimism and believe its a colourful rumour, I've never been a fan of divorce except in cases of abuse.

    and thanks for new word learnt, *off to check the pronunciation

  5. Thank you. This man does not love Tiwa, a boyfriend who loves you will not like you to go naked talk less of a husband. After he has finished whoring the girl out for money. She's better off without this joker.

  6. Heard and READ about the rumors too and am not s bit surprised. GOD help them to go through this.

  7. I really felt sad about the news of thier supposed breakup, its dishearting. I hope they fix things up, else for domestic voilence.
    Thanks for the new word learnt. Hehe

  8. Reliable Source: Its no rumour o... There's a lot of ish on ground. Teebillz is into hard drugs( cocaine n stuffs) Tiwa got to find out after the wedding... He has slept with some of her close friends..... Also squandered her money.... Am not saying this outta beef or anything I actually don't support divorce but IMO the guy is a fraud, she will be beTter off without him......

    1. Nawa o! Thank God she hasn't taken in for that monster.

    2. With close "friends" like them,she don't need enemies..

    3. If its truly a combo of all three, the guy isnt even worthy of the "rent a d**f" title. Its too much of a cross for any wife to bear. Rumors of his infidelity have always been whispered publicly.
      Whatever it is may the both have the strength to sort themselves out or go their separate ways.

    4. But everyone has always known Tunji was into cocaine back in d U.S, am surprised she didn't know. Well its not d end of the world but its just sad n really painful, I love Tiwa cos she appears like she has a heart of Gold.

  9. Thanks for the word porn (can't even pronounce the damn thing)

  10. Will they give back Don Jazzy's gift ? Who will keep it? *just "wandering"*

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I thought about it too, and when I did. It made me grin. Am I a wicked sombori?

    3. Then I should be "wickeder" for saying it out...

  11. I hate Divorce With a passion!!!!!!!! I'm utterly in distraught hearing about all these.
    And Thelma, Tiwa Savage is a Brand and watever she does with it, I'm sure Teeblits(or wateva his name is) knew about it. I have never seen Tiwa's nakedness in any media as u categorically wrote. Wearin a cloth dat makes u look naked doesn't mean u're naked plz.
    Anyways, I'm always sad anytime I hear Breakups and Divorce wahala. Nobody is perfect so they shud workout their problems abeg...
    Marraige Counselors can make a lot of money from helping couples out these days, more of dem should Spring out plz cos this is now a state of emergency in the relationship world.

    1. My dear d tin tire me oooo. Tiwa has never gone naked and even if she does, has nothing 2 do wih her husband. JayZ allows Bey to practically go naked on stage, does it mean he doesn't love her? Just curious.

    2. Call me backwards but I don't and might never view Africans/Nigerians the same way I view Americans or people from the western world. Maybe when we start having nude beaches or summer season and people walking around in barely there clothes because of the heat, or complete nudity in Nollywood movies, but till then Beyonce are JayZ are Americans and so it looks almost acceptable (almost, because I still find her nudity disturbing) and Tiwa and Teebillz are Nigerians. I've not seen her completely naked either but the average nigerian man I know would like to guard his wife's "modesty", Art or not. I still find the Wanted video quite raunchy. But hey, that's just me!

  12. That marriage iit self was just a publicity stunt. Tee bills was just all about Tiwa's money. He simply wasn't the man for her. So sad but I did see this coming. Tiwa was more in love and turned a blind eye to lots of tins.
    I hope this isn't true. However if battery is involved. They wld definitely break up. Clare

  13. That marriage iit self was just a publicity stunt. Tee bills was just all about Tiwa's money. He simply wasn't the man for her. So sad but I did see this coming. Tiwa was more in love and turned a blind eye to lots of tins.
    I hope this isn't true. However if battery is involved. They wld definitely break up. Clare

  14. To be honest,I tot she wld end up with Don Jazzy. I just hope all ends well for everyone concerned

  15. all I can say is,I saw it coming.well am back in plateau nd missn lag already

  16. and i so loved that couple... its unfortunate.... if all that is true, Tiwa deserves better... i'm not crazy about her, but any woman deserves better than that.... hope it doesn't have a negative effect on her career.. and BTW, Tiwa wasn't naked in that video... she was fully clothed to me.. just wearing something that was tight and her skin colour...better than the video vixens that bounce around in bras and thongs if u ask me ...*singing eminado and 'skelewuing' away"

  17. I've always viewed Tiwa as vulnerable too. I think it's something that has to do with her personality.

    Meanwhile, I've been guilty of this feeling a couple of times especially where someone who's hurt me was concerned. However, I snapped out of it as quickly it came each time. #BadWayToFeel

    1. Oops! Forgot to 'sign' the comment.


  18. Lol. Couldnt help laughing at your use of the german term. English just doesnt do it justice like schadenfreude. Lol.

  19. Lol. Couldnt help laughing at your use of the german term. English just doesnt do it justice like schadenfreude. Lol.

  20. I never liked the guy though but whatever, I liked the wanted video just hated that golden shoe.

  21. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com10:19 am, September 30, 2014

    lol @ hated the golden shoe. I know that feeling! Not bothering to write it here as I can't even pronounce it. Thanks for the lesson T. I hope Tiwa finds joy.


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