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Some People Tire Me!

I went for an interview this morning and I had to print something out before we could proceed with the process. So off I went in search of a cyber cafe. I found one four streets away but there wasn't any parking space. The driver told me to come down and he'll beg the people in the next compound to allow him park since I won't be long. 
When I was done I came out and got into the car, just as I was entering the car an old man in a jeep drove right in front of my car and turned off his engine. We thought he was going to reverse and park properly but he left his car there and came out. I was a bit confused as I watched him climb up the stairs. Someone around said he's the landlord and he's upset we parked inside his compound. I ran up the stairs to plead with him. My interviewers were waiting for me and one had already called my phone to ask why I was taking too long. 

I ran up the stairs to plead with this man, an elderly man in his 70s. When I got up the first thing that struck me was the numerous portraits of Jesus. I'm like; ok, at least he's a Christian. I ran towards his office and greeted him. He silenced me with a hand gesture, took off his cap and began to pray. I stayed quiet and bowed my head and said my own prayer; willing him to be fast. 

He prayed for almost 10 minutes, at this point I was trying to decide if I should just go and take a cab back to the office. Then he turned to me and asked me what I wanted. 

"I'm sorry sir, please my driver didn't find anywhere else to park so he thought he could park here just for a few minutes"

"Why? Where did you do?"

"Just the compound beside yours, I needed to print some thing out, I have an interview right now and I needed to print something out so... Please sir, if you can just reverse your car a bit.."

"Your driver parked inside my compound and didn't come out to apologize when he saw me"

.... I was confused. It was a building with different offices on different floors. How was the driver to know he was the landlord, or he wasn't just visiting? The gates to this building were wide open and there was space for a few more cars to park...

"I'm sorry sir, we're sorry"

"Sorry ke? He looks like an expert driver, let him find a way out"

"Please sir, we didn't mean to offend you..... And I'm trying to hurry... for my interview sir"

"Ok o! I'm coming". 

So I rushed back to the car thinking this man was behind me. Ten minutes and he still didn't come out. 5 more minutes and still no show. I went back up and saw him drinking tea or something, he saw me but completely ignored me. I didn't even say a word. I went down and took a cab back to the office. I was made to wait for about thirty minutes before I was called in, after the interview which lasted for about three minutes I took a cab back to where the car was parked and the old man's car still hadn't moved an inch. 

The driver told me that the man actually came down to get something from the pigeon hole but went back up without moving the car. 

We had to do some Jame Bond moves with our car, driving an inch forward, driving an inch backwards and all till we were able to move out through a tiny space, our car was just an inch away from the next and if we didn't use utmost care we would have ended up denting it. 

Some minutes later we got out and I'm still wondering about this. 

What kind of human being does a thing like this? Especially one who decorated his entire work space with portraits of Jesus and angels, then spends time praying before sitting down or speaking to anyone else?

Do some people not know what it means to be a Christian?

I just cannot deal!

Ps; I wasn't really interviewed, the job was more or less offered (as I was asked if I can resume tomorrow for training and commence immediately after) but it's an offer I'm quite sure I won't accept. It's not what I'd had in mind. 


  1. dats just my frnd wud say those christain fanatics just dnt know wt christainity means,its d unbelievers dat actually practice it more,mtchew!wt did he gain. by all dat nw

    1. @blink am fyn o,am guessn dis is ngozi shey.

  2. Lol! Some people are just horrible to deal with.

  3. GOD knows if I were in your shoes, riled up like that from trying to meet a tight schedule with my interviewers and being unnecessarily delayed by one old hag that's forming he's in league with celestial beings, even after my prostrating respect, I'll calmly *James Bond* move my vehicle out of there, get back upstairs and give him the kind of degrading speech he won't forget till he passes on. Stupidity in high places.

    1. Exactly what I would have done. Thelma let him off too easily.

    2. Hia. Papa papa mmadu. Somebody's grandfather. I left him to his conscience, or whatever's left of it.

    3. I am with Thelma on this, life is too short abeg. Wont be caught dead sparing with a senile person except on a day my brains takes a vacation.

    4. I just know it will take the holy spirit padlocking my mouth for me not to spew words even I would regret but you did the right thing, he could have been a blessing in disguise though. I seriously learnt how to be in control of my reaction with this your story.

  4. Oh well, maybe he's senile.

  5. Geeeeeeeeeez that was outright wickedness

  6. I think I would have done something terrible to his windows.. maybe smeared them with bananas or something to make them look childish but that's just pain wickedness

    1. Meme baby, you can be wickid!!!

    2. Ah, when one wants to be wicked. I get into bitch mode.. But I'm an angel/sweetheart 😄

  7. Behaviours like that don't shock me anymore...

  8. Only God knows those who worships him truly.

  9. Kai, my comment disappeared just like that...........................


    The man was just being plain foolish/wicked. He definitely does not have the mind of Christ, forget the pictures and prayers.
    As an usher where I worship, I can tell u for free that a lot of Christians, scratch that, church goers, don't know what it means to live like Christ. Even in the church people will disobey simple instructions, and are always ready to start a fight with whoever stands in their way, yet na them go lift up 'Holy" hands and speak the strangest "tongues". A lot of times I feel pity for these people, because they r obviously struggling with their old lives and the new life Christ has called them to live.

  10. Thelma this is my Wednesday laughs oh!!!
    Imagine the rubbish. LOL
    I would have put a sharp object in his front tyre oh. Lol. Cos he obviously has no conscience!!!

    1. Gbam....ama pierce his tyres I swear....agbaya of the highest order....#irepseptember 9##that naughty house wife

  11. Christianity does not display the whole thing. Its not seen by displaying images of "supposed" Jesus, not by acting up holiness, and all that. Christianity is in the heart. Only God knows the person worshipping him.

    I'm a member of a widely spread church in Nigeria and in our camp last year, my friends and I had an encounter with a 'supposed district overseer'. He is in charge of Benin district. The man pulled his shirt, rolled up his trouser and was preparing to beat us. Meanwhile, he was shouting along...."I am a District overseer. Who are you rats? Ordinary choristers. I will kill you. I will send men after you. They will waste you". He is a D.O. My mouth was just opened through the encounter. Na God know who dey serve am doh..

    Have you visited my blog today? Click my name.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. When the time comes,they'll say the devil. People wey devil go deny for God front plenty o! Tufiakwa!

  13. This is strange. I can't imagine what his growing up days was like and how members of his family cope with his stubbornness or whatever it is with his nature. Like you, I would have left him to his conscience too, though I might have cried. Imagine having to spend on cab again.

  14. That was really wicked of him..wonder why so many of them(aged/elderly)behave this way. Thank God you didn't miss your interview though

  15. Why are u all angry with the man? Don't u know that he is a unique being. He's got 2 hearts...... one of the heart is 1.5 % (to hang pictures of christ on d wall), while 98.5% belongs to d devil. Thelma, d guy was just showing u how they do it in his 98.5% kingdom.

  16. At times like this, the mad side of me emerges.
    After pulling out with the driver, I might excuse myself to go upstairs and say something like, "I just came to tell you sir that we have managed to find our way out and I missed my interview (lie tho) but I just want to say that may God reward you with what you deserve for your actions today"- I'll be sure to have the door slightly open so I can make a dignified but hasty escape should he lash out with insults (such men might even make to grab you or something).....
    I'd do something along the lines sha- and probably regret it after 30 minutes #smh.
    Sorry about that dear.

    1. And I'd say something like, "may this God (gesticulating to the portraits on the walls) that you are soooo conspicuously serving and displaying around you, may he give you that which you deserve for your actions today".....
      Before either calmly taking off or stomping out- the circumstances will determine how I'll take off, lol.

    2. LOL @ the lie. Actually I'd like to think the fact that we found a way out made him feel very bad that he spends the next few weeks thinking about it, regretting his actions and wishing he can apologize. But for all I know the man has completely forgotten all about it. Lol.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Sorry Thelma. Some people dont just have a conscience are dont understand humanity talkless of religion.

  19. He is an old man,n I feel old pple tend to behave funny wen aging.Thelma,gud u left him to his conscience

  20. Being old isn't an excuse to be wicked. Being called a christian doesn't mean you'll get to heaven. "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brother(s)/brethren, that you do unto me".

    I agree that Thelma was wrong but she apologised. And his unforgiving heart couldn't take it. I agree with Praised. That's what I'd have done.

  21. This reminds me of one day I hailed a cab and while we were haggling the price a police man took the keys of the ignition. We begged oh the police man was busy ignoring us. Luckily the taxi guy had a spare on him, we just drove off.
    Apparently there was a no parking sign we missed because it was that inconspicuous.

  22. It happened to my dad last week too o. He came visiting and parked at the entrance of a compound thinking he won't be long. Just to drop off the foodstuffs he brought for me. Before we got outside, a lady had totally blocked him. We knocked on her door for 1 solid hour she didn't open her door. When she finally opened she acted like she didn't know what we were talking about. In my mind I was like see this rat. We had to beg and beg before she moved her car

    1. Your post made me remember this... One day, I went out with my hubby and on our way back, we decided to visit my mum. Since it was 'my territory' for years, I assumed that cars didn't park inside that compound. By the time we got back, a car was parked right behind us and a note left on the windscreen saying "Next time you park here, your tires will be deflated. We had to wriggle our way out of the place with pregnant me watching out so hubby didn't dent his or the other car.


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