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Thankful. & My Weekend In Review.

I'm starting this week with thanksgiving and a light heart. I don't know if it's the age I've gotten to but suddenly everyone only ever seems to complain, lament, whine, cry, be depressed, be in a dark place, have issues one can't seem to comprehend, or just be completely disillusioned with life. 

But this morning I want to give thanks, not for any particular reason. But it feels good to be alive and healthy, have a family that's beautiful, friends that are amazing and blog readers that give me some level of joy. 

My weekend was pretty cool. The only causes for concern is that I fell off the wagon. Ok, so I told you guys Uju Beibe is in town and was at her boo's sister's place. When I went for the 1 year birthday party on Saturday I actually thought that was a hotel, I had no idea that was her home! I went back yesterday and Lord have mercy, I've been inside some pretty madt houses here in Lagos but this was insane. Like, completely insane. It was like I just stepped on another planet where everything is more advanced and perfect. Now here's the fascinating part. 

Hubby hasn't always been rich or this well off. In fact when they got married some five years ago or so he was pretty average. He was living in a flat or something and was earning a banker's wage. Shortly after they got married he took a bold step and quit his job and decided to start his own business. Now this particular line of business involves a lot of risk, which most people don't like taking. But like most risk takers, today this young man is extremely successful and is living in the lap of wealth and luxury. The kids attend one of the really expensive schools in town, you know those kind of schools where after a term you suddenly notice your child has phoneh and the vocabulary has been greatly expanded. LOL, that kind of school. 
     When I see things like this I smile because it reminds me that situations can change for the better in the snap of a finger. Also marrying someone who has got potential is much better than marrying for money. Money can varnish in the blink of an eye, hard work and potential is sure to pay off and yield unending dividend. 

Anyways when Uju and I were leaving this lady gave us tubers of yam, bunches of plantain, garden eggs and ose-oji (ground groundnut and pepper paste) and ukwa. But then she also gave us very large chunks of cakes and chocolate. So off Uju and I went with our largesse (she'll be staying at mine for some days). We got home and popped open a bottle of wine and that should have been enough. Yet we couldn't ignore that we had large mounds of red velvet, chocolate and coconut cake barely a few feet away. That's how I ruined my near perfect diet and drowned in creamy sugary heaven at 11pm last night. 

That's that but that's not the worst of it all. So as you guys know I've been single for sometime. What you guys don't know is that I've been loving it. That feeling of numbness, not needing, wanting or missing anyone, not even remembering what it feels like. That feeling is blissful, believe me. A while back I came to accept that being alone isn't half bad and I actually believe this. It occurred to me that the void in my life right now cannot be filled by a man, this void can only be filled by purpose. So getting a man or not is very secondary to me at the moment. Yet Uju came and reminded me of what it felt like to have 'someone'. 

I was reminded of that fluttery feeling in your belly while you guys spend hours talking on the phone about everything and nothing, the secret jokes and code words, the laughter that can be invoked only by someone you love so deeply, the longing in your voice that can only be cured by finding yourself warmly at his side, the indescribable feeling of knowing that you love someone and that someone would move mountains just to see you smile... Yeah that feeling. That beautiful feeling. 

And I hate it! Fack you Uju for reminding me. I haaaaaattttttteeee yew! LOL. But then this time around I looked at my friend with gratitude and not envy. Gratitude because I'm so happy for her that she's found love and I pray this time it works. No envy because I'm still too comfortable ensconced in my bubble of solitude and not not ready to step out just yet. 

But that's enough about me and my drama. How was your weekend guys? Did you get up to anything exciting? Do you have something to be particularly thankful for?

Please share!


  1. Thelma I know what you mean about being happy alone. I'm there too and loving it, drama free life mehn. My weekend was like watching paint dry.

    1. Yeah, drama free life. Stop playing the Ostrich joor and go make some dude happy.

      No mind me oh! I am in a happy mood today.

  2. Awwwwwww you can't even imagine how seriously I'm blushing.

    1. Ujunwa! Iji m ugwo akuko o! Me n Venu r waiting for u to release the aku oyibo nsugbe. Ngwa come on bbm osiso!

  3. I noticed that feeling of Ujubeibe in my SO. I've spent almost 15k on credit in the last 7days just talking to her. The way she laughs and throws back those humorous phrases really lightens my heart. Now...the day I will travel to meet her is drawing close and my excitement is making me less composed at work. Normally I put up a straight face at any visitor but these last 3weeks my 32 crave for vitamin D when I hear "hello good morning" from them. As for my weekend..well, apart from the unfortunate incident at Calabar stadium it was swell. Stay blessed people.

    1. Its so goooood loving somebody when somebody loves you back! Memphis is in love awwwwwww

    2. Tot u said u just met her and she's already a SO? I guess you know when u Good for u memphis!

    3. LOL. Memphis and there I was thinking you'd already gone. I'm so happy for you sweetie, I'm praying your excitement doesn't wane.

    4. Dis recharge card you are burning, Diaris God oh!

    5. Memphis your comment made me laugh, wishing you all the best, and as Thelma says I pray your excitement doesn't wane.

    6. I know it won't fade, wish you guys all the best!!!

  4. Love is in the air. Memphis pls let us know how it goes, and be a good boy ok!

    1. Blink I've been trying your phone for days, never connects. Pls call me.

  5. My weekend was boring,went to church n later got home,no power supply,had to gist n drool over my fine tall bachelor neighbour until abt 7pm wen I had to fuel d gen to watch mtn's project fame. I av a crush on Christian n Clement.awww

  6. I forgot to add dat am grateful n thankful cos am alive,healthy,kicking n blessed with d best family one cud EVER ask of despite d fact dat we aren't on d wealthy side,the love has kept us going.,dnt av friends,so no friend to b so happy abt# sad face#

  7. I bless God for putting an incident in my home under control over the weekend. There was a little party for my girl who added a year on the 2nd. One of the kids around, just 6 years, picked my son's tennis bat and hit it on his head while they were playing in his room. It's been a while I saw that amount of blood and he is just few months away from his 6th birthday. Thank God he is in good condition after treatment. Trouble is, he has started playing like he has no injury at all.

    Meanwhile Thelma, what eventually happened to *Boma? (Hope I got the name right)



    1. *Boma is ok, we still talk, spoke last night and all but I'm still not moving to that location. Even he is bored and frustrated, but daddy won't let him leave, so he's stuck there. But now I'm no longer so closed to giving us a chance, and I'm trying not to let the lack of attraction be a deterrent anymore.

  8. Nwando,Hmm,m choo wine a-achoo. Hmm

  9. My weekend was not so boring (Telemundo) came to the rescue and service was great too. I am alone in my world and am not enjoying it @all. I guess its for a while tho. I miss been in a relationship shaa o.

  10. My weekend had unwanted drama, and then lot of thanksgiving.

  11. This wkend was my intro, trad is on d 27th, cant wait to move in with my boo. Even tho my mum is trying to annoy me with her negativity, i ve chosen to ignore her.

    1. Congrats Ifu, don't worry everything will be fine.

    2. Congrats, keep the spirit up!

    3. Congrats ifunaya, success and God bless your new home in advance.
      News that warms the heart.

    4. Congratulations Ifunaya!

    5. Congratulations Ifunaya. Take it easy with your mum.

    6. Congrats girlie! Take it easy with momsie biko. She's probably more anxious than u n its affecting her actions.

  12. My weekend was okay,as for being single its fun at times but then there comes a time when the loneliness is overwhelming. I've been single for too long I'm even embarrassed to say how long.
    I'm thankful for life, family, friends

  13. Boring weekend in calabar,no light + had classes.I miss the feeling of not missing or needing a guy cos my bf is annoying me,wish I cud just flip a switch on my feelings.He is always busy and I feel lyk am the one putting in all the effort.Argh

    1. Boring boring weekend too, if not for choir rehearsals I would have been out of my mind.
      I'm in calabar too o, can we arrange a hookup?

    2. Boring boring weekend too, if not for choir rehearsals I would have been out of my mind.
      I'm in calabar too o, can we arrange a hookup?

    3. Sure,not certain how to go abt it tho :)

  14. All weekend I have been in London for my brother's baby naming ceremony, don't feel like going back to my abode.. Too much family fun time. Glad u had a wonderful weekend T.

  15. My weekend was so swell, had fun, went to the leisure lake, movies, icecream, Ahh had fun


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