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Omoni Oboli et moi!

Last night my friends and I went to see Sin City but after an excited chat with Omoni Oboli I immediately changed my mind and decided to watch Being Mrs Elliot, I think it was the way she confidently said I would be glad I chose to watch it. And boy, was I glad. 

Ok, so I'm not a big Nollywood-movies watcher, there's just always something lacking even in the best of productions, Being Mrs Elliot is an exception. 
      The moment the movie begins you may find yourself wondering if you're about to waste yet another two hours of your life and if you should just get up and quit while you're still ahead, a few minutes in and you find yourself relaxing into your seat and thinking this might not be so bad, after all. A few more minutes, the plot is already being played out, the story is coming to life and you find yourself gradually being sucked in. Just when you're about to remind yourself not to fall in love just yet; Nollywood movies have a way of leaving you high and dry like a cruel lover, the comedy takes over and as you burst into uncontrolled bouts of laughter you find your mind losing track of that particular worry. 
     While I've never availed myself to AY's brand of comedy, he brings a unique flavour to this movie that leaves you in stitches from laughing so hard. 

Majid is smoking hot as usual, and once again I'm shattered that Nigeria cannot claim him to be ours, he's easily one of the best actors West Africa! Actually, Majid wasn't the only impressive actor, all the characters translated their roles to perfection, and am I the only one who thinks Uru Eke is underrated?

But seriously guys, don't you just hate it when you go to the movies and everyone is talking loudly, muttering excitedly, squealing, exclaiming, crying, shouting, laughing belligerently? Well, be prepared because even you wouldn't be able to sit or stay still. You will be one of those annoying noise makers at the movies when you watch this one, it's completely unpredictable and divinely hilarious. 

My friends and I were constantly arguing and analyzing points (not many Nollywood movies have that effect), or frequently giggling while simulateously on the edges of our seats. There was not a dull moment, but what was more impressive is that this movie had so many elements which are usually lacking in Nollywood movies; true romance, drama, comedy, suspense and the best; unpredictability. All wrapped in one! And that last element is the reason I doff my hat to Omoni; any Nigerian movie that leaves me completely uncertain as to how it would end up until I get to the very end, gets applause from me, Being Mrs Elliot takes the cake. 

For me the only minus in the movie was the several layers of foundation on Omoni Oboli's face in some scenes. Also I wish they'd gone about the numerous advertisements or brand publicity with more subtlety, in such a way that you could watch that scene and take note of the brand, without knowing that the producers actually intended for you to notice it. It was a bit too obvious.
     But save these two points, I'm completely in love with this movie, so much so that I'm going to do something I've not done in about 10 years, since Ego Boyo's Keeping Faith; I'm going to watch a Nollywood movie a second time, I'm watching Being Mrs Elliot again tonight.

And no guys, this isn't a paid advertisement, I'm genuinely impassioned by what I watched last night. I've always known I love Omoni Oboli, but I only just found out why last night. 

Go check it out guys!


  1. I see sasha bone :D

    1. I see you too Anon :D

    2. If Sasha bone is d one a d other end, then is the fat one in the middle Uju biebe? Thelma tag that pic abeg.

    3. Uju fat kwa?! Anon na only u waka come shei?!

  2. I can't wait to see it, keeping faith was one of my best Nollywood movie.

  3. happy birthday †̥ WAlE and naughty house wife. LLNP

    1. Oh yeah! Nice of you to remember. :)
      Happy birthday to the naughty house wife and Wale!!!

  4. Never saw Majid the same way again. Damn that dude got hotter.
    Its a good movie infused with comedy. Watch it of you can...

    1. ok SB whichever one you are, youre pretty

    2. Sasha is the lady at the other extreme.

    3. I'm the one with the biggest nose.

  5. Ah ahn! Na so the movie sweet reach?

  6. HBD Wale and that naughty house wife! May the next 365 days bring you great joy! Have the best celebration. May the most you wish for be the very least you get!

  7. I cannot believe this Thelma,I had long given up on hollywood.
    anywhere I can pay to watch online? Im missing home like crazy.

  8. Aww september babies in the house, many more happy years in good health, sound mind and an excellent spirit. counting down till sept 13 woop woop!

  9. Happy birthday naughty housewife and Wale God continue to bless you guys.

  10. HBD Wale and Naughty House wife. Wishing u a lot of love,happiness and prosperity.
    Drinks on me wherever the party

  11. Haven't seen any Nigerian movie in heaven knows how long but being Mrs. Elliot was just that gooooood hmmmmmm. The intrigue, the humor, the love wantintin it was just good and omoni is also a very lovely person (she also followed me on ig yay and left comments on my pictures double yay. Hehe). Y'all gotta go see that movie. I sha fell in love with bimpe *a xter from the movie. I honestly didn't regret it.

    1. A topless and emotionally-intune-with-his-feminine-side Majid was my eye candy of the movie...hahaha

    2. did Ujubeibe attend University of Lagos?

  12. I can trust your judgement Thelma. I will definitely see it. I've always loved Omoni anyway.


  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. SB,u r so funny,biggest nose keh.

    Thelma,u have me on the edge of my seat already, can't wait to see this movie

  15. Thelma, why are you wearing scarf kwanu

    1. 1. I like scarves
      2. I like tying scarves
      3. My braids are old and my hair line is untidy
      4. I don't have time to loosen my braids
      5. I don't have the energy to loosen my braids
      6. I don't have the time or energy to go to the salon
      7. It's very convenient, even though it makes me look older
      8. It adds colour when I'm dressed in all black like I was yesterday
      9. I like creating different ways to tie scarves
      10. The scarves are my mum's so tying them makes me feel closer to her.

      Yippee! I gave you 10 reasons. *big grin*

    2. lol Thelma.....seriously? @ur 10 reasons.

    3. Yeah, thelma, I've noticed u love scarves..*wink*

  16. I'm @ home with my baby and can't go to the movies sobs. I'm stuck with watching dstv and boys over flowers ( sobs even more)mrs m

    1. Sorry Mrs M, when it's out on DVD I guess you can get a copy then. BTW please what's boys over flowers?

    2. Boys over flowers or boys before flower, not sure right now. It's a very interesting Korean movie. I started watching it on a Wednesday night, I called in sick on Thursday and Friday just to complete all four seasons. You could look out for personal Taste too.

  17. Oh and I was asked to see it and blatantly refused, Thelma your skin is so smooth

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. Finally!!!!! I ve been wondering if Sasha bone is the same Sasha bone I know.........

  21. Omg! Thelma!.. *Keeping Faith*..Can't get over that movie. Soo old, yet still seems fresh.

    Hmm..maybe I'll try ds one out..jst dat I feel it's being over-rated.."fingers crossed"

  22. Thelma, I took your advice and went to see the movie yesterday. Hilarious, sad, anticipation, love.... all the works. Wonderful piece of work from Omoni. But the plenty pancake sha..............
    Please do more reviews. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!! T

  23. Thelma you should see lindaikeji for her post on your review on being Mrs Eliot.

    1. So I went to watch d movie on thursday cos of Thelma's review and my review goes thus:
      The storyline isn't rily original cos I. Have read a book with sometin lyk it by Sandra Brown
      dunno if its d makeup or d film quality bt sometin was off abt their faces and there were a few inconsistenties but
      *i was glued to the screen from start to finish.
      *The comedy was onpoint
      *The romance was gud and the actors/actresses delivered.
      I will rate it 6.5 out of 10. I will advice pple to watch it cos its worth it.


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