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Visions, Predictions, Warnings and Threats. Could They Derail YourChoice Of a Life Partner?

"Who is that your friend?"

"Which friend?" I asked him in confusion. 

"That your friend that you quarelled with?"

"I don't know who you're talking about sir"

"That one, an Igbo girl. She wears jigida on her waist, she is quarreling with you because of a man, do you remember her now?"

"No sir."

"Think well, you will remember her."

After forcing me to think long and hard and still coming short, and then forcing me to agree that I have an Igbo friend who wears jigida around her waist and is quarreling with me over a man, he nodded in satisfaction and proceeded. 

"You must be very careful. She wants to deal with you" 

I tried to resist rolling my eyes and looked at my friend who told me that I had to meet with and talk to this very powerful pastor. I was at the point where I'd grown both wary and weary of some Nigerian pastors with their prophecies of doom, but what can I say, my friend is very persuasive. 

"There are two men in your life, you don't know which one to choose."


"Two men. One is rich. One is not doing well. Do you know who I'm talking about now?"

To avoid a repeat of what happened above, knowing that once again I will be forced to agree I know these fictional men I nodded my head. 

"Those two men, that one that you like, he is not for you. He is not your husband. That one that you don't like, the one that you're looking at anyhow now, he is your husband. He will not always be like this, tomorrow he will be a very big man, don't look down on him because of how he is now. He is your husband."

I nodded and smiled. Unfortunately at the time there wasn't even half a man on my case, how much more two men vying for my hand in marriage. Odiegwu!

This is one of those events I've pushed to the farthest corners of my mind but when I read Mz Chizzy's post this afternoon I found it being brought to the forefront. More so because my friend who I accompanied to see this "strong" man of God ended her relationship because pastor told her that that man is not her husband; apparently she would die after the birth of her first child if she marries him. And that was it. Poof! My friend removed him from her life. 

This isn't news though, I've had older friends and relatives say to me that when I find someone I should bring his picture so that they can "check". In 2009 precisely, my cousin had three suitors, one of whom she had been in a relationship with for a couple of years. Her mum took their pictures and their names to her pastor and pastor said "No, none of these is her husband". Apparently one was doomed to a life of poverty, one was going to die very early, and she would never be able to carry a pregnancy for the last one. My cousin is well into her 30s now and still single. 

Men are not exempt from the vision of pastors in relationships. *Busola and *Mariam have lost their relationships to their boyfriend's/fiancé's (mother's) pastors. Everything is almost set and in place and suddenly Pastor says NO, and that's The End.... Even after a few years Ex-boo is still so in love with Busola but cannot take it further because pastor says she is a witch and he will lose his good fortune if he marries her. 

No guys, I'm not ruling out the power in prophecy. I believe there are genuine prophecies, and I also understand the desire in seeking some form of assurance when it comes to your chosen life partner as that one decision could and probably would extensively affect the whole of your life for the rest of your life. As such, it's quite understandable that you might want to have a glimpse at least of what the future holds, an affirmation that this one decision is not going to be the beginning of the end of your happiness and peace of mind. 

In the words of Mz Chizzy, What do you think? What is the role of visions in relationships? Would you listen to a religious leader’s advice to leave the man/woman of your dreams because he foresees danger…
Have you been forced to or have you gone against an advice asking you to? Please enlighten us. Let's talk. 


  1. They are confusionists and just confuse the world…..i know them very well….always seeing someone by your side when there is no one…..

  2. A couple of years ago i was told by one of them not to abort "again"…..Guess what guys…….i was a freaking virgin at the time!I rest my case…….

  3. This is sort of coming at the right time.about 2months ago I went to see a prophetess which people attest to her being very gifted and I ve kinda witnessed it as well the first time my and siter went to see a result I decided that I ll ask her about the guys around me.I showed her four pictures of guys that were/are on my case.the first one let's call him A.the prophetess looked at his pic but didn't say anything. is someone I dated some years ago briefly,we broke up but I really wasn't enthusiastic abt him then.sometime ago he startd wanting me bk again but I wasn't interested, he was still disturbing me in june and he got married last month.
    B-the prophetess saw that he has a short temper sort of but he has a good heart.he is someone I also dated briefly but again I don't really fancy him,he is a good guy,a med doctor and he cared a lot abt me and still does but I hurt him and took him for granted and he still wants me back.
    C- she said if I got married to him I ll ve problems with his family and women as well. I started dating him end of last year and he was a good guy but at a time I felt like he started losing interest and I broke up with him some months was a wrong move cos I really do love him but he doesn't want me anymore.still talking to him though.
    D- she said he ll be very rich but he ll be domineering.
    To say the truth, the things she said are quite true but I'm not just happy with it.I vve been praying and hoping that God coud change it.
    B- wants me back and I ve tried to love him but I don't feel attracted to him.I even find it difficult to kiss him...just confused

    1. Don't allow these so called prohets create unnecessary worries in ur head. Any of these men could be ur life partner. Hv a personal relationship with ur creator and table it b4 him urself. One of these men could hv most of d qualities u need in a man and love u to 2 bits. Shine ur eyes and don't let any prophet keep u waiting till u are 45 ooo

    2. Poster abeg link me to ur pastor oooh, i can drop my contact with thelma . Thanks

    3. @shy jes like New Dawn said, these prophets use simple physcology. They mostly work with the info u gv them or make some inquiries b4 aproaching u. Anybody can tell u about dz 4 pple above, even myself. So u better shine ur eyes 4rm collecting these pple's numbers o

    4. @easah nd @ ruth pls just keep saying my too shocked to believe pipo actually do dis.

    5. Sissi you need to look within yourself for the answers because judging from your comment (you dated briefly, you took for granted, you lost interest, you aren't attracted to him and can't kiss him, you felt like he started losing interest in and you broke up with him- this one seems really wrong) you might be a tad bit impatient and rush to conclusion. Take your time to get to really know someone and pray to God to grant you patience and wisdom.

  4. I'm Yoruba and I'll tell you it's prevalent among Yorubas especially from white garment Churches. It's just a transposition of the consultation of native doctors into Church practice.
    I wish relationships were that simple where a prophet will tell you you'll be happy with a particular person and voila, you're eternally happy with that person. In reality, no relationship works without both parties committing to making it work with the attendant sacrifice, compromise and belief. However, these take a lot of hardwork, some discomfort, pain and a lot of selflessness which is more than most people wanna give in relationships. Also, most people have substituted praying to GOD, communicating and committing their affairs to HIM with blind obedience to their Pastors. Hence, they look for shortcuts like these type of consultations.

    FAKE STORY TELLERS!!! I'm so angry! #FansSelfFrantically

    I'm pissed because i've worn those shoes & oh boy, does it hurt terribly!
    My problem with ALL these liars aka prophets & prophetesses is that they ONLY see the problem, NO solution. Oya na, he's not my husband, how can I make him mine, breakthrough, deliverance? Nothing. I should just pack up & bounce outta my emotions & relationship of many years. U must be having amnesia!!!

    In 2010, 3 different men, I repeat 3 different men from hell knows where located me & said God told/their pastor told them I'm their wife. I casted them to the bosom of their confused gods. #spits
    My aunt is 51yrs old now with NO child due to pastor say. Same pastor whose husband said she's a witch & ran away from their home. LOL

    T, lemme go an drink cold lucozade! I dey para!

    1. I dey feel u o jare. My head sef dey hot coz I've been under d sun since morrin. Plz remain dt lucozade 4 me jare..

    2. Ahahahaha, Ruth, I am with you o! Haba! GOD himself would reveal it to us IF we pray sincerely and seriously about it. These prophets and prophtess use simple psychology! Few use powers from the underworld. They only tell you the problem but NEVER the solution!

  6. The moment a friend tells me about going to see a prophet/prophetess I cut the person. I'm sick and tired of been sick and tired of how all these prophets break homes and have nothing but negative vision. Why is it that they never have good news. My Uncle in the US was crying when he narrated to us how his brother ie my younger uncle cut all contacts from him in the US because a pastor said he wants him dead. Pastor was later arrested for fraud after he has destroyed so many families.

    I'll rather listen to the council of an experienced married woman who can point out real life issues about marriage than a prophet that see just unidentifiable evil through a picture. I'll rather hear his gambling problems will probably break your family in the future than simple "he is not your husband. Anyway my friends know not to start a sentence with "my pastor said" cos I don't hear any other thing after that phrase.

    Kneel down before God and everything will be made clear to you. There is no pastor/prophet that has assess to God concerning my matter more than I. This brainwashing thing going on now in religion is evil and I dare say diabolic. J

    1. Totally agree! Prophets of doom that break up homes!

  7. contact with him* forgive the typos , I was too pissed to read through.J

  8. The best solution 4rm these so called prophets and men of God is to hv same belief as my humble self which is..
    "No man can ever forsee what's gonna happen in d next few minuites of ur life not 2 talk of future as only God knows dt"

    Once u hv dz belief, it would safe u 4rm a whole lot like worshipping prophets and mortal pastors and swallowing everythg they say hook line and sinker..

    *lips sealed and watching*

  9. I love Thelma's blog readers, everyone here seems to be normal, thank God there are still normal Nigerians oo....pheewww.
    Am sick n tired of all these vision and pastor stories, if i hear it from a prospect or anyone around him, i ll just cut him/them off. My ex-mum inlaw breathes, thinks and eats Pastors n vision, always going from one prophet to the other n feeding her son with crap that they see, everybody is a witch or wizard, even an innocent wall gecko was sent by enemies....hian!, nothing i didn't hear frm that woman oo, my friend ll visit n her spirit ll minister to her that she shld never visit again, she is an agent of d devil, most nurses in d hospitals r agents therefore they ll not touch her grandson if not, they ll steal his destiny... see me see local wahala ooo.

  10. Ahn ahn yall dont want these charlatans to make money? Someone recommended a prayer warrior to me once. Truly the woman sees things. However i cut her off at the point she said when i want to marry she must approve the person. Lmao. As in is she God? From the moment i met my husband i took it to God in prayer. Nothing ever felt more right in my existence on this earth. If we are patient enough to listen for God's voice, he will speak to us. We dont need third parties.

  11. Going back to the bible, prophecies were warnings of doom or bloom; both sides always came with remedial or mitigating conditions and a stern warning of the consequences of not doing what will either avert the doom or bring the bloom.

    I have NEVER been one who listens to the utter balderash that come out of the mouths of these money-hungry, relevance-seeking 'men of god' whose only interest is in your cash. This nonsense does not just stop at the prophets and prophetesses. I have seen this nonsense where 'pastor said'has ruined many a number or presumably good relationships all for very, very parochial reason and interests.

  12. The major problem with a lot of us (who claim to be) Christians is our laziness. We are too lazy to seek the face of God ourselves on matters that concern us, hence we entertain these prophets of doom, who indeed see only evil and can never proffer any solutions.
    During my service year, I lived with my friend (from school and camp as well)'s cousin n his wife, who (claimed) to be prophet n prophetess. I eventually had to move out of their place before the service year ran out and it completely soiled my r/ship with my friend. Y? all they saw about me was doom: am an ogbanje (they claimed to have delivered me from that one), i have spirit husband, bla bla bla, the straw that broke the camel's back was when they claimed I was responsible for their mishaps, and that since i came into their home, things started going bad for them. That day, I no even gree the prayer session end, i got up packed every single thing I had and moved out of theirs.

    When you dwell on negativity, it gradually begins to take over you, and you begin to see only negativity in all u do. Things will gradually begin to indeed go bad for you. There's no over emphasizing the fact that evil does exist, however, as Children of God, we know that we have constant access to the all-powerful and so should not for any reason live in fear.

    As for seeking a partner, it is you who will eventually spend the rest of your life with the person, therefore, you must be able to make that decision your self, seek God's face yourself, and don't let anyone take decisions for you.

  13. Abi prophet don see ni. After about 11 months of being single and my elder sis finally saw someone with me she took panadol for my headache. She took our names to her pastor who said, our lives together won't be so nice at the early stage of our marriage but will eventually get better in the future. Not mentioning that the idiot is already married. He didn't see that part abi?

  14. 'Prophet say' na im end my frend engagement just 2 wks ago...d painful part for me is that they have completed marriage class and people for church don already know! But the guy's mum in conjunction with a prophet 'say God say' and gbam....relationship ends..d guy tell my frend say him no do again. Like someone earlier sed in the comments above its your relationship with God that you shud work on and that was what my frend asked the guy...ok pastor and your mama say God nko wetin you say...d guy 'say' na wetin dem say him self say...mtchew! You will get confirmation from God by simply asking God Himself. The Holy Spirit is not a confused person like some so called believers are. Know your self in Christ and please lets stop feeding these so called hungry prohets who prophecy according to the level of their debts and selfish interests.....#JoyDaNUGirl


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