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A Promise Is A Promise Is A Promise. (Desperate Times).

Hello Lagos!
I'm so sorry I was MIA yesterday. It was a very hectic day, to say the least. 

Some times we get so desperate for breakthrough that we make promises in the heat of our desperation. Because of how pathetic or hopeless the situation seems we make promises that at the time we are certain we will keep, because in our minds those promises are but small prices to pay for that breakthrough. 

But it's rarely ever the case. 

Of course when you're making said promise, especially to God, even you know that it must be a huge sacrifice you're promising to make, otherwise what's the point? For instance you cannot be vegan and say you promise never to eat meat. It's got to be a sacrifice, we know this, and we also believe or think, that the bigger the sacrifice the more likely and hastily God is to answer our prayers.

And that's why when I was about writing my Bar finals, I was in a state of panic, anxiety and desperation so I said to God; just let me have this grade at the least and the first 5 months of my salary and allowee are Yours. Haha! At the time it felt like a small price to pay, after all if I could make the grade what did I need money for? So yes. I said that. And then what... The results came out and just like I'd prayed, mine was fine. Moving forward... 

NYSC began the day after the results were released. A day to the end of camp, after exhausting all our monies and resources on mami market and other necessities, we were paid our first allowee, 19,800 naira. BIG MONEY at the time! Everyone rushed back to mami market to flex and celebrate, I was headed there to my favourite bar and bukka when I remembered; the money wasn't mine. Ouch!

And that's how for the next five months I was broke, hungry, angry and frustrated. Every month I would stand under the hot sun, standing in queues for hours in order to do my clearance for money that wasn't mine (which made it much more frustrating). Neither was the salary that I was paid at my PPA. It all went to the promise I made. Of course I began to grumble at some point; after all I worked very hard to excel at my Bar finals, surely my result was as a result of my hardwork and not any "promise" I made, I thought. Yet, as they say; a promise is a debt, and I had to pay. 

Similarly my friend *Tunde at the age of 16 went for an Owambe where someone came to shake his hand and he felt his manhood immediately leave him. Long story short he raised alarm, the 'manhood-thief' was caught, turned out to be the son of a juju priest. His father was mad at the son and did all he could to reverse the deed. 16 year old Tunde although a mere teenager grasped the magnitude of what was at risk if he lost his manhood and in desperation he made a promise to God; bring me out of this nightmare complete and I will never have sex before my marriage. Juju priest carried out his incantations, Tunde's prayers were answered... Tunde is 33 years old today, still a virgin. Yes he's gone all the yards shy of penetrating a woman, he is sexually frustrated but a promise is a promise. 

Then there's *Damani who made my friend his mistress yet refused to shag her. He took care of her bills, paid for her trips abroad and her spoilt her silly. BUT he never had sex with her. Once in my presence she began to lament that she was horny and she needed sex, she was tired of giving him oral, she had her own needs which transcended foreplay! What is Damani's story, you might ask? 

     Some years ago he faced some terrible financial problems, everything was collapsing around him and all his businesses were failing. It got so bad that he went from being rich to being unable to pay his children's fees or feed them. Then in that state of despair and desolation he bargained with God; made a promise and said; restore me to my former state and even more and I promise I will NEVER have sex with a woman besides my wife. 
      Well, business picked up and money came, more money than he had before. Of course Damani, like some other men when there's money in abundance, just had to have girls around him. Unfortunately he'd made a promise, and a promise is a promise is a promise!
     So for my friend and his other mistresses, he would do EVERYTHING with them, except have actual intercourse. This elicits a big *YIMU* from me. 

And that's how we, in our states of anxiety and despair, cry out to God and make promises we ordinarily wouldn't make, promises we know might be too big too keep, but then the bigger the sacrifice the bigger the blessing, yes?

Have you ever made a promise or a vow to God out of desperation? Did you keep that promise after the storm had passed, when things got better?

Do you believe that it's the promises one makes that leads to their breakthrough? 

What fate do you think might befall a person who after his/her prayers have been answered, reneges and breaks the promises they made?


  1. Choi! I wish I could say the stories I have about this post. LOL.
    A promise is a promise...a debt. And when to God, a must o. I've read somewhere in the Bible that says, before we make promises to God we should think through as it is better to not promise, than fail to keep it.
    Everyone loves gifts / sacrifices for them, so I believe God gets pleased when we do that for Him.

  2. 1st things 1st,hook me up to Danamis PLS!!!
    Well,a promise is a promise and shld be kept. But why do people easily break the promise they make to their fellow man?

    1. Sasha!!!!! Lmaoooooooo!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. I can completely relate with this post. When you're desperate no promise is too big, it's when things get better that you begin to regret it. Proud of you for keeping your promise.

  4. Have made several promises to God n when I don't keep them,I feel like my LIFE is coming to an end. But I made one recently n I kept it and ever since it's been sweet for me so I feel promises made n fulfilled determines our breakthrough because the truth is this God we serve ain't foolish,he knows it all n sees it all.

  5. Apology accepted. Thank God you apologized cuz I was about to subpoena you. So you can tell the court(with evidence of course) why you were MIA for a whole day! And you can't plead the 5th *suits tinz* lol! *smh-ing*
    I was reading, I had to pause to check again...! and don't worry Iya kabuoy... it's just 5mins. I wie pass the exam! Owo o ni jona! Lol!

    Yes to the post! I can totally.. totally relate to this. I remember when I was younger... the days of econet.. popsy was looking for 2k recharge card and he was so sure my elder sister took it. now thelma... the reason she was the prime suspect was because one time she was not doing so well in school... and because of that, he made sure she didn't take provisions to school for the term. just garri and sugar. She went to FGGC sagamu so you can understand how hard it is to survive in d boarding house(especially unity schools) without provisions(cornflakes, milk, milo, sugar, goldenmorn, biscits et al.. lol) . So she called my uncle to send her recharge cards so she could sell to those who snuck their phones into school. During one of our gist time with popsy, she let it slip and of course my dad never forgot. So automatically, when he couldn't find his cards... she had to be the one. Of course she didn't take it. And she pleaded not guilty. Omoh! He insisted she took it and said he was going to beat her till she confesses! Ha! I knew It was gonna be "bloody".. so I ran to my mom's room and promised God that if he should let the storm pass, I promise never to read mills and boons, harlequin, Sandra brown, Nora roberts... lmaoo! Basically romance novels that are not christian/inspirational! Lmaoo! And he(popsy) didn't as little as slap her that day. It was hard o!!! I was in Jss2 then. Thelma! It was really hard. I slipped a few times... scratch that.. many many times! lol. But eventually... I stopped. so yeah! That's one major one I remember. There's been several others. Like my final exams too in the uni. One lecturer refused to release one of my results and senate was about to sit. And that automatically means i'll not graduate with my mates! And of course God answered my prayers. And I did fulfill my promise. So yeah.... many many others.
    But i'm glad the people above kept their promise albeit in a devious way! Lmao! Cuz technically, they were not having *sex* like the penetration kini... but oral sex is sex sha. as far as i'm concerned. Lol. So I second the *yimu*

    That novel one was hard sha! Kai! Smh for me! Lol!

    1. Lol...u shld have sacrificed just one not the whole love genre na.

  6. It's not our big or huge promise to God that makes Him answer our prayer. He answers us because He loves us and what we asked for is in accordance with His will and purpose for us.

    1. Yes queen, God doesnt answer ou prayers because of our promises, he does what only he himself can do. I personally know that my God likes to show off.

      But then, he accepts our vows and promises and also wants us to keep to them. Our promise is like putting him to test, which we know he allows us to do freely(mal 3:11) just so his name can be glorified even more.
      Back to the matter, vows works wonders for me, omo mehn, i used to enjoy blue movies way back, but when my bobo almost lost 12containers @ a go, i entered my MFM mood ooh, infact i made both monetary and film promise, naso God show up oooh! I fulfilled my bargain, but the film part was hard at a point i wanted to compromise until i read a verse that said: they vows are upon me and thy convenant will not break. Till date i havent broken.

      Now why i am saying this, d bobo wey i make the promise for don waka go. Chai! Dairiz god oooh!

    2. @ Blink,Hahaha... nne,c'est la vie o

    3. Lol, the real talking blink has landed. Let him go joor

    4. @sasha bone lol, naso i see am
      @anon 8:50, make i laff with you or roll my eyeballs? Which one

  7. One question. How did u survive first 5months of NYSC? Wow.

    Been a while I visited, omuguo has ended na only me waka come now oh *crying!!!

  8. u just reminded me of d promise of my first allowee am yet to pay,choi!dis one dat nysc no wan pay me sef,I can totally relate to dis post

  9. I have never made any promise to God out of desperation. It's was outta naivety. I was 18 & made a promise I had no idea of.
    I do hope he understands cos I'm compensating him somehow.

    But a promise is a promise. Esp to God, it's a MUST.
    Welldone T.

  10. My dear that ya tunde story set!! He went all the way without penetration, as how?
    You roll eba, put am for soup, put am for mouth but no swallow? Lol


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