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Blog Reader Asks; Maybe God Meant For Men To Be Polygamous?

I know somebody raised a similar question a while back but mine is quite different. I'm female but sometimes I wonder if God really meant for men to be monogamous? If you look in the Bible even those great men He blessed had more than one. Look at Abraham and his wife's maid, look at David who sent someone to be killed so that he can have his wife, look at Solomon and his many wives and concubines? Yet God still singled these men out and blessed them greatly. I know they were all in the Old Testament but that doesn't change the fact that they were greatly blessed and till today they are the ones Christians remember, and use as a point of reference when praying. 
     I know that when a woman loves a married man everybody hates her and calls her names but things are not so black and white, besides it's not all men that set out to break their vows and hurt their wives, some of them genuinely love the wife but still fall in love with someone else. Some men are capable of loving and caring for more than one woman. All these things make me wonder if this isn't how God intended things to be. 


  1. Everyone biko permit me to be pissed at this poster!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhgggg!

    I'm fine now. But it seems U are trying to go all Olivia Pope on Us. Endorsing Adultery & Polygamy! LOL.
    Dear Poster How many wives did God give Adam?
    Yes, in the mosaic law God didn't specifically ask the Isrealites to marry 1 wife, but Jesus Christ who's the ONLY way to Salvation after his Ransom sacrifice, (dying for us) abolished some of those laws & adjusted others!
    ONE Man,ONE wife till death do them part.
    Men were not created to be polygamous else God would have supported that by Givin Adam more than One wife!
    Stay Off people's Boyfriends, Fiance's & Husbands so Karma won't Bobo juice U!

  2. It's a pain that someone would reason like this. These men u mentioned, was God happy with their acts? Go n study the bible for yourself. Don't allow what the world says to give u such false mindset.

    1. Ruth was busy roaming through Twitter when I found u...u knw pheelbny?oops,we go way back....that naughty house house

    2. Awwww, NHW, I'm just seeing ur referral comment.
      My dear I can remember oh!
      Biko just tweet at me so I can clarify..

  3. Uhhhhhhh dis sounds disgusting. DEAR poster pls kindly study your bible very well and ask God to open your inner man so you could understand every word because not every one understands the scriptures.

  4. May God have mercy on u dear poster for you are indeed lost and basking in ignorance.

  5. "...Some men are capable of loving and caring for more than one woman...". I sense Masculine excuses cooking up..even at close quarters. *coughing*

  6. *stiffles laugh*

  7. ? Listen, you're obviously a christian and the bible is unequivocal about the sanctity of marriage. Even if you weren't a christian, you know its morally wrong! Put yourself in the shoes of his wife, imagine bein married to someone, and making sacrifices, whether big or small, and then you realise that the muhfuka been 'gettn it' with some side chick...
    You said things are not always black and white, that's true, but not in this case o..sleeping with a married person no matter what your reason is, is wrong and everyone knows it, except maybe you, Olivia Pope and my cousin Ify (no she doesn't sleep with a married man, she just roots for Olivia and the president)

  8. It's funny but u miss what she said. No one is arguing whether he shld have another wife. All what she's saying is: A man can have a wife and still hv a side chick. After all it says One man,One wife (not excluding mistresses/side chicks?)
    I'm not supporting anything but then again ur quote didn't rule out side chicks. My own P is when these chicks begin to drag right with the wife or when the man considers them for 2nd wife.
    I wld always support a man being faithful and all but when he isn't? Do u open the bible and show him quotes he don't already know?
    Never totally blame the chicks,blame a philandering husband!

  9. Ermmm, why is everyone hating on Olivia pope now? Though I dnt support Olivia pope's actions in scandal,i still.kinda like her personality.....she seems broken without even been aware of it

    That said, the Bible doesn't support polygamy,fornication,adultery,polyandry, bigamy and it's likes. Just talk to Him, the One who originated relationships, He will give you that which is exclusively yours.Seriously, you need not share.

    1. Permit me to ask. The lady who was nearly stoned for committing adultery,was she single/married? I'll go with married cos if she was single,then it means nobody back then had 2nd wives.
      Now,why didn't Christ ask for the partner in crime knowing fully well it takes 2 to tango?
      If Christ spared that side chick/married woman from being stoned to death for adultery,i donno why all of u here are quoting and unquoting o.

    2. Yes He spared her but what did He say to her in the end? "Go and sin no more"

    3. Yh,but was she single or married?

  10. everything worth mentioning is about said *skips post*

  11. Some women are capable of loving and caring for more than one man.So what are you saying. Why are you defending only the men abi you are meeting one by the corner. The truth is, a married man or woman does not have immunity from loving other people, but when you take a vow you keep to it and keep away from all sources of temptation. Be you a man or a woman.J

  12. I didn't know how to *present my case* on this post before because it's not a straightforward topic, buy now I think I can try.

    For those who think that GOD sanctioned the "One man One wife" rule may not be far from the truth, but still...very far. The only place in the Bible that it's seems like a rule is when Eve was created and it was said that a man takes a woman and they become One. Other areas in the Bible, especially the New Testament, focuses on marriages mainly between a man and a woman. But then, has anyone noticed GOD sending HIS prophets or priests to condemn polygamy or promising such a thing is displeasing to HIM in any way? Even when Israel became a Nation such laws weren't seen. The laws on marriage prohibits adultery and taking another's wife.

    In the New Testament the ONLY place a law on a single wife is stated is 1Timothy 3:2, where it's stated that a Bishop must have only one wife. That aside, isn't it confusing how GOD, while rebuking David after he committed adultery, reminded him that HE gave him Saul's WIVES, and would have given him MORE WIVES if he had asked? Wow. Even Muslims are advised to take One Wife, but out of benevolence (and probably to reduce suffering among women) they can take in three more.

    If we want to then talk about the things GOD prefers in relation to marriage I'll say HE prefers we all remain single. Saint Paul gives marriage importance because to him, it's only necessary in quenching sexual emotions. Notice also in Exodus 19:15, when the Israelites prepared to receive the Covenant, were asked to abstain from sexual intercourse.

    So I'll say the One Man One Wife Rule is a tradition of the Church, and as Christians, we're bound to obey the Church: "whatever you consider bound/lost on earth is bound/lost in Heaven"-Matt 16:19. Is doesn't mean that those who married more than one wife are condemned, it means GOD'S preference to human relationships fall from that order. But like I said in my previous comment, excuses to satisfy certain urges will overcome the will to please GOD. Lol. Stay blessed everyone.

    1. Yaa I feel you Memphis but the poster isn't talking about polygamy in the sense of marriage where both women are aware of the situation, she's talking about dudes keeping a wife and a sidechick.

  13. Hello Everyone,
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