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Ladies Lose Your Potbellies. There Are Only 2 Men To 7 Women in Lagos!

A few weeks ago I attended an event with my friend and her mum. When we returned her mum did something really nice for me so the next day I called her to say thanks. I wasn't expecting what followed; she immediately shrugged off the thanks and told me I'm her daughter so anything she does for me is only normal. Then she said she had something more important to discuss with me. I'll paraphrase; "Nwando you know you're my daughter and I cannot lie to you, you need to do something about your weight. I know you've made efforts but I think now you need to start praying about it. Tell God you need his grace to stay disciplined, just tell Him and you will be surprised. Because you see, girls are not smiling these days o! You're still single and you know young men of these days don't really like fat girls. So..." She talked for almost ten minutes but I'll not bore you with the rest of it. When I saw this Instagram post below I immediately remembered that conversation. 

Lagos socialite Joro Olumofin is a familiar face at weddings and other social functions around Lagos. An avid gym-goer himself, today he shared a message for ladies attending these events to pay more attention to their bodies.

“Letter To The Ladies! Vol. 2 (Stay Fit In A Competitive World) #CaseStudy : #Lagos #Nigeria..

Most young Ladies in #Lagos Nigeria have neglected their body and have developed “Pot Bellys” as a result of Excessive Eating and Lazy Attitude towards the Gym. Working out is a Necessity not Luxury..

It’s always shocking when I see young Pretty ladies at functions ; Parties, weddings looking like they are 3 months Pregnant when they are not.. As a guy who is quite Sociable I see this everytime and I’ve also overheard guys who may be potentials suitors complain about this.

Recent study shows that there are 7 Women to 2 men in Lagos.. We all know some Lagos Girls are not smiling so if you don’t want to “Carry Last” and u don’t want other girls stealing or competing with you for your Man I suggest you enroll in a Gym ASAP..

Primacy Effect in Psychology means Remembering First encounters more than late encounters.. In light of this Psychological Principle you may have only one chance to impress or catch a new guy or suitor.. If he walks past you and thinks you’re 3 months pregnant or you look like “Iya Basira” he won’t approach or follow up..

No Pain! No Gain! Test your body.. Please Note that this is not about weight ; you may be slim and have a pot belly, and you be Plus Size and also have a Pot Belly.. #DoktorMofin #Psychology #LetterToTheLadies Vol 2″


Instagram Screen-Grab source; Bella Naija. 


So to all the orobos and potbellied ladies in the house (I must have you know that I do NOT belong to this category. Hehehehehe. LOL), especially if you're still single, please note that girls are not smiling, if you think I'm joking go and check out them chica on IG, you'll understand. Haha! So we really need to intensify our efforts, ok?

PS: my friend's mum didn't suggest that I lose weight solely because of men, that's the part of our convo that applied to this post. 


  1. T this pot belly issue has been giving me sleepless nights o, not like i am very fat sef but the tummy just keeps getting bigger. I tried to do the regular sit-ups but cos of my operation that is almost impossible. I also tried to reduce late night food but you know how lagos is with work and all GOD DEY SHA..........

  2. KKB please try hon. Don't eat anything but fruits after 6pm. I do planks for 3minutes daily, 50 reverse crunches & 50 press ups strictly for my tummy. When I followed this routine, it was awesome! My tummy was amazing.
    Have u noticed that no matter how FAT/BIG a woman is once u have a flat tummy, u become sexy/shapy e.g Kim & Nicki... Mercy Johnson etc
    I stopped for months thanks to ulcer but i'll resume next month.
    When U are FIT not slim oh. U are more confident, feel/look better & Yes, getting the guys is just a bonus!

    1. @Ruthylicious I will try out the fruits and press ups. I just hope this tummy will obey the clarion call lol. Thanks for the tips #e-hugs

  3. *sigh* T you already know how i feel about this topic. And i will reserve my comments about Mr J.O.

    1. Pls spill if u have gist, that's why there's an anonymous option.

  4. For those who don't like or can't do rigorous exercises, Moringa should help. 2 heaped tea-spoons of powdered Moringa in a mug of warm water every morning and every night. Please don't miss a single day and a *single dose* or it won't work. EVERY MORNING, EVERY NIGHT, EVERY DAY. If conditions persist after two weeks see your village chiefs. (LOL. kidding). Happy weight watching :D

  5. theres this therapy i came across on facebook and it works if you can stick to it but make sure you are not breast feeding else your baby might start to reduce. cut up 2 whole fresh ginger and 3 fresh lemon NOT LIME PLS (all with d skin) boil for 10mins (4min on high heat 6 on low heat) or you may boil 1litre of water then pour ur cut ginger n lemon reduce the heat n allow to simmer for 5mins. boil at night(u may add lemon grass if you wish) n leave in d pot overnight. drink first thing in the morning on empty stomach n tru d day. be consistent for a month n watch ur tummy disappear. the drink is packed with many health benefits. add cabbage to your diet if you can. if u have ulcer add 1 whole cucumber to d already boiled mix. u may slice another cucumber to snack on. Thank me later n come back with ur testimony. *u'd lose some kg in d process sef* *pregnant women are exempted pls*

  6. So Thelma, Between Memphis & Bee which one we go do?

    1. Haven't got issues with my tummy, thankfully.

      I have bowls of moringa, dried and powdered (not for weight loss though) but that thing makes me feel nauseous so I keep buying and forgetting about it. Would give it a shot again...

  7. Choi, dis world is not just fair to women. A man has pot belly,its sexy... A woman has pot belly they remind her is 2 men to 7 women. Men listen up ooo, Daris God and he is watching u all with 6D.

    1. omg potbelly on a man is sooooooo not sexy. total dealbreaker for me.

  8. Lol. I think exercising is better,am on d big side but can flaunt my Tommy anywhere,thks to routine work out every morning,I do 200 different tommy exercise and it's been lovely,and reduce late night food,take more of fruits,an Anon once advised me here to count calories and since I started,it's been awesome,haven't lost much though but d change is amazing,when you know the amount of calorie each food contains,it's . Easier. GOD help us women.

  9. Veery True ooo! Pls how can we count d calories in our food? T pls if u cud maake it a post too so many suggestions can come so we cud choose! Weight loss is smthing we should actually discuss! Once again, how can we count calories???pls

    1. I count calories of almost everything I eat. I've done it for years, and now it comes second nature to me. I think it's one of the most effective ways of controlling weight.
      Counting calories is very simple.
      Almost all packaged foods have a nutritional content section at the back or side. It tells you how many serves are in the packet of food, and then it tells you how many calories there are per serve. For example, I have just finished eating a pack with a mixture of nuts, raisins and white chocolate. It weighs about 50g (it says on packet), and at the back, it tells me, there are 1.5serves, and that each serve is close to 700KJ. I multiply that by 1.5, and know that if I eat the entire pack, I have eaten about 1,050KJ. Now because I find it easier to think in calories, I convert that to calories, which is 1cal = about 4KJ. Hence, when I eat e whole packet, I know I have had around 250calories.
      Now, if I have decided that my meal is only going to be 300 calories, I already know I don't have too many more options to complete my meal, and probably have to make do with an orange.
      For natural foods that don't come in packets or cans, a simple Google search would tell you how many calories there are in fruits, veggies, raw foods like rice, beans, etc. So if you cook one cup of rice, which may be, I don't know.... 150g, you can estimate how many calories that is.
      Without monitoring calories, I think keeping track of ones diet is a lot more difficult, and less sustainable over a prolonged time period.

  10. It's harder to grow a pot belly than to get rid of it, so if yours is assuming an alarming proportion I think it's best to tame it ASAP, don't procrastinate because it will only get worse and pot belly could be a huge turn off for men and women alike. In my opinion the only kind of woman that finds a pot bellied man attractive is a hungry woman because in this part of the world some people think it's a sign of wealth and prosperity when in fact it's a sign of lack of discipline, nonchalance and irresponsibility. It's your health that's in question and it should be taken seriously.
    One way to watch it is to avoid eating large portions of food, running also helps a lot.
    Stay fit, not because you want to attract the opposite sex but because it's more healthy for you, both mentally and physically.

  11. It is so hard to burn belly fat but we'll keep trying. @Ruthy I left a comment for you in that body count post.J

    1. KKB u are welcome.
      T, Oya na moringa we do, I go buy my own during the weekend.
      Memphis u go pay me back my money if e no work.

      J, seen & replied dear. Lol

    2. Ruthy I hope the moringa isn't for Thelma. Na belle recipe I give you ooo. BELLE RECIPE. LOL. As per the other issue, Ragolis comes to mind...

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. @Anon3:33 u can check how to count calories on Google or download applications relating to it. Personally I have a diet and calorie app that has all types of food and d calorie dey contain per gram and that way you combine three types of food you eat,add up their calories and before then you must have known the amount of calorie your body needs per day. I hope I tried in my explanation,am not so good explaining via typing.

  14. Oh how I miss my flat stomach (sad face) @ anon can't wait to try d lemon and hot water therapy.

  15. be careful of moringa if pregnant or trying to conceive. It is an abortifacient ie it causes abortion.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Why didn't I see all of this last year July before I went on operation add weight at all cost. I was a size 6... now I'm approaching 12 gradually. :(
    Now I have to start Watching what I eat... no food after 6 p.m and the list keeps growing longer... ha! I should have listened to daddy. :'(


  18. A number of new moms also choose breast augmentation as a measure against the loss of firmness and skin elasticity that can happen after delivery. pregnancy stretch mark serum


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