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Open Keypad #Current Situation.

Hey guys, I'm heading oooouuuuttttttt! Thought I should drop by and check in on y'all first. So who's home? Lemme confess I wanted to do one last post and then decided to do this instead, for my own selfish gains. Hehehe (I hate this 'hehehe' thingy, any alternative?)

Haha! I just want to know one thing; your current situation; What's going on at the moment, what are you up to, what's happening at this point in time in your life, where are you; home, traffic, movies, in bed, the kitchen, on a mountain..., the state of your emotions; sad, happy, bored, excited, in love, depressed, lonely, freaking fantastic? What? Where would you rather be, who would you rather be with, what would you rather be doing? Talk to Thelma, ok!

Now my current situation; at the moment I'm thinking dude you need to stop referring to yourself in the third person. Lol I know. Once I post this I'm heading to Sasha Bone's for a random chat, then to the movies to see Gone Girl with 'man'. Haha. 

I'm in a place in life where I'm ok, I just need a fatter bank account, slimmer waist and a vacation. 

What I'd rather be doing right now; I'd rather be at the departure lounge of the International airport, heading to Paris. 

Ehen, one last thing; all you NON-COMMENTERS!!! You guys have no idea the number of people who mail me on a daily from this blog and they DO NOT comment! Aaargh! They'll now mail and say "I'm too shy to comment but..." Or "hey T, I really love your blog. I'm an avid reader although I never comment..." Or "Thelma I read that post today, I didn't want to comment but this is what I think..." Or (and this is the most common) "Hello Thelma, I'm a silent reader..." What is the meaning of that? LOL. See guys, if everyone decides to go silent then we will all be bored stiff, it's the voices that really rock the house. I as the blogger, need feedback in form of your comments, other blog readers (as well as myself) need your comments for fun, excitement, enlightenment, amusement, education etc. so please, let's not be shy or silent, ok?

Big Shout Out to all Non-Silent readers. *Kisses&Hugs*

Ok, so I'll catch y'all larer!


  1. Confession time. Im a silent reader, some people are not gud wit comments dats all. Im more interested in this "man" ur going to the movies with. Make sure u gist us when u cum bk.

  2. Hmmmmmmmm T,gjst us about dis "man" biko. Enjoy your evening nne. As for me am home,went to d gym n back just looking like lukman and and IKEDC refused to give us power. So ama just chill n get excited with dis blog.

  3. Ok someone please tell me how to go through with long distance relationships. Lagos hustle won't allow the son-of-man take reasonable trips to Delta State. I need some advice ASAP...pleeeeaaassee :D

    1. Communication communication communication,keep d communication alive Memphis,never give the communication much gap,and try spend your weekend with her,MAYBE you pick your things to work on Friday and after u close,u travel down to see her,dats if u could travel by road at night because delta no b ibadan,and if u can't,just keep communicating till you work out a way to see each other.

    2. Brov I've been in ur shoes b4 and e no be small somethg. But trusting each other completely, communication @ a regular, making her feel special, inventing new ways of showing her dt u love and care about her on a daily basis, planing ur future 2gether (if d relationship is in a serious stage already) showing commitment and being truthful are all ways of making a long distance relationship work. And of course, finding time 2 visit each other from time 2 time. And yeah, Delta isn't dt far durrr, not like she is in Yanky. U guys will be good.

    3. I was in one too. It was fun! Can't say for everyone but the secret is openess. A Lot of chatting,skyping,and calling. Talk bout anything and everything. We had different time zones so he woke me up and tucked me in on a daily and I did same too. You don't necessarily hv to travel to see each other often. And if u have trust issues,thats the end o.
      Getting nostalgic writing this but then again,shit happens...
      All the best memphis. But remember,she has to take the r/ship as srzly as u are too. I hope I made sense tho...

    4. Sacrifice and be open minded, Thank God its still within Nigeria. Send her a gift for no reason, Ask her what shes up to, tell her to send pictures of what shes wearing and do same, Charge your phone so you guys can chat as often as 20/24 hours. Even when me n Oga are sleepy or theres no gist we will be saying K, YH, Aii, Sometimes we skype till one person falls asleep, I take a screenshot for evidence and go to bed and send him the pic the next morning, we laugh about it n gist,
      It will work if you want it to, If you cant travel buy her a ticket to come over one weekend she will appreciate it, encourage her to go out and have fun. Talk about every thing. Ask about her toasters and dont get angry,lol.
      it can be mentally exhausting and seem like theres a lot to do but focus on the goal which only you knows.

    5. Brother Memphis is in luffff

  4. I enjoy ur blog Thelma. Not just the kind of person to comment on every post though I like reading other people's comment..crazy huh? More power to ur elbow dear. Hello blog visitors.

    1. Hi @ Sisi, which of d sisis are u? R u sisi eko or sisi calabar? I hope u are as beautiful as ur name


    2. Lol Eesah...of course I'm beautiful, pettitely beautiful if I must add.(Wink)

    3. Easah I hope ur not too blind to notice sissi's green light. Lol

  5. Freaking sad, just got an email that I didnt get a position I was desperately hoping for.

    1. just stay positive. He makes all things perfect in His time...

    2. Ouch. I know that feeling, it will pass. Rejection letters can hurt more than heartbreak, but in situations like these I console myself with thoughts like God's plans for me are of good and not of evil, plans to bring me to an expected end. Yes sometimes they sound like mere words I mutter just to keep myself from losing it but even in my despair I try to keep the hope alive and prophesy into my situation.
      I'm sure something else will come in time. Sorry Hun.

    3. My dear I got the same email early in the year, By the end of July they called asking me to resume the next day.
      If its meant to be< God will cause lines to fall in the perfect place. Hes too faithful to fail.

  6. I'm guilty of not commenting, but on d days I do, I comment and comment and comment. I'm @ a point where I'm thinking of dumping my programme in calabar for lagos. But since I have paid my fees, money cannot waste, I must finish it even though I dislike the programme. I wrote the aptitude test for lagos on Monday and I pray I pass # so help me God. I'm @ d point where I need a real job, or d grace/push to start up a business. Its not a question for capital o, and I am not lazy, but this fear of d unknown is really taking its toil on me. I always tot I will see myself through post grad, but having to rely on my parents sucks big time. I'm @ d point where I want to love back, cos I feel loved right now #heheheheheh# but I just can't. My younger sis got married on Saturday #smiles# she is my bestie, and even though she is a twin I'm closer to her than anyone else, I wish her HML. But then again, y I'm I so damn scared of marriage??? Could it be all these sad stories I hear, or cos of all these heart breakers around??? finally my dad needs tons of prayers. He is back @ d hospital for d 100th time this year. Lol. I actually lol cos I have resigned myself to fate. Its either God wants to heal him, or he wants to take him. But If he wants to take him please let him stop going through so much pain, he is only 58 for crying out loud, and d pain breaks my heart. Dear men, make it a point of duty to go for regular checks too. Breast cancer is real for both sexes, only worse for men (one in a thousand cases) cos there isn't much breast tissues for d cancer to eat up, so it goes straight to your other organs. Sorry for d epistle jare. And no, I am not going anonymous on this one even with the TMI.

    1. Hey sorry about your dad, will surely say a prayer for him, and congratulations to your sister may she have a blessed marriage.

    2. God will heal him dear,I feel your pain n I empathize with you and plss open up your heart to LOVE,u can stop loving. Everything in this life boils down to LOVE, love ttb dats yy u visit,we all go through the things we do in order for us to b ready for greater stuffs,so plsss give whoever is showing you LOVE back,reciprocate,life is short,so therefore make yourself happy while you can.I hope I made sense.

    3. Awww, I wish ur dad a speedy recovery.

      #warmest of hugs 2 ya

    4. La Effizy I may not know how it feels to be in your shoes, I'm sure it's very frustrating but as they say, where there's life there's hope. Greater miracles are known to have happened.

    5. Many many typos in my epistle #lol# @ Sharon, @ Mabel, @ sasha, @ Eesah, @ Thelma... plenty tanx for all the love.

    6. I pray things work out good for you and your family.

    7. Cherish the moments you have with him,make new memories and please be at peace, Lord knows why it happens, I did'nt get to say goodbye to my dad

    8. May God's will be done in your dad's life, and yours too. Make sure he gets all the care you all can provide.

    9. Strangers shall hear the voice of God and flee from their dwelling places, Every Breast Cancer dry up like the fig tree. Hang on Dearie.

    10. I pray that you receive peace in these difficult times and the courage to trust in God's will.

    11. la effizy don't worry, everything will work out well in the end okay...

  7. Where I am right now in bed, about to sleep, state of my emotions, happy but not excited, kinda lonely.
    Memphis if you are unable to visit your sweetie, she can travel to Lagos. I would advise you to keep communication alive please do not slack off on communication. Long distance relationships are not easy but with the right attitude and commitment it will work out.

  8. Someone just sent me this on FB:
    Some don't comment on your blog because of the inability to. Take me for instance, I've only ever done so maybe once or twice. For a long time now, whenever I try, I get redirected to search results on JavaScript. It's really tiring.

    I'm so sorry about this, I'll contact Blogger and see what can be done.

    1. That's a new one tho. Hav never heard of it in all my years here

  9. State of mind; I'm thankful for the job I have but the ungrateful boss I work for makes me hate the tot of waking up daily @ 5am to head to work. I will just do the best I can, but I'm holding on to God's hands that by may 2015, I'm outta that place. I want to put things in order and leave with a bang. (the bang being, having d dream job)

    I also pray for safe delivery.

    Sorry about ur dad dear, prayer is the key, just hold on to God. May he receive his healing in Jesus name.

    Have fun T. My big belle (baby tins) no gree me go see movie, cos I pee like every 10 mins. CEO

  10. Silent reader: current state of mind my bf has a female best friend and I think he is gonna fall for her soon dats if he hasn't already. It hurts cus I'm in love with him. Hmm dat wasn't so bad will start commenting

    1. A woman's instincts are seldom wrong.

    2. Which foolish female best friend is that, You should be his best friend. Fight for your love if it means something to you. i didnt say you should break bottle o. Talk to him about it and dont come off as jealous or insecure. Be very firm and put the girl in her place. All the best.

    3. lolzzz. he had the female best friend before he asked you out i suppose... so why worry? he chose you over her. drop you insecurities n learn to trust him. no man wants an insecure babe. my bf used to have one, his ex at that but not anymore am his best friend now. make him your best friend cos what u should be.

  11. I'm sad. My dad died in Feb, and it still feels like yesterday...have been thinkin abt him all week...all the suffering he went through_ he had kidney issues_ sickness and death suck big time. wish I could have him back....hale and hearty. sorry for dampening the mood. Jst feel like a wet rag at the moment. Kachifoo y'all

    1. Sorry dear, sorry for your loss. You didn't dampen the mood, it's already damp. So much sadness everywhere.

    2. Two hugs and a kiss dear. It really sucks having to see a loved one go through so much pain. This too will pass.

    3. I know how u feel I lost my dad 11 years ago and till date that day has been the worst day in my life, just know he is watching over you and proud of you. Dont let anyone make u feel bad or sad cos of it, I maynot know you but u sound like an amazing person.

    4. E hugs for you darling. Kisses!

  12. Deep sigh! I always make a comment at every post... only about 98% of it all is done in my head or with my mouth.
    Well...Right nw, I need a reasonable job. I need to make money and move out of my family house! The walls are starting to close in on me. Too many expectations plus I'v gotten too used to having my own space and privacy, so....

    Am at a point where I don't know how to love or trust anymore. Too many betrayals from friends and boo.. yet I find I can't exist as an island so I need to find a balance for my own sanity
    I need to find my way back home and it sure isn't any address here on earth.
    Also, I'm presently reading Oscar Wilde's "The picture of Dorian Gray" and it has me wondering how I've lived without paying more attention to english classics all my novels filled life.
    Celibacy is no mean feat o... am learning to push my keke one day at a time. Hopefully I'll get there someday.
    Meanwhile, I could do with laughter tonight so am going to watch "22 jump street" right about now and see how it goes from there.
    Have fun Thelma! We await the 'gist'.

    1. What do you mean by "I need to find my way back home and it sure isn't any address here on earth"?

    2. Please o let ur address be here my dear, trust me u will look back at this time and realise it's never that deep. I pray peace over ur situation in Jesus name.

    3. @Wale, It's home in form of peace. So far away from my maker right now, it feels like we're having a quarrel. Can't pray or even praise which I much prefer. Can't remember the last time I opened a bible for study n d thought of church on Sundays leave me tired. Within me is a well of emptiness that nothing earthly seems able to fill no matter how hard I try. But i'll be fine, at least I still believe that much. @ Tolulope, Amen! And thank you!

    4. I got you now, happy you believe that you will be fine. God will feel that well of emptiness and give you a new song.

      22 Jump Street wasn't a bad movie, hope you enjoyed it?

  13. Wow! iv been AWOL for some days now.... Lawd!!!! getting a good job in Nigeria is really not "beans" except by God's favor. wrote an aptitude test last 2 weeks Saturday... was called back for a technical interview passed(by God's grace and mercy) and proceeded to HR interview. whew! trust me... it has not been easy... but i have faith that it'll all turn out in praise. and yeah... did i forget to mention the tension, anxiety.... having to read bulky technical materials... lol! i have no choice but to keep trusting God for a testimony really soon. can't wait to share it with you guys!!!! lol... missed you thelma!(your blog) i hope to be back fully really soon! till then... *bear hugs* and keep doing awesome things!!! **big smile**

    (now punintended is going to say i can like to type long story!) Lmao!!!


    1. Hahahaha...wish you all the best, bro

    2. Whn I told u 2 tell us d meaning of ya name, u na gree. Imagine even Punintended thinks U R a guy

    3. No way!! Kabuoy is not a dude? Sorry abt dat..I almost didn't wanna add "bro" in that comment but I thought "the name has buoy in it..this aint rocket science, its a boy". This will make me reconstruct a diffrent perspective to all those your stories

    4. Hahahahahahaa... kabuoy is a lady o! hehehe apology accepted! Lol... no offense taken anyway... I didn't intend to misguide the public tho... Kabuoy is an acronym.

      @ Eesah... oya enjoy your "I told you so" moment. i'm still not telling! lol! **tongue out**

    5. Kabuoy Is an acronym? How many names hv u got then, 6? K.A.B.U.O.Y equals Kemie, Atinuke, Bouqui, Uloma, Ola, Yemi?


    6. Lmaoooo!!! You couldn't be more WRONG!!!!!! Chai! Eesah give it up already!!!! Heheheehehehe!!!

    7. *coughs*,I smell some flirting...?? *coughs again*

  14. T,pls u guys should pray for me let this my beta pikin come out,I feel so huge and tired it don do oh

    1. I pray for safe delivery for you anon. Current situation: Insomnia, project stress, am just getting overwhelmed

  15. #Buby biko continue with the struggles, U'll come off victorious. Celibacy is Worth it.
    #Kabuoy I wish u the best, at least u go pop champagne for us!
    #CEO I wish u a safe delivery!
    #La efizy, I did include ur Dad in my prayers, I hope he's able to walk U down the aisle cos I'm sure u'll Love & be loved as u deserve Hon!

    I'm just on my Bed. Feeling happy my man loves me to bits, but sad I'm still jobless.

    T biko give us "Man Gist"

    Oh Memphis, I hope she feels this way about U. If yes, just focus on communication, everything else will work out themselves! The best.

    1. I'll hang in o...Ruthy.

    2. lol @ champagne! Thanks Ruthy! **kisses**


  16. well am bored outta my mind,no fun place to go no one to invite me out in plateau.gettn homesick a lot dis days,cant wait to come home to lag 4 xmas break,nysc wahala av tire me.nd by d way am begginning to fnk my future hubby is stl trekkn to find me,biko help me beg him to take flight wen he locates me I wud find money nd pay him na,hian.T am slt lookn forward to our party o.cnt comment or read d blog a lot dis days cuz netwrk in d villa can fool itself sumtyms.nd memphis I hope she feels lyk u do,if she does,den all u gotta do is keep d communication nd love flowing,u good to go.

  17. I have been worried sick about my mum,i am glad her health is better cuz it's been killing not been able to be with her due to the distance.

    I am also mega glad that I passed the aptitude test I wrote recently,been looking to move from my bank to another one,it would be good for my career plus I need the challenge. This is really a big one cuz I was going through so much that period that I struggled to concentrate on the practice questions on, I told God that I needed to pass and He did it.

    Current state of affairs,not sad, not excited, just there.....its just a roller coaster of emotions.....but I know with an unshakeable faith that this too shall pass.

    I encourage everyone going through one issue or another at this time.....hang in there because this too shall pass.

    It will end in praise.

    And yeah,Thelms I trust u enjoyed Gone Girl at the cinema, it was so captivating that it was when the movie ended it occurred to us that it ran for close to 3hours and we didn't even notice
    At the end, we are like guys all over the World should be very scared....hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  18. I'm actually in nigeria yay!!! Been for the past few days and everything feels so different cus I haven't been in the last 15 years. Mosquites has decorated my body cus I'm actually in the village village for a friend's wedding... So excited though, she was was chief brides maid just two years ago. Hmm yea I'm in a happy place, with friends, food and love.

    1. Finally somebody is in a happy place. Thank God.

    2. Welcome home ma'am. Hoping u'd enjoy ur stay.
      Those yeye mosquitoes should free you o


    3. Enjoyment unlimited, welcome to Nigeria.

      Be safe!

  19. Just cheking if I can commment!!! Jeez!

  20. The out-pour of love here is amazing, love you guys

  21. Thanks Ruthy, god bless u and all of us as we walk in faith for our miracles. CEO

  22. Am a bit sad with the whole distance stuff.. Just got back with my ex boyfriend, he lives in benin city and am in south africa, but he is not helping matters at all, he hardly call or ping me.. And when i call,he will sound as if am disturbing him, i really love dis guy and i kw he loves me too. I so much want dat love we had den wen i was in nigeria. Am thinking of surprising him this december by coming to 9ja to see him,but i dont kw how it will b lik as the communication right now is not helping... IJ..

    1. Maybe you are actually disturbing him with the calls. If he truly loves you like you claim the effort should be from both parties. And as for your surprise trip to Nigeria pray you don't get surprised @the end of the day. Just take it easy cos i perceive tension in your tone. Cheers

    2. I think you will end up surprising yourself if you make that trip to Nigeria in December.

      Don't know why you got back with him and not sure why you said he loves you but you don't love somebody and not call, ping, skype, everything them! Or you people already finsihed with the love bombing before the end of part 1??

      Please move on before you hurt yourself, you are looking at a red flag but refusing to acknowledge it.

  23. Mr wale is right at Anon 2:21pm. Get yourself up n move on. He might not feel d same way you do. Not all relationship work out after you get to break up n come back. GOD help you to make the right decision.

  24. Current situation..I want another baby..le boo aint ready for one now and ain't about the money..guess what,we don't use protection,I wonder how he pours it out despite the oohs and ahhsss,la effizt wishing ur dad a speedy recovery oh,to the pregnant momma,wish ya a safe all bvs going through one thing or the other,the Lord is ur refuge..Alabi my namesake,welcome to obodo naija,be happy y'all...that naughty house wife

  25. I pray for you all, that you would all find healing and happiness soon and that it shall remain that way IJN.

    As for me and where I'm at, I'm just numb, i don't even know how i feel, just numb. indifferent,
    apathetic and everything related. I cant even place it; whether I'm sad or happy or just there.

    1. My prayers are with you FNLP, also la effizzy, hugs to you...I pray God protects your family.
      Toiu welcome to naija,
      Distant relationship...communication is key
      Benin-SA lady, pls I would Say, don't suprise the bobo. But you know at the end follow your heart leading
      Steffi -you are coming to my city for real fun. Lemme spoil u a little...hehe
      Favorite- I hope you get the job
      And strong health to ur mumTo all TTB readers...God be with us
      BLINK is just Great/Blessed/Fruitful. Y'all should see my new shape HAWT, kia matters of the heart can be ...


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