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Sample CV & Cover Letter, Plus Book On Answering Tough InterviewQuestions.

Guys, I'm so sorry you're being asked to prove you're not a robot before you can comment. It's not my doing, it's blogger and I noticed it's not this blog alone. I'm trying to do something about it, but in the meantime bear with me and keep those comments coming! Another alternative is to comment with a Gmail/blogger account or with a name.  

Yesterday blog reader Dammie sent me a CV template and a book on how to answer tough interview questions. The book is in PDF form. Any interested person should mail me and I'll send it to you. This is what it's table of contents looks like. 

Also another blog reader Shamsiyya sent me samples of a well-written CV and Cover Letter, just to add to what FNLP said and to assist anyone in need of clarification. She also says to remind applicants to accompany their CVs with a cover letter. 
See below. 

Cover Letter. 

Shamsiyya Al-hassan 474 wales avenue, Winnipeg, ManitobaR2M 2T2 Cell: 2042696991
April 9, 2014
Student Services
University of Winnipeg
School of undergraduate Studies
515 portage avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9

Dear Madam/Sir:

I am writing to express my interest in the Student Assistant position for Student Central, Student Services. I found the job posting listed on the University of Winnipeg human resources website. I am a full-time student under the business and administration department. I am very excited about the job opening and I believe I am well-qualified for the position.
I am anxious to work for student central under the student services because I am very compassionate about public service. In the future, I would like to obtain a career that will allow me to work closely with the community in assisting others with the resources they need. If given the chance to work or student central, I know I will become more knowledgeable about the field of public service while providing the organization with quality work.  
Throughout my volunteer experience, I have served jobs that involved administrative, I performed many administrative tasks which include some of the following: database entries,Microsoft programs, reviewing confidential information of students, filing, booking appointments, answering phone calls, assisting in various projects, and using basic office equipment. In addition to this position, As aAssistant, my job requires that I pay close attention to detail. I am responsible for enteringinformation. 
From the knowledge and skills I have gained from previousvolounteer experiences, I believe I am the perfect candidate for the student assistant  at student central.
I am very eager to perform work that benefits the greater public. If I am chosen for the job, I will work hard in any tasks I am assigned. I believe I can contribute largely to student services by offering my various skills. I am confident that I can meet the expectations required for the position. I have attached myresume for your review.
The possibility of working for student central is very exciting and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Shamsiyya Al-hassan


Curriculum Vitae

474 Wales Avenue, Winnipeg MB. R2M 2T2


• Demonstrated organizational skills with the ability to complete work on time
• Dynamic and motivated to work with minimum supervision
• Effective team player, with strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
• Proficient in of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications.



• Cordinated the efforts of diverse team members resulting in the delivery of quality team projects and presentations within specified timelines


• Managed, scheduled and conducted team meetings by facilitating and ensuring the completion of quality assignments within specified timelines

Bachelors of Business and Administration                                                                   2013-2017                                                                                            
University of Winnipeg
High School Diploma                                                                                                    2008-2011
Ave Maria College (Nigeria)
Summer Day Camp​2014
Immanuel Fellowship
• Maintain a positive and safe camp environment for children and youth
• Monitor the behavior of all campers to ensure rules and regulations are followed
• Ensure the safety of all campers 

Tax Filing Volunteer                                                                                                         2014
Canadian Revenue Agency                                                                                                                         
• Assisted students with filing their 2013 tax returns
• Provided information on the required document
• Supported team members with arranging and cleaning the tax centre

Elder Care Volunteer                                                                                                          2013
Meadowood Manor                                                                                                            
• Assisted with feeding, reading, walking and playing games with elders in the residence.


I'd like to say a great big thank you to both Shamsiyya and Dammie, and of course my darling FNLP! God bless you amazing ladies. 


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    Thank u Dammie, Sammy and fnlp

    1. Lol,i just noticed it too...
      Good job Thelma,Fnlp,dammie and Sammy.
      T,i noticed that my comments disappear if I reply a comment (or is it just me?)

    2. Youre welcome @ anon thanks Sasha

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  3. Youre welcome hunnyyy, xoxo

    oh wow using ur own domain thingy? maddestesst!

  4. It's nice what the ladies are giving advice and guidance.

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