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The Imposition Of Sexual Awareness On Children. (Cartoon Network AirsGay Couple)

For someone who's yet to be a mum I sure worry a lot about our children. Last month I did a post on the Sexualization of kids , this post isn't necessarily about the sexualization of children but the imposition of sexual-awareness on them. I might be wrong but I think children are children and ought to be allowed to be children for as long as they possibly can. Probably until they become preteens or teenagers.

I spend a lot of time watching Cartoon Network (against my will, but I don't think my 6 yr old nephew has any business watching the programs that I watch, so it's either CN, Boomerang, Disney Junior, JimJam or Nickelodeon once we're watching TV together) and I couldn't help but notice and be bothered about the kind of shows they air these days. One of my concerns with some shows being aired on CN is that they in no way educate or teach a child morals or moral values, and that's not even a problem as TV is designed more for entertainment than education. What does irk me however is that some play out as deliberately teaching children to be obnoxious and insolent. 

Moving on, my first concern is the mild adult content that's a part of a lot of shows on Children's TV, there's already talk of crushes, relationships and being attracted to members of the opposite sex. Then there's the use to pseudo-swear words, for instance dialogues which include sentences like "What the fudge!", now that's innocent alright but is it really necessary?

Most times I'm a silent observer. I don't speak because I worry I'm overreacting as actual mothers don't seem to have a problem, so why should I cry more than the bereaved, right? Yet our prolonged silence will only lead to the complete destruction of morals on children's television. Here's why I think so; 

This morning on romancemeetslife I read that Cartoon Network has aired its first gay couple. While I'm sure most people know by now that I have somewhat liberal views about homosexuality, because although the Bible frowns upon it the same Bible first taught me Love, and taught me to love ALL and not SOME of my neighbours as I love myself. Personally I think it is an anomaly but hey, once you're both consenting adults and you're hurting no one I live and let live.
     BUT I believe in the sanctity of childhood and children. I understand that in some parts of the World gay couples are getting married and adopting children and for some this is the new normal, yet to have this aired on a satellite channel that probably airs all around the world, in different continents, and caters mainly to children, is simply abominable in my opinion.

So no, the gay couple did nothing scandalous. This is how Myne Whitman posted it;

Cartoon Network has drawn some controversy after they aired what’s believed to be its first openly gay couple on one of the network series, Clarence.

The writer of the show said that in the episode titled “Neighborhood Grill,” the two men who met for a date and proceeded to kiss on the cheeks was actually written to be a kiss on the lips. That kiss was censored by the network.

The writer, Spencer Rothbell, had a Q & A on Twitter with the show's fans and revealed he even had to fight to get the gay couple on screen in the first place. So he accepted to have the kiss censored. He said;

“It’s such a minor throwaway moment but I guess it’s better than nothing. Maybe one day the main character can be gay and it won’t be a big deal.”

I would like to hear your views about this. Parents are you concerned, or are the shows being aired on children channels all innocent? Am I perhaps overreacting? Is there something to be gained in exposing children to such content? Is there something to be lost by not exposing them to such content. What are your general thoughts on this? Please air your views. 

Ps; I must add that although I frown upon this imposition of sexual awareness on children, this does not extend to sex education, which I think children should be taught by their parents in order to enlighten and protect them.  


  1. Cartoon Network is a no-no there you see al sorts, please stick to Tom and Jerry and Sesame street CDs biko!

    1. Thank you. I thought I was the only one who noticed, please stick to boomerang, they're the only ones that still show cartoon fit for children. Even Disney sef is a no no.

    2. Its on CN that you will see all sorts of demons shape-shifting, you will see one-eyed demons, there are always demons everywhere you look hian.

  2. Hmmm...dah shii cray. I don't have a problem with gay folks living their lives, my problem is how The West, through hollywood try to impose the lifestyle on everyone and that's where the double standard is. C'mon mehn, cartoon network is supposed to be for everyone, if they start promoting homosexuality they'll make the christains and conservative americans boycott it and deprive their kids of cartoon network.
    That's messed up! Y'all shouldn't use Cartoon freaking network to make a political statement, c'mon mehn.

  3. I'll stick with the classics - Lion King,Little Mermaid,Aladin,Hunch back of Nostre Dame,TMNT etc Even if I have to play it back to back on DVD...
    Parents censor kids from heterosexual adult content for a reason and now "harmless" cartoons wanna make gay adult content ok? No,no,no!!!

  4. See, No cartoon network for my unborn kids. I can't always be there to control the contents of these shows. Even tom & jerry teach kids how to be mischievous & wicked.

    I'll stick to the DVDs of the classics that I know & that are age appropriate. Na so e dey start oh! Kiss on cheeks koh! Rubbish!

  5. same. no cartoon network for my kids thank you very much! I know the sorta weird stuff my baby bro picked up from Johnny bravo, Dexter's lab n the likes.

    I'll have a library playroom for them with books and books and more books and teach them how to build on their vocabulary, get them reading the Bible from a young age too. I never watched Cartoons as a child, matter of fact, I hated it and I remember always telling my momma that I preferred to see ''real'' people on tv. just wasn't my thing. same for my kids.

  6. Indeed, immediate precautionary action needs to be taken to ensure the safe and healthy development of our future generations.

    The pressure on children to adopt sexualised appearance and behavior at an early age has increased dramatically over recent years and it's not jes on cartoon networks but in various aspect of life.

    This premature sexualisation of our little kids places them in increased dangers of becoming victims of violence, homosexuality, insolence, prostitution, "unwanted forms of pornography," to mention but few. This is deeply concerning and disturbing.

    This situation warrants immediate action 4rm U and I...Thelma, Sasha, Ruthylicious,Memphis, Wale, every other parents/guardians and adults in d house dt has any form of influence/authority over any kids in our households and @ government and community levels et al…

    Thorough screening on wht we expose our kids 2 on TV', Radio, Internet and all is mandatory!!

  7. Already told hubby long long ago no cartoons for our child. Its hard bringing up a child properly in this world and even the place we feel is safe (cartoon network) is worse.

  8. Not advocating encouraging kids to watch some of these programs but we must be careful with shielding them. Censorship hardly works..

    Keeping the children away from the realities of our time could be worse than letting them see things as they are, I think it is better to watch some programs with them and educate them on what is appropriate and what is not.

    Children learn a whole lot from their classmates/schools, you would be shocked to know what is going on in their lives. Building trust with kids makes it easy for them to share with you; they will be fine as long as you learn how to talk to them without destroying the trust.

    The above and continuous prayer will keep their feet on solid ground and give you some rest.

  9. it absolutely was 'Toy Story' in 1995 that command the honour of being the primary extraordinarily winning 3D cartoon animation film created by filmmaker to be followed by more in its wake. hentai stream


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