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To My Loved One Who's Down In The Dumps.

Yesterday someone very very close to me had a bad experience. 

He's been going through a tough time for some years now, he lost his job about five years ago when his office found that his certificate was forged, this was the first he was hearing of it as well. Apparently after he graduated (with a 2.1) his certificate was not ready and someone in the school registry said he could help him speed up the process for a fee. He paid the fee and the person gave him a fake certificate. It was when his company went to all the employees' universities to investigate that he was found out and immediately sacked.

Since then it's been attempts at one business or the other. Nothing at all seems to be working, every job search has proven futile. it's been living from hand to mouth and struggling to keep head above water. Early this year his rent expired, of course he had to borrow money or be thrown out. It's been borrow for rent, to feed, to invest. Borrow to clothe, for fuel, for transportation, for his siblings, for electricity bills. He's neck-deep in debt and terribly depressed. 
    Then yesterday morning someone called him for a job (he began a cleaning service a couple of years back but that hasn't worked out well either) and he immediately rushed out, on getting there he was told the job had already been given to someone else. 
     Disappointed, he returned home. On getting home (just before noon) he found that his house had been broken into. His ipad, laptops, electronics, wrist watches, some iPhones, an Apple Mac and other gadgets he was trying to sell, £500 he had been keeping for rainy days, his shoes and every other thing of worth that he owns had all been taken. 

This is a case of life kicking a man when he's already down. When you've prayed, fasted, sowed seeds, tithed, invested both in yourself and in businesses, attended courses, started businesses, put your hands into forex trading and a number of other things, basically done everything you know to do yet things continue to go from bad to worse... Where do you find the strength to be thankful for life?

For a man be near his mid-thirties and the first son of his parents with several younger ones, and have life treat him so badly, especially one I know for a fact is an intelligent person, it hurts me to see that things are the way they are.

I'm writing this because he reads this blog religiously. I don't know the words to say to you in person, I know nothing I say can bring you out of the depression you've been experiencing for months which yesterday's incident greatly worsened. I hurt because I love you so much and I'm not able to help you. I also worry because I fear you may do something drastic soon.  

But please remember that God has not forgotten you, you must not despair or lose hope. Remember that it's always darkest before the dawn. And through this storm please try, try, try to praise God. Remember it was you to sent me this song years ago. 

Please keep fighting, life cannot and will not defeat you. Hang in there my darling dearest. 


  1. To your dear friend: There's nothing anyone, religious or not, will say to you in this trying times that will make any sense. You've heard it before and will keep hearing it. I know because I've been there...many times over. You're the only one who best understands your present situation. Another amazing and confusing thing is that GOD understands too, but HE just seems to sit back and watch, right? Well, I thought so too. Got to a point I became suicidal for many years. Prayed and wished for death but it didn't come. GOD was watching alright, but in my depressed state I didn't see HIM doing other things.

    There's no strength left to hope, but your deepest desire craves for that. You cannot and do not want to realize that at this moment, but looking inside of yourself right now is your saving grace. That light at the end of the tunnel is still shining. That's where you'll draw your strength from; strength to live again, and it's the same strength you must use in being thankful. This is the way I overcame my depression. I know it'll work for you.

    Stay strong man, and may GOD see you through ASAP.

  2. Don't lose hope. I said a prayer for you now.J

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  4. I lack words right now but Please stay strong, you will surely overcome, i know God will come through for you sooner than you know.

  5. Oh dear!!!. Please be strong. At least you still have life and as long as there is life then there is hope. May God replenish your loses in ways that you can not imagine. Amen.

  6. I am knocking on Heavens door for you.

  7. It is well with you dear your turn around is really close don't give up God has and always will be faithful. You will sing a new song

  8. This too shall pass, stay strong dearest.

  9. It is well with u dear, God ll put a smile on ur face soon. Meanwhile ve u gone back to ur school for the original result?

  10. I know what it feels like to have everything look dark and dreary. I hear people talk about depression, and well... I am just grateful on their behalf that many of them don't even know what it means to be depressed. i know what it feels like to feel like the clock is ticking, everyone and everything else is moving... except you; you seem to be stuck in some time-bubble that stands still while you watch the rest of the world move by in slow motion.
    I know how it feels.
    I know that in the darkest times of life is when the voice of the devil is the loudest.
    But I also know that when God restored the captivity of Zion, they were like them that dream.
    But dear friend, I have good news. It is darkest just before dawn.
    When you feel like you can't take anymore, know that God's Grace is there for you, and He can and will carry you
    We all face different crises at different times. I may hear yours and think "Chai, that guy has suffered, as in! :... but you also may hear mine and think "Chai! how in the world did that happen?"... my point is that we all deal with different issues. You may be overwhelmed by yours right now, but have you thought of people on a sick bed who would give anything... anything in the world just to breathe with their own nostrils and their own lungs... people who would give all their earthly possessions to walk again on their two feet?. At least you are in good health.
    Or people who have no friend to talk too. Try as they might, they have no ear that deems them important enough to spare a few moments. At least you have good friends (Thelma is one :-))
    Just today, I was walking on the street and heard someone talking rather loudly into her phone. Since she was speaking loudly enough for everyone to hear, I listened in and heard her say that all her life, she has had to tell people that she's dyslexic. At least you have your intellect in tact, and you can still go out there an hustle.
    Basically, this may sound cliche, but look at the glass as being partially full, and not almost empty.
    In our weakest and most vulnerable times, we are overwhelmed by our shortcomings, and how unfairly we perceive life to be treating us, and in that state of mind, all other things we have and should be thankful for seem irrelevant.
    But I know a change is on the way. Somehow or the other. One way or the other, Baba God always has something in store for us to wipe our tears, and put a smile on our face.
    I'll leave you with this song I listened to in my darkest times, and it helped me immensely. It's by Israel and New Breed, and it's called "It's Not Over", and it can be accessed from -

    The lyrics of the first stanza below:

    Its Not Over, Its Not Finished
    Its Not Ending, Its Only The Beginning
    When God Is In It, All Things Are New
    All Things Are New
    I Know Its Darkest Just Before Dawn
    Might Be The Hardest Season You Experience
    I Know It Hurts, Wont Be Too Long
    Youre Closer Than You Think You Are
    Youre Closer Than Youve Been Before

    1. Thanks Ada ugo for your kind words to him. I really cant say much now. But my 3pm divine mercy prayer is for you poster.
      God is close

    2. Thanks guys, thanks Ada Ugo. He used to visit the blog with his ipad his phone being a small one without a browsing facility; just meant for calling and texting. but I'm sure when all the dust settles down he will come here and I know your comments will really encourage him. Thank you all.

    3. Still listening to that song..... I pray that God will show up and deliver you. I pray that He'll give you strength, courage and the faith to keep believing. God is merciful and even though we may not understand His ways, I'm sure He'll come through for you. *hugs*

  11. I love that song I listen to it a lot it has a good message really encouraging. It is really sad what your friend is going through. but let him know that it will all pass, the rainy days will soon be over as the song says our help comes from the Lord so let him keep his faith alive. I was robbed yesterday too as I left the bank, someone made off with my wallet which had my hard earned cash that I was going to use to start off some project this is after I have been saving for months, I was so pained seeing as I don't have a steady job.
    It is usually darkest just before dawn, so your friend should never lose hope things will work out in God's own time.

  12. Sad story but he must first perish any thought of suicide, the consequences are just too many especially for the first born of the family.
    I am interested in how he can pick himself up from this point; tomorrow will be better if we don't give up the fight!
    What skills does he have and does he have any plan on moving forward, no matter how small?

  13. Imagine what I'm reading & i'm here complaining about my own disappointments. #Shruggs

    This man is a STRONG person! Despite everything he still takes care of his siblings. All I want U to know is, i'll always pray for U. I'm TOO confident that God will hear our cry for help! #HugsDear

  14. Is there any little thing each blog visitor could do to assist a little? Each of us has his/her challenges but I wonder how much help words alone would give.


  15. Hope deferred too much makes the heart sick...BUT when it comes my brother it is a tree of life. Imagine the strength and greenness of a tree. That's what will come to wipe away all the years of deprivation and despair. Everyone has said encouraging words and I hope you let these words lift you up. I join them to whisper a prayer to heavens for strength for you. It's a cliché but it's the truth nonetheless, this too shall pass. Please entertain good and positive thoughts and don't be afraid to lean on people you trust for support, emotional or otherwise.

  16. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com12:40 pm, October 02, 2014

    I hope my comment is not coming in a little too late. You all have said all that there is to be said, but I don't feel it's enough to send him off with just words as he is one of us here. I'm suggesting we back him up with whatever amount we can spare, starting from 10 of us giving 10k each to raise a hundred for him, then others can contribute an amount less than ten or more.
    I know we all have personal financial struggles, you don't even want to know mine at the moment, but I'm of the opinion that words aren't just enough for this person at this point. We have Thelma who has given us enough valid information about his identity so we can be sure of where our money will be going to.

    1. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com5:02 pm, October 02, 2014

      Thank you Memphis.

  17. Great idea. I'm in too. Will send my details to Thelma - Honiilols

    1. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com10:45 am, October 03, 2014

      Thank you Honiilols. Thelma should please make this known in her next post so that others can be informed, perhaps we would get more volunteers.

  18. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com3:28 pm, October 09, 2014

    Thelma, please is there a reason you haven't said anything about my suggestion?

  19. This actually brought tears to my eyes...


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