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At This Present Time...

I'm so so happy but that's not the reason I write.

Certain people really inspire me. I love it when someone sees challenges but beyond the challenges they find opportunities. Like Pastor Paul Adefarasin once said (chai, I'm a good listener mehn, if I say so myself) people miss opportunities because most opportunities are dressed up as difficulty and looks like hardwork. 

So yesterday one of Yoko's friends who I've known for a while was with us. I can't remember the topic of conversation but she, Yoko, NK and I were talking about properties and where one can possibly purchase same on the Island that wouldn't drive one completely hungry. It was then Chi said she got hers about a year ago at Ibeju Lekki, a few plots, one plot costing 800k. I turned to the slender unassuming 24yr old. Chi has landed property?!!!

Now I know for a fact that Chi isn't necessarily from a rich home, her family is pretty ok but I've always known the girl to be a hustler. Today I wanted to know more so I raised the topic and she told me it's basically her savings from several years; allowances, gifts, the odd job here and there...

I began to look at her with some respect that wasn't there before. 

Today when I got out of the bathroom I heard her speaking crisply to someone on the phone, the words caught my attention; "I don't care what you do or how you do it, all I know is that I must turn profit..." Again I was hooked so of course I questioned her and she informed me that she opened a shawarma stall in NYSC camp Lagos. She told me she opened one in Ajah last year (age 23) and in her words "business is never how you expect it to be". She invested so much money to make it big and eye-catching but she never turned any profit. Instead of closing shop she decided to become more aggressive, employed a few staff and put up smaller stalls in much busier locales. 

Wow! My respect went up five notches.  Le kwa obele nwa o! She this small geh. LOL. 

So yes, Service ended a couple of years back and with no jobs in sight she refused to stay home and lament, she chose instead to create her own opportunities and so far it's working for her. I know business isn't for everyone but you've just got to respect a woman that knows how to get on the grind and move ahead, especially a very young one at that. I'm inspired. 

That said, I thank God for a very successful outing. It went well, the guests were happy and the couple is very satisfied with the outcome. Yoko, I remember seeing you with those your friends when we were children all below age 10 and I wished I was one of you guys; the cool kids. I remember getting into QC and seeing you there although you were a year my senior. I remember how for the next five years we'd see each other and look away awkwardly; we knew we knew each other, we just didn't think we knew each other enough to say Hi, so we never spoke a word. Then I remember how in 1st year in the University you'd come from Awka to Enugu during the weekend to see Chocolate, one weekend Chocolate was too preoccupied so you had no one to talk to and I thought; poor girl, let me just talk to her. And from that second we became sisters. I love you girl, I wish you and Chidi complete happiness and a blissful union. 

PS; I hate cyber bullying, it's put me off certain blogs and I wouldn't have it here either. I will delete any comments insulting or bullying any blog reader once I see it. If you have something against someone else you either find a polite way to get your message across or skip their comments. Try it, it works. Trying so hard to hurt someone you don't even know is a reflection of your own self. Ruthylicious is dear to me and I wouldn't stand by and watch her get picked on when all she's doing is making my blog livelier. You don't have to agree with everyone but PLEASE try to respect others. Thanks a lot. 
And just before you decide to transfer your aggression to me I take God beg you, please don't kill my vibe. Let's all be happy. *Kisses*. 


  1. I was entertained with this write up. May your happiness be permanent dear.

    Much respect to the young hustler, gone are the days when a lady waits for her hubby to put her in his will. (that's if he has any).

    Sometimes we have to ditch the unnecessary expenses on weaves, shoes n bags just to increase our net worth.

    God pls bless my hustle. Amen.

  2. I was entertained with this write up. May your happiness be permanent dear.

    Much respect to the young hustler, gone are the days when a lady waits for her hubby to put her in his will. (that's if he has any).

    Sometimes we have to ditch the unnecessary expenses on weaves, shoes n bags just to increase our net worth.

    God pls bless my hustle. Amen.

  3. See My Bubble gum T. Nwanyi oma!
    In Kcee's voice 'O set e'. Buriful lady!!!

    Na only U I see for this post! #Hugs #RunningAway before that Anon come tell una my night food! LOL

    1. D Only reason I'd kip my peace is becos of Thelma! I love her somuch dat I wdnt want to hurt her or evn make her attach more relevance to ur topic! Just thank her very well! Its ok T, v written my open letter so m fine now. U d best

    2. Keep ur peace ke? RODFL. Look at dis Ho claiming what I don't know, trying 2 famz on top. I can't begin 2 imagine what level u think u are 2 start picking on Ruthylicious. Bitch, shove dat fucked peace of urs up any available hole in ur body.

  4. @Ruthylicious leave d bitch 2 me. Foolish ppl dat won't have an opinion on important topics but be picking on u. Let d fool show up.

  5. Well I've come to accept that business is not for everybody like you said. I know it is not for me, I cannot even think of any business to do even if I have the capital. Is there something wrong with me? Is it bad that I just want a paying 9 to 5 job?

    1. Nothing wrong with you my dear. Businesses need people to work in them, everyone fulfills a different role.
      I am opening a nursery and its been quite frustrating given the amount i have invested and i am yet to see a dime.

  6. Thelma be happy for that young lady jare. Tour own too will come. AMEN! I consider myself a reckless gambler, i bought my first property 23, have been going ever since. Lost about half of my networth when the markets crashed, still hasn't deterred me. My goal is life is to make sure i utilise my youth well so that i m not 45 or 50 and living hand to mouth. Also to make some of the changes i want in the world, i have to have the resources to do so. Things have been real slow in the last 4 years, but i am still grateful. I missed my $1m networth target by 30, i am 32 now, hope to make that goal by 35. I have practiced how to spend about 20 to 30% of my income and invest the rest.

  7. Thelma. Thelma. Thelma. Mmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm

  8. Damn spell check. I also wanted to say little drops make an ocean, that has been my approach. I remember when a flat for n20m was put in front of me in 2006, i said i couldnt afford it, got a mortgage, the final lump sum i chose to pay was $70k in 2008. I wanted a range rover, range vs final pmt, i chose final pmt and bought a $10k car. Best decision ever. I get good money in rent annually. I am still driving the $10k car 4 years later. Lol.
    Getting ready to set up new brokerage accounts.

    The mind is a powerful tool.

  9. Thelma!!! you look amazeballs in these pictures...Dorosexy,Dorolawyer,Doroplush..Make sure to send my own cake,rice etc. via bluetooth.

  10. Sweetiem, @Anon 9:39 & 11;39, I know U Love me, I Love U twice as much for standing up for me.
    But please, don't stoop to the level of that bullying anon by calling him/her names. Mbanu.

    This is the 3rd time I am being majorly bullied on this blog. They eventually get tired of their hate filled comments & leave the blog but I'm Team #TTB for LIFE! I've been here since November 2013 & i'll always be! #Gbamest
    I have just learned NOT to roll in the mud with the pig esp cos I'm wearing white.
    Kindly ignore him/her! #KissesDear

    Back to making the world a better place without hate but Smiles & Laughter. Have a great Sunday U'all. #Hugs

    1. But u alredy stooped!!! I love T nd her blog so I won't continue... Just bear in mind dah u v called me names so u alredy stoope so u re no beta ok!

    2. So dis useless Anon can feel pain? Hahahahaha. I have died of laughter ooo. So Ruthylicious called u names & u want 2 explode? Eyah. Take a chill pill or a cold bath, u'll feel better ok? Useless Ho.

    3. Ruth understands so I dnt k abt u anon! Stop seeking for my notice!

  11. T, thanks for that last paragraph, now I know cyberbullying is really real for real. The sooner these 'people' begin to realise that this isn't S*****, L**** or L****'s blog, the better really. Why am I even wasting my time anyway? Its a known fact that hurt people hurt people.

    T I have told you this before, so maybe you really need to consider it going forward, maybe come January 2015, make 'approving comments' one of your New year resolutions, this really has to stop; you can dedicate a few minutes a day to approving comments. It won't hurt.

    If Ruthy wants to comment 3 times on every post, she is FREE to do so! Heckk, she can even be the 1st commenter on every post for all I care. This isn't AnonymousThinks Blog, its ThelmaThinks Blog. Just because you have an ugly heart doesn't mean the one with a beautiful heart must suffer+join in your misery because misery loves company, be your own bloody company!. If you're struggling, stressed or angry in life, let that motivate you to be better and not bitter. Ruthy, you don't know these people from Adam, so just keep waking up everyday and being the happy cheerful beautiful human being that you are, again, you do not know these people!

    T, this rubbish has to stop. Approve comments! You and I both know this has already chased one person away. Sorry for the epistle, stupid crap like this really pisses me off, I have zero tolerance for bitter human beings and I have read too many stories of how young people commited suicide all because of cyberbullying. Thank God Ruthy is naturally a strong person, what if she wasn't? Just what if?

  12. @ Miss Pink, I like your zeal, good for you.

  13. @ Miss Pink, I like your zeal, good for you.

  14. Yaa I think approving comments for the blog is a good idea but it'll be really stressful for Thelma. She doesn't stay at home all day blogging, she has jobs and other stuff she attends to. I mean, as a writer, I know it can't be easy coming up with interesting/intelligent topics errday, adding approval of comments to her job load will be cumbersome

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you.

  15. I admire the business lady. This is just one of the few things I truly envy in people.


  16. Make una abeg o, Thelma's blog is still growing o, she doesn't need 2 activate d comment approval thingy yet. But maybe she would whn d traffic tripples. That thing is majorly 4 full time bloggers o. If Laila is still running on auto comment, then Thelms still need sometime.

    *lips sealed and watching*


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