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Dan Foster on His Relationship With Linda Ikeji. (Here's What I Think)

It's not news that popular black American On Air Personality Dan Foster ( formerly of Cool fm and Inspiration fm) dated Linda Ikeji in the past. In an interview with Punch which I saw on Romance Meets Life  he opens up about their relationship and why it didn't work out with her. 

First allow me to say, generally speaking; when a guy says he's not good enough for a woman, in my opinion that's just BS and he's just not that into her. Shikena

The following is an excerpt from the interview. 

But Linda is doing well now; don’t you feel you should have married her?

She is a nice kid. I hope she is able to find someone but she has to find the right person. She is really into what she is doing. She is an honest kid. I thought I wasn’t good enough for her. I kept asking her why me. But she was really into me. I couldn’t believe it. 

I took her for granted. I felt she could always find a fine model on the runway. But she was so really serious about me. She was in love with me. But it didn’t work out. I took her for granted and I was dating another person while I was dating her. I tried to keep a relationship in Abuja, another in Warri while she was in Lagos. Ah! It was a nightmare. I wouldn’t want to go through that again. 

I had three beautiful women at a time and I lost them all. They were all waiting. One of them knew about all the rest. She could have been the one. I hurt her so badly. She even left the country after we broke up. I felt bad. I went to the cinema to get my head together on a Saturday morning and that was where I met my wife. See how God works. Look at my kids. They are wonderful children.


Please allow me to share my thoughts sha, whether my opinions matter or not...  RUMOUR has it that Dan Foster was still married to his American wife who he had a kid with when he dated Linda Ikeji and a host of others. 

He didn't love Linda, probably didn't even like her. He talks in detail about her deep love for him and how serious she was about him. But all he has to say about his feelings towards her; "she is a nice kid". WTH?

Ahn ahn, oga Dan only you; Lagos, Abuja, Warri? Issorai

He was dating three beautiful women who all loved him dearly but he was just playing them all. In fact, out of the three he had feelings for only one, the one that could have been "The One". Yet in spite of this he still dumped her and hurt her so badly, so so badly that heartbreak led her to flee the country for her sanity.

And then it was after he dumped somebody's daughter like hot yam that he went to the cinema to "clear his head" and there he met his wife. Then says in relish; brothers and sisters rejoice with me "See how God works." And the church shouts Hallelujah!

No. Nobody will judge or admonish you for all the women you used and dumped. They do not matter in the scheme of things na. Yes o! You're the man, the bawse and that's just how God works. God works in such a way that he allows you to marry a woman, get her pregnant and have a child by her, then get a divorce and date multiple women at the same time, dumping each one whenever you get bored, sleeping with whomever you so please. Then one day you go to watch a movie where you meet someone, and you suddenly realize that you're tired of playing around and then you 'wife' her. And now that's how God works. 

Dan Foster I'm getting you jare

It really is a man's world after all.  

PS: let this be a lesson for all heartbroken persons. Remember the Let Them Go  message? When somebody you love so much treats you shabbily and doesn't want to be a part of your life LET THEM GO. You never know what God is doing for you by removing them from your life. Who knows if Linda would have come this far in her career if God allowed the wrong man to stay in her life... 


  1. I just have 2 digress, how can a man jst enter a bus, sits in b/w 2 ladies n spreads his legs wide making d ladies uncomfortable all cos in his coconut head ladies shld sit wit their legs closed n men shldnt...Mtcheeeeeeew. Man's world my ass

  2. dumped her like hot yam lol. It's a man's world. He will be celebrated without any of these being pointed out.

  3. Wait let me get this straight: A man remorsefully admits to dating 3 women at the same time and breaking up with them, acknowledging his fault in all failed relationships, and you sound like you still have a problem with him Thelma? I thought the anger and disapproval should be reserved for the unapologetic ones.

    1. Memphis did we both read the same interview? Or was there a part where he even remotely said "He was sorry? " apologetic my yellow big Ass!!!

      Based on this interview, Dude was still claiming he's THE MAN! The bawse! The dumper! So T's anger is well placed!
      Dan is reaping what he sowed jooor or he WILL soon! U can't do all that & get away with "look at my amazing children".
      Karma isn't merciful or forgetful. Rubbish Agbalomo man! #Spits

      I just took the anger to a whole new level. LOL

    2. He actually dosent sound apologetic, atleast not to me, it's almost like he's trying to rub his wife and *wonderful children in Linda's face. What was the purpose of raising old dust

    3. Calling her *nice kid and *honest kid, the arrogance mstchewww

    4. Hmm.. I just re-read it again and saw these: "...she(Linda) has to find the right person...I took her for was a nightmare...I hurt her badly...I felt bad...I went to the cinema to clear my head (in other words, to find some solace; to forgive himself)...". Y'all made it sound like he was bragging about dating beautiful women and feeling cool with it.

    5. Pretty obvious men and women don't communicate the same way otherwise the general consensus would be that he was sorry. I couldn't believe that a guy would own up to all the nonsense he did, no point beating him further.

      One of the girls knew he was dating two other girls and still tolerated the BS! She should have kicked the guy into the drains long before he broke up with her.

  4. I had 2 go back n see the bobo's face again n again,and I'm like,IS THIS THE MAN?

  5. Actually Memphis I don't think he's bragging. But apologetic? Far from it.
    I don't even think he owes anyone an apology either, I was just expressing my unpleasant observations. What irked me was to top all that up with "See how God works". To whose detriment please?

  6. Well Mempphis, I don't think we are reading d same interview coz all I can deduct is an unrepentant player/smooth operator that takes pleasure in toying with d hearts of women. Bet all the I took her 4 granted bla bla that he said in d interview was jes 4 d sake of d interview coz his actions says otherwise. And 2 think that he is d churchy type aka mr goody two shoes whn he is on air or givig a motivational speech beats me. That's Y I'm always weary of these chrchy/evangelical pple. And yeah like Ruthilicious said, U can't do all of the above and get away with it. Some guys someday will do it 2 those so called amazing kids of his in tenfold.

    *lips sealed and watching*

  7. Easah oshey jare. He actually preaches and delivers inspirational messages. Please I don't see any apology, in fact it all sounds like bragging to me; she really loved me, she was very serious about me, one knew about the others but still stayed, they were all waiting, I broke her heart so she had to travel etc. sounds like boasting.

  8. On a trip to warri some time ago I sat beside a man who looked like 50+. He started preaching to me in particular and at first I was uncomfortable, but it turned out to be a long conversation between us afterwards. Somehow family and relationship matters came up and what he said later made my marrow vibrate: "My brother, if I tell you that I have 18 children and I don't know anything about their welfare, you wouldn't believe." Now, this is a middle aged man, looking calm, preaching with a bible in hand, and suddenly admits to being a useless father. He's probably made peace with himself and also probably pained that he can't locate his children. What was I to think of him? He didn't have to say he was sorry for anyone to feel or see he was actually sorry. He sounded so. That's the same thing with Dan. And the "Rejoice with me" part is just a reaction of someone who's finally at peace with GOD and himself. We don't even know if he's made peace with the ladies and we're all bashing him.

  9. Actually we dontr have to agree with eachoda on dis mata! D whole and only point is "LET THEM GO"! D pppl we cling unto, we might not need!...Again, arguement is normal. Afterall its a Lawyer's blog.

  10. If he had said "I have 18 children with diff women but I'm taking good care of them" wld that come off as an apology or a brag??

    That he's admiting something doesn't mean he's sorry for his acts. He's just setting the record straight...

    1. If he's taking good care of them what should he be apologizing for? He's taken up the responsibility.

  11. Memphis you said it yourself. It's not what you say, it's how you say it. He has not said he is sorry, he does not sound sorry = no apology.
    The rejoice with me part: even after all the yeye things I did I still married and have 3 children to show for it = I'm a bawse.

    1. Someone says "I hurt her...i felt bad..", and it doesn't sound remorseful to you? Maybe it's just me, but *bawses* don't feel bad or admit to it after a failed relationship.

  12. I read a comment here that suggests that men and women don't have the same approach towards issues or think alike, i tend to agree. This man is not bragging, he is just being honest, probably even sounding remorseful.
    I can relate to him, I am dating a lady right now, she is older than me with just a month. I know she loves me to bits, but i honestly don't think am good enough for her. I don't even know what she sees in me. its not like am deceiving her, she knows my background and all.
    We are currently not on the same level. I am too bad for her, let me not say bad, but she has more of a conscience than i do. She no too fine sha, but whoever marries her has married gold, or lets say a woman with a heart of gold. but yet still i don't even want the gold.
    Dear TTB, Am I sounding confused. I hope someone relates with me.

    1. Some women do feel they ain't good enuf for their men but they work on being good/better. And that's what u shld do. Unless u don't wanna?
      In relating this to Dan,does it mean when a guy sees something good he can still pass it up? In the end,what I said is true. A woman's love doesn't matter until her man is inlove with her too...

    2. Let me be clearer, you don't think you're good enough for her but that hasn't stopped you from dating her, right? My point exactly. When a guy says he left her because "she's too good for me" or "I'm not good enough for her" I call BS. If you're into someone and YOU WANT TO be with them, if the issue is that they're too good then you step up and be that person that you feel they deserve, not run away with your tails between your legs because they're too good for you. (Now this is related to this post. I'll come back and read ur comment again to know if you are indeed confused. Brb).

    3. Noo. Thelma, its not about running away. what if i don't want to be that person she deserves? I am still with her, I haven't left her, have I? I am actually waiting till the day the scales will fall off her eyes and she leaves, or the scales falls of my eyes and i decide we are good enough for each other.
      who knows what she see in me? I might decide to change and she wouldn't love me anymore. Its not like am broke or something and i need to go and make more money. am kinda good, I get whatever i want even if i don't have it at hand, if i tell someone I am gonna have 3 million in my account in 3 months, and i work towards it, 80% of the time it happens. it has happened before. on so many occasions, all it takes is for someone to look down on me thinking am broke and i just sit up, clear their doubts and relax again. am kinda complicated. sorry.
      we are both 29, we been together 8 years, she thinks she will never meet anyone like me, and i know its wrong. she sure will. she is probably just too scared to test the waters. I will never break up with her. just want her to do it herself.

    4. Now I'm confused, you've been with her for eight years and you're saying all this? Are you sure you're not tired of the relationship but you're waiting for her to do the dirty work for you? Cos the way I see it if you really love this lady and want to be with her you will ensure that you have what it takes to keep her, in fact by now you would be thinking of putting a ring on it. So if after eight years you're feeling this way and saying all this, it begs the question why. And no, the answer isn't that she's too good for you.

    5. Anon when you date a woman from when she was 21 to when she is 29, the eight years that are considered the best years of a woman's life by some, and now that she's about to turn 30 she's suddenly too good for you and should break up with you... I reserve the rest of my comment o!

    6. Umu nwoke! 8 years. Please marry her and stop looking for excuses. I'm sure now that you're 29 you're looking for a 21 year old that you will settle down with as your babe has all of a sudden become too good for you.

    7. @anony 5:19, knowing the fact dt most guys knows what they want 4rm a relationship from the first time of setting their eyes on a woman, and you come here after dating dz innocent young woman, receiving all the benefits of a husband 4rm her for the 7 years that are considered the best years of a womans life, and you come here this evening with dz flimsy excuse of "u don't think you are good for her" and you don't know that d Lord is gonna visit you on her behalf, then you must be kidding me. Gosh, this your comment is already making me mad coz I hv a younger sister and I can't imagine anybody treating her dz way. 4rm man 2 man, I jes wanna tell ya dt IF U DONT MARRY THAT INNOCENT YOUNG WOMAN *drawing my ear*

      No be my mouth u go hear am, and no be curse


  13. This will not be the first time someone is admitting to their wrongs without necessarily being sorry for them, because someone said 'I feel bad', doesn't mean they do. I agree that people don't actually have to say they are sorry in black n white before it shows that they are, and that is the whole point, Oga Dan doesn't sound very sorry and he doesn't even need to be, my issue is why he had to go and bring up dead issues again, it just doesn't make any sense

  14. Congratulations to Linda for dodging a deadly bullet.


  15. from experience, i know when you write something and when you say something, both can have veryyyyyy different meanings. If you have spoken to Dan Foster before as in face-to-face or heard him talk in person and not over the radio etc, then you'll know that from this interview or whatever, he was actually being remorseful and actually sorry to a certain extent. Even when he goes on as a judge on nigerias got talent, he says things in a certain way and u immediately think he's being mean or he's bragging but then all u have to do is take a closer look at him, and u know he means no harm. cant really explain it but he just has this way of talking and so i can understand why sumone wud read the above n say he wsnt apologetic.

  16. Too bad we don't all have the privilege of knowing him personally, frm what I've read he don't sound remorseful to me. But that's their bizness pls, I've got my own problems.

  17. Hmmm....this thing called e-motions.....i had to go back and look at the pic again, Linda actually dated the dude?issokai.He didn't sound 1bit apologetic to me,Why bring up.a.dead issue?can the past plsss remain in the past?

    You Anon.....i dnt even know what to say to you....Men like you are a most Selfish have absolutely no grasp on the concept 'Love', you are not good enough for her yet u stayed with her for 8good years?seriously? Despite that you know you ain't there for the long-haul,you still can't be man enough to free the babe.Chai,your brand of wickedness has a special place in hell iSwear.

    1. Lol. Please be gentle on the fellow.

  18. Right now you know you don't want to be with her but you don't want to call it quits and the young lady is there probably waiting for you to pop the question. You will have daughters in the future will def reap what you are sowing now.May my daughters never meet a time waster like you .You just want to taste the waters that's all. Tell yourself the truth.J

  19. The bottomline is any guy who wants to keep a good girl wld go the length no matter her status and pedigree. All this sub stories of "she's too good for me" are all major BS. It's just the synonym to the classic break up line : it's not you,its me...

  20. well mr anonymous, you made me shiver a bit.. my ex and I are both mates.. well I'm older than him with a week.. we broke up because we finished our first degrees and I decided i don't know what to with a 22 year old boy ..(not man).. we've been dating for 4 years.. home boy then came back to say he wants me back that he cant let me go coz i'm too good..bla bla bla.. I told him to go live a baby boy lifestyle because its his time to do so..I want to be free as well.. if we find ourselves single later in life and still have the hots for each other will may try again because truthfully he is a sweetheart BUT i just wanted to avoid your kind of story!!! aka stories that touch!
    come and tell me when i'm 27 or 29 that I'm too good for him after we've been together since die be that na. where will I start from ? please leave that girl alone because clearly you are not happy and if you end up marrying her due to pity, you will get frustrated and frustrate her in the marriage! sad stuff o

  21. See ehn reading all ur comments to the anon that has a "Too good for me babe" just made me cry this early mormor!
    This is why the where's are getting married bcos they don't date anyhow boys. They meet an already made man & in less than a year, Gbam! Double ring!

    But Good girls nurse their boys into awesome men & he treats them like the anon above.
    May the devil bless such men! Amen

  22. This blog is supposed to be therapeutic but you insult that anon? Shame on all of you.

    1. The anonymous is wicked... i dint even want to comment since bt dis comment of urs needs a backhand. pls whats the meaning of too good for me? he should be happy he found a good woman cos we are scarce. am beginning to think its you n if i find him in real life i go insult am die! rubbish! oshisko! ahan! God! am pained! we are not insulting him but reprimanding him. he should do d right thing. either break up with her or wife her shikenan!

  23. I deliberately ignored the anon that said his babe is now to good for him, cuz if I say what I want to say, Thelma will probably have to shut this blog down lol. but girls girls GIRLS! y do we do this to ourselves, y?? what would even make u sit down and date a guy nonstop for 8 years, it is not normal I'm sorry. even the girls family, they sat back and watched her do 8 years with you dear mr anon?? I don't even have the liver to tell any of my family member I've been with a guy for EIGHT years!, this is a sad story mehn. poor poor girl.

    on another note, y do people (girls especially) say stuff like ''where do I start from'', rili grieves my spirit when I hear 27,28,29 yr old girls say things like ''where will I start from"...gawsh there's gotta be more to life though!!! u can start again from anywhere! trust me, anywhere, any age! I'm out!

    1. FNLP, some date for 10 years ooo... I still can't wrap my head around it. In fact the two I heard about that even led to marriage did not end well at all... so I still wonder why people court/date for so long... "ko ye mi rara" I do not understand!

    2. by saying 'Where will I start from" (rhetorical question btw) I meant after dating a man for so may be hard to put yourself out there again. You have practically lived and known one man for almost a decade. The pain and hurt because "i am too good for him" and I loved him so much! ? it wont be easy to just move on or flip the switch just like that. it will take time.

  24. I totally get u memebaby but i just wished girls would actually just leave it at rhetorical question and genuinely believe they can start over at any age.

    Lol @kabuoy 10 what? Sum marriages dont even last 10 yrs...hmmm it is well. Ko ye mi naa o


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