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Happiness Is...


Happiness is getting a call from my parents the minute I wake up. 
Happiness is those rare moments I spend with Osayi and Ginika. 
Happiness is gaining clarity in the pathway of my career. 
Happiness is lots and lots of comments on Thelma Thinks. 
Happiness is lots and lots of money in the bank. 
Happiness is my investments paying off. 
Happiness is being loved by the one I love. 
Happiness is finally putting my plans into action. 
Happiness is a reader mailing me to share some awesome news. 
Happiness is my clothes getting bigger without me even trying. 
Happiness is having friends who love genuinely. 
Happiness is stimulating conversation with an intensely sexy man who digs me. 
Happiness is getting a bag of designer perfumes. 
Happiness is when I'm in church and it's like the preacher is preaching directly to me. 
Happiness is being tempted to watch porn but losing interest a second later. LOL. 
Happiness is a big cup of Cold Stone ice cream with crushed waffles and chocolate chips. 
Happiness is my boss giving me an unexpected bonus. 
Happiness is when my brother will call me with that long awaited good news (Amen.). 

What is Happiness to you?


  1. Hehehe. "Happiness is a big cup of Cold Stone ice cream with crushed waffles and chocolate chips". Mine mouth speaketh not, for behold, it maketh her swoon in glee. :D

    Things that make me happy are quite alot, and this blog is one of them.

    I'll just sit back with my bottle of coke and enjoy comments.

  2. Happiness is teasing sunshine till she laughs and tears roll down her cheeks...

    Happiness is seeing a smile on momsy's lips and knowing i'm the reason it's there...

    Happiness is timeout with momsy and my sisters over a cup of ice cream and pizza

    Happiness is having the whole family together gisting about stuff, laughing and teasing one another...

    Happiness is popsy calling to tell me he is very proud of me...

    Happiness is setting a goal and reaching it at the set time....

    Happiness is a good movie + indomie laced with plenty vegetables and fanta..

    Happiness is a good book... cool weather... well laid bed... and no worries...

    Happiness is waking up in the morning with a renewed strength and having a purpose for the day...

    Happiness is waking up in the morning(or any time of the day) to see a new and interesting post on thelma thinks.

    Happiness is writing this long epistle knowing this is not my blog but thelma would still forgive and allow me anyway! Lol!

    1. Lol. But I've been meaning to ask...why readers keep apologizing for epistles?

    2. Hehe... o well! you know... I mean... is like.... and then again! lol!

      Well keeping it short and simple makes it less boring and easy to read.

  3. sighhh.. i tell people if I had to choose true love or eating whatever i wanted and not gain weight.. you know what Il choose :D MAJOR FOODIE..
    happiness is when ...there's so much to be happy about and i'l have to type in a book. Grateful

  4. Because most Nigerians don't like to read but complain about long write ups@ Memphis

    Happiness is when I get a job.

    Happiness is having enough money in my account.

    Happiness is having someone whom I can call at anytime to talk about anything.

    Happiness is watching a korean movie with gu jung pio(hope its the right spelling) in it.#i have a huge crush on him** sigh**

    Happiness is having ice cream and meat pie(s) for a day.

    Happiness is living the life I want to live.

    Happiness is having others around me happy also.

    Happiness is seeing my friends achieve what they wanted all along.

    Happiness is being free to do things that I haven't been privileged to do so far.


  5. Lmaoooo! @ gun ju pio!!! Lmaooo! My kid sis can drool and drool over him ehn! And she's just 13 going on 14. My big sis wie just be rolling her eyes at us! Lol!

    1. Meaning you're a culprit too na. *side eyes*

    2. Lmao! Come on memphis! Don't be like that! You gotta admit.. gun jun pio is cute! Very cute in fact... he has this way he walks and this natural effortless swag.. lol... not like i'm drooling or anything like that! Lmao! Just stating some facts about gun ju pio!!! **rotfl**

      Trust me.. i'm better... my kid sis is worse!!!... she literally dances with her hands whenever she calls his name!!! Lmao!!!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Happiness is seeing my best friend smile and knowing I'm the reason for that.(the smile is killing)
    Happiness is writing my exams and passing well
    Happiness is seeing my younger sister get admission, was joy, beyond happiness
    Happiness is one of those odd times I just feel so excited and I can't figure why
    Happiness is being home, so peaceful.
    Happiness is reading my bible and God assuring me of a good future

  7. Happiness is opening up this beautiful family (Thelmathinks blog), reading, smiling sheepishly and running away without commenting*Hehe*
    Long time silent reader

    1. Hahaha. I love that "running away" without commenting. It does feel like going to a restaurant, eating the delicious food and running away without paying, right? LOL. You silent readers should stop doing 'eat and run'.

  8. Happiness is staying fit and slim plus plenty money in d bank! Shikena

  9. Thelma u look hot btw. I'm still trying 2 understand why you complain so much abt your weight.

    1. Mee too o! I'm still trying to understand too o... *confused bbm smiley*

    2. I'm still trying to understand too

    3. Same here. I looked at the pictures a million times, checked every contour *clears throat, no homo*, still I found not a single sign of fat...

  10. Happiness is being here again after such a long while. I rep November 25th.

  11. Happiness is being at peace with myself.

    Happiness is having quality family time.

    Happiness is spending time alone with hubby.

    Happiness is living without debts.

    Happiness is surprising hubby with gifts or acts of service.

    Happiness is hearing my son pray and recite the national anthem.

    Happiness is hearing my daughter sing (always looking serious) or speak gibberish.

    Happiness is being in good health.

    The list is endless...

  12. Happiness is listening to Nickelback, Daughtry, Coldplay and Hillsong United...they keep me sane, excited and soooooooooooo alive

    Happiness is having to wake up next to my darling husband and putting into practice all the things I have read about testicular pleasuring

    Happiness is seeing a viable business/investment and going for it...not having to wish and dream about having the capacity to purchase it

    Happiness is when people call me in Church to come do a poem rendition

    Happiness watching a good, hilarious movie having my lover's hand to hold

    Happiness is seeing happy people laugh and dance

    Happiness is seeing my lady boss giggle like a baby...

    Happiness is excelling in my tasks

    Happiness is when I talk and people connect

    Happiness is devouring my bowl of eba with ila alasepo (Okra with plenty assorted)

    1. How could I have missed out these...

      + Casting Crowns too. Awesome group

      Happiness is coming back from work and finally able to free my b**bs from my bra...sheer bliss

    2. Oyin, we have the same song preference.

      LOL @ the bra

    3. Uhmn... the eba and ila alasepo... chai! I can eat it at any time of the day. I'm not an eba fan o... but add ila alasepo to it.... sold! lol!

  13. Hmnnn happiness is seeing my children happy n successful
    Happiness is being at peace with my husband - smiling, gisting, cracking jokes etc
    Happiness is things falling into place as planned
    Happiness is having enough money in my account
    Happiness is my business grow beyond my dreams
    Happiness is knowing that with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. That gives me peace in my heart and a rest of mind

    1. **passing by** *clears throat*... I see you! lol! **kisses and hugs**

  14. happiness is where I am now; boyfriend, school, God love, self love. happiness is being at home with family and there is absolutely no tension btw my parents. happiness is seeing my parents joke and laugh together. happiness is waking up every morning knowing that I'm in a far better place than I used to be. happiness is knowing every second that God has got my back, anyway, anytime, anyplace. happiness are the numerous posts I read on ttb, they make me smile so much, or feel me with peace, or both, even though I never comment. God bless you Thelma, and every single work of your hand. the Lord will give people for your sake, and nations for your life.Amen. -iyanu

  15. Happiness is eating all you want and not get fat
    Happiness is getting that dream job without much stress
    Happiness is getting a second degree
    Happiness is been with someone i know is crazy about me
    Happiness is God answering all my prayers on a daily basis
    Happiness is when i can comfortably send airtime to TTB readers ( soon sha oo)
    Happiness is been at peace with God and man
    *Singing* Because am happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  16. Happiness is definitely reading ALL your comments and smiling!!!!

  17. Happiness is having a purpose.
    Happiness is having love that is more sweet than it is painful.
    Happiness is having a friend dat is never jealous of you. That wants the best for you(so hard to find that)
    Happiness is being content with your achievements small or big
    Happiness is beating that morning depression that leaves you moody all day.
    Happiness is seeing someone who agrees with what you stand for.
    Happiness is seeing a baby smile at you.
    Happiness is seeing my parents happy.

  18. Happiness is when someone tells me I've lost weight
    Happiness is being with my dad, mum and siblings gisting and laughing
    Happiness is striving to observe Jehovah's righteous standards
    Happiness is seeing le boo smiling at me and knowing I'm the reason for that smile
    Happiness will be when I set up my own cake making business
    Happiness will be when I make plenty money to take care of my parents so they don't have to work so hard
    Happiness is getting a reply from my mails to Thelma
    Happiness will be if this comment gets posted cos I've been trying and trying, but my comments keep on vanishing

    1. Hello Caroline; just want to say I love you, I love you, I love you. I wish you unending happiness.

  19. Happiness is....sweet kiwiiiiiiiiiiiii....yumyum #fatty

  20. Happiness is being happy and staying happy even though I dont have all that I want.

  21. Happiness is that moment you realise that this person loves you unconditionally, all your excesses and craziness regardless

    Happiness is Ice cream and pizza dates with my mum and sisters

    Happiness is that time of the night when popsie and I watch CNN together and discuss what's happening around the world

    Happiness is that moment I told my dad I got a new job and he told me he was proud of me *teary eyed*

    Happiness is knowing that no matter what happens my mum and sisters will always love me and are always in my corner cheering me on

    Happiness is knowing that I can tell my babes (mum and sis) anything without fear of being judged

    Happiness is a eating all the ijekuje I want without fear of adding weight **I wish**

    Happiness is that time during worship that I know that I'm talking straight to God and my heart overflows with worship and love and tears stream down my cheeks

    Happiness is knowing I don't have to get out of bed at 4:45am tomorrow morning

    Happiness is knowing that I am addicted to this blog and I don't care too much about it

    Happiness is know that as good as life seems now, God is not even half way done with me yet..

    Happiness is knowing that even as I'm sitting in this horrible traffic, Oyinlola has given Kabuoy the inspiration to cook Ila alasepo this night and I my fabulous dinner small eba/amala waits me **lol**

  22. Happiness is waking up from a terrible nightmare. Pheeeeewwwww

  23. I just realized few days ago that I derive so much joy out of very few things:

    *when my children perform excellently, especially in academics
    *when my mother asks for a favour and I'm able to do it for her
    *when God uses me to solve somebody's problems,, particularly financial.


  24. Happiness is my mama's smile! My super-efficient Personal Superhero from God; everything else is jara!

  25. Happiness is having all my siblings under one roof, gusting, teasing and laughing.
    Happiness is superb praise and worship led by a good choir and sound
    Happiness is having enough money in my account
    Happiness is being able to solve a loved one's problem
    Happiness is getting random surprise gifts irrespective of their monetary value
    Happiness is any Korean movie that had lee min ho (Gun jo pyo) in it.
    Happiness is losing my self in a good book and the world therein
    Happiness is knowing my mum is happy and in good health
    Happiness is stuffing my belly full of junk, meat and fish in abundance
    Happiness is liberating myself from misplaced sense of obligation, to other people.
    Lastly, happiness is unlimited access to the Internet


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