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Happy 1st Birthday To Us

Thanks guys for all the comments, calls, mails and love. I didn't even get this much love on my last birthday. LOL. 

So I can't let this first anniversary pass by without saying anything but I'll keep it as brief as possible. I know I've said thanks last night and I know I might sound like a broken record but I need to thank some people particularly, those readers that have shown me support from day 1 (Mariam, Tokoni, Steele etc), that urged me to keep moving on those days I felt disillusioned (Sasha Bone, FNLP, Memphis, Wale etc), the ones who have shown me strong support by their comments, mails and the love the show in ways they don't even know (Ruthylicious, Enjay, Diary of Dido, Tiwa, cccc, Blink, That naughty housewife, Clare, Chimezie Nwodo, Phransea, F, Mabel Opara, Uyi, Sharon Achieng, Subomi, Favourite, Ifunanya Ekene, Easah, Tolulope Alabi, Miss Pynk etc) the ones I've become friends and formed a bond with (Sasha Bone, ImperfectHer, FNLPetc), those who have prayed for, prayed with and counseled me (HSF, Dr N, Wale, Memphis etc) and in addition to thanking all these people I cannot forget Kabuoy, Lara Toyin, Shy girl, Ziggylucious, Uju Beibe, Queen Spicey, La Effizy, Talikhi Bekhas, Anonymous Rider, PunIntended, Thelma Gh, Rukqayah, Kene, Rubynnia, Ruby Diamond, Eni-wealth, Eazee E, Ada-Ugo, Nwanne somebody, Bloggitup, memebaby, Fina, Eziuche C, Jay Stan, Queen, Steffi Laba, Buby, Dominique Damsel, Sissi, Adeola Momoh, Ginika, Chocolate and everyone else, not at all forgetting all the great Anonymouses, the silent readers and the runaway readers, particularly my darling Ifesinachi Okonkwo

Thanks to bloggers who were there long before me and willingly helped me navigate through the sometimes muddy waters, most especially Myne Whitman. God bless you lady!

Thank you all a great deal, don't worry I know I haven't won an Oscar and this speech get as e be but that's only because I'm immensely grateful. 

So I thank you all but I'm going to go all Oliver Twist on you and ask those of you with social media accounts to please share any posts that you liked or enjoyed on your social media pages. Also remember that you can always contribute to the blog with your stories, articles, ideas and opinion pieces. 

Some of you are still asking about the blog party, you obviously haven't noticed that I'm no party planner. Haha! So I'm thinking we might all just meet up somewhere in December or something, unless some of you want to form a planning committee. If you do mail me and we'll discuss. 



  1. Awww Thelma da bebe!!!! Congratulations again! Best wishes.


  3. Awwww..cnt believe ur blog is one oh..keep the fire burning babe...that naughty house wife

  4. Happy birthday Thelma thinks.
    Super Amazing blog and even better readers. The love here is overwhelming, I really love it here.
    More grease to ur elbow Nwando, you have no idea how many lives you. Touch.

  5. They say the 1st year is usually the most difficult year. TTB has passed the great test and noticeably improved. It's time to soar. GOD bless you Thelma.

  6. Happy bday to Thelma thinks blog,greater things to come.The sky ain't your limit cos they would hear of Thelma thinks beyond d sky.

  7. *sobs* this is sooo emotional

    LOLZ ... Happy Anniversary TTB , You'll grow and grow and grow .... and then keep growing.
    I'm happy to be here

  8. Happy 1st anniversary to US.
    Thelmathinks family .Bloggitup

  9. Awwwwww boobooo happyyy birthday to TTB yayyyy! I was gonna send u a cake but u know y i cant lol u wont eat it, lmao. Extra proud of ya. *hugssssss*

  10. More power to your elbow Nwando. Many more great years ahead for your blog as it enters the Mega Money Making stage. J

  11. Happy birthday TT

  12. Like a journey of a thousand years...

    I pray the blog grows and positively impact lives

  13. Wowwwwwww. Happy first anniversary T and 2 all my TTB FAMILY. The sky is definitely ur starting point. I see this blog taking over the blogsphere very soon. If you think I'm joking, THEN YALL BETTER WATCH THIS SPACE!

    *TTB, my means of sanity*

  14. Lots of hugs T!
    Speed to your blogging wings and may God turn this passion into a most prosperous venture in Jesus name, Amen.

  15. Yaay... This blog will go from glory to glory to glory, I just know it. Thank u for doing ur part in influencing a generation T. Do not dispise the days of little beginning. Happy birthday to us. Come and join me share this cake 🎂 🎂🍰

  16. Happy 1st, Thelma! Many more years in success.

    Though it seems like I was never here. Forgotten so easily?

    1. Aaaaargh! I typed the post, published it and went out. As I entered the car the first thought; Enjay! I didn't write Enjay's name. I began to panic but I was like Enjay hasn't been coming to the blog so she won't see it, I'll edit once I get home. Well now I'm home and I've already been caught. Enjay you haven't been forgotten by me, not in the least. Everyday I wonder if you've 'absconded' but I'm aware that you have things occupying your mind at the moment so I decided not to bother you for now.
      And although I've been caught I'm still going to edit it. E ma binu ore mi, jorrrrrr!!! Lol

    2. Thelma, i dint see my name ooo. well, its bcos am new am sure but come 2years anniversary make i no find my name ooo. Else.... Lolz.
      congrats T, more power to your elbow. you shall go places. *cyber hug*

  17. Awwww babe more power to you. Greater heights

  18. I don't even know how to express my love for this blog without sounding sappy so ama just say congrats on your 1yr bloggiversary...and to think I discovered this blog just a few months ago...I think, when you reviewed that Omoni's movie. Since then, this blog has been part of my happiness, my...see??? sappy!!! I give up

  19. HBD TTB!!!
    I wish u,this blog and her visitors a whole lot more blessings than they cld ever imaging. Keeping doing you and we'll keep being

  20. I admire your resilience and believe the award shall come in due time.

    Happy birthday to us and many many happy returns.


  21. Yayyy! Happy birthday TTB this is the 1st blog I open everyday. I actually thought it was older than one year

  22. Wow.. happy birthday TTB... the first time I stumbled on this blog(looks up and mouths thank you Jesus)... I was like.. ok.. like really! like seriously?! There's a blog that is so informative, talks about life issues, people share true experiences that you get to learn from, intelligent bvs... and I was stuck(the good kind) the funny thing is I was preparing for an exam and I just couldn't help myself! Lol.. I kept coming back and reading previous posts! I was(still am) that addicted! So I join everyone here to wish TTB a happy happy birthday... greater heights, greater accomplishments.. in Jesus name!
    Hurray!!!! **big smile**

    I see my name **giggles**

    1. ** I kept coming back to read previous posts** hehe... scattered thoughts... **half smile**

  23. Awwww..yay!!! I see my name!! Happy birthday TTB..all the best mami

  24. yayhh..i have never been acknowledged on a blog before ....i feel so fly right now. T, i know this is meant to be about you but...:)

  25. I want to cry... Tears of Joy for TTB! More blessings on the way...

  26. Awww. Congrats, Thelma. Your blog has been a breath of fresh air. Keep keeping it real. Much love

  27. Happy first anniversary Thelma Thinks Blog! I'm sure more success is going to come your way. You know how they say your gifts will bring you before great people, I believe this writing gift that you have will do just that for you. All the best Thelma, praying for an even better second year.

  28. So much has been achieved in one year...awesome! What a beautiful family. Happy 1st anniversary TT. Soar. Dazzle. Impact and have plenty fun too along the way...cheers!

  29. Thelma i am back now. Congrats on reaching a yr, many more to come.

    N1k credit giveaway on my site.

  30. You're welcome Thelma and happy first birthday to all blog family.

  31. Happy anniversary to TTB! My one stop home of diverse perspectives and amazing people. Greater heights Thelma shall attain in all fronts.... Amen!
    In other news, Biko where is eniwealth oo? She's been AWOL long enough that am starting to worry.

  32. CONGRA.....IN Patt Ogars voice

  33. Happy Birthday to TTB. More doors of opportunity coming your way amen.

  34. U are very welcomed T.
    Thanks esp for the friends I got through ur blog.
    Ruby, F, Ifesinachi & Phransea!!!
    Thanks T.

  35. yaay!I see me,God pass dis bad network.happy bloggn tee.greater tins ahead

  36. Happy Anniversary TTB

    Greater Strides ahead.

    In other news, I am so sure I wrote this yesterday,must have disappeared in btw me trying to use my WordPress account to comment.....the prove you are not a robot was getting tiring.oh well....its never too late

  37. Happy first birthday once again.

  38. Happy first anniversary to my first and best blog! This is just the beginning of greatness.
    Welldone thelma,kip on being strong and beautiful..
    Am back,am back am back...#mariam#


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