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Let's Talk (About) Sex.

If you don't then please skip this post, you're not mature enough. If you do you may proceed. Just to be clear; this post may contain adult content. (+18)
Ok, for those who have proceeded, if you're adverse to sex or talking about sex then please kindly join those above and skip this post, because in case you haven't already figured it out this post is about SEX. If you're not, let's talk. 

So I started by saying I miss sex, right? Of course I do. Don't you think it would be unnatural if I didn't? I definitely do miss sex and I think it's perfectly ok to admit it. Some days ago I was with someone and there was some mild making out and mild as it was, my memory was instantly refreshed. I'd have you know that I generally avoid being in situations that may lead me to compromise my decisions, this includes visiting most male friends at home, and more recently any form of physical contact beyond handshakes or friendly hugs. But that night I threw caution to the wind, probably because I'd indulged in a few glasses of wine, it was a celebratory period after all. 

So yes, I immediately removed myself from the situation, the most difficult thing I've had to do in a while but I'm strong like that, if I say so myself. LOL. Yet in the minutes, hours and days that followed I couldn't stop thinking about it. For the first time in a long time, I remembered. 

I remembered what it felt like to have sex/make love/shag and I'm reminded of the things I (used to) love most about sex. 
- the bond it created between me and the other person
- the heady feeling of power I got from knowing that I'm the reason that person is in that throes of ecstasy
- the Big O. Like seriously, who doesn't love orgasms?
- the way that all problems, worries, challenges are forgotten in those minutes or hours of sex. 
- the way a satiated partner collapses just right after he's done. 

There are many more but hey, let me not get too X-rated, I'm certain some people who shouldn't would still read this. 

But guess what guys, most good things come with the bad. These are the things I (used to) hate the most about sex
- the bond it created between me and someone I wasn't dating, or wasn't in a defined relationship with. (Where you start 'catching feelings' for someone who doesn't really give a hoot about you. This is one of the things I DO NOT MISS about sex at all!). 
- bad sex/awkward sex/horrible sex/sex with someone who doesn't know how to have sex...
- fear of STIs and pregnancy. 
- when it just keeps going on and on and on and he's yet to come. Sometimes I'd literally drift away and start thinking about the characters in a novel I just read or what I would cook the next day
- people with totally different needs from yours, eg demands to talk dirty, spanking, hair pulling etc
- that desperately annoying question that just keeps being asked; have you come/did you come?
- the guilt that sometimes came afterwards (one of the reasons I fled. LOL). 

So hey, if you've read this far you know you cannot be like a non-paying customer in a restaurant; no 'eat and run'. You MUST share the juicy deets with me; what do/did you love the most and hate the most about sex?

Do share!


  1. Wrapping book with brown paper. T I remember so that qualifies me lol. I like everything about sex and I don't feel bad about it. Sex is sweet biko this life is too short.

  2. See, I WILL comment... *Shruging off shame but still covering my face*

    * I miss the tingly feeling when i look into his eyes as he thrusts again & again during the missionary position.
    * I miss the rush of passion & throwing caution to the wind during quickies.
    * I miss talking thrash as in total garbage. Love making is the only time my alter ego shows herself! Very nasty batch btw.
    * I miss the cuddling afterwards, it's like when I feel most vulnerable & FREE. Like the world can end & I wont give 2 mosquitoes laps!!!
    * I miss how cold our lips usually get afterwards. #SwallowsHard.....
    T, Amma stop here! #Phewwwww

    *I don't miss the Guilt of knowing I just committed fornication. Yet again!!!
    *I don't miss the Pregnancy Scares.

    1. Chai Ruthy you commented chai...

    2. Yea she did! Haha Well I don't miss it cus I'm a regular partaker lool

  3. And this bloody Auto correct, I meant BITCH NOT batch! #Sigh

    1. @Ruthy, I think Auto Correct trying to Censor you but u just won't let it go. Lol

  4. D guilt,d "catchn of feelnz",d STI scares.dnt miss dose.but d passion,dt feeln of clznex mehn.dtz wat I miss most.

  5. Well I guess this post is for those who are Celibate and who Miss Sex... Wait...wat does that make me? Anyways, I hate having to talk a babe into it (sometimes) cos I love it spontaneous. Someone once asked why is it that most poor Men like to give birth to Children like Rats? Another ansd, Maybe becos that's(sex) the only form of Happiness to them. Sadly true and a lil funny. That said, I do not miss nor hate anything Within d time frame of Sex cos that's the only time a Man is True to himself(well, most times)

    1. "what do/did you love the most and hate the most about sex?" The post is not for "celibates", it's for anyone that has had or is having sex that feels up to sharing.

  6. I miss sex o. I no go lie even though sum pple to shy away frm d subject called "sex" I miss dt filing of luvi. Sumone n filing lived.I l miss moaning during love making. I must confess I'm a noise maker wen it comes to sex. chai! it has tey since I last had sex o. make I no talk too much so dt my body wunt start to do me one kind
    @ ruthylicious, I sent d mail to Thelma. I'm yet to hear frm u. my add n number were in d mail I sent her

    perfect nails n lashes, Lagos

    1. Oh it's true. Please send it again to, the account you sent it to is for a different purpose that's why I forgot.

  7. *I miss that feeling I usually have when am on top and the face he makes during my ride.
    *I miss the big O I get after that mushy head on he gives me.
    *I miss that feeling of ecstasy he gets and he tells me"Baby u are so sweet*, whether he means it or not.
    *I miss that warmness I feel when he falls on me after the the big O he gets.
    *I miss so many things,d list is endless.
    *in between I do not miss the fear of contacting STD'S,I also do not miss the fear of getting pregnant. I really miss sex.

  8. Thelma all these warnings. Sex is with my husband so shame no go catch me like Ruthylicious. It is a God given gift to be enjoyed and it is a good bonding experience. What I don't like about it is when I'm in the mood and DH is not in the mood or vice versa but apart from that, everything is good.

    1. Chei see thrashing of my able person!
      Anon there is God oh!
      Make I do go marry jaree!!! But I envy U!

    2. Chei see thrashing of my able person!
      Anon there is God oh!
      Make I do go marry jaree!!! But I envy U!

  9. T I'm celibate and I won't lie I miss sex. It takes the grace of God to be strong, please how do you do it? Mine is just seven months and I'm already getting weak. I pray for God to help me.

  10. *I miss that feeling I usually have when am on top and the face he makes during my ride.
    *I miss the big O I get after that mushy head on he gives me.
    *I miss that feeling of ecstasy he gets and he tells me"Baby u are so sweet*, whether he means it or not.
    *I miss that warmness I feel when he falls on me after the the big O he gets.
    *I miss so many things,d list is endless.
    *in between I do not miss the fear of contacting STD'S,I also do not miss the fear of getting pregnant. I really miss sex.

  11. I am still too guilt-ridden with the last attempt that I find it difficult to recall what I miss about it......or is it the 'too much' that is on my mind lately?


  12. I miss when he screams in pleasure "f*#k Me baby
    I def don't miss having to count when I'm days late.

  13. I don't miss sex, am practically running away from sex! Lol hubby loves sex well I do too but only that I work all day n get totally exhausted by the time I get plus I have a lil baby to care for , so when hubby comes over I say no, had to even stop wearing sexy lingerie at night lol may God give y'all husband so that you can stop missing sex n start running away from it . Lolll

    1. Thank you, my sister.
      The thing tire me, upon I'm heavily pregnant, hubby is turned on 24/7.
      We make love like 5x a week or 4- and I don't even want it o.
      I think marriage made me grow tired of sex and this is just early days.

  14. I miss d cuddling before nd after sex.miss d feeling of control I get ova him wen aving sex.miss d foreplay most especially.nd yh definitely dnt miss d pregnancy scares nd terrible sex

  15. Damnn, yall go deep, i cant even relate, i'm a new creature, i get terrible amnesia when it comes to my old life, lol but i will sit back and relax and enjoy the comments..........#BornAgainVirgin

    1. Dear #BornAgainVirgin it is well with your soul, it is well with your mind, it is well with your work, it is well with your spirit, it is well with you.

      Shine on

  16. Please spell sex again ccos I don't remember. My hubbby says I'm his sister now. Cos this my big belle no let me see road. Clare

  17. Please spell sex again ccos I don't remember. My hubbby says I'm his sister now. Cos this my big belle no let me see road. Clare

    1. Aren't you lucky tho?
      I wish my hubby would let me rest with my own belle.

  18. Well, Thelma what are you trying to do to me ??? been single for over a year so I've been "sexless" BUT I just started seeing a guy for over a month now and its been great! we just started having massive make out / foreplay session (last 2 dates) and boy did I feel like I was going to explode. I MISS SEX!
    I miss the "connection".
    I miss sitting on top a S.O and having my butt held and spread out while kissing passionately
    I miss the tingly feeling I get when been kissed on my ear lobes, neck and nipples.
    I miss that sense of satisfaction we both get and also the cuddles..
    Now..i don't miss the STI scares and also pregnancy scare..i don't even think about my period..if it comes or not, that not my problem.

    It's not easy I tell you. I'm glad he lives an hour away from me and still with his folks because my body is READY to go but I don't think my head is there yet. sighh.
    How can I prevent coitus from happening so early as we only get to see twice or once a week because of our schedules and of recent its been fireworks :( ?

  19. Haven't thought about sex for weeks. Earning money has taken over my being. But thinking about it now, I think it's d heady sense of control I get from being on top that I miss. And of course the immense pleasure of kissing very sexy and firm lips


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