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If There's Any Justice In The World...

This morning I got to watch a few minutes of a movie; My One and Only. Renèe Zellweger played the lead. In the movie she was this flighty, lazy, irresponsible woman, lousy mum and runaway wife who could never keep a job and was constantly traveling from place to place looking for a man to marry her and take care of her and her kids. At some point she had to stay in her sister's home where she wasn't very welcome. Renèe who was unemployed when she got to town soon got a job working for a wealthy man who soon proposed to her. This led to an outburst one day when Renèe's sister got drunk and accused her saying "you're just like a cat aren't you? You've got nine lives, no matter what happens you always land on your feet. You do nothing to deserve it yet good things keep happening to you, you're beautiful, you've got two sons, two healthy sons... Look at me, I'm a good person, married for twenty years and nothing! Twenty years and no child" and she broke into tears. *i paraphrase*

Have you ever felt this way, like there's no justice in the world?

When I was in the University I had this friend who never attended lectures, never attended tutorials, never joined any discussion groups, never bought hand outs and never knew what was going on in school. She was always traveling from state to state, visiting one man or the other. One semester, a few weeks to our exams she was in a man's hotel room for weeks and I'd repeatedly call her, complain, lecture, berate and admonish her for being so unserious, I even called the guy once and asked him to send her away so that she could come home and study. All my 'cries' fell on deaf ears till exactly a day to the exam. 
      So a day before the exam; constitutional law, one of the most hated courses in Law, my friend *Ada strolls into the room and asks to see the handouts for the course. I begin to shake my head and tell her it was too late, moreover we'd had so many tutorials and discussion classes where we discussed things that weren't in the handouts, which the lecturer said would be asked in the exam. Ada was unperturbed as she perused the handouts and we stayed up studying all night, while I kept thinking to myself that she was wasting her time and might as well go to bed.
      Long story short we wrote the exam, I made a D, Ada made an A. Then she went ahead to do better in the other papers than the rest of us who worked really hard. She carried this same unserious attitude and carefree lifestyle into law school yet beat her peers who were model students. Today Ada has one of the most fantastic jobs among the people I know and is constantly in and out of the country on work assignments, while some of us are still trying to figure life out. There's just NO JUSTICE IN THE WORLD. 

Have you ever been mad at the world for being the good girl you are yet you stay broke, unemployed and single while the runs girls are winning; the best jobs, best cars and best husbands? No justice, I tell you! Yes I know not all that glitters is gold but the bottom line is that they have shiny things while all you have is black and gray.

Or can you relate to this sad but realistic joke below:
...Where the hard workers and model citizens eat grass while the unscrupulous live like kings. Universe, where is the justice??!!!

I never say it out loud but I've got friends who played by all the rules, had zero body count, were reserved, kind and respectful, then they wedded and years later they're still waiting for one baby. But there were those who slept with the whole town, had abortions like they were doing swab tests, had no regards for anything or anyone and now have quite happy marriages with babies popping out from between their legs every year. Life. Hmmm. 

This is and has always been one if the greatest mysteries to me and I'm hoping someone can help me unravel it. Where is the justice in this world; why do the good have it bad and the bad have it absofreakinglutely amazing? God, what gives? What exactly is this about? 

Here's what I think. If there's any justice in the world:

*I'd be married right now to an amazing husband with a couple of beautiful children. 
*Talented musicians would be making multi millions in Nigeria and not all these noisemakers releasing jollof music. 
* *Bee* would have a fantastic job with her 2.1 and sharp wits and not be reduced to grovelling wth her CV all over town after settling for 50k jobs. 
*An Igbo man would contest for the Presidential election with hope of actually winning. (An no, Jonathan is NOT Igbo). 
*Nollywood would celebrate more actors with actual talent and not just those who post 'Champagne life' pictures on Instagram...

Is there any justice in the world...
If there's any justice in the world what do you think would happen?


  1. Aww..I watched the movie too...only if people could connect while doing the same thing...all in all,I give thanks cos when there is life,there is hope...TNHW

  2. Hmmmmmmm true talk T,a friend complained to me just two weeks ago about the fact that she was loyal customer and a worker in the school chapel during school days,a good girl,which we all knew,but at 31and a graduate with a 2.1 no husband the people coming her way now are married men and she wonders where she went wrong,I also once felt that way,during my OND days, I had did friend who would disturb us when we read,hardly enters class,never bribes lecturers for CA but came out with a very classy distinction and those who read their heart out like me,came out with a 2.2.lastly I have a friend who almost died trying to copy another friend whom could go spend one week with a stranger in an hotel and the day our other friend tried it, the man wanted to use her for ritual,irony of life. I came to the conclusion after reading one of Kenneth hagins books that we all have different destinies,we could b from d same parent but we came to this world with different things that works for I feel n am convinced that we are destined in different ways.

  3. Destiny!!! We can't query God, He does it as He likes.

    1. God? IMO, I really don't think God operates this way mehn,know that the devil is the one in charge of the occurrences in the world, the devil is in charge right now.

  4. Hmmm T that is life and life is not fair. I don't understand it either, there is no explanation in the bible. Just live your life anyhow and hope for the best. I have noticed that God does not bless based on how good or bad you are.

  5. Hmmmn, I really can't understand this,I have had such "injustice" happen to me and also around me, I really can't!
    Why do bad things happen to good people??
    This life is really an unsolved mystery, you do good and people repay you with evil, why?

  6. Like Opara said we all have different destinies, so also people are different and their lifestyles. Even those who commit the worst atrocities end up having the best out of life.

    I have also thought about it,heck I am a living example but a thought that always occur to me while thinking this way is 'would I be able to or can i do what they did to get what they have?'

    Like you said all that glitters is not gold but apart from the fact that maybe they used a not so good means to achieve what they have now,most of them are actually very assertive and when push comes to shove are willing to do what it takes. They put themselves out in the open and willing to face whatever comes with doing that. Take for example most them marrying good husbands and all, some might be willing to ask out and chase these men whatever it takes so long as they end up marrying him,which many ladies cringe even from the thought of it. The thing is they have been there and done that so they know what it takes and how to go about getting what they want and don't care what people have to say about them.

    About those who have had abortions and yet still able to give birth. Having an abortion does not automatically mean you won't be able to give birth,that is if everything was done right(although there are spiritual consequence). Some of them might actually be very remorseful and go to the Almighty with their heartfelt prayer for forgiveness. And on the other hand you have the self-righteous,holier than thou friends(people) who have never had sex or abortions would use such incident to insult,back-stab and back-bite the said person(I am not saying it is limited to this,there could be a 1001 reasons why it happens diseases and illnesses being one of those).

    There is justice in the world and I don't believe life is unfair. Its just that our idea of justice is quite different from God's justice.
    Every individual is unique and as they are unique so also is their problems although they might have similar characteristics e.g Two ladies married as virgins for years no kids(similar issues) but one might be as a result of block uterus and the other maybe as a result of not having sex at the right time that is during ovulation and all(different problems) and so on and so forth.

    The key is do what would make you stand right in God's laws and do what is required of you. Manna won't fall from heaven.


    1. Many hugs, my dear.
      You are wise.

  7. Answer = "so then He has mercy on whomever He wills, and He hardens whomever He wills" - Romans 9:18

    There's a real syndrome out there, one that the doctors wont tell you about and its called ''the grass is always greener" syndrome and it leads to deep deep unhappiness. Because What I have learned though, is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, you just need to water your own lawn and make it work for you, make it pretty....make it green too....

    Happiness should be a state of mind, even I myself, still struggle with believing that but that's the actual truth...

    1. Gbam! My crush has done it again! Lol! **kisses and hugs**

      I will have mercy on whom i'll have mercy upon... (deep!)

    2. Well said FNLP

    3. @kabuoy *bigger kissesssss and bigger hugsssss*

      Thanks miss pynk.

  8. Life aint fair, no justice. but God dey!

  9. I actually cried my eyes out dis aftanun b4 opening dis post!
    I saw a testimony post on anoda blog 2day and I was like God where did I really go wrong? Like seriously, I always rejoice in pple's joy, I dance even more dan my frnds wen they re celebrating like on deir occasions
    This is jst who I am, I don't envy oda pple achievements but rada I r'joice with dem.
    Now, my questions is these;
    Why am I so soak in pains?
    Why am I still single @ 29?
    Why am I an unemployed graduate?
    Why am I even witout a bf?
    Why shld men only see me as a wife material afta dey got married?
    I jst cancelled a frnd wedding invitation for 2mrw cos am broke and broken! The distance to d venue is not trekable at all all, I have hair's but no kobo to pay the stylist to fix it.....Hmmm
    In all God is faithful!!!
    Cos I believe in jeremiah 29 vs 11
    Yes am ranting, glad I pour dis out ! *ignore my gbagaun plssss**

    1. Hmmm. Mei you are not alone. Please dry your tears, that's what the devil wants to see, don't give him the pleasure.

    2. Mei are you genuinely happy for your friend and do you want to go to the wedding? Is the cost to reach the wedding affordable? If yes pls send me an email. You sound too sad, there isn't a reason to be so sad.

  10. FNLP and HerRoyalSweetness said it all.
    Life doesn't owe us a thank you the sooner we realize that the better

  11. There's no justice in the world, but I believe God has his way of doing things. He blesses us differently as he chooses but the problem is, we might look over at the other guy's flashy blessing and be oblivious of/forget our own subtle, yet important blessings. No one can have it all, there's also soomething you have that someone else is looking at and going "God, I deserve this more than him"
    Btw, Thelma, I LOL @ "jollof music". Hope you know there's a rapper who calls his genre of music Jollof Music..literally. Won't mention the name but I'll send you lynxx to his songs..get it? Hehe *sigh* I need a job mehn

  12. I am faced with similar situations right now and I used to feel this way until recently. One of the factors that changed my perspective was that I saw beyond the facade put up by some people and saw deep-rooted life issues they are battling with. I wouldn't have guessed they were facing serious warfare with the way they went about life like all was perfect until situation made them open up their lives to me like a book.

    Truth is, we are always likely to feel troubled when people whom we think are undeserving obtain some serious blessings (particularly those blessings we believe we are more worthy of than they are) but if we look deeper, we shall see that indeed, they have things we do not have and we have things they do not have - both positives and negatives.

    God blesses everyone but in different ways. Also, as previously stated in some comments, we all have come here to fulfill different purposes, as such, we operate under different level of blessing (call it grace if you would).

    Why would a non-smoker die of cancer and a chain-smoker lived till past 80 years? Why would a hard worker be paid peanut and the people he works harder than earn more than twice as him? Why would Sarah be barren for donkey years and women who worshiped idols were having children as they liked? Why did John-the Baptists, a noble man, have to be gruesomely murdered? Why did Jesus, a perfect, sinless being, have to be crucified?

    To have joy and be grateful is to not compare our lives with those of others but learn to count our blessings and accept whatever comes as HIS will (that is if we live according to his words).


    1. Thanks F. God bless you beaucoup!

  13. U didn't reply *BEE's* sms. What gives?

  14. Hmm Thelma i used to ask the same question till I realized that God has set our paths differently from others and indeed some people are good at masking their unhappiness irrespective of their situations. My own thing i have noticed with my life is i struggle a lot at the onset of anything o try to do, eg when i graduated i couldnt find a decent job for 2 years in america, in 2 months i had 3 offers with armed robber salaries. Samething with boyfriend and husband matter, as in for work i would sit and ask god who did i offend.
    right now its a financial quagmire for me, and i know it will pass. I console myself that God is teaching me how to be appreciative when he gives me things and not take them for granted.

    1. I thot you owned a Nursery or sth?

  15. @Nana, the devil doesn't Rule nor Own the world. Spiritually speaking, Jesus took the Key remember?.(Personally, I actually believe We Rule the world You & I) @Mei... A SAGE once told me, 'Nobody owes you anything, Not EVEN GOD. I repeat Not EVEN GOD'. I know dat sounds awkward, but that is the Honest truth dat we as humans we try to cover in our mental thoughts. When you were created, you were given the power to achieve and influence the world with your prowess, not the world influencing you with its Situation(wch is a culmination of all men's 'situation') I hope u understand dis? So when you don't have a 'Job' made by your fellow Man, go out there and Get 'Yours'. When you don't have a bf, make yourself the object of Looku Looku. You are 29...SO? Who cares? Nobody. Neither should You. Do not appeal to People's Pity, appeal to their Aw. Statistically speaking Independent Ladies are usually more successful dan otherwise, so take a cue from that and Get back up and GET a Life worthy of Aw and not Pity. And please be proud of yourself, nobody will celebrate you if u don't celebrate yourself. And one Last thing, Nobody will follow you until they know how far you have come and how far you will go WITHOUT them. Bye. There's no justice in the world, probably becos we are following the footpath of others and we expect to earn wat they have or even more if we worked better. I know when Thelma posted recently some statements from Will smith's progeny, it felt like he just doesn't knw how the world works. Well wats wrong if He doesn't want to work the way the world works? I know there's 'sanity' from seeing reality from the way the world works but Not everybody is called to see things dat see things through your own eyes and not the eyes of others who you think are in Bliss while you are where u are. Please, to move forward, you have to be Happy with where you have Been, Where you are now and Where you are going to(please have where you are going to) and don't expect Bed of Roses

    1. Sorry for the Psalm 119, I Paragraphed it but...! #wierd

  16. life is so unfair, there's God I know, but life is very unfair sometimes I wish stupid things.
    I just need a little more grace, we all do.

  17. I learnt a lot from reading the comments.
    Thanks to Opara, HerRoyalSweetness, MsPynk, FNLP and Uyi

  18. Exactly what FNLP said, God does whatever he wants to do however he wants to ,that's y we cnt understand somethings,He's God

  19. Your worth as a woman doesn't diminish as the amount of people you sleep with climbs.

    1. @ifesinachi Okonkwo, I guess you are right. But when its wrong is when you sleep with every tom, Dick and harry! Like not having any scruples doing it!


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