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My Kim Kardashian Was Heartlessly Blasted On IG and Twitter!

Good morning good people! 
I just saw this on Laila's blog  and I'm like Kai, People are mean! I *heart* Kim Kardashian so I took this quite personal *Sobs*. And I still insist that Kim K haters are just jealous. Yeah I said it. * tongue out* LOL. 

Kim Kardashian has been accused of misunderstanding the US midterm elections, after the reality star posted a message supporting Barack Obama on Twitter and Instagram.

On Monday night, Kim posted a cartoon image of herself with President Obama, writing: 'I’m standing w Obama in the midterm election 2morrow!' despite him not being up for re-election.And instantly, she was mocked for the post, with Twitter users explaining that Obama is clearly not on the ballot for Tuesday's midterms.

Some users labelled Kim an 'airhead' while another called her a 'useless bimbo' as they assumed Kim
was encouraging her Twitter followers to vote for the President. Thankfully, quite a few pointed out that perhaps Kim's tweet meant she was 'standing' with Obama in voting along Democratic party lines. Either way, Kim did not respond to her critics, or clarify the assumption that she had misunderstood the midterms. See some of the mean tweets and replies below.


  1. Dear Thelms, u don't have to take this personal. And no, most Kim K haters are not jealous, they jes don't like following d bandwagon of pple that's got their noses high up the a55 of a GLORIFIED WHORE coz they've got morals and see her as wht she is..

    *lips sealed and watching*

    1. Really Easah? What makes her a whore?

    2. @Easah I wonder how you look.. Stop hating ok... I just don't know how some girls feel after calling their follow lady names... Pls girl get a life and stop hating...

    3. Yes I expect this kinda reply whn ever u say somthg like dz abt Kim K coz she is ur rolemodel and all ye newage girls are trying 2 be like her and dz goes further 2 drive home the fact dt dz generation has lost it. @Sharon, what makes her a whore is dt she has a sex tape that's still bringing her money till tomorrow, and has slept with d half of hollywood. And 4 all I care, Kanye West is jes one of her clients and she might jes ditch him very soon if she gets a better offer. And if dt ain't enough 2 call someone a whore then u shld go look up d meaning of a whore in d dictionary or train ur kids as pornstars someday and sleep with countless pple 2 climp up d ladder. @Anony I'm not a woman and I'm not hating! I don't want her kind of money coz I'm not vain!

  2. Eh sorry but even in the news yesterday it was announced that the republicans were more or less voting against Obama so technically she is right. His ratings dropped since the Ebola crisis

  3. @Easah,what makes her a whore? Has she slept with u or anyone u know personally and asked for payment? He crime was a sex tape she did with her then bf. That she didn't let the scandal of her tape keep her down is what the whole world hates including you. Did u call Ibinabo a whore? (oh sorry,she doesn't hv a sex tape).
    Guess what,in the end she's now a housewife.
    As Nig pastors wld say: the Lord wld turn ur mess into a message and ur test into a testimony and my dear,Kim Kardashian West is a living example. Might I add,shes human too (just like ibinabo)

    1. Honestly I wonder why the hate and vitriol poured on that family? Just don't watch their reality show if you don't feel them abi?

      personally, i don't watch their shows but I used to watch it and I just feel they are a bunch of entertainers, noone should take what they see on that show seriously.
      I guess the old "whore" line is so dated, an average american girl(of any race) even an average naija babe has slept with most men that kim kardashian has, copy that!

      Also I think this ish is also fueled by racists a la that Todd guy @ we knew you love being screwed by black guys WTH is that about?

  4. I agree with Thelma, I had this convo with my cousin sister last week. Why do they see her as a whore? Its just pure hate and jealousy. Is it cos she made a sextape? How can you keep judging someone for what they did ages ago. Only difference is that the said atrocity was seen by the whole world, some of us have committed worse acts that we can't even tell our best friends about.
    Or is it cos of her divorces, really? I mean I really want to know why all the hate. You think she doesn't work hard for her money? Google and find out the businesses she runs...sigh..I'm making too much noise joor

  5. I have never understood why people hate Kim Kardashian, I agree with Thelma most people who hate her are just jealous.

  6. I don't understand people n the hatred they have for her , so she made a sex tape so what,that doesn't make her a whore for all I care ,people can like to hate o

  7. @ sasha Y don't you stop acting like it is the norm 2 be immoral. Let's call a spade a sppade. What Ibinabo did was wrong as well by having 5 kids from different fathers as NO CHILD WILL CHOOSE TO HAVE SIBLINGS OF DIFFERENT FATHER'S. And yes, what Kim K did is way worse than Ibinabo's by having a sex tape and sleeping with half of hollywood jes 2 find her way 2 d top. What is bad is bad. What height of immorality! Since you support her and feel like it's d norm, maybe you should tell your daughters to emulate her when u have them someday.

    The heck!

    1. Eesah how many men has KK slept with in hollywood? I am talking true facts here not just going with the flow and what is on everybody's lips?pray, tell?

    2. @HSF I've been working close 2 d media 4 a while now and I've been following Kim K's relationships and flings. Amongst those she has shagged are: Don Thomas, Ray J, Nick Lachey, Nick Canon, Reggie Bush, Shengo Dene, Miles Austin, John Mayer Gabriel Aubrey, Micheal Cupon, Chris Humpries, and even the world famous Christiano Ronaldo. I can keep going on and on but..

    3. ok that's just about 12 men yeh, what would you now call the Iya Basira down the street that has slept with 20 mechanics? abeg mehn all this beef for KimK is only making her smile to the bank more. Just saying.

  8. My dear Easah,there is no spade in this matter! A woman can have a healthy sex life and appetite just like a man and shldnt be judged for it. If every boy and girl has the same home training,boys wldnt ask for sex and girls wldnt open their legs.
    Kim didn't sleep with Ryan Seacrest to have their show running for almost 10yrs now. Kim didn't sleep with Hugh Hefner to be a cover girl for Playboy Mag. Kim didn't sleep with Anna Wintor to be on Vogue or every other mag and endorsements she has. Kim didnt/hasnt screwed a married man for jobs or runz. So when u say she slept her way to the top,i wanna know. Name some names.
    The chick has hustled,made some choices (her choices) and she's living with them all.
    If she's still being judged by the tape she did 10yrs ago,then the joke is on all her haters...
    Btw,where is Ray J? The co-actor in the sex tape? Shldnt he get a bullet too?

    1. With Kim K, u never can tell if she hasn't slept with d aforementioned. Besides, her path crossed with these pple whn she was already in d spotlight, and it wasn't like she was 4rm a poverty stricken home that couldnt afford 2 pay 4 some of their promos durrrrr. Nobody is judging her, as a matter of fact, I don't give 2 flying fuqqs and a half abt wht she does with her life, but I only like reiterating d fact that WHAT IS GOOD IS GOOD, AND WHAT IS BAD IS BAD.

    2. I wonder how many guys u've slept with...

  9. Laaro kutu kutu while am yet to have breakfast, some people have enough energy to debate about the morals (or lack) of somebody else that lives far away in Obodo oyibo and couldn't care less about either sides of the debate? #Adonbelieveit! Whore or Virgin... Her biz, her issues. Biko I dey find work ooooo

    1. Hahahahaahahaha!!! Okay! After reading thru all of that.... this comment did it for me! Lmaoo! Buby! Don't worry! You'll find work ehn?! Very soon too! Lol!

  10. @Easah,Noboby is judging her yet u called her a ho?
    Her body count is nobody's biz. U have urs,she has hers...

    1. Exactly what I wanted to say. What's bad is bad, but calling her a glorified whore is judging. I used to watch "Keeping up with the Kadashians" as at 2009 and there was this episode where she and her mum went all emotional about her sex tape and the vitriol it generated at the time. No matter how she opened up about it, she received serious backlash. If you've been following her even up until 2011, you'll realize she's made her peace with the unfortunate incident and moved on with her life. She doesn't need to announce that she regrets the leaked video before we deduce that.

    2. Casting the first stone (judging), the line pple use 2 justify wrongdoing. Biko it's always better 2 speak out whn something is wrong, rather than keeping quiet and allowing things to keep going south. This judging line has been overused! Not like I'm condemning her, writing her off, jealous or hating coz I wanna attain her height, I'm jes stating d obvious.

      #much love guys

    3. Sorry to add but the only diff btwn ur sex life and that of Kim is that u (or ur patners) haven't made a tone of millions AFTER it.

  11. please @Easah I need to know....... how many girls have you slept with? *smiles*

    1. Anony u don't wanna kno, it will surprise u to know that it might be less than 1 hehehe

  12. @Eesah: and d funniest thing is you might later on be the one begging Kim for a drop of water from hell.lool.Cos small sin and big sin na same o.....No need to be so judgemental,no one is above mistakes,it is the ability to rise above it and to tow the right path afterwards that matters and I think she is trying in that regard.Then were you in the bedroom when she was shagging *half* of nollywood? You are the type that will never see past past misdeeds and that's bad.


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