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Remembering Romance!

Good evening guys, looooong day! 

So anyways on my drive home after midweek service (midweek service was awesome BTW) I got to listen to Cool fm's Table Of Men and today's topic was What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?

The calls poured in and I had great fun listening to the comments. They ranged from extremely mushily romantic to hilarious to boring and to plain old stoopid (like the guy that called and said "eh eh... the most romantic ting that hass ever happen to me is the first time I had segsual intercourse" of course the presenter immediately ended his call. LOL). 

Most of the stories were really sweet and got me wishing... Guys, I don't know if you know this but people dey love sha. Ahn ahn! I need to feel that level of love biko!

So please guys, permission to continue living vicariously through the cuuuuute comments; What's the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you? Do tell. 

The stories callers shared were when boo proposed, when he proposed and she said yes, when she threw him that surprise party with all his friends and hers, when he had his first kiss, when wifey had their first child, when they took a vacation abroad and he did something completely unexpected etc. 

Those were their stories, what's your story?

Allow me to go first. The romantic thing that happened to me that I'd like to share with you guys happened today. One of our well known commenters sent me these and I just got them today. The blog reader would rather stay anonymous but that doesn't stop me from screaming a great big public THANK YOU. Your awesomeness and kindness is simply divine, I can't wait to meet you and give you a big big hug.  (Ps; the fact that I find it romantic doesn't necessarily mean it was from a male reader...)

And now it's your turn to share your story. 

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  1. Uhh...Umm.. *coughs* thelma, in the season of romantic moments... *clears throat* send me the blue shoes(the ones beside the bag) and the bag!!! **biggest smile**

    And yeah that's my most romantic moment! Thelma sending me those shoes and bag! Lol!

    That was "awsometastic" of the bv...!

    Meanwhile... on a more serious note.. most romantic moment... *thinking* **thinking really hard** I think i'll pass on this one!

  2. WOW! Thanks to that BV on T's behalf too.

    Most romantic thing?
    It happened just 3years ago.
    A guy I met at a wedding in Bayelsa. Gave him my contact. He called a week later. Told him I was hospitalized & scared of going back to school cos My Landlord had threatened to throw my properties out.
    Sick (True), Rent expired (Lies)
    Dude came to see me in the hospital & gave 300k to sort out everything. When even Le Boo at the time was too "busy" to come see his sick gf who has been in the hospital for 5days.

    I did cry, Happy tears. Not for the cash. But the EFFORT.
    We met just once, yet he still drove from another state to come visit with beverages, food, fruits & the cash!
    Twas awesome!!!

    The many amazing guys I couldn't date cos i's stupidly faithful though! Chei....

    1. 300 just like that? U should have married that nigga.

    2. You are so Funny FNLp! That nigga though******coughs*****he's a husband material! Lol(that's a joke)

  3. Thelma I'm officially jealous of you. Most romantic event was my proposal. We went to see a movie and next thing I saw my face on that very big screen. Fear catch me no be small. Different pictures of me and finally will you marry me? Na so bobo kneel down, comot ring. Lol. It was romantic because I did not expect it at all. I couldn't even watch the rest of the movie.

  4. I have terrible allergies *crying*

    1. Is that your answer to the question? You this Sasha bone!

    2. Don't mind her

    3. Sasha! Say something now... #Waiting

  5. A trip to Obudu cattle ranch with my hubby (then bf) is d most romantic experience for me.

  6. My ex sold his play station so he could afford to travel from Ghana to Nigeria to come see me. For a 21 year old guy to sell his play station its a big deal nd meant a lot . And when i found out i promised to buy him the latest play station when I can afford it. It meant a lot nd i cried when i found out. But i ruined it.

    1. Yeah that was really cool. I'm sorry you ruined it.

  7. Ehh T,the shoes eh will be the most romantic thing that will happen to me oh,sow a seed in my life. Lol

  8. Heeeey, I'm sooo excited, now I can comment!! Yaaay!
    Wow, Thelma, you are indeed loved, God bless that bv.
    I'll also pass on the romantic ish like kabuoy ...Lol.

  9. hmm t I envy u o.nd also fnks to d bv yet to experience sumtin so romantic,patiently waitn.

  10. Thelma those blue shoes are just my size lol.

  11. Most romantic gesture? I'll sit this one out

  12. First time le boo went down south on me oh.....its the most romantic thing ever..*winks**...Thelma am loving those shoes oh....thanks to the bv...that naughty house wife

    1. you're very naughty indeed hehe

    2. Don't mind me jare hsf,that's worth more than everything to moi,why u coding the anniversary dates now,u don old be dat oh..*just kidding*that naughty house wife

  13. When my husband was toasting me, his sis is a baker and she made him grater carrots when he tried to order a carrot cake from her. In fact all his cakes to me, she makes him bake them. Lol thats romantic, or when i went to hang out at and i had a flat tire on kingsway road by dangote, he insisted on changing the tire himself even when police offered to do it. My husband is a proper ajebutter mixed race guy, the police guy kept saying oga yellow let me help you. Lol

    1. lol @ oga yellow.. don't judge a book by it cover ?

    2. Nigerians can so make everything razz, which one is oGa yellow lmao
      just like I hear jay z is referred to as baba blue hehehehehe

  14. No romance for me....#DeadLife

  15. Most romantic was when my girlfriend used her school fees to bail me out of trouble. God bless that girl. Before you eat me raw I paid her back later.

  16. The most romantic thing that ever happened to me happened twice, Im a learner I know.
    After jumping okada and taxis forever(tori long), my husband on our $$th year anniversary got me a tear rubber (as in na me tear the rubber myself oh) H@#$! with the biggest red bow Ive eve seen in my life.I was busy planning an awesome treat for him when he called my phone He was like "babe go and open gate for my aunty" (I cannot stand that aunt of his) so I went to baff, after baffling, wasted time oooooooo, then dragged my feet to the gate.Lo and behold na car I see with 2 guys from Honda place wearing a smirk on their faces, I mustve blanked out because I forgot my signature and couldn't sign the dotted lines because the car was bought in my name and PAID IN FULL.I was just laugh crying oh.

    Fast forward few years later, on our @@th year anniversary he played the same stunt and me again totally clueless didn't see the signs.This time na tear rubber B@#z my man drop customized with my names on the plate.I think I died and went to third heaven.Now see why I no dey take my boo play?

    So no be only you get pesin wey love you(jealousy @the gifts)

    1. Lmaooooooo!!!!! *faints* you went to "baff" as in you took your time!!! Hahahahahahahaa.. you're lucky you're not married to baba kabuoy or uncle Tee... they'll probably have returned the car and have you go and pick it yourself from wherever they bought it from!!! Lmaoo! You for just ruin a pleasant surprise! Hehehehe!!! I laughed so hard when I read this! Lol.
      Really romantic HSF... may your love never go sour. **big smile*

  17. Lucky u HSF. God bless ur home the more. For me, hmmmmm, can't remember anny romantic thing jare. They all just normal.

  18. No romance in my life. It's sad.

  19. My 30th Bday, le boo delivered fresh 30 RED roses at the office and i thought that was awesome, only for me to be picked up for dinner after work which i felt was the ususal thing and BINGO a huge crowd surprised party and he proposed....

  20. My most romantic moment....2yrs ago in d uni, my ex gave me her flight money which she was supposed to use to travel home from school... all cos I was broke ...twas over 20k nd she rather took a bus from IB to abj

  21. So many romantic moments with
    D most recent one,was just after I put to bed, my hubby held my hand in his palms bent and gave me a kiss on the lip and said I love you. When he did that, his mum said TAH!!! Lol

  22. Hmmmmm... I lost my epistle yesterday! #KABUOY Sh*t lol

    1. You people wie noh lemme alone! Lmaoooo!!!! Bluebubble... agamaeyesonyou! lol!


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