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*Wole and I had been talking on the phone for weeks, we were yet to meet. Apparently he'd seen my picture when *Funke used it as her DP and then he pinged to ask for my pin. She hit me up and asked if it was ok and I told her it was, only after seeing his picture though. He was cute, really cute. I was about to give her the go ahead but first, I had to enquire. "I hope he likes orobo o! Because I know I look slimmer in pictures and I don't need anyone meeting me and saying 'I didn't know you were this big!' ". Funke and I laughed about it and she said she would convey my message and we'll see what happens. Wole mustn't have minded because I got an invite from him almost immediately and we became friends. 

Some weeks later after spending so many hours on the phone talking, chatting and texting we finally decided to go on a date.  We'd grown really fond of each other and he decided that it was about time he got to meet this new flame of his. We got to the restaurant at the same time and I was genuinely happy to see him. We ordered drinks and got to talking and he then began to act a bit strange; touching me innappropraitely and making lascivious suggestions, quite unlike the Wole I'd been talking to for weeks. He kept at this for a while and at some point it became offensive and I became uncomfortable. I made it clear I wasn't comfortable with it but this even made him pursue this course further. Suddenly he abruptly said he had to leave. 

He left saying he'll call me later in the day but then I didn't hear from him that night, or the night that followed, the night after that or even weeks later. Eventually I had to ask Funke what was going on. I noticed she wanted to speak but she was hesitant till I forced it out of her mouth. And here's what she told me; when Wole came home that evening and 'boys' (he lived with Funke's boo and some other guys) excitedly asked him how it went and if we were now the latest couple in town, Wole rolled his eyes and exclaimed "Olorun ma je!" God forbid. "Ah! Kilode?" They asked (I presume). In Funke's words; "Nah mehn, I couldn't wait to get out of there. She looks like a blimp!". Funke said this in a shaky voice and waited hesitantly for my reaction. I only wanted to know what a blimp was; seems I'd momentarily forgotten. She told me. "A blimp... You know, a fat blow up doll". I actually laughed to her utmost shock and immediately changed the topic. 

Funke was only too eager to do so too but before she rang off her voice took on a very sober tone as she asked me if I was sure I was ok. I assured her that I was and in some kind of awe she said "Ah ore you strong gan ni o! I swore I wouldn't tell you and I was hoping you won't ask, I didn't know how you would take it because if it were me God knows I will die!" Funke is one of those hyperactive people that exaggerate things, of course she wouldn't literally die. But knowing Funke sha, she would almost die. LOL. 

BLIMP. It didn't hurt yet every time I meet someone for the first time I wonder if they're thinking "She looks like a blimp!".


Some months ago Ginika and I decided to hang out one Saturday evening so I took her to Sailors Lounge. We sat outside so that we could enjoy the cool breeze from the water and people-watch. While we were exiting the lounge to the waterside I noticed some good looking men at the bar and when I went back to the bar some thirty minutes later, I was surprised albeit pleasantly when one of them tried to strike conversation with me. Next thing I know they were all talking to me and we had a good laugh. I'd gotten what I wanted and was heading back outside when one of them asked for my number, he said they would probably go to The Place afterwards and would like for me to join them. I told him I wouldn't be able to, but I gave him my number anyways. He promised to call and said he'd like us to have drinks later in the week. 

So when I got a text for him some ten minutes later I was quite eager to know the content. Was he texting in an attempt to persuade me to come to The Place with them? Was he texting to say he was looking forward to having drinks with me later that week? Or maybe he was texting to say he liked me, ...most likely it was just a text to say that it was nice meeting me. 

I opened the message and it turned out it was none of the above. His text only contained two words. 


Just like that. In capital letters. FAT GIRL. 

I was very confused. What could he mean by that? Was this meant to be a joke? A twisted compliment? Was I meant to be amused? Flattered?

Less than a minute later he sent another one and this time in addition to the FAT GIRL was the ROTFL smiley. 

He sent a few more texts with either a laughing smiley, laughing and crying smileys or a tongue out smiley. 

I was torn between sending him a stinker and getting up to go and 'give it to him' at the bar. Yet I just sat on my chair  unable to move. 

I must have a skin of hide because in my immobility the only emotion I felt was confusion. Why would a grown ass man who I met barely ten minutes ago deliberately try to hurt my emotions or my self esteem. It was baffling that night, it's still baffling this morning. Needless to say I never heard from him after that night, the reason he asked for my number was just so that he could taunt me. Seen. 

These aren't the only times that my confidence has had reason to be shaken as a result of my weight. Of course there have been shouts of "Elephantiasis" in the past and the frequent "Orobo" once I set foot in the market. Then there's the bank security door that reminds me without fail that the door only takes one person at a time... I guess this is the most embarassing as everyone around hears it and looks at me in horror. 

And why I write this now? Because last night my friend had planned to go out but changed her mind because someone teased her, saying she's big. 


Reminded me of that day in Law School when my skirt found it's way into the cloth hanger of my roommates and their conversation went something like this 

"Ha, babe, na you get this skirt?" T held it up at both sides for W to see, emphasizing the wide width
"God forbid o!!!! Jehovah, who get this Iya Akpati skirt o!"
"Ha, who dey fat like this oooooooo. Tufiakwa!"
"Make una come see o! Everybody come and see o! Mama Iyabo skirt!"

They tossed it around and then finally tossed it on the floor close to where I was and laughed for several minutes, before collapsing in exhaustion from laughter. I got up, picked my skirt, folded it and kept it in my box. 

My Law School roommates... Story for another day. 

And in all this I kept my act together and kept my head up. So when this bambino told me last night that she wasn't going out again because her neighbour said she is big I wished I could say just in one sentence everything I've said in this post. 

This isn't a post about sob stories, it's not written to get anyone's pity or reassurances (don't worry I already know I'm beautiful), and it's not to show anyone that I'm beyond feeling inadequate regardless of the taunting and the insults. But in truth, I actually am. I am because of this unshakable feeling of love I have for myself. Love. Not necessarily self-confidence but self-love. 

Yes guys. This is a post about self-love, the only thing that can keep you standing, smiling and laughing in the face of unpleasant situations. It's the one thing that will cause your self-confidence to be unwavering regardless of the arrows thrown at you, and it's my message to EVERYONE this morning. Love yourself, love yourself silly, love yourself beyond reason. Love yourself so dearly that the love you have for yourself creates an shield around you, a shield that negative words and actions can never penetrate.

The ONLY person who owes you anything is YOU, don't ever forget that. And you owe yourself that kind of great quality loving.


  1. Damn,i cldnt read till the end. Are u for real? He took ur num only to say that? Wtf? What kind of men do parents raise?

  2. Go girl.Self-love......

    Pamper yourself, put yourself first cuz hey the world has none to offer you neither does it owe you anything.

    Finally,that love you so freely give others, Ermmm could you puhleeze give yourself.

  3. This post just made me angry, people should really think before they talk. You really have self control. As if the first guy wasn't aware of your size. Please lemme just stop ranting. Lool. I love you Thelma *hugs*

    1. I'm finding it difficult to believe that grown up people can be that's really sad..I' glad to know that you aren't shaken by it at all..btw hello to my namesake under whose comment I

  4. I wouldn't leave that place without pouring a drink over his head. God knows. He is a perfect illustration of an 'agbaya'.

  5. Tee, I love you plenty for this, how you always stay positive no matter what, how you always lift the good out of the bad and how you are just so strong, i'm not going to tell you how pretty or great you have it, you already know that. I'm just going to say keep keeping at it. This post in two words "Love yourself"

    And that dude, i feel so sorry for him.

  6. Sonme boys r just plain stupid..haba na,y will colet ur no 2 insult u!

  7. The men in this post r complete idiots. Keep on loving yourself T.

    That's my new mantraa

  8. And people wonder why I'm addicted to TTB? Imagine the person behind this blog & see if U wouldn't want to stick to her mind like Glue!!!

    As for the people u described, I smh.
    But ur closing remark, SELF LOVE. I think it's okay to be a lil bit selfish sometimes if no one is getting really hurt just to make urself happy! Nice!!!

  9. Permit me to say God will punish those guys, imagine?I would not be surprised if those guys sisters and mothers looks like hippopotamus. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I love your courage T.

  10. Are u kidding me? There are loads of insecure people out there who use others to make themselves feel better. E-hugs Thelma.

  11. Hmnn! You see why I said i'm still a "baby"... God knows I will give both of them a piece of my mind!!! or would I? Maybe not! But then again... how can you be sooo mean to another! I mean?! How?!!!!

    I can almost relate to this though... my parents, SUNSHINE and friends tease and taunt me about my weight. Sometimes I feel really bad and ugly... other times I just ignore them! But they are not as mean as those two ewus in the post! I'm so upset!

  12. Wow that I'm stunned speachless, what could push a grown man to act like a blubbering idiot? I'm equally confused, to what end please hian!

  13. It's beyond me how a grown man will take your number to just to send derogatory texts after knowing you for like minutes...
    did I even call him grown? #longhiss

  14. If I didnt know you Thelma, I would completely disagree that these things really happened to you, as in those guys at the bar? SMH I am ashamed for the sort of people mothers are breeding lately.

  15. Nice article. If not for my health issues and men matter,am okay with the way I am-BIG. But diseases like arthritis and diabetes dont care about my unda 30 age and my self love. D oda side effect would be dat men see me and see sex. I only get d fat girl comments from junior ones and fellow girls. I remember d first time i eva knew what it means to love urself. My first morn bathing in the uni hostel. See slim girls with stretch marks,cellulites,bulgy tummys and too much waist entirely. And here was I,a hundred tyms ovaweight wit no stretch mark,no tummy,lil waist and no cellulite on my big thighs. Suffice it to say dt i hardly eva wore clothes in d hostel. Gini? I had to showcase my talent!

  16. In 5yrs I just pray d highest number of suicide won't be from fat people the way this world is it a crime to be big ?
    This happens everywhere now and its so sad.

  17. Wow, some people are so badly behaved. Smh

  18. Beyond your self love Thelma, you also have plenty self control.
    The first guy, I would have ignored, as that was a third party report (pathetic loser by the way). The other one shaaaa..... WWJD doesn't even come to mind here!, and there are ways to make evil people sorry for their despicable self, without actually being insulting. Ndi ala!
    I keep saying it, the devil ain't my problem here on earth, it's my fellow mankind that actually bothers me.

  19. That guy is an excuse for a man,I dnt get how pple r soo mean when there's a lot of love to give us....T u tried if it was me I will go back n slap him...may God deliver us from Animals in human reality the only thing to have to b able to stand things like this is Self-love lyk you said

  20. Thelma, I know this is next to impossible but lemme try. Please please please I want that guy's number. Tell me you still have your old phone around and the message must be somewhere there or the backup is alive or something. What I shall do, I know not but for the love of -okay, God has nothing to do with this- for the love of we both, please reply me and tell me you'll give it to me. I would very much like to haunt some asses this week.
    Looking forward to a positive response, thank you.
    I love you #nohomothough.

    1. Nwando,pls give her his number. I wld love to know he got tortured one way or another...(70x70 forgiveness no follow for this matter o)

  21. Still numb....i dont think v cried this year and thats deliberate but this post almost brought tears to my eyes, and i thought i had it real bad when the nysc LG officers used to call me "orobo".....i thought i had it bad..... Now reading this, that was nothing. I want to believe the BOY that sent the 'Fat girl' text was a teenager mba it cant be a grown man ahn ahn.

    Mehn, self love is key and i sometimes take mine to the extreme and even throw in a bit of selfishness in there too, sometimes its needed. I just cant believe some human beings. You are soo right T, you need to love yourself sooo damn hard that the love you have for yourself just automatically blocks out all the negativity. Spot on.

  22. All I know is that last man is sad. He's too sad, crass and low-thinking.

  23. When I was in school, my so called friends and room mates used to laugh at me cos I was really slim and busty. As in my boobs were large. They used to call me shapeless babe, see ur breast like watermelon, very ugly combo o, no ass went on and on. I used to feel sad most times, until the day I came back from class and was about opening our room door when I heard someone mention my name, I paused and listened, she said ' how I wish I have like (she calls my name) boobs, I would be the happiest in the world' and the others agreed and said they wish same. From that day, anytime they tease me, I just turn and tell them that if it's easy, dey should go buy it in the market, and that clams them up. You need to see some of them today looking like expired goods, while me, i'm still rocking my very 'sexy boobs' and flat tummy. I ain't thin anymore, but I love my body one million times over.
    T, don't mind those people, i'm sure that their lives are really miserable, so they feel comforted sometimes when they hurt others.

  24. Dear Lord! How mean and utterly insensitive can human beings be? So upset now.

  25. Wow so someone can actually do that, I don't even know what to say.

  26. Wow !! Some people can be so idiotic.

  27. Wow,am dazed, surprised,confused,infact plenty mixed feelings.where do these guys come from???
    I really admire ur spirit girl in all situations but not replying or slapping the guy at the bar that was close by sef makes u a patient person I must say.Thank God for ur self love dear,so many weak people would ve been depressed /committed suicide by all these.
    U not even 1 bit big to me,am 5"7 & a size 10/12 & used to be the smallest amongst some set of friends,they ve got very good men as hubby so def it's not ur size.these ones are just unfortunate idiotic motherfuckers(excuse my swears) u only mistakenly met

  28. AWWWWWWW T God bless you, Like I say self love is the best type of love. Society frowns at big girls and the insults are real , even if you have a body like Kim K there will be one insecure C**t that will try to bring you down. That's just how people are, but been a big girl makes me nervous at times, been talking to this new guy and he is nice, but I'm shy to meet up with him because of what his reaction might be. Thank God he is in Naij. My 21st is on Monday guys and I'm not looking forward to it.

  29. The last guy is just a nincompoop! Why would he do that for no apparent reason?

    Some people are cursed already but they just don't know it and I pity the lady that would call such a husband. If she adds weight a la pregnancy & child nursing, she's in deep faeces.

    Thelma, my SIL and her sister are also on the big side and they got men to love them, wife them and have babies with them; so what's the fuss?

    To all those who have been taunted years back, have you taken time to check the state of life of your mockers if possible? Some have it real BAD-evidence of what they sowed in time past.

    Life is a SEED; whatsoever you sew, you reap. Thelma may be on the big side today and slim tomorrow. The same thing goes for the slim ones.

    Is it that HARD to be NICE?

  30. wen I was younger,I remember been teased cuz of my big bum,tiny waist nd smal body.I was so depressed ehn,until d idiots dat were mockn nd making my life miserable startn professn feelings.since den I love myself nd shape more dan anytin.u cant make me sad cuz secretly u want my body so wt d hell.dose 'boys' dat tease nd insult are just premature.insultn dem back is just a waste of tym,deir brains wud nt recognised dey are being insulted.mtchew

  31. Some humans...smh. Well, what goes around comes around, unless GOD'S Special Grace blocks road.

  32. I really don't know why I'm just seeing this. From a particular point of View
    wch is Some1 is absolutely Inlove with herself and dat is all dat matters.
    I really don't care wat/how the others feel abt Thelma really, but how thelma feels abt herself and ThankGod she never disappoint. As for the Bank Security, there's really no one to blame there. Somehow it sounds like a comic relief in all you've written.
    Big Ups to you Babes....

  33. Wow I am so shocked and angry , t you should uv given him a piece of your mind mehn cos if not he wud do it again to someone else, I hope he meets his match some day. That's a bully and reminds me of the mean girl post u did, he probably has a small weeny and gets satisfaction from taunts like that pls display his no lets insult him for u

  34. Ewooooo my comment disappeared.
    I support oma, please let's have their numbers or pin to lambast hell and hate out of their miserable lives.

  35. Was just about to ask for his number too, let me make his life so miserable that the next time he sees a big lady he will bow in respect. I'm "big" myself (a size 12) so i understand the struggle, people will not let me hear word with how fat i am, but i take it in with a smile cos i know they are just teasing me, BUT the day someone, anyone EVER uses it to try to berate me, i will fall on them with my big body and flatten them like the floor. Idiotic people, Mtchewwwwwwwwww.

    By the way Thelma, for you i have a lot of respect, that self control is out of this world, Lord knows i just can't.

    1. Size 12 is lepa na, we that are size 14,16,18 and above nko.U sef follow they use style taunt us wey big abi?

    2. Haba Lauryn u no dey for orobo o! Leave fashion n their 'plus size' tagging o! N @ Bloggitup, lol at the 'u dey taunt us'. As for d ode in d post; owu onye ara simple n T I just confirmed u are related to Job!
      Can't overemphasize d need for self-love! Speaking as a queen-sized diva (plus size is for wusses *tougue out*), i know for a fact that sometimes people lash out on the things they secretly wish for! So what if I have an ass that could break the internet long before KimK ever discovered cameras! If someone has a problem with that, it is exactly what it is: his/her problem! I may be big, but I am also smart, fun, pretty n pretty darn fit n healthy as well! (Yes! Orobo can be fit too!) So idiots like d gongoni head in d post can go n hug live transformer in d rain!
      Besides, sometimes u need a package that's just as big to hold d sheer amount of fabuliciousness that is the person; like T...n Me! *winks*(Yea yea, I do have a Narcissus complex sometimes! U can talk to my Chinese friend Sue Me if e vex u!)

    3. Hahahaha @ Bloggitup and Ziggy, I'm a short geh o that is why i look fat for my size, how can i taunt you na when na the same ship i dey,


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