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Aaaaaarghhh! Permission To Rant.

And this right here is my first rant. MTN, Etisalat, Glo... You guys can like to chill with those useless texts. USELESS. It's frustrating, annoying and takes up all the text space in my tiny dual sim Nokia phone. I use this little Nokia that has space for 20 texts at a time and yes, it's dual sim (shouldn't I be ashamed to admit this? *Shrugs*), so you can imagine what it's like when MTN and Etisalat send me texts every 5 minutes and then my phone constantly asks me to delete texts so that the phone can accommodate even more useless texts from these Networks. Soooo so annoying! 

Rant #2. PH traffic. Aarrrghhhhhhhhh! It's even worse than Lagos. #imaginethat

Rant #3. There is NO power supply anywhere. When is this going to end? Is this ever going to end? How much longer will I have to live this way?

Rant #4. Dollar is being sold at N190. This isn't right, this isn't fair!

Rant #5. I seem to be catching feelings. No Lord, not me, not I. I'm numb, remember? Feelings....? Eeeeew. 

And I refuse to rant alone. I invite you to join this rant fest. What's been bothering you lately? Who's been pissing you off lately? Do share, let it all out. 


  1. Rant on lady. let it all out.
    Im a new blogger, visit my blog and read on why i have decided to keep 2 boyfriends.

  2. My rant is that im always feeling sleepy at work between 10am and 1pm
    I'm eating too much, will soon loose this size *8
    I dont know if im Pregnant,Im always so tired and cranky.
    Then the looming fuel scarcity,
    The employees some oil companies are laying off
    The heat this days is from hell,
    Then Keke Marwa....
    Most annoyingly i've finished my work for the day but i have to wait till 5pm,
    I have headache, Ill be back!

    1. Anonymous rider you're the one that asked T to do that post on how to ride ba? Now you are hungry, cranky and eating too much. Well done, you have ridden yourself to pregnancy. I hope your bf will be happy as na him make you dey ask for riding lesson.

    2. I beg every BV's permission to laff out Loud literally to dis last commenter. I hope it was ONLY meant for comic relief.

    3. I laf it out loud oooo. hahahahahahahhahahhahahahhaha krazy anno. lol

    4. MY HORSEBAND you mean***Nibbling my Chicken Sandwich

  3. The texts are annoying you, me the calls are so frustrating me Ahh, Glo and airtel stop calling me!!! My friend has like 10 glo numbers saved on his phone so he dosent pick any, still they will call with another number, as if it's by force. I always tell people PH traffic is worse than Lagos, there is no chill day, not even on sundays

    1. I agree with you. I saved the numbers too.

  4. Haaaa! U Lagosians lie!!!
    Lagos Traffic is HELL & Afghanistan combined.
    I lived in PH for more than 20 yrs & in Lagos for about 3yrs.
    Lagos na die.

    As for Glo/Mtn esp, I just block numbers & delete texts I don taya to talk.

    My rants:
    #1, My compound had no light in over a week cos our pole fell. I don buy fuel taya!
    #2, Why is Love so unfair to me? Can't I just have who I can die for?
    #3, Lagos employers are too stingy! They don't offer more than 40-50k & it makes me nauseous!
    #4, I so want a Lhasa apso puppy! Kai. Like I NEED one. I want & need one. I crave and desire one ohhhhhhhhhhh!

    Phewwwww, I'm a lil berra.

  5. That picture is hilarious. Daily tips on how to deliver yourself. If I hear. Rotfl

  6. Nothing to be ashamed of using a tiny nokia phone. .. I use the same.
    No rant... just grateful to God for bringing me this far... and for blessings to come.... for grace to live a full month with my MIL (you won't understand)... for Ruthy's job that is almost here.... for xmas chicken I will b alive to eat.

    1. And also for celebrating this xmas with by bestie Omoperosola.

    2. Amen to Ruthy's Job worth 100k n above

  7. Thelma ur not numb, you're human. Just be careful and make sure it's mutual. My rant; money slow to enter, money fast to go.

    1. Me and you na the same rant o. Can't I buy a new abada 4 my mum for christmas na wa for this money o.v

  8. That pics is damm funny.. I have a lot of things to rant about.. But in all God has been faithful and HIS Grace is Ever Sufficient for me.. Am Grateful & forever be indebted to HIM.


  9. Bad roads.
    Self-centered politics.
    Lagos noise (especially from these generators lacking mufflers).
    Nepa/phcn/ikeja distribution or whatever the heck you decide to call yourself, keep it up, ok?
    These developed countries should come and see the heat they have caused.
    Lastly, I now have 1-pack. Blame it on Ikot-Abasi akpu and fisherman soup.

    Howeverrrrrrrrr, isn't GOD just Great??? :D

    1. I'm literally LOLing right here to Fisherman soup, so u do finish dat soup? You are strong!
      Your One-pack(or mungo pack) is just evidence of serious good-living hehehe.
      Meanwhile I can relate with your rants, So mine. *sigh* crazy naija

  10. biko I want to rant

    #1 I WANT TO GRADUATE, GOD I can't wait for 2 more years
    #2 MTN texts, they drive me nuts, it worsens during weekends
    #3 I am boreddd, I need distraction.
    I get the feeling this will be a long xmas

  11. My rant
    #1 I am not having a Christmas holiday thanks to more workload in school,whoever sent me to go for post grad *eyesrolling*
    #2 someone in my life decided to make dec scary by not only behaving like an ass but feels he can ruin my already smashed dec.
    #3 God pls make this dec a beautiful one in the mist of all this BS,really need a clear head for the next couple of weeks.
    Done ranting

  12. Airtel constanly sending me text messages its annonying...
    Am soo sleepy and still at work ..
    This dollar thing is not funny anymore I was just talking abt it with someone like a minute ago ....
    I need new girlfriends for the new year ..
    can Nigeria stop being a shitty country pls

    1. new girlfriend loading..... lol!

  13. N yes I wantd going to church this evening but now I cnt cos am still at work and b4 I get home it will b over ...thanks T I needed to rant n I didn't even know

  14. My brother. I refuse to be his safety net. He's 33, has never worked, was kicked out of school. He just sponges off us. To the Poster who wrote a few weeks back, complaining of her begi begi brother. Cut him off. Stop helping him. You're only fueling his indolence. My brother is the same. And I see him marrying a woman for her money. He's too lazy and laid back to afford the lifestyle he wants. Every time I see him, my heart boils. And to believe some women are married to men like him. He even refuses to clean up for himself. He believes everything we do for him is his right. He doesn't know it's a privilege. What I'd love to do is change the locks. Pack his stuff into bin bags and leave them by the door. He'll just return home and find out he can't get in and his clothes are outside. Let him go live with his friends and see if they'll tolerate him. Idiot.

  15. PS, for those annoying texts and calls, bar them. If you have a smartphone, download a number blocking app. If you have a Samsung phone, add the annoying numbers to the block call list. That's what I did. I don't know why NCC can't save us from this nuisance.

  16. Dont even know where to start the rant from, all I know is next year is my year. ELEVATION front back right center!

  17. 1. The traffic oh no the traffic. Nothing can be worse than Lagos traffic, if you like, get a house right next to your office, you will still encounter traffic! Have you ever been in traffic yeh and you can see the building you want to go to but it would actually take you another TWO WHOLE friggin hours to get there? Lagos traffic is evil cuz its too many cars on very few roads. How can one family wake up in the morning and 5 different cars leave the house that morning; mummy will take one car to work, daddy another car, big brother another car, big sister another car and then the kids in their own car to school, imagine if every family in Lagos does that? How now? And all of you will now hit 3rd mainland bridge. Tufiakwa!

    2. Also please what tha heck is PHCN on about? Or is it still NEPA? Who cares. Point is why would they take light on and off like 15-20 times (I am not even exaggerating) within one hour? You put on the a.c thinking it will cool but there isn’t even enough time for the friggin a.c to cool your small room cuz bloody PHCN keep taking the light. Is light really that hard to come by? Its just friggin electricity for crying out loud. But there is always light in Ghana….Tufiakwa!

    3. Yes and the WORST of them all, you wont eat for two days yeh and then you go to work, the moment you take a sip of maltina or even bite out of a tiny piece of bread, one random clueless colleague will be asking you stuff like “FNLP should you really be eating bread?”, “FNLP is that juice freshly squeezed or with added sugar?” and no one would even understand if you say its your first meal in 2days. People think you can just press a stupid button to lose weight, its annoying, I cant stand people sometimes, people aren’t cool. They have no chill!

    4. My boss will be sending me emails at 2.30am saying “FNLP why are my mails going unanswered, why are you ignoring my mails?”. How am I supposed to even mail her back that its 2.30am, shouldn’t she know its 2.30am? This one is actually beyond me.

    ***the end

    1. Wow some mins after i posted this, got a text from MTN N saying;
      "Make a resolution to Reduce Weight! Our daily tips will help; text LWT to 35075 NOW to subscribe @N100/30days. To unsubscribe send XLWT to 35075."

      Imagine this nonsense?

    2. Calm down Honey!!!
      Oh dear! Just breath babe, breath.
      Lmfao... Your rant, WOW! For some minutes I thought you were my sister (Nneka). LOL
      I feel your pain but especially the weight thingy but wetin man pikin go do?!

    3. this is my favorite rant right here, thats how to rant, people. You gotta put some words in block letters every NOW and THEN and it has to be a long ass speech conveying your anger. Kanye sef go fear this rant.

  18. I'm pissed. I just found out I won't be paid 13th month and profitability bonus because I joined in August. They won't even prorate the dang thing yet they prorated the rice and veg oil. Others got a bag and half plus three jars of veg oil, I got one of each. If they can prorate that because I joined mid year, why not the 13th month too?! I dey vex gaaaan. Then I borrowed a supposedly good friend some money and he hasn't returned it. Different story each day...I'm just mega livid right now.

  19. MTN and Co, God will judge them. Clare

  20. MTN and Co, God will judge them. Clare

  21. MTN and Co, God will judge them. Clare

  22. Okay lemon rant

    1. You can imagine working for a whole year and the Xmas bonus is nothing to write hone about.
    2. NEPA/phcn/ or whatever dey call demselves, can you just try behave for once? Its so annoying. You see me carrying phone charger everywhere because of dem.

    3. Upon all the food, blood tonic, multivitamin, supplements that I'm taking, my body no gree add weight. Been trying to put on at least few kg bcs I'm too slim yet no show. I need small fat. Just small.

    All in all God has been faithful to me even in my unfaithfulness. Lord I'm grateful.

    1. Start working out,the weight wld appear. Trust me...

  23. 1.The stress when I'm coming back from work.commuting under d hot sun is nufn to smile m gettn dark:(
    2.Benin is just too hot a place.even with d rain dt fell ds evenin,heat evrywhr.cnt slp
    3.Guy dt m catchn feelnz for,mkn me super angry.wish I can do smfn to tweak him a some emotion gadammit!

  24. Any ideas to make him show sm emotion?:(

  25. Perfect opportunity.

    1. Lagos traffic is TERRIBLE! I spent 4 hours on the road last night, got home at 11pm and I had to be up at 4:30 am today. Lagos is such a horrible place to live in.
    1b. These mumu APC people are going to clog the roads again today. .. **wailing**

    2. Mr. AAAde please leave me alone! You're a MARRIED MAN for pete's sake! Stop calling me "sweetheart" or "honey" and stop coming to my workstation every other hour!

    3. NEPA/PHCN/EKEDC why can't we have light at night? To bring it during the day too is problem! I'm just tired of your ineptitude

    4. Then the BF. I'm honestly tired of the back and forth. This kind of bs takes its toll on the mind eventually. I don't want to go around hating on every man I meet and I'm almost at that point already. I don't even know why I'm letting you do this to me... mstcheeeeew!

    5. ... I think I'm done.
    Thanks for listening.. #DropsMic

  26. *Sitting quieting and thinking* I just want a fun filled Christmas. And I need friends.


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