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Album Review: Jude “M.I” Abaga, The Chairman.- Onyedika Michael Egwuonwu

This review was written by social-enthusiast and blog reader Onyedika Egwuonwu. Enjoy!

“You don’t buy an ‘M.I’ Abaga album to listen to nursery rhymes, its critical, it is political, even when his satirical, his flows are never on sabbatical” – Czar M II

An exaggerated amount of anticipation, coupled with long history quality deliverance at the highest levels of the music industry seems to be panning out as a gift and a curse for MrIncredible.
His latest album aptly tagged “THE CHAIRMAN” dropped recently (the dropping was literarily out of nowhere, devoid of any fanfare and razzmatazz) industry watchers would have been pinching themselves all over, wondering if it’s the same M.I and chocolate city that masterminded one of the most astonishing album lunch in the music industry for Ice Prince, or is it an acid test for M.I or even an indication of the quality of the product. The permutations abound, but one this is sure, its either M.I did this work solely on the breath of his personal girth or Chocolate City is re-tooling the wrong way.

Mr Chairman is not an album you buy cos its in your face, the album art was dodgy and the production of the sleeve didn’t do much justice to the project, permit me to be critical here, it looked like it was printed with a faulty deskjet printer, its an album you pick up because you are expecting an extreme dose of punchline that will leave our jaw sour for wile, mixed with irregular metaphors and lines buzzing in your head, for this he didn’t do so badly.
The opener was a carryover from his last album, satire to the Nigerian socioeconomic and political situation, a mirror of the struggles of a young man to pursue his dreams, followed up quickly with an irregular beat that is the “M.I” style, loaded with the now popular (thoughoverflogged) Chai Diaris Godoo punchline.
The really sublime indication in this album that signifies an evolving “M.I” is his attempt to apply his skillset to produce a Wedding song, although this attempt could be roundly classified as a “Pap-status-failure” we are encouraged to encourage Mr Incredible to be indomitable in his attempts to achieve the seemingly impossible.
In the track titled “Bad Belle” Mr. Incredible goes all out to shade a lot of people without calling names (absolutely expected of him), with a punch line addressing the current Nigerian celebrity fad of showcasing their expensive wristwatches, “This year will separate the Men from the Boys by their wristwatch”, is a sucker punch targeting the likes of Daddy Freeze, Wizkid, White Nigerian, Don Jazzy etc (list is ours, not his), he further addresses the “I have arrived mentality”of Nigerian celebs, Kudos for reminding them that the can be annoying tuds.
Mr. Incredible the unabashed Alcoholic Un-anonymous, feted the one world that he understandsperfectly and politely well with the “Shekpe-in-a-bottle” song, the delivery was predetermined and purposeful. Shall we say, he knows the crowd and he woos the crowd of shekpeites.
His lines on his song for the once tight members of the Chocolate City was a bit frayed around the edges, aptly suggesting of some “spitting fatigue syndrome” known to afflict rappers. This is the only reason why Ice Prince could dare attempt a retort on that song, we dare posit.
Finally whats an M.I Abaga album without a song to thank God and his incredible fans (how cliché, rings a Nigerian movie ells somewhere, it usually goes like “to God be the glory, to be continued”, yeah right we already know the album couldn’t exceed 18 tracks)

We believe that M.I Abaga this Chairman house in a hurry and not due to a compelling desire to deliver, which is an unacceptable flaw for a diminutive man-machine of absolute class in lyrical content, purposefully designed and sculptured to deliver, to this length we accord a score card of 6/10, in belief that this score will spur Mr. Abaga to hit the drawing table without further ado and deliver the kind of lyrical content his teeming fans (which includes me) are used to, demand and are usually served with.
Mr. Chairman, to remain at the top of the pack, you definitely have to beat this album into the ground with your next one.
God bless your hustle.


  1. Critical *bashing* review. Unfortunately MI (like many other artistes) couldn't be bothered about this, particularly when it is rumored that African Arts pay to be nominated for awards and probably pay to win...with all these *kpangolo* songs I hear these days I wonder myself if the rumors may be true.

  2. I believe 6/10 is a fair score for the album. We all know M.I can never be considered wack but I didn't like that he featured someone on every track. So while every track had the potential of being a hit, the whole body of work was devoid of artistic integrity. Its no wonder that the best rap albums had little or no Illmatic.
    Secondly, those played out punchlines "i flow more than her menses" *shudders*

  3. Kudos to the reviewer, nice job. Just my 2cents; I think an album review should also contain sufficient info about the quality of the music/production value and not just the artist's lyrics.

  4. Well,i donno bout this album but I'm totally feeling Flavors "Thankful" album,especially Track #7! (the only missing person on it is Drake)

  5. Funny, I like the Album.... I think it grows on you.Bumping it right now!

  6. I think the album is ok but it can never compare to MI's first album. I don't think he can ever beat that.

  7. U can't compare it with the MI 1 and MI 2 series,but its still best track is still HUMAN BEING ft 2face and souldsultan.


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