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All I Want For Christmas is YOU!

This is exactly how I felt last night. So I typed my last post in a hurry, pressed send, grabbed the new matte foundation my friend's mum brought from the US last week (which I promised I'd reserve for clients only... But it's just toooo good), patted some on my face, did a mild smokey eye, wore my f*uck-me skinny jeans, a sequin tank top, Isaac Mizrahi Sandals and jumped into the car, ready for a night of possibilities. 

While I was making up my very good friend who's also an on again off again boyfriend of my very close friend called my phone to ask what my plans are. He told me he's having dinner at some hotel and asked me to come over. A nice way to start my night, I thought. I hit the road and went to join him. It was an all you can eat buffet and it's a beautiful thing that I'd had nothing but cereal all day. I descended on the variety of exotic meals but in tiny portions so that I could eat from as many platters as possible. My favourite was the giant prawns which I ate with some chopped lamb and sauce (although I suspect that was just ram meat...). Dinner ended and I went to join Sasha Bone at her cousin's, it was her daughter's 7th birthday and as the parents are quite young (early 30s) I knew I'd see other young people. Unfortunately it hadn't occured to me that being a child's party, everyone would have gone home. So I left almost immediately and made to head for the home of my friend Uche. Uche called me barely two hours ago and we'd agreed that I'd spend a part of my evening at his place since he wasn't going anywhere. I like Uche so off I went, headed in his direction. I got to his compound and asked him to come let me in, they've got about 300 fierce dogs in that compound and I like my fat legs just the way they are... Three calls and Uche hadn't picked any, then he sent me a text saying "hey, sorry I can't talk, I'm at a musical at the Muson centre". My mouth hung open, "are you freaking kidding me?" I asked no one in particular. My night suddenly looked bleak. Ok, so Uche this isn't a guilt trip but my first thought was; could I be more irrelevant to you, like you COMPLETELY forgot yah I was coming over, it didn't even occur to you when you were leaving home... Ouch!

Through all this my phone had been ringing, calls from people who wanted to take me to dinner or buy me drinks or just meet up, none I could bear to see. 

I went back to the hotel where I had dinner, I noticed earlier that they had a nice looking poolside and this is where I am, typing this to post tomorrow. Lol. So I walk in all dressed up, alone and looking like someone on a sexy mission. Already a waiter has come three times to say one person or the other asked if I want 
1. Fish pepper soup
2. Wine
3. Anything. 

I actually want none of the above. My glass of chapman (which I don't even want, but seeing as I must buy something...) is just fine. 

Then a guy I saw when I came earlier whom I cannot quite figure out came to talk to me. He's wearing white pants and a sleeveless vest, he's well built, looks like a trainer but he's probably not. He approached me and more or less ordered that I relocate to his table (I guess that's what you get for getting dressed and going to a hotel alone... You must be advertising something... An invitation to treat, in legal parlance). I patiently explained that I was alone because I wanted to be alone. He lingered on and tried to start a conversation but I immediately discouraged it. 

I really didn't want people thinking that's what I came here for; to be approached by strange men, I quickly rushed him away by collecting his complimentary card and promising I'll call. 

And after he left a group of men came in and asked a waiter to come ask me if I need anything. 

No, it's not because I look like Jocelyn Dumas or Genevieve Nnaji, it's almost certainly because I'm literally the ONLY woman here and with my party-ready sequin top and my generous size, I'm very conspicuous. 

All this attention, all these calls and invitations to treats and not one from the person I really want to be with tonight. 


But the night ended on a good note. I had a good long conversation with one of my TTB readers till close to midnight and then another call from a good friend, into Christmas Day. I went to bed smiling. 

I'm home alone all day, not cooking or anything (seeing as it's just me, myself et moi)... Would probably go out in the evening. 

A picture of my boys unwrapping their Christmas pressies earlier today. Thank you Santa!

What's Christmas like in your home today?

(*clears throat*. Please if there are typos and grammatical errors in this post, pardon me and pardon the general 'all over the place' nature of this post. This is one of those 'let it just be that I posted something today' posts. Haha!)


  1. If i wasnt married i would have volunteered to be your tag along buddy. But as i have to account for nite time waka, i volunteer for daytime. Have a wonderful Christmas Thelma.

    1. Thank you miss Pynk. *Hugs*. Have a fantastic one!

  2. Hmmmmm T I haven't seen the top but the description is making me want it,biko dash me as Xmaspresent,would b glad. Lol. Hope u enjoying ur Xmas celebration?. Am just on my bed as I type this, I don't go out on Xmas days,always been my policy, so m home and not feeling bored.

  3. Awwww... **hugs** it happens sometimes Tee. I should call you sometime! Lol. Just to say hi!

    Christmas... we traveled (this morning) to baba kabuoy's house o wiv my lil cousins. And well... everyone is fasting(pray your way into year 2015 program) except me and my lil cousins of course... so we ate waiting for the rest to break their fast so we can "feast" on real food. we've been dancing to some yinka ayefele(baba kabuoy's jam!) lmaooo! And he sprayed us money! Lol! he has been showing us some new dance steps! Lmao! I was just waiting for shoki or sekem! So I can back flip too! Thankfully, that didn't happen! Lmao! So yeah, everyone is happy and merry! To God be the glory!

    Thelma.... try and have fun o! so u can come and gist us too! *kisses*


  4. Merry Christmas Thelma.
    'Booky Christmas' I am having here o. 10 days to exams... life of a medical student, i'm used to it though.

    1. Wow. Sabria all the best in your upcoming exams. Don't worry, this is the time to pay your dues, there'll be many more Christmases to celebrate in the future.

  5. Made the meanest breakfast of club sandwich,baked beans and orange juice. Just finished lunch of Coconut rice with turkey and chicken and looking forward to dinner with

    1. Aunty Sasha lemme just alert you, the kind of sleep I'm about to slip into right now... That dinner may or may not be a reality.

      You're chilling o! All I've had all day is bread, groundnut and Orijin. And Orijin = Valium.
      So zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. I knew it,just as I told my bro bout it,i also told him,judging from our history,im expecting a last minute cancellation.
      Just sleep ur sleep cos MY dinner is on YOU!

    3. Only you; club sandwich, baked beans etc etc etc
      Only you; turkey and rice etc etc etc
      Only you; still looking for dinner.

      Meanwhile I didn't get any breakfast and lunch invite from you o! You want someone that has only eaten bread and groundnuts today to still get you dinner? Where's the justice in this world?

    4. Lols,the justice is in our hearts.
      I invited u,or didn't u read my comments?

    5. Thelma and her peculiar last minute cancelation, Sasha and her 2.00pm breakfast. You girls rock jare! Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry christmas Nwando and all TTB family

  7. Merry christmas Nwando and all TTB family

  8. Church service. Home with my children. No PHCN electricity. I ate pounded yam and egusi soup, courtesy of my good neighbour. Got an invite to visit a family friend but I doubt if I'm stepping out of this house today. I just want to sleep. It will be a miracle with these children bouncing all around. Rice and ofada stew for lunch, who's hungry? :)

  9. Thelma nwa,u say u are an introvert? NNE u sounded very friendly and like an extrovert over the phone. It was a pleasure speaking to u NNE.

    1. Haaaaaa! I didn't even know it was you o! LOL. We would have really gisted if I had known, I'll call you soon.

  10. Was having fun,eating and feasting when I heard my friend's mum slumped and died immediately on her way to church this morning. My friend's now an orphan(lost 2 parents 2 years apart). So sad.

    Don't mean to be a kill joy guys. Merry christmas everyone.

    1. I'm sorry about your loss. May God comfort your friend's family.

    2. Wow! So sad. Sorry about it. May God give the family fortitude to bear the loss.

  11. Wow small world. My daughter attend same school with your nephew IMS. Merry Xmas everyone. Weight loss outta da Porte!!!

  12. Thelma, I have been there and I know how it hurts. So don't fret! You have a buddy here! All I really wanted for Christmas was her and she knows and I wish she was here... but it's fine. Life goes on and I know she loves me in her own weird way. Merry Christmas, Thelma! Hugs her!

  13. Christmas was a lot of fun. Plenty rice (courtesy Kabuoy) and plenty drinks, music and

    I enjoyed spending time with my family. Watching my cousins play and just be kids brings big smile to my face.

  14. So my christmas was bizzare. Saw my ex in church ysty after we had a mad break up like 3mnths ago. In d spirit of xmas, I decided after church ystdy, 2 wish him a Merry Christmas via txt, n my msg started like dis" when I saw u in church 2day, I just wanted 2 walk up2 u n break ur head, but am just gonna let go n let God, Merry Christmas n wish u joy, blah blah. My guy replies dat who wishes sum1 merry christmas like dis, n b4 u knew it we started quarrelling via chats oooo. Hian. Yours truly started typing unending ( dnt knw hw dat happened). God knows that what I really wanted 4 christmas was 2 make peace wif him, rada dan fight him. I also wanted him 4 d christmas n 4eva too. Apparently, he seems 2 av moved on, n me I am just here sulking. I truly love him, but I guess he just likes me not luv me. D earlier I get dat d better 4 me oooo. Lord pls bring a man dat will luv ur daughter silly, n she too will luv him in return. I haff truly tire 4 dis unrequited luv oOoo.

    1. It didn't have to be "bizzare" but you allowed it!

      Love God first and see if He won't bring a man that will love you like crazy. Ok, sound simple but not message is that you make God the focus and let the men sort themselves out first.

      Please avoid unnecessary fights with your ex, life is for the living and you don't want to destroy yourself with all that negative energy. You are more than that.cannot hold somebody down without staying down with them.

  15. T I can totally relate wif u on dis ooo, just like u I get attention 4rm oda guys, but feelings 4 dis my ex will not just let me give audience 2 what oda ppl av 2 say or offer! I will just be seeing faults in oda ppl, cos truly it's just my ex dat I want back even if I tink he has moved on. #sobs# Pls hw do u deal wif unrequited luv, when it's most likely u get 2 bump in2 d person like evrery now n den cos u two r almost neighbours ( we stay and work in d same neighbourhood and also go 2 d same church too).

    1. I feel your pain! And to me, there is only one way to deal with your situation... let him go! Delete and erase any feelings you have for him cos it's obvious he has moved on from your story. You can too, though it's hard when you love them so... just try! unless you want to be miserable every time you see hi$ with someone else! Be strong! Time heals all wounds! Wish you luck as you embark on this! Take care!

  16. Wishing y'all a very Merry Christmas in Arrears and God's Grace in this Yuletide season. Stay Blessed! Sorry its coming late guys!

    1. It's not late Uyi, it's the season. Merry Christmas!!

    2. Merry Christmas dude, it was so much fun the party j rice kept you away!
      Best wishes for the New Year.

  17. Tanx @ Wale n Sele. Much appreciated advice. Will surely do what you both have advised. It's gonna be hard but I will survive...

    1. You are welcome! Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance!


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