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Amaze Me Tonight!

I'd like to pretend we're having dinner, I'm sitting across from you at the dinner table, I'm trying to know you better and then I ask you;
what's the most interesting thing about you? Your answer would be...?

Ok, so this happened to me earlier today and I literally couldn't think of an answer. You know, maybe the question took me by surprise, but I was left wondering. I just asked a friend and she said "No matter how boring a person is, I never find them boring and I always have a good time with them". Hmmm, now I find that interesting. 

What's striking about you, what's fascinating, what can you tell me about you that would really surprise/stun/amaze me? What experience have you had that's stranger than fiction, what's happened to you that you doubt has ever happened someone else. Tell me the most interesting thing about you, I'm curious. 


  1. The least interesting thing abt me is DAT I can read a full novel (d Sandra Brown types) in a matter of hours. I'm yet to discover d most interesting thing abt me. Good evening Thelma and everyone.

    1. Nooooooooo. I'm so jealous of your type. I love to read but one Sandra Brown novel could take me about two months and this is even if I'm idle. I have tried and tried to do something about this but I can't. Oh well...

      Good evening Olayinka!

    2. I miss reading her novels. Used to be a novel freak in secondary. Two novels a week. Lol

  2. I can go a whole weekend without talking to anyone (on phone and physically) and without opening my doors. That's how isolated I can be.

    1. We are together lady eni,so far there's light ,indian movie and a wine,I can go a week without steping out of ma door too...

      I have this,Llife goes on attitude no matter what happens.

    2. I'm with yall on d introverted ish. But ermm ermm, anything but an indian movie!

    3. Haha na Easah,you now make it look as if indian movie is a porn..try it,u d b glad u did!xpecially hrithik roshan collections.

    4. I used to think I was weird but thank God I'm not alone.

  3. I can go a whole weekend without talking to anyone (on phone and physically) and without opening my doors. That's how isolated I can be.

  4. I can see the truth in you that U may not see or ignore to see!

  5. I'm INLOVE WITH MYSELF *selfish I know but heyyy*

    Visit my blog for more weird stuffs abt me

  6. I can poo* in the toilet and not flush for days..hahahahahaha. Don't mind me oo. Well,I didn't intentionally leave the toilet un-flushed. After doing the do,I got a quick call to be somewhere so,left it un-flushed for 2days till I returned cos I obviously rushed out..#coversface#

    1. Ewwwwww!!!!! That is so gross.

      Smellos,hope you remembered to clean your bumbum. ***iyaanma**** coversnoseandrunzaway

  7. I can read a full novel within hours. I read anything and everything provided i am not being examined on it. I can stay indoors for days without bother. I hate all forms of writing and my friends consider me weird coz i dont eat what normal girls love to eat. They have threatened to excommunicate me or stop me from hanging out with dem, lolz. I hate shawarma, softdrinks, pizza and a host of other things. I dont stop eating until d pot is empty so i cook a very small amt of food. I love rice so much i can eat it weda spoilt or raw and 3tyms for 365days. I cry weneva i go to church so i hardly go even tho i have a personal relationship with God. I love thelma and dis is d longest comment i have ever made on a blog and d only blog i have ever commented on tho i am a blog whore. I hardly sleep at night i consider myself a nocturnal animal .

  8. Yaayyy. My comment published. It never does. T i hope u now know d reason i have not sent dt post. Its cox i hate writing

  9. I dream about things before they happen, sometimes I can just sense something is about to happen.

    1. This is so me believe me! Let's jes team up and open a shrine @ Ayobo. We'd sooooo make good money!


  10. When I'm alone I'm soo lazy to cook,can easily sort myself out wt cereal, finger foods et al, cos I find eating alone as wen I have friend(s) or anyone around,I'm soo excited and gingered to cook. My sister say na marriage be my solution cos I obviously need company..(lol)..Chai!! Strange thing about

  11. I prefer anal sex to regular sex, and I am more intelligent than most people think, but it's ok I like being underestimated so that I can surprise them.

    1. Yep,and u just surprised us...

    2. Why won't u prefer anal sex than vaginal since they say it is d sweetest. But ermm, be ready 2 start walking around in adult diapers whn ur butthole starts leaking in d near future...

    3. WOW!,
      thought i was the only weird one when it comes to anal sex too. i looove it too. guess we have some thing in common.
      Errrmm, when done well, no diapers pls....

  12. I love the new look of your blog Thelma!
    It has a "homey" feel to it :)

  13. I love the new look of your blog Thelma!
    It has a "homey" feel to it :)

  14. - I have a personal relationship with my Creator
    -Multi talented (can write a grammy award winning song in 10 mins *winks* and very skillful in soccer)
    -can easily get along with anybody
    -and d list goes on...

    1. U still haven't said what languages are in this "multilingual" list...

    2. Hmmm, let's see..
      -english lol
      -an average french
      And few other naija languages dt I understand but can't speak. Do u wanna teach me some more?

    3. Are U from kogi @Easah?

    4. Wow Eesah, c'est cool. Moi même, je parle anglais et français et je suis en train d'apprendre l'espagnol. On peut discuter en français de temps en temps. Qu'est-ce que tu en dis?

    5. Oui oui,c'est la (sasha can't carry last)

    6. C'est Bonne, c'est tres bien. Ok, I'm out. LOL. #mustnotcarrylast.

      Lol. Easah and Lady Eni be making us speak in tongues this morning. Hallelujah!

    7. Bonjour, Au revoir, (Oh-Ray-Vuwa in naija accent). Nope, Nope. Shant.Be.A.Last.Carrier.

    8. Well, seems like french has become cheap all of a sudden. On a day like this, I'd rather speak Arabic. So here goes:
      تدري وش بخاطري في هالبرد
      آجيك من ورآ وآنت لآهي
      و احط بظهرك ثلجه وآنحااش

      ماعندنا قلة أدب ☺

      Tongue out 2 alla yall if u don't understand that hahaha

    9. Hehe ورآ وآنت لآهي قلة أدب


    10. Sasha, Thelma, FNLP, that's the spirit!!

      Eesah, arrêtes d'etre un villain garçon!

      Just can't stop laughing.

    11. Lady Eni,U know,i really wanna learn french. Do u mind commenting and later translating? I know it's too much to ask but maybe once in a while...?

  15. I could literally tell when a guy or a lady makes love,I just have this strong smell and when I enter an environment where love making takes place, I usually know too and when I ask they confess. My friends don't come near me after making love. Lol
    Secondly I hate parties, hangouts and that. I could be in d room with my sis for days n we would not communicate at all except I decide to. Weird I know but true because we share same room.

  16. I am a very good listener. People feel very comfortable talking and opening up to me. Even people I don't know.

    When I want to do something... and i'm determined to do it... ha! except God says no o! I can't be stopped!

    Anon 1:28am, we're together on that one but I don't want to start a shrine with you and eesaah! I wish you both the very best. :)

    reading novels... I just started recovering from that! Sandra brown(she writes really interesting books) Nora roberts... I read lots of danielle Steele then(very sad woman)
    But now... francine rivers, Karen Kingsbury, Sally John... yeah.. I can finish their big books in one day(or two for the very big ones) .. tho I don't think it's fascinating cuz it's kind of like a hobby!

    I'll stop here!

    I used to think I could sing until mayowa said otherwise! Lmao! O well... at least... I don't go off key when I sing! Hehe! That i'm sure of! And I used to play the violin too :( but I stopped cuz....


    1. Omg,Karen Kingsbury! Her book series are very addictive. I also like Alex Cross series too.
      Have u read Cain and Abel by Jeffery Archer? Or any Federic Forsythe books?
      Mehn,i need to get me a tab so I can DL and read soft copies...

  17. Hehe.m one of dose pple dt cn cram a full textbook in hrs and tl u evry freakn thn in it wtout frgtn or misplacing a word or coma.
    I also drm bout certain thnz bfr dey happen.
    I cn read vry big novels in hrswtout skipping words or pages.
    I hate clothes.m always decently dressed but immediately I get hme,clothes r off within 20secs.y frnds knw ds

    1. I'm sure you didn't know you had dreamt abt it until wen it has happend dat ur mind takes u back to ur 'earlier' Dream right?

  18. I think am a boring person..i will rather read novels n watch movies but when i want to have fun i go all out

  19. by the way i love the new look for the blog

  20. Am with the anon that can read any and everything in hours, so long as there's no examination. My outlooks screams extrovert, but am really introverted. I have full conversations with myself and have the ability to follow multiple conversations going on around me subconsciously.

    1. 2 ur question, yeah my momma is 4rm dt end. WAU?

  21. 1. I can actually count how many times I have bought credit on my phone this year (no kidding), I am soooooo not a phone person, how do people talk on the phone? I don't even call my parents. I would rather text or emails are even better or whatsapp or bbm. having credit on my phone is soooooo weird. I only put 1k5 on my phone once a month when MTN sends me the BIS expired text thingy, otherwise, nah.

    2. I can count how many weddings I've gone for in my entire life, yes I can count on both hands. and more than half are family members so somewhat compulsory. I don't like weddings. My prayer is that I show up at mine. I'm more comfortable at funerals. yeh I'm deep like that.

    3. At any given point in time, you would never find last call dialed on my phone or missed call or a text or an email. As soon as I read em, I delete em. Its like reflex and I know people find it weird. so for instance, there's no record of anyone who's text me or emailed or called me today or even 5 minutes ago. Some people say its dodgy. oh well....

    4. I have OCD. if I'm out and you so much as open the door of my room even without going in, I would know, if you move a comb or pillow or chair in my room by even just an inch, I would know. I never miss it. I am that precise. lol

    1. Number 2 though, please explain how that is deep. It sounds sad to me

    2. Lmao okay whatever. Clearly, you missed the point. Funerals make me think, reflect on life, rededicate, refocus....and all of that stuff...guess its a happy event for you.......

    3. FNLP! Wow I wanna know u tho. Wow

  22. I am very good at detaching myself from my surroundings. I still don't believe i worked the war for five years and was in and out of baghdad to the point i had a room there at the height of the war. Seen some horrible sh*t in my short life and somehow it doesn't really affect me because i don't dwell too much on stuff.
    When people die i just tell myself the person has relocated and chosen to cut off all communication, it helps me cope.

    I feel like throwing up when i eat food i cook, but i have been told i am an awesome cook and to consider being a caterer. I cook Nigerian, carribean, asian -thai japanese, indian, french vietnamese and malaysian food pretty well. I just refuse to eat when i cook.
    i enjoy cooking for house parties.
    i bake real well and i can eat my own baked goods.

    And the finale, whenever i eat anything with pepper i have to have dessert after. Even when i eat amala, pounded yam etc has to be something sweet- ice cream etc.

    1. Oh wow,Baghdad? As in Iraq? We're u a soldier or journalist or medical person there? Or is baghdad just a metaphor for shit?

    2. Kai Thelma, u've got some uniqe BVs in here! @ Miss Pynk, u worked d war for 5 years? Resect!

      Sasha I'm sure u cant even work in Boko Haram's zones coz u are lilly-livered hahaha

    3. Hahahaha... Sasha you're just crazy hilarious aswear... Metaphor for shit? Lmao..its not a metaphor, I once 'strolled' through her blog and saw where she talked about it.

    4. @Miss Pynk, #RESPECT

  23. Hmmm! Amazing people dey this world o! My life is full of too many troubles that I can't even focus to find out what's amazing about me, thinking about myself n my life so far makes me cry but I God for everything sha. Reading amazing things about others just made me smile.
    Errr... Easah since you don't know Igbo, teach me yoruba make I teach you Igbo, I rily wanna learn that language.

  24. Omg! Hw could I frgt? I wash my hands like 10tyms a day.
    I die inside wen sm1 dt is nt a clz frnd or da bae touches really.I die a freaks me out wn pple touch me.sittn in d bus to n frm wrk is hell cos of dt:(
    I cn give u anyfn joyfully but my food.I HATE to share my in my own plate of food.wn I buy food smtymz,I buy fr odas in d house.dey tnk itz out of d goodness of my hrt but no:| itz cos I dnt wanna share my own plate of food.done:D

    1. Hahahahahahhahaaaa! TBVs re rily very interesting ppl. Wow


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