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Before We Say Goodbye To 2014...

It's just some hours away from 2015 and I most certainly cannot allow this year to end without asking you; how was your 2014?

I know I ask a lot of questions (LOL), some times I don't expect answers, some times I ask because I think you might want to share or get it off your chest, right now I'm asking because I really care to know. Let's talk about YOUR 2014. What were the highs and lows? What lessons did you learn? What blessings did you get? What did you lose? Are you going into 2015 with the person whom you started 2014 with, if you're not then tell us what happened... What did you achieve? What surprises did you get? Did you accomplish all you set out to when the year began? And most importantly did 2014 go just as you hade hoped, or even better? I sincerely want to know what 2014 was like for you. 

I'd share mine with you but I've pretty much done that all year long. Suffice it to say that I'm grateful for my family, life and good health, but when I started the year with "2014 would be my year!", It didn't quite pan out that way (and no, I'm not talking about marriage. LOL). Still I forge ahead. 

This is what Waje had to say about her 2014. She shared this on Instagram several days ago. :
"At the end of 2013 I was in a very dark place, toxic relationship, wanted to quit music and was worried about my weight, health issues and actually believed everyone around me was balling except me lol, but This year!!! I’ve grown a very thick skin, so things that will usually hurt are now refreshment when my friends and I are gisting lol (bad belle is allowed), my daughter graduated, moved into a bigger house with everything I want in it, I invested more in business and God gave me more, can afford to take care of my parents, I no longer give excuses for my failures, I just get up and ask the Holy Spirit to help, discernment is my best friend and even when it’s far from me I retrace my steps. I’m more mature, not quick to anger like I was in the past and my year is ending in the most beautiful way, My whole family is here with me. I ve you guys. There’s so much to be thankful for. 2015 will be a better year, I know this cos I know my father, he loves me enough to ensure that my testimonies never end. What’s your testimony?"

Aha! What is your testimony?


  1. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this post? Diaris GOD o (very first thing I'm dropping tomorrow, lol). MORNING T! Hope your day/night was cool? See you in 2015.

    1. Memphis what can I say? I'm alive, therefore there's hope.

    2. Memphis I want to know about YOUR 2014. Come back here!!!

    3. I'm coming ma. Let me have breakfast :D

    4. 2014: Well, got over my suicidal nature COMPLETELY. Learnt to appreciate Life more. Be more prayerful, less desperate, less shy (lol), more sociable, gained more weight (71kg in 2013, 85/86kg in 2014), made new friends (including those here), been happier despite many setbacks.

      Thank GOD for EVERYTHING. I'm most hopeful for 2015.

  2. 2014 has been a year of ups and downs and no, I didn't achieve all I set out to.In the same vein, my most vital expectations have not been met but I still believe. However, I've had some sweet surprises and I had the opportunity to prove to my mother that I'm a worthy daughter (lol). The joy she had was priceless and I'm super grateful that I was there for her at a moment she'd feared for long (years before it came).

    I'm more patient with God now....seriously, I'm learning faith and patience through some people who can't even imagine how much they positively impact my life. All in all, I'm an improved person compared with who I was this time last year but there is still a lot more rooms for improvement.


  3. Been typing and deleting,don't wanna seem ungrateful to God with all I typed earlier.2014 dealt with me badly but hoping for the best from 1st week of jan.i hope to give a testimony soonest

  4. Started 2014 full of very high hopes. Took time off my job (job was out of town) in 2013 to be a full time mum. Wasn't exactly appreciated by the hubby. He tried his best to frustrate me in all manner of ways, financially, emotionally..... Almost relegated me to the background and said so many unprintables things that almost made me question my sanity, mind. Almost turned me into a bitter person. Ha, bros!!!! No be so we talk am o.
    But I've had the most fun with my kids. It's so wonderful spending quality time with them. Wish it could last forever, but alas, I have to borrow myself brain.
    I also lost a very close friend too.
    I'm happy 2014 is ending though, new beginnings beckon.
    Looking forward to returning to work in the new year. Looking forward to greater joy and maybe a reminder of what my marriage was b4 we agreed to take this decision.
    And to all TTBV, as the curtains fall on 2014, may 2015 bring much more joy, hold much more promise to enable us achieve much more in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Hmmmm, My 2014 Was filled with lessons.
    But What stood out for me was My Maturity. I eventually became the Woman I always imagined & Prayed for...

    I Learnt to be more patient with God.
    More tolerant with people.
    Get out of toxic relationships or Friendships without a second thought.
    Stopped worrying about things I have no control over.
    I QUIT sharing my private/personal stuff on social media.
    I completed my business plan.
    I'm planning to start in 2015 so I'm ready for the New year!!!

  6. 2014 was not all that rosy but in all,I thank God and remain hopeful that 2015 would be better.

  7. Thelma 2014 was a horrible horrible year. Testimony? I have none. Yes I know I'm alive but sometimes it's like there's no point. Promise and fail, disappointment, abortions for the idiot that promised to marry me, unemployment... 2014 was rubbish please.

  8. This was a great year for me and am so happy. its God's way of blessing me for the ups and downs i faced last year. i know 2015 will be better.....

    A Bili

  9. 2014, Started it on a poor note, ending it better. leaving toxic friendship and nurturing new one. Learning to love and laugh again. Learning forgiveness, patience and tolerance. It was a great year, Looking forward to 2015. Thank you Jesus. D

  10. 2014 was a beautiful year. Had a wonderful pregnancy and my baby girl is the best thing that has happened to me. 2015 is going to be better cos I know and trust in a God whose plans 4 me are good.

  11. 2014 was a journey of self discovery for me. Gratitude is pouring from my soul to God for this journey that I was never willing to embark on but found myself on it anyways and I later came to appreciate every moment of it. I've cried (silently), felt desolate, hurt, felt empty, smiled, been happy, achieved inner peace, grown, sought the Holy Spirit afresh, matured, fell in love with myself, and many others I can't list here but above all, have a good personal relationship with God. All in 2014, so I will say, It was a year that left a print in my life.

    1. You said it better than I could have ever phrased it. It was indeed a year of self-discovery for me, I became aware of so many of God's promises I was missing out on. I have learned to let go of the mistakes I made, they happened to make me wise. Like you, I have cried, felt desolate, felt empty but I have come to find a greater love in God and His comforting spirit. Now I find it easier to crack jokes with Him, engage in conversations like I was talking to someone physically. I am in love with myself too. I have good people around me who truly care and wish me well. It was a good year I can't deny, a real turning point on how I view myself and life.

  12. My year has been splendid, though I had few ups and downs but am grateful to God, he has been faithful unfortunately, my year is ending on a sad note,got disappointed by something I had been looking forward to and I couldn't sleep,I cried all through the night cos I rarely have control over MY emotions, though I blame myself cos I caused it all with my nonchalant attitude. But in all am grateful, am.elated,am.thankful cos am alive,am better than where I was in 2013, few of my friends got married and it's been splendid so far. Am thankful for health, life,peace and above all the love of God over me. I hope 2015 brings something better and I hope to go steps further from where I am today.

  13. 2014 has been a great year. God is faithful indeed. I'm definitely in a better place than the previous year. I thank you lord. There are some things i'm still looking up to God for but knowing he is a faithful God they will all happen in 2015. In all I have a lot to be thankful for in 2014. J

  14. What can I say? I'm grateful for 2014. I made new friends,lost some and some friendships got stronger. I'm not where I wanna be but I'm at peace with where I am (and this isn't mediocrity talking).
    It's been a good 2014 and I'm glad we all have been a part of it. Cheers to the new year folks...

  15. I'll summarize my good and bad
    Good-2014, d year I discovered God in a better light
    Bad-2014, d year I failed an exam for d first time in my life.
    Not topping d class as was in my sec skl was bad enof, den failure was added. I rili felt like dying, but bc I know God more now, I ddnt ask him y. I'll shelf d rest

  16. Am grateful am alive,am not a big planner so I just take things as they come n this year has been rough at sometimes,I learnt that eventually u r on your own,everyone has his /her mess,I had a glimpse of what life really is about and I made really amazing friends n what made my year was making a good result from uni I was scared as hell but God saw me thru,All in all I learnt that God has my back

  17. 2014....Hmmmm! Thought I was gonna be happy 'working' without much Creative Freedom, quit that sh*t. Aint me man.

    Had a Terrible accident on my righthand, I thought I couldn't use the hand again(was already imagining a career in filmmaking with just one hand. Lol), I was taken to a Military Hospital and the Military nurse was so shocked he had to call a doctor before I was eventually stitched. Wat cos'd it? A Broken Ceramic Cup lolz, plz be careful w/ those stuff!

    I'm gradually getting Recognition as Wat I AM... Oh 2015! God's Grace is all I have for U...I'm ready for all you've got for me with Positivity

  18. 2014 was bad!!! But m happy because I have God and I bliv him! Am supa grateful evn for how badly t was.

  19. Got the best christmas present (a job) and I start in the new year!!! i'm so grateful and excited.
    Being a graduate (ceremony was in july) and seeing my mates start life i.e moving, getting new jobs immediately after school and me being stagnant made me so depressed (being way underemployed first few months of the year, low self esteem, then unemployed, then broke). I think this is the only year I cried every month. worrying and sometimes swiftly thinking about suicide. It's been a tough year but God came through (I guess i just had to be patient).
    2015 will be a great year, this job has made me closer to God in a way (by reading the bible and understanding) and will open more doors for me and give me a clearer vision on things.

  20. 2014? Oh what a year!

    Played ludo with the devil in 2014 and won! It came at a price, but like Job, God wouldn't let me lose my life. I am still standing to fulfill my destiny.

    Was going to write the year off but my spirit reminded me that 2014 has been my best year ever, will be an ingrate to forget all the positive experiences I had. It is the year I have made the most impact on those around me, and has set the foundation for 2015. I feel excited already!

    I am thankful for the grace, mercy and favor shown to me by baba God in 2014.

    Adieu 2014, bienvenue 2015..


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