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Good Morning To The Sane & The Sickos Alike!

Good morning people. 

I don't know about you but I've often times wondered how many of the people I see around are actually sane and how many are sickos. The way I say good morning on the blog is actually the way I greet everyone and anyone around me, so most times I find myself asking how many of these people I'm polite to really deserve it. I sometimes get so paranoid that I wonder if that man I greeted at the gate is a child molester, if that driver I wished a good day is a rapist, if that woman I smiled at is a wicked stepmother, if that colleague of mine has some secret weird fetish, I wonder if the pastor on the pulpit is a drug addict or a wife beater, if that respected society lady is shagging her friend's teenage son, if that fatherly man in the corner is sexually attracted to his daughter... And I wonder all these not necessarily because I have an over-active imagination or because I think the worst of people, but because the world is indeed filled with sickos. And the story of the man below just goes 
to prove this. 

Mark Berndt, 63, had been a teacher with the L.A. Unified School District for 30 years when his behavior was finally exposed in 2012. A 19-year-old photo pharmacy clerk called police after the teacher brought in "bondage-style photos" of blindfolded kids.

AP reports that investigators uncovered a history of "odd behavior" going back to the beginning of Berndt's teaching career in the early '80s, including a cache of nearly 800 photos showing blindfolded children eating the semen cookies, eating semen from a spoon, and letting roaches crawl on them.

According to Investigators found he took bondage-style photographs of his young students, some with semen-laced cookies held to their blindfolded faces or cockroaches crawling on them.

Yes, thankfully this SICKO has been convicted. 

Have you ever wondered about the people around you? And oh, have any of the people you see around in your day to day life turned out to be some sinister person no one could have expected? Are YOU a sicko? Hmmmm...

Good morning great people. Have a blessed day ahead. 

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  1. Eeeeew. God forbid.

  2. good morning thelmathinks..mrG

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hmmm...something happened to me some 4-5 months ago but with someone entirely new to me. I was walking to school from my house in the afternoon and had almost reached the gate...I mean almost like I was practically at the school gate because it's a long stretch. So this car parked by me just in front of the gate meanwhile I was on the phone talking to a friend, so I told him to hold on as I pinched myself to be nice thinking the man needed road directions. What did I stop to help for o?

    First I saw the man, very very clean and I mean very very clean, bespectacled, clean shaven, he was in an SUV o, had shorts on, looked well kept and fed, good looking too...I have a way of taking in details sharp sharp. Next thing, he asked me if I would love to join him for drinks, and my shocked response was "'cuse me". He went further to say he needed company, blah blah blah that couldn't I see he was trying to release.

    My friend was still holding on on the phone btw. I had initially noticed from my peripheral vision he had shorts on then when he made that statement I was forced to actually look at his hand and lo and behold, the man was holding his "longfellow" through the side of the short and was stroking himself. I screamed. My friend was worried at the other end. I tell you, this took about 5 minutes...

    I was so shaken and shocked. Who goes around doing that?! Real sickos out there.

    1. Lolll this is funny actually

    2. LMBO. Sounds like a man that is into sacofricosis!

  5. I've found myself in Oyinlolas situation before. Difference is the man park dey do him thing jeje and friends and I decided to peep in after one noticed it. Its been a long time. I was just 14yrs and we were coming from a teens meeting in church. Sometimes, I still wonder if that act was for something else....cos he parked at a major stop.

    I AM NOT A SICKO. I've not done anything that will convince I am one and I don't show acts of being one. I wonder about the people around me daily and I have a friend who only enjoyed sex with older men when she is tied up. She prefers being raped and always put herself up for it. She shared her fears with me. She once begged someone to "catch" her on her way home, beat her up and rape her. That's where her lifes fun is.

    *SideEyes to Kabuoy. E ma binu.

    1. Ur friend shared her fears?she no get fear o,she's a real sicko & she knows & loves
      What a fantasy *deep sigh*

    2. I should have said it better. She loves it and doesn't want help.

  6. I wonder this too T. There was a sicko that stayed in a flat in my house, a govt. teacher, late 40's, learned. My mom would ask me to take my homeworks to him for help because I was in primary school then. I've always been not very sociable so I always found it a burden to approaxh the man.
    Fast forward a month later, the police were on his case for raping an adolescent boy, the boy died afterward anyway ... how thankful was my mom

  7. I remember when in uni,a friend boarded a bus from somewhere to ketu,she sat beside a well dressed older man,not long in the journey,d sicko started touching her & she kept removing his hand & adjusting,his touches became intense & even started moving from laps to her boobs, she then told the driver she needed to change seat or drop & all d sicko could do was shout & slap her that he's touching her & she's resisting & had better sit down.u won't believe no person in the bus said anything,they got to the last bus stp & all they could say after the man got down is that's how he is,he looks well but sick upstairs.
    In my opinion,everyone in that bus are the real SiCKOS

    1. I remember in uni too,I had a flat mate who lived with her bfrnd.she adores & worships the guy & our ears no dey rest.i once asked her why she trusted the guy so much cos he has toasted all her housemates .few weeks after,this guy came asking me for something i cant remember now & tried raping me in my room,leaving his gfrnd some rooms away.Thank God I had plenty strength to push & injure d idiot

  8. Lols, yh,ive met a sicko too. Gave me a lift on my home on a wet night. 20mins after he drops me off,he calls and asks if I wanna come over for hot tea. The convo goes on bout how he stays with his mum,how he has his own separate room,how she made him a cup of tea,bla bla..Before I knew it and neither do I know how,i stared hearing Lil droplets hit the floor. I asked him if he spilled his tea and he said No,he just came,and that's the sound of it hitting the floor and if I liked it. Thinking back to that night,i still don't understand that call..

    Well,one sicko case I cld permit wld be a Christian Grey kinna fetish (BDSM) *toes curling*

    1. Ewwww duno y i chose to read this post and these comments while having breakfast......oats for that i'm staring at the oats like............*sigh*

      ThankGod i am not a sicko and that i dont know any, although i do talk to myself and have a full blown conversation with myself every now and then...oh also i added myself on bbm and i sometimes chat with myself and reply myself.....does that make me a sicko? Lol i think not.

    2. Bondage sex? Hmmmm. Tying up ur partner, flogging them, bossing them arround. *deep sigh*

      So wht part would u like 2 play, the submisive partner (the one dt submits 2 all d torture), or the dominant partner (the one dt offers all d trashings, whips and chains and more)?

      Jes curious...

    3. Oh wow,never knew it's possible to add urself on bbm. Amma give it a

      And yh,theres truly pleasure in pain if u think about it. And after I play the submissive part,be prepared to spoil me silly. Vanilla sex is good but it's good to think and act outside the box...

  9. I am not psycho-sick but I see a lotta sickos everyday. Infact there is one standing by the road side right here as I'm typing, peeing and practically throwing his diqq in pples faces. Abeg, I can't deal!

  10. Why I'm I reading this while having breakfast? Why? Eh why?

  11. Goodmorning. And I'm not a sicko though I know so many of them. I remember when I was in 100l, my physics teacher will always say more than half of the people in our class are goats in human clothing, just a few others are the real human beings. Very weird man.... Simsi

  12. I believe one in five people are sickos. You can never imagine how sick some people are. I also think most of us are sickos but we repress our 'sickoness' or we're just to scared to act on it. Some people that say they have fetishes are just sickos, imagine finding shit sexy, if you use shit during sex then you don't have a fetish, u have a sickness. For those who don't know, some people want their partners to poo on them during foreplay, either on their body or in their mouth. Sick sick sick

    1. O.o?? Wtf? Is it the diarrhea kind or the one u need muscles to push out?? Do u know someone like this or ur just imagining this?

    2. Lots of sexual fetishes and kinks are 4 sickos believe me. Hv u ever heard of maschalagnia, avisodomy, necrophilia and d likes?


    3. Sasha bone google 'Two girls one cup'. Warning: very disgusting.

    4. just googled that shit, yea literally, and I think I'm scarred for life....* pukes again*

  13. Lol. Funny cases and stories. Good morning house.

  14. Good morning people.....that man is just gross

  15. Thanks to sunshine and my outgoing personality(or maybe my look and stature or for whatever reason) it's safe to say lots of people knew me in school. I smile and wave to a good number of people that I don't even know.
    One faithful day, I was in a cab, sat by the window(extreme left) and was pinging away or reading a novel(cant remember which) and I started feeling funny. (LOL) at first I ignored it... but it didn't stop. It was a ticklish feeling and more. I just couldn't place the feeling. Then I started feeling uncomfortable.... I felt like I was going crazy small small... how would I suddenly begin to feel like that. Very unusual! I turned to my right, lo and behold, this guy beside me had his arms folded but his fingers were sticking out and of course they were touching my right breast.
    I was shocked! I was like excuse me?!!! You're touching me. And he feigned ignorance and apologized. I was confused. It was when I alighted I understood what happened. Mstchew! In my mind I was like ha! That's how I let free slap go like that! Chai! Lol!
    Fast forward 6 months, I saw the guy on walkway, he waved and I smiled back and waved(normal kabuoy) and then I remembered! The sick guy! It took lots of self control to refrain myself from walking up to him to give him a piece of my mind. Ha! I just shook my head and walked away. And there are several sickos like him walking free... and i smile at some and even wave sef. sad! But iv tried to stop thinking about it so I won't drive myself crazy!

    Ruby....!!! "What I do?!" I owe u one "pinch" lol!

  16. I lived off campus while at school and my next-door-neighbour, a much older guy whose fiancee I knew well, pulled one on me one afternoon. He invited me to come watch a programme he knew I liked on TV. I went in naively only for him to bolt the door and undressed himself. He went totally naked and started parading himself in front of me. I was so confused that I just sat there thinking that if I made an attempt to run out, he could grab me and force himself on me. I just pretended to be calm and acted as though nothing unusua was happening. Good thing was he allowed me leave without touching me.


    1. Lol, this funny and the same time not funny. I swear I can imagine the look on your face when you saw him naked .

    2. Yh,this is called "The naked man" look.

  17. From all these comments, I think we can conclude that majority of sexually related sickos are men at least in naija gree..yea? On behalf of brothers, I'll like to use this medium to apologise for the actions of these godforsaken konjified dogs.

  18. All these comments made me forget why I woke up angry today...
    Some sickos mehn...

  19. I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested(par Sheldon Cooper). Seriously though, I wonder a times what the future will be for my children BC it seems d world has gone mad.


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