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How 'The Boss' Ruined My Chances Of Happiness.

Mornings were the worst. Even before my eyes were open I'd be filled with a feeling of dread and anxiety. It took a few seconds to realize why but it was always the same reason. Him.

Mornings were the worst. As I walked into the office with my heart beating and my mouth dry, wondering why I had to go in and say good morning to 'The Boss', I took little baby steps, as though the longer I stalled the higher chances of the boss evaporating into thin air. 

As I stood at his door I felt it all fade away, not his presence unfortunately, the feeling of chastity and peace I felt after the awesome morning devotion. Yes I felt it fade away as 'The Boss' smiled at me, that ominous smile. He was always happy to see me, always. I could walk into his office every hour and each time it was the same happy smile, the smile of a child in a candy store, just before lust filled his eyes and the smile turned into a lecherous grin. The second this happened he'd be up on his feet in a flash, "Come and give your boss a hug" he'll beckon. 
      At some point; a few months after I started working there I realized that there was no point resisting him, he always had his way anyway, and it seemed the struggle only served to excite him more. So there I'd stand like a limp carrot, waiting for the deed to be done. Another thing I learnt was that outright refusal of his advances resulted in my life being very difficult in the days that followed.
No don't misunderstand, it was never anything too vile or extreme, it was the kiss on the lips with his swollen wet tongue tearing it's way into my mouth through my lips and giving me goose pimples all over my body, not the good kind. It was the way he'd grab my butt and draw me closer to him to feel the swell in his groin, it was the way when I'd pull away he would hold on tighter and knead my breast, the twinkle in his eyes always present. And then he would go back to smiling tenderly and give out a command which was my cue to begin the day. 

I hated it, Lord how I hated it. Yet hating it didn't stop it from happening. Unfortunately 'The Boss' is literally the boss. The outfit belongs to him so he answered to no one. It's either I gritted my teeth and swallowed it or quit the job. Hell, we all know the employment situation is pathetic in this country, getting that job was hard enough. So I didn't complain, either at work, at home or to my boo. 

Tunde didn't need to know, telling him would cause more trouble than it was worth so...

The boss' antics weren't a secret. The two other staff in the office knew what he was like but no one complained because the pay was good and he was actually a nice man, minus his constant need to grope my privates at every given opportunity. Besides the others were male. 

So on that day that a client was so late for his appointment that we were almost certain he wouldn't show up, 'The Boss' saw the window of opportunity and took it. He called me into his office and as I'd expected he had 'the smile'. "You didn't give me a hug this morning", he whined. It felt weird hearing a 50 year old man whining like a little child. Pray, what would his wife think if she saw the way her husband grovelled each time. 

"I'm sorry sir, have you heard from the client", a feeble attempt to change the topic

"I need my cup of sugar" he words were laden with intent as he walked towards me. "It's just a hug" he said reassuringly seeing the tearful look on my face. 

And just as he usually did he attacked my mouth, squeezed my bum and held tightly. In that instant I'd felt I had had enough, I was tired, fed up and disgusted. I'd rather be unemployed than put up with this much longer. Just as I made to shove him off someone cleared his throat behind us. 

In a panic I froze. 'The Boss' as composed as always straightened himself, stood tall and extended his hand to the unexpected visitor. It almost looked as though both his hand and his erection were reaching out for the handshake. I couldn't turn back to face this person, I was filled with shame and disappointment in myself, what would this client think of me?

"Please have a seat" I heard the boss say in an unaffected tone.

Unfortunately the ground wouldn't swallow me no matter how desperately I willed it to, so in resignation I turned around to leave, and then I stood face to face with him. I had no idea where they came from but tears suddenly ran down my face as I scurried out of the office. 

So when Tunde called me that night to tell me it was over I'd be lying if I said I hadn't hesperred it. 

       I had no idea that Tunde's dad was my firm's client, but as we often say "Its a small world", right?

In fairness to Tunde he tried to forgive me, he actually did but what was the point when his family would rather have him join a seminary and live a life of seclusion, celibacy and solitude than be with that amoral Igbo girl. 

And that's how my silly boss ruined my chances of happiness. 

*The End, i think...*

*Less fact than fiction*. 

Has anyone experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in a One-man business (sole-proprietorship)? Is there really any way out of it?

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  1. I love you originality. Lol @ the end, I think

  2. Damnnnn.. all this with the boss? Oh Lord.

    Never experienced harassment in the workplace cuz luckily for me, I have had female bosses in the businesses pretty much too....

    But I know any boss that tried that on me, I would make his life a living hell, I remember doing this Sterling Bank interview for their legal department and this lady I met said she left her previous workplace because she was sexually harassed and I asked her if she did anything about it and she said nahh that she just walked away (sometimes, she would just laugh with him and jokingly tell him to stop) lol. In my mind, I'm like why do women just walk away? why do women take it lightly? your boss is sexually harassing you and youre smiling and laughing back? I understand in Nigeria, the legal structure is really weak and all but at least try to make their lives a living hell before you resign, no? I know if I was in that kind of situation, I would first of all report the useless man to all the ogas at the top that I know in Nigeria and just basically not let him feel like he can do such and get away with it.

  3. Eewww something..I can't but imagine the way he shooks his mouth on ya.....I imagine a fat man again arrggghhh...if anybody tries to sexually harass me,hian I would make him remember the day he was born.....if u cant beat them,arrange to have them beaten......Eesah if u reading this,thanks for d compliment...don't let this face deceive you oh....TNHW

    1. U R welcome ma'am. I won't let ur face decieve me even tho U really look 25. With a face like that, U R allowed 2 be a naughty house wife!


  4. The nonsense will continue because too many women are refusing to act and many actually enjoy the romp, causing the demented bosses to attack the next woman.
    I have a young lady in this same situation and my counseling does not seem to be reasonable. How can a young woman with a great future ahead be justifying having something with a married boss all in the name of job security and good pay. Of what use are those in a ruined life?
    The flood is always seeking to pull down a house but the home owner is ever working to make sure it doesn't happen. Women need to deal with men such as this boss, and viciously too.

  5. Well mine was a toaster that employed me way back. We where on strike and he offered me a part-time job in his cafe.I took the job offer and had my scheme handy.
    Upon resumption I made friends with his daughters( we were all age group) and we became family friends thinking this will make Daddy Boss see me as his own daughter too**whosaii**
    Daddy Boss will treat me like a daughter in front of everybody and once we are alone in his office;he will remind me that am owing him a kiss,hug and then F**k.
    he once mentioned he was scared of Edo people, so I told him that he shouldn't worry,that i love him too and would do anything he wants me to but he has to make a blood covenant with me before he can do, if not he will die after three days if he forces himself on me;see Daddy Boss going cold. *e fear who nor fear me na*
    when school resumed and I had to leave he even gave me extra money as a good daddy Boss. Ever since; I have had female bosses and trust me they are worse.

    1. Laughing in japanese kikikikiki

      Who no go fear ur strategy!

  6. The only way out is not to give in in the 1st place which will mean in alot of cases loosing the job,,,so when ladies think of d economy of nigeria n hw jobs r hard to come by we think giving in is much more easier

  7. Thanks for improving my vocabulary with the word hesperred (even though my phone's dictionary doesn't also know the word and thus underlines it)

    As for sexual harassment at work,I just wish there were gay bosses. It wld be fun reading this sort of post from the guy perspective. Lol

  8. Thelma it's not jes male bosses, even guys too face sexual harassment @ work 4rm female bosses. . A frienda mine was sexualy harassed by his superior. She was his HOD and usually grabs his butt and sometimes, his crotch. He had 2 send a mail 2 d HR and she was cautioned and it still persisted, so he moved. Plz pple going tru dz need 2 cry out on time, coz if u cry out after sack or quitting sometimes, it would look like U are making false allegations. Make use of ur smart phones 2 gather enough evidence. Record audios, keep text messages and chats coz u need concrete evidences if u wanna get a lawyer and sew dz bastards (that's if u are like FNLP that knows some few ogas @ d top). But if u don't, plz quietly tender ur resignation and God will make a better way 4 u, coz he always does.

  9. Sexual harrassment only refers to 'unwanted' sexual advances. Some people will feel flattered that their bosses are hitting on them.
    I was continuously harassed by a client for about 2 years and all my supervisors said was that I needed to 'manage' the client. As in, not make him angry, play along e.t.c. After a while, I couldn't take it any more and requested I be removed from the file. I even threatened to report to the Partner and finally I was removed


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