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I Choose You!

Hey guys, so it's been a hectic day, rushed to the airport almost fighting with the cab driver to 'step on it' and get me to the airport on time, only to get here and find that my flight's been delayed for 2 hours. 
     Anyhoo... My power's about to run out but sitting here in a sea of people got me thinking about something I (weirdly) finding myself thinking about more often than I'd like to admit...

So here it is; If you get stuck on an Island and you have to be there for weeks with just one person, who would it be and why? (Could be a friend, lover, celebrity, family member, colleague etc). Who would this person be and why's this the chosen person?

Now I'll also like to know, it's the same scenerio but if this one person you had to choose was someone on this blog who would the blog reader be, and why?

Lemme answer this first, I've thought about it long and hard. 

If I'm stuck on an island for weeks with just one person, I'd want that person to be Ginika (Oche Eze). 
Why? Because she's the only person I know that knows how to tolerate my mood swings, tantrums, quietness, and even through all this she still somehow makes me laugh. We never run out of stuff to say but when I'm tired of talking she somehow just knows and gives me space. She's quite resourceful 
so I know she'll go hunting and fishing and build a fire so we can survive and at I we can cuddle without any awkwardness (or horniness LOL) to keep each other warm. So I Choose Ginika. 

(And if Gini isn't available or she doesn't want to stay with me then I'll choose Stella Dimoko Korkus. Because... I just sense the weeks would slide by without me even noticing). 

Alone on this island for weeks with only one person and I have to pick this person from this blog.... Hmmm... I choose Steele... Because (although he's been absent from the blog for longer than I care to remember) I just know he'll have my back and put me before himself, plus, he will go hunting and get us plenty bush meat. 

I was going to pick Memphis but I sense he's just as quiet as I am and we will both die of boredom. Haha!

So shoot! Who and who would you choose? Do tell. 


  1. Alicia keys... We go shag so tey the island spirits will call 911 on us.

    1. Hahahahaha.. Amen brother..or..sister? Hmmm..

  2. I'd pick my brother Arinze. He wld literally do everything and prefer I lay in the sun/shade (whichever works for my complexion)

  3. I would pick my sister Isi.. Shes a sister dats always got my back.
    As for a blog reader, I would pick Wale. I'll pick him cus he sounds very rational. He makes constructive statement. And he's got an incisive intelligence that I admire, he's the type that will think us out of a bad situation when it arises.

  4. These right here sounds like Jamb questions...

    Still thinking who dt person might be...

    Dang it! I think I need more friends hahaha

    Rubbynia where u @? Will u follow me 2 dz Island?

    1. I'm right here baibey! I would follow you but be ready for my kolo-ing. Hehehehehehehehehe

  5. Thelma I love your posts, dey are always fresh and original, Keep it up. I will pick my husband because he always puts my need first. On the blog I will pick Memphis because he sounds like a reliable person.

  6. My bestfriend Virginia cos we do the funniest things together :). On the blog? Errrrm, I'm kind of new so I'll let that one slide...

  7. I'll pick my hubby cos he'll do all the work while I rest in the shade besides the mad sex. If he isn't available ill pick my sis Didi cos I know there won't be a dull moment. On this blog ill pick Ruth cos I think she'll be a good companion and she will have my back.

  8. My Friend, Patience. She's the only one I trust more dan anything. (She's married tho, wonder if her husband wud allow). This blog, I'll go with Ruthy. Don't ask y plz.

  9. I would pick my best friend Stephanie cos she would surely have my back and proffer solution and as for the blog,hmmmmmmmmm I would pick Mr wale because he sounds intelligent, skillful, and is quick to reason.

  10. My sister Kathy. We understand ourselves just too well.

    Someone from this blog...the selection is not easy, lol. I'll pick Kabuoy. Just as Thelma has noticed (how on earth did you figure that out T?) I'm a major introvert, but I love being in the company of lively people, so I won't die of boredom.

    1. memphis.... you'll choose me ke? me that i'm very "quiet"... ask sunshine! LOL!

  11. I ll choose my hubby cos i wont be bored or hungry plus he ll find a way out. If i were to choose smone on this blog, i ll choose Ruthy cos she is a happy child, irrespective of the situation we ll be happy

  12. 1. Hubby
    2. Jack bauer- celeb (the fiction of him) loz
    3. Blog- Wale. (I'm sure he'd find a way out) and not try to make some unholy moves. (lolz) having two women/ladies won't work o!!!


  13. I did choose my close friend,Nemo
    From the Blog,Wale same reason as Ejoec & Clare or Thelma, I have no idea how u get/compose ur stories to write & all experiences passed thru so I know there's more to keep me entertained. Lol

  14. I'l tk my SO cos he rli puts me first and wl do evrythn in his power to mk sure m on d blog so I wudnt knw

  15. Tough one but I will go with my brother, he is the first of the three people I call friends.
    Pretty difficult to pick from the blog, the uniqueness of each person has endeared me to many people here.

    1. Wale the diplomat lol. I expected that. I would pick my best friend Ema. She's a rock and even though we haven't seen each other in years as we live on different continents, we have this knack of picking up where we left off and its like we were never apart. On the blog, I would pick Wale Walata!! He's resourceful, mature and I value his balanced opinion and objectivity. To be honest, when I first stumbled on this blog and read all old posts including comments lol, I was going through a sticky situation. I reached out to Thelma and specifically asked her to seek out Wale's opinion on my behalf. His and her advice were helpful. Thanks again guys. You rock!! Have never met you Wale, but you remind me so much of my husband.

    2. See why I would pick you.....

  16. I'd pick my friend Homa. No one gets my moods like she does.

  17. I'd just take my headset and a music player.
    On this blog, the one I will choose knows

  18. Will choose kene Francis both on this blog and out... We can never run out of tins to say to eachother, understands ma moods and knws hw best to calm me #besties for life!! Bt if he doesn't waNna go wit me, then I ll go wit ma sis...she ll protect me!

  19. I'd pick my boss, she would give me so much work to do that i wouldnt even remember that i was stuck on an island. Forget internet, she's a work creator, she creates work even where theres none. By the time they come to rescue us, i'd probably have died from the work anyway.

    This blog.......hmmmmmm tough one, maybe Ruthy, cuz i know whatever the case, i'll be leaving that island a better, stable and more rounded individual. Ruthy seems really stable and grounded.

  20. I choose my mom!..she ll take watever island challenge as nothing, tak k of me n most importantly, make me laf real hard. Another like her ismy best friend Oma, we ll gist, laf, gosip, fight n 4get d rest of d world including d island sef! On d blog? Sasha Bone! Hunorous company is strength to me!

    1. *humorous*
      PS, I cud be a gud problem solver, all I need is d motivation & backup

  21. I'll choose my big(opelenge) sis!(dont let the big fool you!) lol.... we'll laugh and laugh about silly things till we forget we are there! lol!

    the blog..... i'll choose sunshine! heheheheheheheheeee! *sue me*

  22. I'll choose my selfless cousin,cos he is known to put 'YOU" 1st in every situation.
    On this blog? I don't fancy people that are too serious on an island.I love to gist,laugh,play and just have fun so if am gonna be on the island for weeks..hhhmmnnnn.......
    Wale(I will not have all that baba kabouy thinz on the island o)my daddy has taught me enough ojare.

    Me, I wee have toh break d rule cos the "plentier" the merry go rand.LOL

    1. See...I was about to say bloggitup..u are as crazy as I boring something....would choose my husband again because it just gon be island sex and nothing beats it...mayb Eesah...TNHW

  23. Alone on an island, il pick my younger sister, nono. we can cry together, and hunt for food together. She will say she is tired but she won't bore me. On the blog il chose Thelma. I love her strong will. Being a quiet person she won't irritate me with noise while we think our way out of there.

  24. Alone on an island, do we have to pick only one person *sad face*i have a lot of awesome friends i will like to take with me.On this blog i think i will pick miss pynk she seems like a really interesting person :)

    1. I'Ll pick my hubby cuz he will encourage me if I'l scared. On the blog I'd pick ruthy. Cuz I know she'll keep me company wiv plenty gist. Lol

  25. I will pick my friend Francis, the dude knows my crase and handles it just fine.
    From the blog, I will pick Sasha Bone, I like the way she sees all the angles of a situation. If she's not available, I will go with Thelma, she's balanced and smart.

  26. I'll choose my best friend of 12 years. If his wife doesn't agree, I'll take my lovely Tunrayo - we've got each other's back any day.
    On the blog, I'll take Thelma - we'll gist, cook together, I'll fetch firewood and all the physical tasks and we'll brainstorm about life and other things.

  27. I will pick my Fiance...he is after my well being completely and he is full of surprises so I wont leave him behind. I wont take my sisters abeg...dem fit say dem no go go any errands again when I send then some things abeg make them stay make we no go dey fight for wilderness...lolzzz...on the blog I will go with Wale...dats all....#JoyDaNuGirl


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